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Jul 25, 2019

August 2019: Time Again for a Trump Mars Return

Astro-Notes on a Martian Combatant: Energy, Action, Motivation, and Desire

by Jude Cowell

First off, in the 2019 Solar Return Horoscope of Donald Trump (born June 14, 1946) quite a bit of Mars action is shown (exs: Mercury-Mars = NN: quarrels; Mars conjunct starry Alphard: legal and love problems--especially nasty when malevolent Mars is involved with this star which contains the potential for poisoning of some kind.) Understandable given his White House tenure, his many opponents, and his contentious, retaliatory, and determined nature so obvious via natal Mars in Leo rising with royal Regulus, among other factors of discontent, egotism (me-first!), and greed.

Then in Trump's current Mars Return Horoscope (August 31, 2017; 26Leo46) undermining Neptunian energies are prominent as mysteries, secrets, leaks, scandals, lies, deception, illusions, disguises, propaganda, and outright fraud continue to mar the landscape while Trump's true 'character' is more and more revealed, warts and all, as they say. Plus, every Mars Return is a Mars-to-natal-Ascendant transit for Donald so his 'fighting spirit', nose-thumbing at opponents and challengers, and temper tantrums may be particularly volatile in August.

And so, as his 2017 Mars Return runs its course, a new 2-year cycle of activity will begin for his nibs on August 12, 2019 when transit Mars returns to its position in Trump's natal horoscope (26Leo46). I'm looking at his Mars Return 2019 horoscope set for Washington DC, the location a symbolic choice on my part since he'll most likely be out puttering around in a golf cart somewhere during the steamy month of August and fudging his golf scores the way a cheater would do.

(Note: Trump's Mars Return 2019 chart is not shown here because I'm on the fussy side today and don't care to display it, however, the following text mentions several of the return chart's basic and more prominent features--you'll discover more, I'm certain.)

Donald Trump's Mars Return 2019: There He Goes Again

Mars @26Leo46 August 12, 2019 11:27:04 pm edt Washington DC: Hour of Saturn (@14Cap55 Rx in 9th house with South Node 17:25, Pluto @21Cap12 Rx, and the Moon @23Cap52 conjunct MC and Trump's natal Vertex (22Cap51) of fated encounters so perhaps this foreshadows the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 conjunct the natal Vertex of his nibs. Also note that his Mars Return MC @24Cap07 points directly toward the July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse @24Cap04 and issues, secrets, revelations, and/or scandals on Trump's calendar around that time, not long past, most likely concerning the Saturn/Capricorn realms of control, authority, accountability, law, investment, business, and government. It will be interesting to see how or if Robert Mueller's testimony yesterday affects any or all of these Trumpian issues as Summer 2019 proceeds into Autumn.

Now rising in the Mars Return 2019 chart is 11Tau03 which makes the chart-ruler Venus (@19Leo48 in 5th house with Sun 20Leo07 and Mars 26:46). Evaluating if venal Venus is disposited by the Sun which is in its own sign of Leo, plus, with Return Mars, the trio shows much egotism, willfulness, quarrels, fighting, and venality in the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creativity, Romance, and Children. Knowing Mars-rising Trump as we regretfully do, acts of vengeance cannot be ruled out, and a Taurean Ascendant can bring up concerns over real estate, land ownership (ex: farmers and ranchers near the border), security, growth, avarice, obstinacy, cravings, egotism, intolerance (bigotry), and pomposity. Sounds a lot like Spanky, doesn't it?!

Now chart-ruler Venus makes only one Ptolemaic aspect in the Mars Return 2019 chart--a conjunction with Mars (6A57), both in 5th house of Romance and Gambling and suggesting Big T's desire for whatever or whomever 'catches his eye'. Working with partners and/or allies can be pleasurable during a Venus-to-Mars transit for this lazy fellow, and an appreciation for beauty and for luxurious travel may be prominent (particularly since he's a spoiled boy who expects such indulgences). Also note that Mars rules the 7th house of the chart (Desc 11Sco03) so legal affairs can also be affected and increase Trump's 'lady troubles' with additional 'open enemies' and/or lawsuits coming forward--and perhaps his children are involved (Venus-to-Mars 5th h). Plus, with just-turned-direct Jupiter (14Sag30 on August 11) in the 8th house of Shared Resources, pay-outs and pay-offs are distinct possibilities as transit Jupiter picks up speed.

In addition, 'martyr' Trump will continue feeling oppressed by others and will tend to misjudge people while forming ill-advised alliances (so what's new, right?) - he may even 'suffer loss via collusion' (no kidding--'collusion' is actually the word Rob Pelletier uses in his Planets in Aspect for this return chart's Moon-Mars inconjunct (2A53)!)

