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Jan 30, 2015

New Millennial Politics: a Feb 18, 2015 New Moon @29AQ

February 2015: In the Waning Darkness of an Aquarian New Moon

by Jude Cowell

Aquarius is the sign so often associated with New Age ideas and ideals leaning into a Utopian vision where Reason alone allegedly uplifts humanity. Certainly Politics as a practice and a profession is not exempt from Aquarian influences which now are at a peak within this the 15-year-old New Millennium with code words such as 'new order' and 'global government' being openly touted every day.

This 'new order' means the old order will be destroyed and US sovereignty and the nation-state are considered things of the past. Trade pacts and ill-protected borders do their parts in the dissolution game along with infiltrated courts and institutions.

Wealth-hoarder and transformer Pluto of The Underworld now creeps through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of law, government, and business, toppling heads of state and causing irrevocable damage to protective laws and useful traditions. In year 2022, America will experience her first ever Pluto Return and some say that 2016 will be the last presidential campaign in US history--if so, 2022 arrives only two years after a 'last presidency' ends for the term of office begins, of course, at noon on January 20, 2017 assuming that all goes as traditionally planned.

As Above, So Below

Astrology is a study, a language, and a tool that is useful (though not infallible) for 'peeking under the hood' of Politics to assess the squirmy creatures underneath as Stars Over Washington has attempted to do since 2005. And as a former resident of the District, this Sun-Mercury-Mars-Jupiter Capricorn can do no less while dissenting against misguided leadership corrupted by criminal elements not of a democratic persuasion who act in cahoots with the current crop of Utopian power-grabbers.

So if we look to the Cosmos on February 18, 2015 we find a new cycle of Aquarian influences beginning as marked by a New Moon at a critical-crisis 29th degree. Yet the Aquarian influence wanes and an anxious eagerness may be in evidence as 00Pisces looms upon the solar and lunar calendars for the Moon enters Pisces at 6:47 pm and the Sun enters at 6:50 pm est. Perhaps the lunation manifesting at 29AQ denotes that the time has come for certain actions to be taken for the planning stage has been successfully completed. And symbolically the murky realms of Pisces can provide high inspiration--or much cover for unsavory actions and events as 2015 proceeds.

Curiously, February 18, 2015 is the date set by the White House for a 'Security Summit' of global leaders which is ostensibly justified because of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, a tragic event which some believe was a false flag op so that new security measures could seem justified in France and across Europe. You know--like the 2001 WTC attacks that 'justified' the pre-prepared US Patriot Act and the Germanic sounding Department of 'Homeland Security'.

Here, the plutocratic pair of Pluto-Chiron in sextile form the base of a YOD (a pattern with potentials for crisis, crossroads, turning point, special task, health issues) that points to Jupiter Rx @16Leo02 and on the verge of leaving the 12th house of Politics and Karma (12th cusp 15Leo01, a degree that recalls the Full Moon of February 3, 2015 @14Leo). With the Leo-AQ axis emphasized, we may expect self will and humanitarianism to be on the collective menu until we morph into the victim-savior Virgo-Pisces axis at the March 20, 2015 Spring Equinox and Solar Eclipse.

As noted in previous posts, transit Jupiter turns Direct on April 8, 2015 @12Leo (again conjoining President Obama's natal Sun) and passes shadow degree in early July when investment, expansion, and political plans and actions may proceed more freely.

Jupiter-NN: Compromised Legal Societies and SOTU Plans Retracted

Now in the February 18 New Moon horoscope set for Washington DC 6:47:13 pm est the Jupiter-NN midpoint rises @12Vir34. This midpoint was prominent in similar fashion (rising) in the horoscope of President Obama's SOTU 2015 address on the 6th anniversary of his 8-year presidency--an Inaugural Solar Return and a symbol of a new 2-year phase beginning for him and for his style of global implementation of a 'new order'. As you know, our military guided by the Pentagon, a 5-pointed death star, acts as the military enforcement arm on behalf of global government though the armies of other nations and entities are in process of being fitted up for the task once ours is totally used up.

As you know, archetypal Jupiter plays roles such as the General, the Banker, the Religious Leader, the Broadcaster, the Professor, and the Politician and is prominent in all horoscopes this year. When coupled with the North Node (NN) of future direction, he makes contact with the general public quite often, sometimes pleasant contact.

In the New Moon chart, the only applying Ptolemaic aspect made by chart and Midheaven ruler Mercury (in 5th house @4AQ05) is a sextile with Saturn (in 3rd house @4Sag27) and this denotes needs for better organization and management, setting priorities, and the protection of privacy (especially for communications), plus, a tendency toward bickering, not heeding warnings, and/or for listening to alternate opinions (Epstein). One of boundary crossing Jupiter's loves, freedom of expression continues to turn up in the news and spying on the conversations of others is a default position for many (I won't name names but ya know who ya are).

Other chart factors in the Feb 18 New Moon horoscope are important as well yet for the sake of brevity I shall mention only a few more, many of which have been discussed in recent posts (exs: the Cardinal square between Uranus and Pluto, investing Jupiter Rx acting as the handle planet of a Bucket pattern, Neptune @6Pis59 as Final Dispositor, and the Solar Eclipse @00Sco24 in this chart's 2nd house of the National Treasury which occurred in October 2014. Type 'eclipses' into this site's sidebar Search field and you'll find a list including the powerful upcoming Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse @29Pisces, the position of testy Mars in the Feb 18 New Moon horoscope).

For these and other reasons, the New Moon of February 18, 2015 emphasizes financial matters

especially with Uranus @13Ari59 in 8th house squaring Pluto in the 5th house of Speculation, and golden Midas Rx @9Gem25 and trickster agent of panic, Pan Rx @10Gem33, topping the chart at Midheaven (The Goal Point in DC) in tandem with US natal Uranus (8Gem55) representing technology, genius, radical Politics, revolution, and a potential for disruption and upset. We may also expect the wealthy financial donors of our sold-out politicians to continue working toward their ultimate goal of total ownership of the tattered-on-purpose US government as February fades into March and Spring 2015.

