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Jun 11, 2023

In 2015, 6 Nations Plotted to "Elect" Trump in 2016

A Huge Thank You to one of my FB friends for the shout-out on this: In 2015, 6 Nations hatched a Plot to elect Trump. The nations are: Saudi Arabia, Russia, Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt. Follow the links under this post to view any previous posts concerning these enemies of America. And note that, unsurprisingly, son-in-law Jared Kushner was an 'embed' for Israel.

Below is a newer version, re-read and freshly marked, of the RNC 2016 Full Moon Horoscope with the Full Moon @27Cap40 conjunct US 1776 Pluto, the spy; please note that marked factors may differ from earlier versions and for the curious reader, you may agree that the Capricorn Full Moon Horoscope is a stunner. Plus, my original post from 2015 concerning the traitorous situation may be read here: Horoscope: RNC 2016 Full Moon.

A Few Related Posts include: Trump Campaign's Russian Encounters at RNC 2016 spotlighting the embedded Paul Manafort, and Jeff Sessions who was later fired from his Attorney General position because he wasn't "protecting" Trump enough like Roy Cohn used to do. All this is what "electing" a mobbed-up crook did for America.

Feb 5, 2023

Cleopatra's 2023 Progressions spotlight Number 8

An Ancient Queen of Talent and the 'Art' of Politics

by Jude Cowell

Several moons ago I published an image of the Tyl-rectified natal horoscope of Queen Cleopatra which continually ranks number one on my WordPress blog's Most Viewed list with Dracula's horoscope usually ranking in second place. Both rectified horoscopes are found in Noel Tyl's book Astrology of the Famed (#ad); there may be a copy available.

Then after watching a couple of videos yesterday about Cleopatra, I decided to play around with that very same historical horoscope, progressing it and such. Results are shown here.

So out of curiosity, mine if not yours, first is a bi-wheel of Cleopatra VII's rectified natal chart (inner) and her Solar Arcs progressed to Monday February 6, 2023 (outer), with contacts circled. Notably, her current Solar Arcs (external influences, meetings) show potentials for discovery or a revealing of some kind (perhaps only publicity), and yet they do support the concept of transformation shown elsewhere.

Current contacts to natal include:

SA Sun @8Libra conjunct natal Mars, SA North Node ('NN") @28Taurus conjunct natal Uranus, and SA Uranus-Pluto conjunct natal IC - are these contacts "wake up calls"? The exact degrees (8/8 = Sun-Mars and 28/28 = NN-Uranus, The Awakener) suggest that karma may soon come knocking at her door (IC). Just a thought though. After all, she's been successfully hidden for a very long time, and we only have a rectified birth chart to work with so naturally some discrepancy is possible which would throw off the timing.

Cleopatra VII's Natal Chart with Current Solar Arcs:

My study notes are messily penned on; if you wish, please enlarge and/or print images for easier viewing.

Second image, below: Cleopatra VII's Secondary Progressions February 6, 2023: note the scintillating Air Grand Trine, protective as all Grand Trines are (from tomb raiders?), but also suggesting her isolation, separation, detachment, and her inability to ground her vision on the material plane - and yet, known for her ability to charm, her personal charisma continues through the centuries. Then within the Trine we find "A butterfly in a cocoon" and the concept of Transformation (Sun-Pluto). So for me, 'asleep in her sarcophagus' comes to mind, or the hidden place from whence one day she will awaken, transform, and fly away:

A note about progressing a deceased person's natal horoscope: with progressions we find updated indications, circumstances, and/or conditions issuing from natal planets that were operative for them in the past, but also hints concerning the individual during their lifetime because we can see how their natal traits and potentials have developed to whatever point in time we choose. Plus, we may also discover that our views about them and their reputations are being described by progressions if we choose to study the charts on such a level. So! Disagree if you must, but there it is. And also note that yours truly is a Saturnian astrologer who sees DNA and genetics in horoscopes, not 'past lives'. Through geni dot com, and my Strickland grandmother, I'm informed that Cleopatra VII and I have in-law connections, but no direct ties at all!

So as noted, Cleopatra's natal planets have progressed, developed and evolved in February 2023 to form an Air Grand Trine between Sun-Moon-Pluto with separation obviously part of the trio's implications thanks to death planet Pluto of the Underworld, plus, Moon (physical body; a woman; lunar symbol of Isis) is in the detached, rather cold sign of Aquarius. Her SP chart drips with karmic potentials within the trine pattern particularly in relation to the repetition of the 8th degree; plus, goddess planet Venus is also progressed to the 8th degree of Virgo, sign of the goddess. For as you know, during her reign as pharoah, Queen Cleopatra took on the insignia and regalia of goddess Isis (Aphrodite) - in fact, she was known as the "New Isis".

Now additionally within the closed-circuit Trine, we find "A butterfly in a cocoon" and the concept of Transformation or metamorphosis (Sun-Pluto). So for me, 'asleep in her tomb' comes to mind, or lying within the hidden place from which one day Cleopatra will awaken, transform, and fly away! But for now, I say leave the Queen at her eternal rest! We should mention her SP Uranus-Neptune conjunction, a planetary pair which denotes mysticism, but also elimination of the waking consciousness. For as many folks know from Scripture, "death is like unto a sleep."

Additional Details Concerning the Number 8

Let's consult Isidore Kozminsky's The Symbols and Meanings of Numbers (#ad) concerning the number 8 where we find that 8 links to "great power" according to the ancient Greeks who held that "All things are eight." And curiously, I've heard that Cleopatra was actually Greek, and not Egyptian at all. Significantly, the number 8 is also known as "The Gate to Eternity" which resonates closely with Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife, with the fact that the Queen of Egypt is long-deceased, and that so far her current whereabouts are unknown (see video linked, below).

And while it's true that Adriano Carelli doesn't round up degrees for his symbols, if we brazenly round up her SP Pluto to "9 Gemini" (where SP Pluto may have been years ago when direct, or at least transit Pluto was) Carelli's Degrees gives us, "An enthroned queen holding in one hand the Earth's gold surmounted by the cross; in the other, her sceptor." How plausible that her tomb may still hold just such rich treasures as these! Yet "the cross" reference may vibe more accurately with the Ankh symbol, the Key of Life.

And if memory serves, the Ankh is associated with fixed star Sirius, prominent in Egyptian star lore, and which conjoins the Queen's natal Neptune @16Gemini where her SP Jupiter now visits! No, he didn't know about Neptune, one supposes, but the pairing of Jupiter-Neptune now created suggests glamour and dreaminess, but also a loss of touch with reality, a description of physical death when that's what applies.

Meanwhile, other prominent concepts associated with 8 are justice, power, and separation. And of course Western Astrology ties the 8th house to death, Transformation, the occult, mysticism, and to the 8th Zodiac sign of Scorpio, which closely links to ancient Egypt and the scarab beetle, a solar symbol, plus, to scorpions, a phoenix rising, deep research, and regeneration. See Ancient Symbols of Egypt for details.

Now in closing, here is a link to National Geographic's 44-minute presentation The Lost Tomb of Cleopatra in case you missed. I mean really now, dear reader: how intriguing is such a topic?

Sep 5, 2015

Nikola Tesla - The secrets hidden in the pyramids of Egypt - video (w/ Astrology added)

Presented here are some of the more intriguing theories about the true purpose of the Great Pyramid (not a tomb for pharoahs!) along with ancient Egyptian links to one of my favorite historical figures, the Uranian genius, Nikola Tesla:

"I don't care that they stole my idea...I care that they don't have any of their own." - Nikola Tesla

Wonder if Tesla was referring to thieves like inventor Thomas Edison and his financier J. P. Morgan?

Related: Tesla's Sun Cancer-Moon Libra blend.

