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Jul 25, 2019

August 2019: Time Again for a Trump Mars Return

Astro-Notes on a Martian Combatant: Energy, Action, Motivation, and Desire

by Jude Cowell

First off, in the 2019 Solar Return Horoscope of Donald Trump (born June 14, 1946) quite a bit of Mars action is shown (exs: Mercury-Mars = NN: quarrels; Mars conjunct starry Alphard: legal and love problems--especially nasty when malevolent Mars is involved with this star which contains the potential for poisoning of some kind.) Understandable given his White House tenure, his many opponents, and his contentious, retaliatory, and determined nature so obvious via natal Mars in Leo rising with royal Regulus, among other factors of discontent, egotism (me-first!), and greed.

Then in Trump's current Mars Return Horoscope (August 31, 2017; 26Leo46) undermining Neptunian energies are prominent as mysteries, secrets, leaks, scandals, lies, deception, illusions, disguises, propaganda, and outright fraud continue to mar the landscape while Trump's true 'character' is more and more revealed, warts and all, as they say. Plus, every Mars Return is a Mars-to-natal-Ascendant transit for Donald so his 'fighting spirit', nose-thumbing at opponents and challengers, and temper tantrums may be particularly volatile in August.

And so, as his 2017 Mars Return runs its course, a new 2-year cycle of activity will begin for his nibs on August 12, 2019 when transit Mars returns to its position in Trump's natal horoscope (26Leo46). I'm looking at his Mars Return 2019 horoscope set for Washington DC, the location a symbolic choice on my part since he'll most likely be out puttering around in a golf cart somewhere during the steamy month of August and fudging his golf scores the way a cheater would do.

(Note: Trump's Mars Return 2019 chart is not shown here because I'm on the fussy side today and don't care to display it, however, the following text mentions several of the return chart's basic and more prominent features--you'll discover more, I'm certain.)

Donald Trump's Mars Return 2019: There He Goes Again

Mars @26Leo46 August 12, 2019 11:27:04 pm edt Washington DC: Hour of Saturn (@14Cap55 Rx in 9th house with South Node 17:25, Pluto @21Cap12 Rx, and the Moon @23Cap52 conjunct MC and Trump's natal Vertex (22Cap51) of fated encounters so perhaps this foreshadows the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 conjunct the natal Vertex of his nibs. Also note that his Mars Return MC @24Cap07 points directly toward the July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse @24Cap04 and issues, secrets, revelations, and/or scandals on Trump's calendar around that time, not long past, most likely concerning the Saturn/Capricorn realms of control, authority, accountability, law, investment, business, and government. It will be interesting to see how or if Robert Mueller's testimony yesterday affects any or all of these Trumpian issues as Summer 2019 proceeds into Autumn.

Now rising in the Mars Return 2019 chart is 11Tau03 which makes the chart-ruler Venus (@19Leo48 in 5th house with Sun 20Leo07 and Mars 26:46). Evaluating if venal Venus is disposited by the Sun which is in its own sign of Leo, plus, with Return Mars, the trio shows much egotism, willfulness, quarrels, fighting, and venality in the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creativity, Romance, and Children. Knowing Mars-rising Trump as we regretfully do, acts of vengeance cannot be ruled out, and a Taurean Ascendant can bring up concerns over real estate, land ownership (ex: farmers and ranchers near the border), security, growth, avarice, obstinacy, cravings, egotism, intolerance (bigotry), and pomposity. Sounds a lot like Spanky, doesn't it?!

Now chart-ruler Venus makes only one Ptolemaic aspect in the Mars Return 2019 chart--a conjunction with Mars (6A57), both in 5th house of Romance and Gambling and suggesting Big T's desire for whatever or whomever 'catches his eye'. Working with partners and/or allies can be pleasurable during a Venus-to-Mars transit for this lazy fellow, and an appreciation for beauty and for luxurious travel may be prominent (particularly since he's a spoiled boy who expects such indulgences). Also note that Mars rules the 7th house of the chart (Desc 11Sco03) so legal affairs can also be affected and increase Trump's 'lady troubles' with additional 'open enemies' and/or lawsuits coming forward--and perhaps his children are involved (Venus-to-Mars 5th h). Plus, with just-turned-direct Jupiter (14Sag30 on August 11) in the 8th house of Shared Resources, pay-outs and pay-offs are distinct possibilities as transit Jupiter picks up speed.

In addition, 'martyr' Trump will continue feeling oppressed by others and will tend to misjudge people while forming ill-advised alliances (so what's new, right?) - he may even 'suffer loss via collusion' (no kidding--'collusion' is actually the word Rob Pelletier uses in his Planets in Aspect for this return chart's Moon-Mars inconjunct (2A53)!)

So in closing, mention should be made that the Aries-Libra relationship axis is intercepted across the 6-12 victim-savior polarity (Washington DC) hinting that there are karmic issues to be dealt with and lessons to be learned for Martian Trump over the next approximately two years of this Mars Return 2019 period. And curiously, the Vertex in his Mars Return 2019 chart is thus intercepted as well within the service-oriented 6th house @18Lib24--conjunct Trump's natal Jupiter Stationary (17:27), the boundary-breaker, which suggests that there are multiple fated issues--financial, diplomatic, medical, and otherwise--which must be confronted and addressed for best results if the scofflaw-in-chief is to enjoy any best results at all.