So in closing, mention should be made that the Aries-Libra relationship axis is intercepted across the 6-12 victim-savior polarity (Washington DC) hinting that there are karmic issues to be dealt with and lessons to be learned for Martian Trump over the next approximately two years of this Mars Return 2019 period. And curiously, the Vertex in his Mars Return 2019 chart is thus intercepted as well within the service-oriented 6th house @18Lib24--conjunct Trump's natal Jupiter Stationary (17:27), the boundary-breaker, which suggests that there are multiple fated issues--financial, diplomatic, medical, and otherwise--which must be confronted and addressed for best results if the scofflaw-in-chief is to enjoy any best results at all.

Mar 15, 2018

The Natal Planets of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

For former KGB agent, now leader of Russia, and idol of Donald Trump Vladimir Putin there are two possible natal horoscopes currently available, one a rectified version done in 2000 by Claude Weiss. Both charts may be speculative due to uncertain birth times.

Here are both charts' data:

Vladimir Putin: October 7, 1952 9:30 am MSK St. Petersburg, RU with 3Sco10 rising and 21Leo12 at Midheaven, the Goal Point, indicating such ambitions as leadership, approval, ego satisfaction, and shining on the global stage. Plus, Leo at MC places his natal Pluto (22Leo43) there and who could disagree that plutonian power and control (including rigid military control) are a major part of his goals? Of course, astrological Pluto also hints at potentials for manipulation, fear, propaganda, rape, subterfuge (a former spy), sabotage, and assassination (even poisoning), as part of Putin's Career picture observed by the entire world (MC). Additionally, his Pluto conjoins natal South Node, a Saturnian point (large social changes affect others who are disregarded). Scorpio rising denotes Mars and sub-ruler Pluto as chart-ruler/s which makes sense due to the Mars-Pluto combination of cruel, ruthless, forceful, even brutal, energies.

The rectified version of Putin's natal chart (same data but a birth time of 4:10 pm MSK) shows 17Cap15 rising--where transit Pluto has now crossed into 1st house--and 5Sag46 at MC suggesting that massive wealth is a goal (which has been attained) along with freedom and expanded territory (ex: from 2014 see Ukraine mobilizes troops amid crisis with Russia). In this version of his chart the angles are ruled by Saturn (ASC--a difficult childhood?) and money-grubber Jupiter (MC), the boundary breaker. If this is the correct natal chart, with tr Pluto in Capricorn at ASC, Mr. Putin is 'feeling his oats' of power and handling things 'his way' as he gains control and a more powerful public image.

Excerpt from a previous post: "Mr. Putin's natal Sun Libra-Moon Gemini blend (Air-Air) indicates that he may spread himself too thin to accomplish all his goals but perhaps it somewhat depends upon who aids him in his current take-over endeavors." To this I add that this is a personality blend of charm and clear thinking, but can be superficial and emotionally immature (Harveys).

Trump and Putin Sittin' in a Tree...

In both versions of Putin's natal chart, his Gemini Moon and Jupiter-ruled Mars (26Sag42) are out-of-bounds and thus cut off or separated in some way from the rest of his planets. This hints at mother troubles or separation, and a warring Mars off on his own and up to who-knows-what. Putin's natal Saturn @17Lib27 precisely conjoins the natal Jupiter (Station Direct @17Lib27) of Donald Trump. This denotes an enduring relationship between them with money, banking, and ideology featured. Rounded up to '18Libra' in the Sabian Symbols for the conjunction of societal planets Jupiter and Saturn, we find "Two men Under Arrest"...and we also find America's Progressed Mars Station Retrograde degree (as of 2006). To Putin's 9:30 am Ascendant (3Sco10), noted above, add US SP Saturn Rx @3Scorpio--retrograde since 1996 during Bill Clinton's legal turmoil when his presidential authority and irresponsible actions were forced into a glaring public spotlight, thus weakening America's authenticity and credibility in the world.

Fiesty Fightin' Mars, Planet of Violence and Conflict

Now here's a prominent date for Vladimir Putin: March 12, 2018 which timed his latest Mars Return (26Sag42) and denotes the beginning of a new 2-year cycle of activity. And perhaps you remember that Mr. Trump enjoyed his current Mars Return on August 31, 2017 and with Trump's Mars @26Leo, we see that a fiery trine of aid and benefits exists between the warrior planet of Vladie Putin and Donnie Trump.

Above Photo: Mars Seen from the Hubble Telescope

Jun 17, 2017

Horoscope: Donald Trump's Mars Return Aug 31, 2017

Image: Donald Trump's Mars Return August 31, 2017 3:51:36 am edt White House, Washington DC; Hour of Venus (@6Leo08 and rising with US natal North Node). Mr. Trump's first natal planet to rise: Pluto @10Leo, planet of power, control, secret wealth, and obsession. Natal Mars @26Leo46 conjoins difficult fixed star Alphard (alpha Hydrae of a Saturn nature); this star is especially negative when triggered by Mars and indicating potentials for legal problems, love problems, and poisonings of all kinds.

Chart-ruler Sun @8Vir06 applies only once to 8th house Neptune @12Pis59 Rx which denotes an appearance of vagueness, mystery, and illusion; the 2/8 is a Money axis with 2nd house as the National Treasury in a mundane chart and 8th house as Corporate Business, Debt, Credit, Big Loans, Insurance, and the Occult, among other things. As America's representative, what affects Donald Trump affects the nation and We The People so let us not shy away from considering his 2017 Mars Return horoscope.