Jan 11, 2015

"America Unearthed", three NYC Obelisks, and the Belt Stars of Orion

The topic of tonight's episode of America Unearthed relates to some of the subjects discussed from time to time here on Stars Over Washington particularly concerning the three stars in Orion's Belt, the Statue of Liberty, and Freemasonry in America.

America Unearthed showed its host, forensic geologist Scott Wolter, on a hunt for information about the three Egyptian obelisks located in New York City. These are situated in Central Park (see link just below), St. Paul's Chapel, or Church, and the Flatiron Building.

View full episodes at History Channel though tonight's episode won't be available immediately.

Related is a page of the official Central Park website which gives a few details concerning the Egyptian obelisk (aka, Cleopatra's Needle) from Thutmose III's temple in Heliopolis and delivered to Central Park, paid for and the Central Park site selected by the very wealthy William Vanderbilt.

The other two obelisks in NYC are located at St. Paul's Chapel (Church) where George Washington attended when in New York and the building of which Pierre L'Enfant, initial designer of DC (along with Andrew Ellicott), was architect in part. The third location is at the Flatiron Building (175 Fifth Avenue) where the obelisk honors General William Worth, a New Yorker who served as the Secretary of War for Texas and is the namesake of the city of Fort Worth.

Orion, Sirius, and Venus with a Multitude of Names

Now in the heavens, the three stars of Orion's Belt point toward Sirius, the home of goddess Isis in Egyptian mythology, and many people believe that the three pyramids on the Giza Plateau line up with the belt stars (though perhaps in reverse order--is it conclusive yet?) The ancient figure of Orion, the hunter, is god Osiris in Egyptian star lore, plus, constellation Orion is an archetype of the Immortal God, our Creator. In fact, some religious folk teach that Christ's Second Coming will be from the direction of Orion's Belt, an area of the sky which is sometimes identified as a 'star portal', a concept that actually tallies with Scriptural teachings, imho.

So, lined up upon the earth with Orion's Belt Stars as they seem to be, what are the three obelisks in NYC pointing toward in similar fashion? Why, the harbor and the Statue of Liberty, that feminine goddess of Venus-Isis fame created and brought to America by the Grand Orient Freemasons of France. You'll note France's past fascination with Egyptian pyramids and antiquities a la Napoleon Bonaparte, another of the world's 'new world order' visionaries as was Hitler.

Now as you may or may not know, I spend considerable time researching the connection between the founding of America and its occult roots which include such topics as Fixed Stars, the planning and construction of the District of Columbia (the 'Federal City'), and the Federal Triangle marked by the White House (a Masonic lodge), the Capitol Building (architecturally a Masonic temple if there ever was one), and the Washington Monument (built in the form of an obelisk itself). Regarding the Federal Triangle, it's a lesson in As Above, So Below: the White House = Arcturus, the Capitol Building = Regulus, and the Washington Monument = Spica ('the spike'; for obvious phallic reasons 'the spike' signifies George, the Father of Our Country, though curiously he doesn't seem to have physically fathered even one offspring of his own).

All three edifices and many others in Washington DC had their cornerstones and/or foundation stones laid in Masonic ceremonies by the Freemasons of the day--George Washington in apron, for one. Plus, triangles, 5-pointed stars, wheat sheafs, circles and squares, and other Masonic symbols and designs appear on and inside various official buildings and monuments and statues across the city along with horoscopes and references to constellation Virgo and its stars. Venus, Isis, Osiris, and the stars of constellation Pleiades are also represented in Washington, and perhaps you know of other starry symbols strewn about the capital city. America's Great Seal is one of the spots we find such occult symbolism with its design based on the Bavarian Illuminati seal of Adam Weishaupt (May 1776) heralding the coming of a 'new order'. The pyramid (a triangle) and the All-Seeing Eye of Providence (or, of Horus,) are found upon the dollar bill, thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt (1935).

Speaking of a 'new order'--one of the potentials of the current transit of revolutionary Uranus (new order) in Aries opposing US natal Saturn (old order, the status quo, the established system) in mid-Libra, let's close with a reference to an interesting book that relates closely to current events as we watch the implementation of a global police state being manifested in the US and so obviously in France, as I type.

The book (1958) is Arthur Schlesinger, Jr's, The Coming of the New Deal 1933--1935, 2nd in his trilogy concerning Freemason FDR, in which he opens with a quote from ace political strategist Machiavelli and closes with words from H.G. Wells, the Fabian Socialist:

Machiavelli: "There is nothing...more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things."

H.G. Wells, described FDR as, "The most effective transmitting instrument possible for the coming of the new world order. He is continuously revolutionary in the new way without ever provoking a stark revolutionary crisis."

How suitable for FDR's natal Uranus rising in Virgo! This is the kind of information that makes FDR's presidency and New Deal programs sound extremely well-devised as one part of a long term plan, don't you think? Which to me makes the current divide-and-conquer monkeyshines in Washington via such tactics as 'R vs D' and 'conservative vs liberal' sound like a bunch of media claptrap meant only to deceive We The People and divert our attention from solving the real problems now faced by the American people. My advice to anyone who asks is to consider what actually results from what politicians say and don't say, do and don't do for most often it is just what they and their secret supporters intended all along.

But a populist common-gooder with Revolutionary ancestors such as yours truly probably would feel just that way, now wouldn't she?

Jul 19, 2013

July 22, 2013 Aquarius Full Moon impacts US presidency

July 22, 2013 Full Moon @00AQ05 Conjoins US Inaugural Sun

by Jude Cowell

Now if you mosey over to Celestial Space you'll find Dipali Desai's details and insights concerning Monday's Full Moon @00AQ05 which conjoins the degree of the US Inaugural Sun (the president) and which denotes a fulfillment or culmination (Full Moon), or at least, an awareness of something relating to the White House and/or its presidential endeavors and relationships.

Will more inconvenient secrets be revealed under the rays of Monday's Full Moon which also conjoins President Obama's natal Jupiter Rx? Well, in addition, transiting Mercury Rx, planet of reporters, young people, messages, orations, trade, commerce, travel, and plans, now sits atop US natal Sun as you read this!

Yes, for a Political Astrology blog, the above is a very general assessment of the July 22nd solar-lunar synchronicity of the Full Moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius (the water-bearer), I know, but honestly--who knows precisely what plans are afoot, on the drawing board, or being implemented as I type? For after all, there are a lot of secret spaces underneath the fortified White House building where all manner of hidden-from-the-public activities take place. And it is a white lodge as well.

If you're feeling a might on the occult side today, you may wish to investigate The Sirius Mystery and Freemasonry's Great White Lodge. The Dog Star, Sirius, is intimately connected to the natal chart and founding of America and in recent years the star has precessed in the Zodiac to conjoin US natal Sun @14Cancer. Sirius worship in ancient Egypt is well-known, too, as are the pyramid with its all-seeing eye in the floating capstone in American iconography of the Great Seal and the dollar bill. Plus, there's also Freemasonry's Blue Lodge, if you wish to explore.

One thing we may wish to do now is to review the Sabian Symbol (rounded up) which represents the US Inaugural Sun (the elected president): '1AQ" = "An Old Adobe Mission" (Jones; Rudhyar adds, --"in California".)

DURABILITY (Jones); THE CONCRETIZATION OF AN IDEAL (Rudhyar); Jones gives this symbol's positive expression as: effective breadth of vision and a respect-compelling depth of character; negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): lack of ambition and blind adherence to superficialities.

Perhaps by the degree's 'lack of ambition' you can tell why it's always seemed to me that the karmic degree and symbol just prior to 1AQ may be more descriptive of American presidents as they alone allegedly 'helm' the US government:

'30Cap' = "A Secret Business Conference"--OPPORTUNITY (Jones); "A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs"--EXECUTIVE POWER (Rudhyar.)