Note: the Feb 18 New Moon conjoins America's reputed Pre-Natal Eclipse degree of 00Pis33 in the 12 South Series that manifested prior to July 4, 1776--I say 'reputed' because the August 14, 1776 Solar Eclipse in the 13 North Series--the initial eclipse of the Series and thus indicative of a major new start--seems more descriptive of our nation and its founding than the 00Pisces eclipse. Plus, as you know, the Declaration of Independence was signed in full on August 2, 1776 which falls within the required two-week window of influence by the August 14, 1776 eclipse.

For comparison, here are the themes of both 12 South and 13 North (12S, 13N):

12S (initial occurrence September 19, 1541 @6Lib10; also occurred on April 3, 1307, the year the Order of the Knights Templar was decimated and run out of France though some say the ones who escaped sailed to the New World of America where their descendants have worked for centuries to establish the 'new order' you see before you): 'successful outcomes to long-term worries or illness; draining or worrisome issues seem worse, then clear'--a theme which does relate to our Founders who met and deliberated an American Utopia at risk of their lives and fortunes, and many of whom were members of secret societies and orders such as Templar Freemasonry. 12S last manifested on July 11, 2010 @19Cancer and influenced the successful capping of the oil well due to BP's Deepwater Horizon fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico, a watery Cancerian event. Next 12S occurs in 2028 @30Cancer during Chiron's 3 returns to natal discovery degree (3Tau08) in 2027 and 2028.

13N: 'large, ambitious group projects that require separation via the breaking of an existing bond; the separation leads to joint achievement' (both themes paraphrased from Brady's Predictive Astrology). Obviously, this describes America's break from Britain and its King. 13N last occurred on January 4, 2011 @14Cap where transit Pluto now plods opposite US natal Sun in Cancer. Next, a 13N eclipse occurs in 2029 @25Cap within two degrees of US natal Pluto Rx which was out-of-bounds of the earthly plane in July 1776.

Jul 19, 2010

Today's news mirrors US Sec Mars Rx: Troops to the Border July 19, 2010

This is off CNN's Political Ticker: Obama to Deploy National Guard Troops to Protect Border, and even to this dissenting American this news sounds like it could be a good thing. Right?

Since 2006, America's Mars from 1776 21Gem+ has been in retrograde condition for the first time in US history. It will continue to be Rx for about 76 years more and many astrologers including this particular novice have written all over the worldwide web on the meaning and implications of such an astrological event.

(Sec Mars Rx also occurred for Germany but never mind that now - let's not talk specifically about Nazis. And remember that US Sec Mars Rx occurred in 2006 during Bush's watch.)

Our national Mars turned inward

Such phrases as 'police state' 'martial law' 'terrorist activities in the homeland' 'weakened military forces' and others have escaped this keyboard prior to this moment, and of course, National Guard and police deployments and actions in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (and any other natural disasters before and since) come under the purview of our Sec Rx Station of 2006 since our Sec Mars was on or within orb of his stationing degree beginning about a year earlier.

When a Direct planet turns Rx by progression, inward turning and re-evaluation occur. With Mars, it's inward action, too...troops to the border, arrests of protesters, citizens imprisoned, wounded and deceased soldiers returning home, etc.

So now, President Obama is militarizing the US-Mexico border more than it already is. Expecting more attacks from that direction, are we? Or from inside the US? From both, I suspect.

Well, perhaps the President has recalled that today is the 83rd anniversary of the Zimmerman telegram, the leak of which helped to finagle a formerly peaceful America into joining in The Great War to End All Wars; aka, WWI. The communique promised help with taking back US territories on behalf of Mexico. And the BP-Gulf Oil fiasco chart has rebellious Hidalgo rising! Hello?

Asteroid Hidalgo is in the 'power' group of archetypes, as you know.

So the horrors of WWI denuded the US of its 'romance of war' illusion yet we've been fighting ever since. But now we act with our nation's inner-directed Sec Mars Rx while the melee is brought to our very doors. If Mars Rx results in further review of our Middle Eastern occupations/withdrawals, that would be a good outcome of its Rx state though I must say that the increase of agencies now making up a gargantuan Department of (the German-sounding) 'Homeland Security', and this could be considered an early manifestation of US Sec Mars Rx.

Now it comes out that HoSec is too big to adequately succeed and US Sec Rx Mars may be one of the culprits.

There's too much redundancy within the bowels of the behemoth, with lots of computers for hackers to trouble, and a right-hand-doesn't-know-what-the-left-hand=is-doing vibe, a ploy so handy when cover-ups are needed for a government founded with a deceitful and/or confused Mars/Neptune square.

Even the Washington Post is calling us Top Secret America, for HoSec is a wasteful boondoggle and bottomless pit in the money department, too. Never-ending war and HoSec? No wonder America is bankrupt.

So it seems to me that withdrawal of US troops will have to happen at some point soon (and best before they're stranded in foreign lands with UN "peacekeepers" morphing into the Army du Jour.)

No matter your Politics about war, you feel it, don't you?

Now you may wish to read more on US Sec Mars Rx in a post from 2007 (pre-financial-collapse; no edits) including the god of war's Secondary Progressed Sabian Symbols for his Rx Station/current positions @ '18Lib' and '19Lib' - both very enlightening word pictures for New Millennial Politics and for the 5-pointed Pentagram, the military arm of Washington DC (aka, the Pentagon) which, with other agencies both secretive and otherwise, enables America's imperialistic march toward global governance.