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Oct 9, 2008

Sen Jim Webb objects to propaganda campaign in Iraq

Senator Jim Webb Urges a Halt to US Propaganda in Iraq by sending Secretary of Defense Robert Gates a letter concerning Bush administration attempts to sway the Iraqi people to the wonderfulness of the US occupation.

Senator Webb also sent a letter to Carl Levin requesting hearings for the 111th Congress' new session (reconvenes Jan 3, 2009) to discuss the DOD "strategic communications programs" which are costing US tax payers $300 million - if indeed that's where all these particular millions are going and if their numbers are reasonably correct.

This is $300 million wasted for certain because who does the DOD think they're foolin'?

And yet we know that most Washington politicians much prefer that fuzzy math we used to hear so much about.

Click the second link to read a few notes on and see an image of Jim Webb's natal chart using a sunrise (solar) map for Feb 9, 1946, St. Joseph, Missouri.

You'll see by his natal chart that Webb is one who really knows how to get all mavericky up in there.


Do you like political cat limericks, by any chance? If so Mr.A.Cat has had me publish A Kitten from Keating at Lim's Limericks, (with an enticing photo of Princess Grace complimentary) if you're game.

Jun 30, 2008

Bush signs war funding bill with Moon in Gemini

With Congress on holiday break this week, the lights at the Capitol Hill Theater were dim today as George Bush signed the $162 billion war funding bill.

Though Bush struggled against America's umemployed as not worthy of an extra 13 weeks of benefits in a worsening job market, and even as he whined about giving our soldiers an increase in GI Bill funding for receiving a better education after risking their lives for Bush-Cheney war profits, George signed his scrawl this morning as the Gemini Moon was nearing asteroid, Midas, that lover of gold of mythical proportions.

Not much of an audience for a limelight-loving Leonine performer, but it had to do for the lame quacker.

Here are the Sun/Moon Images for Integration for the morning of June 30, 2008:

"A performance of a puppetshow at an infant school Christmas play...A family plays a game of charades...Young children enacting a play wedding in the garden." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Well, Santa is surreptiously filling his bag with lots of goodies, to be sure, but the emphasis on puppets and charades doesn't sound very dependable for people with real needs, does it?

Perhaps the charade is that there are billions left to be spent!

Yet I happily send along Congrats all the Senator Jim Webb who insisted on the GI Bill how about a post for Senator Webb in a new Democratic cabinet?

Sep 16, 2007

Senator Jim Webb plus: Sirius and Columba

Here is a post with a few details on Jim Webb's natal chart using sunrise (birth time unknown; Feb 9, 1946, St.Joseph, Missouri.)

Today I got sidetracked by a new website discovered to have all manner of interesting articles on Julian vs Gregorian Calendar reforms (a long-standing interest of mine), America and her links to Egypt, Sirius-Isis, the Pyramids at Giza, the election of the locations for the first settlements in the New World, and many other things: Enterprise Mission where you'll find info on the "carving out" of a new constellation, Columba (for guess who?) out of Canis Major, a constellation which contains Sirius and Sirius B.

Oh yeah, Dr. John Dee, Royal Astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, is in the house!

Jul 16, 2007

Jim Webb Feb 9, 1946

Jim Webb certainly did well on Sunday TV against dog'n'pony Graham who gets the Senator Treatment every time he makes a cameo appearance in Iraq.

Click link to read my previous post on Webb's natal chart.

Dec 23, 2006

Sen Jim Webb and Dubya have speaks

From Editor & Publisher:

'NYT' Sunday Preview: Sen. Jim Webb Says Story on Rift with Bush 'Emanated from the White House' for it seems George Bush is very testy these days with more than his usual hyper-sensitivity to criticism.

And yet it's Jim Webb with a son fighting in the Middle East, not George Bush who has made no appreciable personal sacrifices to the war at all, that I've heard of.

Have you?

According to his nibs, he hasn't lost one minute of sleepin' worrying about the way things might have been. Mr. Jupiterian, the eternal optimist, proud graduate of Pocketliner U.

Here you may wish to read my November post on the natal chart of Jim Webb who may be shaking hands around Washington DC long after George Bush has faded away.