Jones' positive expression for '30Cap': a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life; negative (unconscious/shadow side): rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.

And of course, the Illumination Point (opposite degree) of 30Cap is 30Cancer: "A Daughter of the American Revolution" which is the degree and symbol opposite this reluctant astrologer's natal Mars! Maybe that's one reason why these Washington DC varmints intrigue me so--that, and the idea that to dissent is as American as it gets!


Since the days of George Washington, the US presidency has been a Sun cult of personality and exalted pretensions, so you may wish to review Tomas Campanella's City of the Sun with its 'Old Adobe Mission' implications while keeping in mind that 'shining city on a hill', Washington DC, and the old-Europe establishment of a New Atlantis, aka, America. Plus, the fact that US Inaugurations were until 1937 (FDR) held in early March with the Inaugural Sun around 13 Pisces--where transiting and wounding Chiron now traverses.

So what other astro-shenanigans have I been up to? Posting on my WordPress blog about a rectified natal horoscope for Dracula!

And remember that Monday July 22, 2013 also times America's Jupiter Return 2013 and a full Report on it is available for ordering near the top of this blog's sidebar in PDF format, suitable for printing, horoscope provided. Thanks a bunch! Jude, the Reluctant

Oct 14, 2011

Oct 14, 2011: Sun in Libra parallels Rigel!

When I noticed today that the Sun 20Lib+ is in *parallel to Fixed Star Rigel, I wanted to give a shout-out to lovely Rigel, The Educator star in ancient Astrology and one that is linked to an angle in this blogger's natal horoscope.

Hence I'm rather fond of regal Rigel! ((Ree' gul) And since the star is the left foot of Orion, I suspect you've spied it twinkling in the heavens, especially now in Autumn with constellation Orion The Hunter showing prominently in our night skies.

Rigel (Beta Orion) which is tropically positioned in mid-Gemini, has a magnitude of 0.3 and a declination of 08S12'21" (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars) and can be used on all four points of charts in all latitudes except the extremes of the poles.

Star lore concepts include being 'under Osiris's protection' for its symbolism of the Pharaoh's pinioned birds (under Orion's feet) representing the subjects of the Pharaoh. The myth goes that gentle Osiris brought education and civilization to all the lands he ruled, and the 'pinioned birds' were not a negative symbol but a positive one of people receiving the wisdom and protection of civilization.

Now some star lore experts such as Robson have identified Rigel with ambition and that is often the case when Rigel is linked to angles or planets in a horoscope. But for me it's the educating side of Rigel--effort made for the gain of others rather than for personal gain--that describes the vibes of Rigel.

Why, the very laws of planetary motion were figured out by the great Johannes Kepler of lasting fame who was born with Rigel culminating (at MC) as wise Jupiter set!

*parallels are used in Astrology for timing purposes and are similar to strong conjunctions. Osiris and Orion issue from the same archetype; the three stars in the Belt of Orion are thought by some to be the direction from which the Christ will return "bringing His reward with Him" and are said to correspond to the Pyramids at Giza on Earth...As Above, So Below.


Well, our wimpy Congress skedaddles from the Capitol Hill scene of their many crimes this afternoon (if you can find one of 'em on The Hill as late as 3 pm, I'll be a monkey's aunt) for another week-long break while millions of Americans--their constituents--remain unemployed and struggling for basic necessities. And this break comes after the toil of selling out US jobs once again by passing a triple "free" trade pact with South Korea, Panama, and Columbia.

Isn't it odd what legislation our theatrical Congress can manage to 'come together' on to pass in a 'bipartisan' fashion?

Guess we can always check in with Occupy Wall Street demonstrators to see a model of what democracy actually looks like since its image has become tainted and Swiss-cheesy on our Masonic Capitol Hill.

Feb 20, 2011

Amanpour touts "emerging new order" @ 11:38 am est 2.20.11

My Jaw-Dropping Moment Watching TV's 'This Week' as Amanpour Shouts Out a NWO Feb 20, 2011

by Jude Cowell

Journalist and host of ABC's This Week, Christiane Amanpour slipped off her globalist gloves during an interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the topic of uprisings in Bahrain and across the Middle East when she asked a softball question about, " -- the emerging new order."

This code phrase for a longstanding agenda for establishing a 'new world order' (aka, a 'one-word-government') was broadcast at 11:38 am est (my time zone down in Georgia as well as that of DC, my old stomping grounds) so I set a horoscope for that time, today's date, in Washington (1.), and a second chart set for Cairo, Egypt (2.) - and some interesting chart links appear between the two capitals.

Using Sabian Symbols and the basic method of WHAT? (Asc), WHERE? (Desc), WHY? (Mc), and HOW? (Ic) for comparison between the locations, let's peek at the horoscopes of Amanpour's disclosure of her poker hand and its potential meaning in America and in the Middle East, or simply, Cairo.

Comparison key: 1. = Washington DC; 2. = Cairo Egypt.

For background, we note that her husband, James Rubin, is a former Secretary of State who worked in the Clinton administration, and is currently an 'informal adviser' to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and to President Barack Obama, as cited in Amanpour's Wiki bio linked above. That's okay, I suppose, yet Amanpour's propaganda shout-out to the global elite and their operatives who squelch the rights of populations as they 'head' puppet governments propped up by the USA (because they serve our corporate interest$), seems a subtle bit of political craft which perhaps should not go unnoticed.

That SoS Clinton is going around spouting an amazing amount of hypocrisy about US 'support' for the people in upheaval and demanding democracy is one embarrassment among many these last decades with America speaking out of both sides (US n Mars and Uranus in duplicitous Gemini - actions, motivations, and behavior - our government's old 'forked tongue'.) Liars have an ability to deceive themselves into thinking that people (and nations) will continue trusting them long after their perfidies and disenfranchisements are discovered many times over. Looking into a camera and propagandizing with a straight face is an oration talent which must be developed and coordinated if one is to be a successful shill appearing in the media circus that is US politics.

Journalism in Washington: The What, Where, Why, and How? through Astrology's Lens

Broadcast "emerging new order" in DC and Cairo Feb 20, 2011 11:38 am est/6:38 pm eet

(Note: some bolds and italics may be added by this blogger to Marc Edmund Jones' Symbols in order to emphasize topical points; 'shadow side' is my addition as well; the Angles between DC and Cairo square one another indicating dynamic energy and activity but with possible blockages and a potential for being 'blindsided'. jc)

1. Feb 20, 2011 11:38 am est Washington DC; 2. Cairo Egypt 6:38 pm eet

1. Asc 13Gem34 WHAT? = "14Gem" = "A Conversation by Telepathy": INTIMATION (conj US natal Asc; Egypt's 1922 natal Asc = 8Gem27 conj US natal Uranus)...

pos: an exceptional capacity for achievement through the more organic relationships of personality in given and pertinent connections;

neg/shadow side: attempted accomplishment through innuendo or underhanded means.

2. Asc 13Vir29 WHAT? = "14Vir" = "A Family Tree": GENTILITY...

pos: exceptional fidelity to some unique promise of self and so an ultimate achievement of distinction;

neg/shadow side: a false sense of heritage.

1. Desc WHERE? "14Sag" = "The Pyramid and the Sphinx": CERTIFICATION (was the subtle message a shout-out to Egypt? jc
pos: effective practicality through a gift for bringing real imagination to everyday living;

neg/shadow side: ridiculous efforts to fill the shoes of giants.

2. Desc WHERE? "14Pisc" = "A Lady in Fox Fur" (is that you, Hillary? jc) = TASTEFULNESS...

pos: high accomplishment through a consistent representation of the self's assets in the best possible light;

neg/shadow side: amoral opportunism (imho, NWO types are nothing if not amoral - jc).