Please enlarge the chart for not all factors are mentioned in the following text:

Now as you know, a Mars Return chart symbolizes a new 2-year cycle of energy and activity underway and in this chart we see a cluster of trines forming a double Kite pattern of high-flying success. However, an undermining Sun-Neptune opposition is problematic plus, simultaneously transit Neptune @12Pisces remains in a masking relationship with US SP (progressed) Sun (POTUS) which suggests Mr. Trump's ongoing issues of paranoia, fanaticism, vagueness, deception, cover-up, illusions, pretense, an image of confusion, doubt, and disappointment--and, perhaps above all--scandal (real or manufactured). Yes, foggy Neptune is the "cloud" surrounding Mr. Trump and his White House minions. In addition, astrological Neptune represents both the media and the masses with propaganda and 'fake news' tossed in as deceptive tools to use and hide behind even as certain status quo forces attempt to unmask him and the rest of his crew who apparently have foreign ties and financial and/or political conflicts of interest.

Mr. Trump's current difficulties are also seen through transit Saturn @21Sag12, the taskmaster and lesson-bringer, again hitting Trump's natal Moon which conjoins his natal South Node and this transit we have discussed in previous posts (see link, below). Here, the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Creative Pursuits, and Children are spotlighted with possible separation themes (Saturn-SN; Moon = family and/or security concerns). In the 5th house, transit Moon @29Sag is in a critical state (29th degree) yet if we round up we find "The Pope Blessing the Faithful" (30Sag). Plus, the 5/11 axis holds an intercepted Gem-Sag polarity where Mr. Trump's natal Full Moon (Sun-NN/Moon-SN) has been accustomed to exercising free will while indulging his every whim as CEO.

But in the role of US president (which he admitted he thought would be "easier"), restrictions apply which, beside a security need for isolation, have included legal judgments--and triggered our traditional form of government with its checks and balances meant to keep a monarchical presidency in line. For as a political pundit stated recently, Donald Trump "doesn't own the US government", he's only a "caretaker." (Note that Alphard tends toward legal troubles and Trump's contentious Mars only adds energy and a sense of retaliation to his quarrels--legal, political, and personal; the 'poisoning' of or by Alphard may be vicious and malicious--and there's nearby Regulus, always tempted to take revenge).

Why, even astrological Venus can be vengeful, envious, and full of spite especially when scorned and here, she rises in Leo and suggests that dealings with valuable things, currency evaluation (or devaluation), luxury items, diplomacy, and/or relationships are on the White House agenda. Ruling the 4th house (via Libra, the Scales of Justice), legalities are suggested along with 4th house concerns such as security needs ('travel bans'? 'the wall'?), Real Estate (emoluments for Trump's properties? other?), Mining (coal?), and/or Endings, possibly through a Draining of Resources.

Mars Trine Uranus (1A26): Quirky Actions Bring Unexpected Results; Groups & Travel Are Favored

Now a bright spotlight is cast upon the Return 2nd house with Mars, Mercury, and Sun therein, plus, the 10th house contains Uranus Rx stirring things up; other areas most likely to be affected over the next two years by Mr. Trump's 2017 cycle of Mars (which must include Alphard) are the 5th house (penetrating Mars ruling Scorpio) and again, the 10th house of Career/Public Status/World Stage with Mars-ruled Aries on the cusp (MC), and as noted, unpredictable Uranus Rx @28Ari12 there acting as a tail of a complex Kite. Fortunate Jupiter conjoins the IC of the Return chart but from the 3rd house side (Communications galore) and has recently participated in Mr. Trump's 3rd of 3 Jupiter Returns (see August 4, below).

Of course, Uranus in Aries symbolizes blind zealots and Utopian anarchists (Ebertin) and maverick Mr. Trump's natal planets are lead by his quixotic Uranus in Gemini, also in natal 10th house as part of his natal Uranus-NN-Sun trio.

Then as you see, his Mars Return 2017 Mercury @00Vir12, the deal maker and communicator, is retrograde (reviews and delays?) in 2nd house and conjoins royal Regulus (caution: success if revenge is avoided). Plus, you know that Donald Trump's natal Ascendant (his nibs himself) conjoins Regulus, the king or kingmaker star so issues of a fragile ego and his ego-driven goals remain a focus for the self-important and very sensitive Mr. Trump (Mars rising in Sun-ruled Leo) who makes everything about himself--for he is the planet around which the world revolves.

August 2017 Cosmic Events Include:

August 3: Uranus Rx Station @28Ari31;

August 4: Trump's third of three Jupiter Returns @17Lib27;

August 7: Lunar Eclipse @15AQ:

August 12: Mercury Rx Station @24Ari15;

August 21: The Great American Eclipse @29Leo;

August 25: Saturn Direct Station @21Sag10--*conjunct Mr. Trump's natal Moon (ouch!)

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