1. Mc 20AQ19 WHY? 20AQ19 = "21AQ" = "A Woman Disappointed and Disillusioned": CLEARANCE (conj Egypt's natal Mc 21AQ00, 1922 chart)...

pos: the self's inherent gift for pressing on and gaining increased powers with every setback;

neg/shadow side: the acceptance of all defeat as final.

2. Mc 12Gem29 WHY? "13Gem" = "A Great Musician at His Piano": ACHIEVEMENT...

pos: the creative assurance which contributes enduring overtones to human understanding (as in a shout-out on US TV to allies abroad? just wondering - jc);

neg/shadow side: self-defeat through a delight with momentary attention or superficial adulation.

1. Ic 20Leo19 HOW? "21Leo" = "Chickens Intoxicated": ACCENTUATION...

pos: the individual capacity for a creative self-mobilization which will enable him to rise to the needs of every possible situation;

neg/shadow side: unnecessary bondage to externals.

2. Ic 12Sag29 HOW? "13Sag" (conj US natal Asc) = "A Widow's Past Brought to Light"...RECTIFICATION...

pos: a successful employment of past failure as well as prior accomplishment in the effective integration of the personality;

neg/shadow side: callous repudiation of the self's responsibilities.

To "13Sag", Dane Rudhyar adds an interesting Keynote: The karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle." (An Astrological Mandala, DR.)

Today's transits to US and Egypt natal charts include Egypt's Mercury 26AQ35 Return in progress with speedy Mercury @ 27AQ53 in Cairo 6:38 pm eet - this is also a Mercury to US natal Moon (propaganda to we-the-people! But all the political shows are that): messages and info received or given at this time relates to home, family, family property, domestic issues, security needs, the past, food concerns, and/or the emotional environment.

TV host Amanpour (and probably Secretary Clinton, too, since they shill for the same pan-international corporate 'Family' in what some call an elite-run network of global crime syndicates) use the old tactic that tends to work best for swaying the American public to a particular way of thinking: the emotional/unconscious plane of intuition. (In Progressions, it's the Tertiary Progressions based on the evolving positions of the Moon.)

Well, hopefully this post and its typings will remain readily available here so that I, for one, may refer to the horoscope if it becomes necessary. And if you, dear reader, get a smidgen of insight from this analysis, then a certain reluctant astrologer is all the merrier!

If Amanpour's NWO mention today was shout-out to someone in Egypt, perhaps it was meant for Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi of the Muslim Brotherhood (part of the global 'Family'?) as potentially becoming Egypt's New *Hitler.

Now let's include a symbol I've been wanting to publish for a while now for it's where transiting Pluto, god of the Underworld (and crime syndicates, assassins, and their ilk) has been transforming things of late. In fact, the above mentioned charts show Pluto @ 6Cap55 (in US natal 1st H, Egypt's 8th H) for Amanpour's "new order" mention which may be said to relate only to the forming of a new government in Egypt since Mubarak was run out of office by the people (Feb 11, 2011.) Yet the Muslim Brotherhood still may be or become part of the global take-over agenda of the power elite - and are perhaps being courted for their potential contribution to the cause.

The symbol for "7Cap" is relevant to our topic on various levels so I'll place it here, from Adriano Carelli's quirky, rather quaint book The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac; I shall quote some of his explanation for this Egyptian-esque degree which includes intriguing info on the mystical sign of Capricorn as well as an ancient symbol of Egypt herself:

"7Cap" = "The Sphinx"

"Seer Charubel gives the labyrinth as a symbol, which is as good an image. The whole of the sign Capricorn is in fact a labyrinth, of which this degree especially stresses such scientific and engineering skill as to be really worthy of Daedalus, and drives to their utmost its defects of puzzling and selfish secretiveness.

A labyrinth: will the native be its maker or its victim? Or, like Daedalus, both at the same time? A Sphinx: is the riddle in the native's self, or waylaying him at a bend of the road he is to travel? And will the riddle be of a material, intellectual, or spiritual nature? Will there be political, or feminine, intrigue?

The Sphinx would rather not be asked questions. She is to ask them herself. {}

The riddle may belong to the domain of science, and the Sphinx watch the secrets of the physical world or the threshold of the world beyond. {}

Example: Albert of Waldstein, popularly known as Wallenstein (Moon's degree). If the registrar's data are correct, Hitler's Moon ought to be here as well. {} Kepler cast his famous horoscope of Wallenstein assuming the birth hour to be 16:30 real time, and placed the Ascendant at 10AQ and the Moon at 7:03 Capricorn." (Carelli.)

You may be interested in NPR's Feb 18 feature Muslim Brotherhood Speaks Out on Egypt where they say they will not take part in the forming of a new government in Cairo.

And here's a video of DNI Director James Clapper recently describing the Muslim Brotherhood, or some official Washington semblance of the Islamic international organization:


(*Well known are Adolf Hitler's misadventures and lootings in Egypt during WWII and his weird fascination with the beautiful Nefertiti whose famous bust remains a point of contention between Germany and Egypt for it - she - continues to languish in a Berlin museum.)

('Wallenstein' is also known as Albrecht von Wallenstein (1583 - 1639), a Hapsburg Dynasty military general ('generalissimo') who fought and intrigued on behalf of the Holy Roman Empire. jc


As you know, each degree's Sabian Symbol (word picture) functions as an Illumination Point for the degree directly opposite; this illuminates the unconscious aspects of situations and provides a counterbalance to what's at hand. Peering at such hidden info helps with fulfilling the Scriptural admonition found in Astrology and other teachings to, Know Thyself.

Feb 12, 2011

Ron Paul: US to blame for chaos in Egypt (video)

If you've ever read this blog before you may be aware that this dissenting American's distrust of the US government runs deep as it does for many people. Yet I did think that news of the US (and UK) instigation of the popular revolts in Egypt (Tunisia, Yemen, Algeria, etc) would take at least a few days to come to light after yesterday's ouster of Mubarak.

But theories are surfacing already as International Forecaster's Bob Chapman very ably explains. Beware: the article contains his Bernanke/QE2 insights, and an interview with Rep. Ron Paul on such topics is included as well.

Mr. Chapman also mentions that Hosni Mubarak is still in charge, a potential I feared even as I celebrated yesterday with the good people of Egypt!

As you know, in this world, all is not always as it seems.

For those atop the pyramid of power have secretive ways of insuring win-win situations for themselves which they insist necessitate more and more loss-loss for the rest of us...just as old win-at-any-coster and political theorist *Machiavelli recommended!

*Post includes Nicolo Machiavelli's birth data and natal chart details.

Feb 11, 2011

Joy in Egypt as Mubarak Steps Down! Feb 11, 2011

Today President Hosni Mubarak has been vanquished by his people!!!

It's evening in Cairo and with protesters gathered at his palace after last evening's disappointing address, Hosni Mubarak has handed power to the Egyptian army and asked them to be in charge of the country's affairs.

This blogger celebrates the liberation of the Egyptian people (well done!) even though I know my global-elite-backed government may be shaking in its jackboots at the news (never mind what topcats in Washington say - their masters can't be happy) and Zionist Israeli government officials must be mightily worried about this amazing pardigm shift of power in the Middle East.

Egypt's populist overthrow is a major blow to the New World Order!

UPDATE 2/11/11 3:52 pm est: LINK TV is reporting that Swiss authorities have frozen the assets of the ousted Mubarak, a wise move (much of his hidden funds probably came from 30 years of US taxpayer money); also you may be interested in a fresh post: Mubarak Steps Down Under Rays of the Jan 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse.

Original post resumes here:

Well, just as I prepared to post the natal horoscope of Hosni Mubarak with the transits of his pathetic address last evening placed around the chart (see below), the astounding news broke during this morning's broadcast of Democracy Now!. In my elation I shall place the chart here anyway and hope you may click to enlarge the image and read a few notes for yourself.

Hosni Mubarak, former president of Egypt

The horoscope is set for his birthdate May 4, 1928 Cairo (Kafr-el Muselha cannot be found on maps or in my software) at the moment of a Full Moon with Sun 14Tau05 conjunct Mercury (a picture of extreme stubbornness right there) and Moon 14Sco05, a combination of terrific stubbornness, ruthlessness, and fixed prejudices. I use the Full Moon of his day of birth because there was one at 10:11:41 pm EET.

Transit Saturn 17Lib01 Rx conjoins his natal Full Moon's Midheaven (Career; Public Standing; the WHY? Point) showing restriction in these matters for those who have dealt unwisely with responsibilities in the past (30 years of oppressing and robbing his people) - Saturn brings accountability to this ruling tyrant.

The iffy situation for the US may be seen in part by tr Saturn conjoining US Secondary Progressed Mars which has been retrograde since 2006. Tr NN 1Cap19 is rising in this speculative natal horoscope along with Mubarak's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series, 1 South @ 1Cap21: 'enthusiastic expression of ideas; flooded with options' (Brady) - but the only 'option' the people wanted him to take was to Go Away!

It is reported that Mubarak has left Cairo now for a resort (to rest up, poor thing)and must be fuming beyond belief. My hope and prayer is that the Egyptian people will be fairly and well treated by whoever steps in to fill the vacuum of power - and that their accounts will be balanced by a return of the millions, possibly billions, hidden away in Mubarak's secret accounts and which will necessitate putting him on trial.

Is there a spa for former dictators at The Hague?

Image: planetary portrait of a tyrant. (Correction to outer notations in 10th house: Mubarak Address of 2.10.11's ASC should be '28Lib39'; mea culpa! jc)

Feb 8, 2011

Venus to Pluto 2.9.11: hidden wealth in secret places

In a recent astro-post on President Obama's February 7th speech to the US Chamber of Commerce, I mentioned that the chart-ruler of the speech horoscope, Venus, made only one applying aspect in the chart, a conjunction with powerful, secretive Pluto in Capricorn, sign of government, politics, law, and business. A chart-ruler's applying aspects in Horary Astrology describes how things will proceed - here, from the "neighborly" event.

This Venusian-Plutonian encounter occurs on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 @6Cap38 and it may be instructive to consider the political and business ramifications of a Venus-Pluto pairing. The two can be passionately exciting in love relationships, yes, but also have financial connotations which relate to the president's presentation of ideas for sparking the US economy as he spoke to a room full of wealthy bankers and business leaders.

We might also keep in mind last week's report on the many places that Hosni and Gamal Mubarak have their wealth squirreled away with perhaps additional revelations to come as the Venus-Pluto hook-up uncovers more secrets (including hot love affairs, but that's not the purview of this blog unless politicians are involved. And even then, not so much.)

Even plutonian revealer-in-chief Julian Assange's Swedish situation (rape charges) may be affected in some way by this conjunction along with WikiLeaks revelations concerning diplomatic relations and/or banking misdeeds. And in the US, some of our threadbare state budgets are beginning to show signs of embezzlement or mis-usage of funds through the years...peep-eye!

Plus, the Chamber of Commerce members Mr. Obama addressed and cajoled on February 7th are said to be multi-millionaires and billionaires sitting on corporate mega-profits which they have so far refused to 'share' with American workers in the form of new jobs.

So using Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets because it lists potentials in Politics and Business along with other indications, the Venus-Pluto combination of energies include:

Thesis: extremes of private wealth hidden in secret places; genetic alterations; those who wish to transform the natural beauty of a country; model waste processing or disposal systems.

Antithesis: volcanic activity deep within the earth which cause great destruction of agricultural or financial centers; attracting elements of organized crime (finances, drugs, sex trade; hidden partnerships; jealousy; rape charges); a breakdown within the social fabric of a society.

With authoritative Capricorn being an Earth sign, we may expect the above possibilities to apply very closely to the things that relate to material goods, mining activities, structures, systems, and, as stated, Politics and Business in finances, valuations, and relationship issues. And as stated in my previous post, Venus-Pluto can be linked to bankruptcy, too. The excruciating housing foreclosure mess may be implicated (real estate; banking.)

The Sabian Symbol for the Venus-Pluto conjunction @ '7Cap' may be revealing as well:

"A Veiled Prophet of Power"...SUPREMACY:

positive expression: unerring insight into the motives of men and a consequent gift for organizing their efforts along any given line of accomplishment;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: inability to distinguish true values from false.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Additionally, the symbol for '7Cap' in Adriano Carelli's book The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac points us back to Egypt's Mubarak family who may have had a part in the ongoing looting of his country's ancient treasures: The Sphinx.

Well, this conjunction occurs ever year at varying degrees of the Zodiac (depending on where slower moving Pluto lies in wait for Venus) but this year I'm relating it primarily to the president's appeals and concessions to the Chamber of Commerce - though financial secrets and sexual misconduct cannot be ruled out.

Feb 4, 2011

A Few Astro-Notes on RNC and DNC 2012

Guess you've heard that the Republican National Convention to nominate their presidential and vice presidential candidates for the 2012 campaign will be held in Tampa, Florida the week of August 27, 2012.

Funny thing about Tampa these days, though I suppose there's absolutely no correlation between a certain geophysical phenomenon and the GOP: Earth's magnetic pole has shifted quite visibly in Tampa...toward Russia!

No word yet on the directional drift for Charlotte, NC where the DNC will be held the first week of September 2012. But one assumes it's moved a little closer to Russia, too.

However, we can sleuth for clues about the general atmosphere of that time period by considering the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series into which both conventions fall since they're scheduled only a week apart: 14 South @ '00Gem21' (conjoining Fixed Star Alcyone, keywords: something to cry about; exile.

Here's what Bernadette Brady has to say about 14S in her book Predictive Astrology:

(This Series) will tend to bring success. There may have been long periods of hard work from which the success has grown. With *Mercury-Pluto content there is also the potential for an obsessive idea to finally be accepted, which then leads to the promised success of Jupiter. During this eclipse individuals should push for the acceptance of their ideas or methodologies as this eclipse can bring the long awaited breakthrough.

Sounds like perfect astro-weather for US political conventions, doesn't it? Although the part about "an obsessive idea' may be not be any more to we-the-people's liking than their last obsessive idea because in America, it's ruling elite vs we-the-people. And the plutocrats began throwing us overboard decades ago.


* "Mercury-Pluto content" refers to the initial eclipse in the 14S Series; a 14S Solar Eclipse last manifested on May 10, 1994 @ '20Tau'. '20Tau' = "Wind Clouds and Haste" = EXALTATION...neg: 'a diffusion of self and waste of energy in an attempt to grasp the myriad facets of the nonessential'. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology , Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

In The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin relates Mercury-Pluto to 'the art of persuasion, suggestion, the spirit of opposition, hasty thinking and speaking, good powers of observation, a quick grasp of every situation, an "amazingly sharp criticism", intellectual triumph over others, slyness or cunning, crafty subtlety, diplomacy, wielding influence through speaking or writing'.

Propaganda and secret surveillance are facets of the duo's influence as well and as you know, America's natal horoscope contains a Mercury-Pluto opposition across the security and career minded Cancer-Capricorn axis. (Uncle Sam doesn't just want you, he's watching you with the all-seeing eye emblazoned on America's Great Seal.)

And in Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey gives the Mercury-Pluto duo's energy in Politics and Business as:

Thesis: High security communications and intelligence activities; political talk which offers abrupt changes to some functions; communications satellites; news of space exploration, orbital weapons, or toxic gases.

Antithesis: Secrets concerning the business community or transportation systems; communications within the intelligence gathering agencies; self-destructive impulses in business; breakdowns in road networks.

So if you plan to travel to Tampa or Charlotte for either convention in 2012 you might want to leave extra early.


Today is D Day in Egypt: Departure Day for President Hosni Mubarak and again this blogger sends best hopes to the people of Egypt as they fight the good fight against 32 years of cruel oppression.

Democracy Now!

Feb 3, 2011

Brightest object in the sky Feb 2011? Jupiter!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to search the night sky for a view of planet Jupiter just after sundown and until 9:00 pm when the Great Benefic sets. The royal planet is putting on a royal show!

These days, Jupiter traverses Aries, sign of the Ram and the Warrior, and the Grand One's typical function seems to be increasing the stubbornness of the Ram and the confrontational nature of the Warrior...both here and abroad.

Tonight Jupiter 2Ari22 pauses for a moment upon an interesting Sabian Symbol degree:

'3Ari' = "A Cameo Profile of a Man in the Outline of His Country"...EXPLOITATION:

positive expression: man's capacity for giving full play to every ramification of the reality he has created for himself;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: an unimaginative conventionality which leaves him in bondage to every current stereotype of human relations. (Jones' The Sabian Symbols in Astrology; the 'unconscious/shadow side' addition by yours truly.)

We naturally think of Hosni Mubarak and the stand-off in Egypt, and of President Obama and the quandary of our democracy-spreading state apparatus which couldn't invade Iraq quickly enough in order to (allegedly) spread democracy whether the people of Iraq (who escaped our bombs) wanted it or not. Now a majority of Egyptians want it - and what does Washington really want and who does Obama really support?

But I digress. Sort of. This blog is dedicated to Political Astrology after all.

The thing about Jupiter's position in the cosmos this evening (EST) is that the Royal One is making an opportunistic sextile (60 degr) with negotiating, orating, trading Mercury (2A08), an aspect bringing a challenge to express opinions without worrying about other people's reactions. A Mercury/Jupiter sextile sounds good and has a philosophical bent yet it can also have a tendency to be condescending toward others due to intellectual pretensions; there may also be a lack of confidence and a need to keep others off balance. We see this everywhere, Washington included, but as a despotic ruler under stress, Mubarak (Jupiter) may be indicated in particular.

Next in closeness of orb is an applying square between Jupiter and Venus (2A33) which shows irresponsibility, self-indulgence, and a tendency toward making empty gestures (Mubarak again? Et tu, Obama?); this energy shows those who are difficult to deal with when things don't go their way, yet great generosity - but only when it satisfies an ulterior motive. Any tactic or deception is resorted to in order to achieve one's aims (Hosni? Is that you, Hosni? Get off the throne!)

Then there's the biggie now moving into orb (4A07): Jupiter square Pluto which has been discussed here in a recent post. A Jupiter/Pluto square is the 'wheeler dealer' aspect indicating those who rebel against existing codes of ethics and mount challenges to authority; a caution with a Jupiter/Pluto square is not to count too heavily on the assistance of others when in trouble - which sounds to me like the peaceful demonstrators in Cairo who hoped the army would come to their aid. With a few exceptions, they have not, last I heard.

Political maneuvering and large-scale enterprises which affect many people are a mark of this aspect between a heavy-weighted pair: Jupiter, the well-rewarded ruler, and Pluto, the power behind the throne and guardian of massive wealth.

As for the upcoming Uranus/Pluto square, we may not have seen rebellion across the globe until these two make their final aspect of blockage and obstacles which issue from their Great Conjunction/s of the mid-1960s in mid-Virgo. Even some non-astrologers - pundits, broadcasters, and writers - have been mentioning a feeling as they watch the upsetting yet thrilling events unfold in Egypt (since Jan 25) that they may be seeing the beginning of a World Revolution.

One thing we know: this difficult aspect between rebellious, disruptive Uranus (America's 'totem' planet of freedom and independence) and controlling, manipulative string-puller Pluto (assassin, spy, and pope that he is) has been in effect when dramatic events swept the globe. A Uranus/Pluto square was within orb from 1931 to 1934 as Hitler rose to power while many were looking elsewhere due to the Great Depression and lack of jobs. He pretended to restore order from chaos (a chaos Adolf helped create) just as the Fed and Washington have done since 2008.

So what will the upcoming Uranus/Pluto square require from those who prefer to breathe free?

Constant vigilance concerning those who wish to rise to power and the elite already in power, plus, a willingness to get off our apathetic duffs, set up or defend legal safeguards, and respond quickly to any popular movement or political development that threatens our...dare I say it?...democracy.

Feb 2, 2011

Ron Paul on the Lew Rockwell Show 2.2.11 (audio)

Rep. Ron Paul holds the first hearing of the Monetary Policy Subcommittee he'll now be chairing on February 9, 2011 and here he speaks with Lew Rockwell on several topics such as the Fed (and how they're appearing on lots of shows and writing defensive pieces of late, poor things!), changes that must come in US monetary policy, how you have to have cutbacks in empire, not just the welfare state, uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, and how it takes young people to wage a revolution.

And as we've seen since conditions erupted in Egypt on January 25th (and in Tunisia prior), "The revolution will be televised." (Pardon my ancient reference. Must be my Flower Power Generation sensibilities peeking through...)

As Chalmers Johnson wrote in his book The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic, the final sorrow is economic in progress. :(

Thoughts of an expiring American empire with its over-reaching and over-spending (the American people into the alms house) always reminds me of the Sabian Symbol for '1 Sagittarius': " A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire".

And all this for the forced establishment of a lousy 'new world order'.

Note: For live coverage of the fast-moving events in Egypt, may I suggest It's 10:00 pm est here and around 5:00 am in Cairo (Feb 3, 2011) and it's being reported that at least four people have been killed "under heavy machine gun fire", plus, cruel Molotov cocktails are being passed around while shots are being fired in all directions.

Plus, here's a link to the Middle East section of al Jazeera (in English) and a live Twitter feed.

Jan 31, 2011

Will globalists install ElBaradei to rule Egypt? (video)

The following video presentation from The Alex Jones Show of January 30, 2011 may contain controversial remarks and, as usual, this lone blogger cannot endorse each word spoken in the presentation.

But I do agree that ex-pat Mohamed ElBaradei is not the leader the majority of the Egyptian people want or need and I'm not certain how much of an improvement over Mubarak's regime he would be if his 'installation' by Soros, Brzezinski, and other globalists is successful.

ElBaradei, if installed, may prove to bring no more than temporary calm to a nation now in justified upheaval. And if he, too, doesn't represent the needs of the Egyptian people, the calm won't last even that long and will only make things worse.

A Million-Man March is scheduled for tomorrow, February 1, 2011, and my thoughts and prayers are with the good people of Egypt. May they prevail over all despotic forces!

(Now if only the American people could prevail over same. Again.)

Part 1 of 3:

Part 2 of 3:

Part 3 of 3:

For further reading, don't miss Paul Watson's Mohamed ElBaradei: Global Pied Piper of the Egyptian Revolt. Egypt is a "vassal state for the new world order" and "pays out $1.1 million annually to the Podesta Group, an organization closely tied with the Obama administration to act as 'foreign agents' for Mubarak's regime."

If you want something done in Washington, call the Podesta Group! says their website. Perhaps we-the-people should text them pronto because we're in big trouble, too.

Plus, here's a post on the natal horoscope of Zbigniew Brzenzinski (chart shown) with a video of ZB being interviewed by Charlie Rose during the Bush-Cheney regime.

Please note that your on-topic comments and opinions are cordially invited.


Have you read your Woolly Mammoth Chronicles today?

Jan 28, 2011

Egypt's progressed chart Jan 2011: YOD pattern of Crisis

Week-Long Riots Worsen in Egypt; YOD of Crisis shown in Progressions

by Jude Cowell

Well, VP Joe Biden wouldn't call Egypt's President Mubarak "a dictator" but many people would. Especially those who've been forced to live under the Mubarak regime for 30 years.

Free Speech TV's Thom Hartmann is reporting that today has brought more violence to the country than before as the "US hedges." But Hillary Clinton has called the Mubaraks "friends of the family"! (Perhaps she means, crime family?)

Yes, it's quite a dilemma for the US with Mubarak 'a partner with the US for decades' even as the needs and rights of the Egyptian people are ignored by the regime when they're not being stamped out altogether - as usual, it's America the so-called freedom-lover backing and propping up the wrong horse of oppression rather than supporting a people yearning to be free and decently treated.

As we see here in the US as well, corporate interests prevail, and transiting Jupiter, planet of expansion and increase, re-stimulates the Aries Point (00Ari00), one of the World Points of Manifestation.

Well, it's been a busy week here in my real world with little time to blog though I've been following the riots and protests in Tunisia and in Egypt. I have no natal chart for Tunisia but for Egypt there's the Proclamation of Independence for Egypt which the Sultan issued one day after the British Parliament declared Egypt to be a sovereign nation, aka The Kingdom of Egypt. This chart I've labelled simply 'Egypt' (shown below, lower left.)

Also shown below is a second chart representing the independence declaration by President Nassar for the Republic of Egypt, labelled here 'Republic of Egypt' (upper right) with a telling midpoint picture for those looking astrologically for indications of strong-armed control and hardship for the Egyptian people: Saturn/Pluto = Moon (the people): strong control; renunciation; giving up giving.

Saturn/Pluto in Politics indicates: use of secret police or military agencies, keeping affairs private, turmoil in rigid or older structures, secret preparations for future restrictions, and hoarding of resources. (Munkasey.)

(All midpoint pictures on this blog are from Ebertin, Munkasey, and/or Tyl; any, all, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions.)

Now I won't expand much here about the two natal charts for hopefully you can read a few notes scribbled upon them if you click to enlarge the dual-chart image. Outside both charts, I've penned some of the US natal planets such as US natal Uranus (freedom; independence; disruption) rising to the degree in the 1922 chart. And I shall mention that the 1922 chart's Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) Series 14 North repeats on November 25, 2011 @2Sag37 with its influences of:

'A most peculiar family of eclipses; an acute time of confusion in relationships, unexpected happenings in financial matters, and possible illness; a peculiar turn of events; no important decisions should be made concerning incoming events since there's too much confusion and delusion in the environment to make clear judgments.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Sounds as if the end of 2011 will be a crazy time all around. (A post on the Nov 2011 eclipse for America is in the planning stages and I hope to have it published fairly soon.) Plus, 2011 brings Egypt further triggering by Solar Eclipse in the 1922 natal chart: the June 1, 2011 eclipse touches natal ASC and Mars, and the Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 affects Egypt's natal Pluto 7Can57 Rx in 2nd house (Earning Ability, Values) - and US planets in Cancer.

Admittedly, the natal Mars/Uranus opposition between Egypt and the US is worrisome to this reluctant astrologer, plus, Egypt's Mars 11Sag37 conjoins US natal ASC and is the degree of the last (and current) Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron, the plutocracy duo of disenfranchisement, primal violence, fascism, and corporatism. '12Sag' = "A Flag Turns into an Eagle That Crows." (MEJ.)

With its PE (14N) as a background influence, the state of emergency in Egypt may crescendo just prior to the November eclipse or soon after though good decisions are unlikely to be made then. Yet the Egyptian people are fed up now and want a new government! Apparently it's only folk like Joe Biden who pretend to fault them for having such a natural urge for basic human rights. Methinks that even Joe B would feel the same if Mubarak ruled his life and future.

From historical record, here are the two natal charts for modern Egypt since ancient Egypt's beginnings are shrouded in the mists of Time:

Lower left: March 15, 1922 10:00 am EET Cairo, Egypt; ASC 8Gem27 with Atlantis (the New World = America) rising; Hour Jupiter; asteroid Hermes, the Magician, at Mc; unaspected Sun (the leader) can 'run away with the chart' (and the country's riches); manipulative Pluto 7Can57 Rx in 2nd house lies amongst US natal planets in Cancer: Venus, Jupiter, and Sun); Mars 11Sag37 rises with Antares (obsessed with success), a violent star; US natal Pluto in Capricorn is in 9th house of Foreign Lands and Philosophy.

There are no Earth placements in the 1922 chart suggesting a lack of practicality to the whole endeavor as manipulated by Britain and America. You may wish to read about Ahmed Fuad morphing from Sultan to King in 1922. This chart may also be called the 'Kingdom of Egypt' natal horoscope.

Upper right: June 18, 1953 11:30 pm EET Cairo, Egypt; Hour Venus; Mercury 20Can51 is out-of-bounds and conjoins Fixed Star Castor (murder; loss) at a critical degree (20 Can); Mars is also OOBs 3Can10 conjunct US natal Venus; Egypt's Jupiter/Pluto midpoint conjoins the Pentagon's natal ASC = desire for power; with 16Pis21 rising, Jupiter and Neptune, the speculator pair, rule the chart, and Jupiter 9Gem23 conjoins US natal Uranus and Fixed Star Aldebaran (success through integrity); the PE of this chart (25AQ03 in 12th house) is the 9 New North, a violent, injurious Series. 9NN last occurred in March 2007 so it won't repeat until 2025.

Sleuthily, my astro-search for the crisis/revolutionary situation going on this week in Egypt resulted in the following Secondary Progressed chart based on the 1922 natal hroscope which shows a crisis-ridden YOD pattern (Finger of God) pointing toward the at-rope's-end Egyptian people:

Sun/ASC = Moon 21Cap18: fruitful activity with others; receptivity; open to cosmic forces. (Though all internet services have been shut off by the regime.)

Yes, the midpoint picture sounds rather mild but the YOD pattern (crossroads; turning point; a special task) with apex Moon is descriptive of the critical and dire conditions for the people of Egypt, January 2011 and beyond.

Possibilities for a YOD with an apex Moon: emotional maladjustment, instinctual responses to factors in the environment are out-of-tune (with the Mubarak regime certainly); past emotional traumas; triggers to act in self-defeating ways.

(Now I totally agree with Barack Obama on this: violence is not the answer. Which is why the Mubarak government should have listened to the people's grievances long before this.)

Once activated (this week!), this apex Moon (in Cap, the sign of government, law, and business) embarks on a destined change of life patterning in order to free the populace from negative images of the past. After years of inner preparation, a *new path may open up which permits basic needs to be attended to, defense of the weak to be championed, and fundamental security needs to be addressed. (Tierney.)

An interesting synchronicity is that an apex Moon in a YOD configuration is found in the natal chart of none other than Thomas Jefferson, author of our own Declaration of Independence.

And since the young people have begun this youth-led uprising bwo of Facebook and Twitter, we note the crisis-degreed planet of youth, Mercury 29Gem31 Rx in 11th house of Hopes, Wishes (new government now!), Groups and Associations (including social networking.) This Sec Mercury was triggered and eclipsed on December 21, 2010 by a heavy-weighted Lunar Eclipse @29Gem21. Click and enlarge the chart and you'll note that dissolving, disilluioned Neptune 13Leo36 Rx in the 1922 chart (and planet of the masses and of media) is precisely at Midheaven 13Leo36 in the Lunar Eclipse chart set for Washington DC.

Now you may be tempted to think that this little Leo synchronicity doesn't mean anything unless, like me, you remember the esoteric triumverant of power between Washington DC, London - and Cairo...since America's founding.

And you may wish to review President Obama's much-touted speech delivered in Cairo in 2009. In light of current events, its apt title is: *A New Beginning (video, plus a link to the transcript.)

Image: Egypt's 1922 chart progressed to Jan 26, 2011 noon in Cairo; Hour of the Sun 20Gem26 conjunct US natal Mars; Moon 21Cap18 inconjunct Sun (adjustments necessary between leadership and populace); Sun '21Gem' = "A Labor Demonstration"; Moon '22Cap' = "A General Accepting Defeat Gracefully."

With this post, published on behalf of the good people of Egypt, this populist blogger's gut feelings can't help but say, May the Mubarak regime accept defeat gracefully - and sooner rather than later!


For further reading (with video) on the violence in Egypt, try Snippits and Slappits.

Jul 28, 2008

Israeli radioactive cargo refused at Egyptian border

News Updates from Citizens For Legitimate Government

July 28, 2008

All items are here:

Breaking News

Egypt seizes Israeli radioactive cargo July 28, 2008

Egypt has refused to allow entry to an Israeli truck carrying 3.5 tone of ceramics after high radiation levels were detected in the shipment. Egyptian officials seized the goods at the Al-Oja border crossing after radiation detection equipment showed a high presence of radioactive material in the cargo, a security official told AFP. A special team from the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA) was expected to inspect the shipment immediately, he added.#

NPR news at noon: Bush's deficit will be much higher than projected just 5 months ago. Guess he forgot to move a decimel point.

Sep 16, 2007

Senator Jim Webb plus: Sirius and Columba

Here is a post with a few details on Jim Webb's natal chart using sunrise (birth time unknown; Feb 9, 1946, St.Joseph, Missouri.)

Today I got sidetracked by a new website discovered to have all manner of interesting articles on Julian vs Gregorian Calendar reforms (a long-standing interest of mine), America and her links to Egypt, Sirius-Isis, the Pyramids at Giza, the election of the locations for the first settlements in the New World, and many other things: Enterprise Mission where you'll find info on the "carving out" of a new constellation, Columba (for guess who?) out of Canis Major, a constellation which contains Sirius and Sirius B.

Oh yeah, Dr. John Dee, Royal Astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, is in the house!

Jul 14, 2007

Bush is a Sirius guy

Symbol for Sirius, the Dog Star of Egypt.

From the President's Schedule: Monday, July 9, 2007

President Bush participated in a conversation on the Americas at the White House Conference on the Americas. This conference is being hosted by President and Mrs. Bush to bring together non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and foundations to discuss and highlight the vast array of societal interaction between the United States and its neighbors to better the lives of the region's citizens.

"Laura and I had a magnificent trip to Central and South America. It reminded me of the importance of having a peaceful and prosperous neighborhood. It's in our interests, in the interests of the United States that our neighborhood be healthy and educated. And so this conference is an attempt to bring together key people of my administration and faith-based groups and private sector groups from the United States, as well as our neighborhood, to discuss how we can work together to promote social justice, to help people realize a better life through good education and good health care."

"Social justice, good education, and good health care"? Pshaw! He's had over 6 years to work toward these things just in the US and where has that gotten the people who need them? Worse off than they were before "under" George W. Bush, the message-bearer.

Let's look at the Stars that rose with Bush's natal planets, his Ascendant (his nibs himself), and his Midheaven (MC = Aspirations; Goals)--born July 6, 1946, 7:26 am EDt, New Haven, CT:

1. Pluto/ASC rise with Mirzam (Beta Canis Major): carrying a message. Mirzam was called The Announcer because it rose before Sirius, the major star in Egyptian star lore and worship. Mirzam embodies the symbolism of the dog whose nature is to bark, announce, and make noise.

Anyone who has Mirzam connected with their chart has something to say, a message to bring. Unlike Sirius, Mirzam is not an important star but adds an announcing quality to the person's life as well as a connection to the public or with groups who make announcements to the world.

(This is supported by a Mercury/Pluto conjunction rising, the propaganda duo, and by his ASC degree "8Leo": "A bolshevik propagandist.")

2. Natal Sun rises with Alhena (Gamma Gemini): its name is Arabian, meaning the Proudly Marching One. They also called it the Brand or Mark, referring to the brand on the camel's neck or side. Alhena represents movement, determination, and pride, and gives a cause to follow, a mission, or a belief for which you will march (in Bush's case it seems to be sending other people marching.)

Alhena is tied to personal identity--as is the Sun--so it is an integral part of his identity, purpose, and sense of self. There is focus (once you sober up you can focus--then Poppa takes you seriously), with a drive toward achievement, plus a feeling--an arrogance--that he has a divine right to reform or correct situations.

3. Communicative Mercury rises with Sirius (Alpha Canis Major): Sirius is the 'fire of immortality' star of the Egyptians (and has always been connected closely with the US natal chart, by way of the stars over Washington, Cairo, and London.)

The Egyptians called Sirius The Shining One and The Scorcher for the heat from Sirius was thought to cause rabies in dogs. Its risings and settings have been recorded since the beginning of history so that it formed the basis of the Egyptian calendar. And a desire for immortality permeates ancient Egyptian culture (and apparently the minds of the self-styled elite of today who think they've got it coming because they're so hot!)

Egyptian religion also called this star, Sirius Isis (see symbol above), and the Nile Star.

In a natal chart, Sirius is linked to one who loves power, along with the danger of pushing things too far, too fast. It literally demands expression in the life yet its huge success may "burn" you...keywords: the mundane becoming sacred. Sacred rituals are not unheard of with this star connected to a person's chart (say around 11 pm, in the White House cellar? You bring the skull.)

Sirius was rising with Pluto (atomic power; death; transformation) in early August, 1945 at the latitudes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the people of these cities who were burned to a crisp have been immortalized by sacred sites dedicated to the removal of nuclear weapons. (Notice Bush's connections to nuclear weapons--and his boney finger on The Button, God help us all.)

Sirius' positive expression depends on having a clear and honest intent--and actions have profound effects beyond expectations which makes this energy difficult to handle. Directing this energy into positive outcomes is the only hope once things escalate, and we certainly see this happening in the Middle East where Bush's exertions have thrown fuel on the long-burning fire--thanks to Bush's total disregard for unintended consequences.

I would say that he did not and is not using Sirius' gifts honestly, clearly, or carefully, in spite of his devoted service to goddess Isis. (And you may disagree if you like.)

4. Then there's his MC, the Aspiration/Goal/Public Status Point of his chart, which rose with Fomalhaut on the day he was born. Fomalhaut is one of the Royal Stars of Persia, keywords: being humanitarian and poetic (!); (Alpha Pisces Australis):

Each Royal Star seems to represent a trial or temptation which must be worked through before success is achieved (guess he did that in his 40s when he supposedly gave up drugs, liquid and leafy and whatever--lucky world.)

With the Royal Stars there are many pitfalls along the rocky road and the individual has a very good chance of falling from grace. These temptations are the nemesis which must be conquered and a clash with the mainstream may be necessary to reach one's goals.

Bush's demonstration of this clash is at crescendo now and because Fomalhaut's touch of the mystic requires high ideals or a lofty vision, I'll leave it to you to decide whether he is corrupt and heading for total downfall as the recent Saturnian Scythe would support--in spite of his touted "noble cause" undertaken for the benefit of the collective.

Star info: Brady's Book of Fixed Stars

Jun 21, 2007

Saturn-Neptune: Mideast Peace Summit

Egypt is wrangling up a Mideast Peace Summit on Monday--the day the Saturn/Neptune opposition is exact for the last time.

Interesting sense of timing they've got there.