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Sep 19, 2015

US Voters Drained by Presidential Campaigns as Refugees Seek Asylum

Since the current Solar Eclipse season which began on September 13, 2015 @20Vir10 contains themes of overtaxing or draining of strength and a high level of stress in effect for at least the next six months, a 'proposal' is linked, below, which may have merit. The Solar Eclipse 'background noise' is in addition to the fretful 'blood moon' Lunar Eclipse in Aries at the end of September.

Follow the above link to view the September 2015 Solar and Lunar Eclipse horoscopes set for Washington DC. Obviously, the Lunar Eclipse, a Full Moon of culmination and awareness, times closely with the US Government's fiscal budget running dry of funds on September 30, 2015, the stalemates in Congress over abortion (a lunar issue) and funding, possibly another reckless government shutdown, and other weighty matters now in the public discourse such as the next suspension of a 2016 candidate's campaign.

Abroad the horrific, worsening refugee crisis (Moon = families, mothers, children) which has been ongoing for years (since the West decimated Eastern countries with war and destruction--did warmongers not see this crisis coming?) may also be denoted by the Lunar Eclipse as Saturn (walls, borders, boundaries, stoppage, closing; responsibility, accountability, authority) continues to make the plights of grievously displaced families unendurable with the planet's passage into Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker (of asylum), Foreigner, Stranger, Emigrant, and Long Distance Travel. As you know, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planet of the breakthroughs now sorely needed across the globe thanks to aggressive Western governments and we will soon experience Saturn's upcoming crossing of America's natal 11/12Sag Ascendant in the late afternoon horoscope of July 4, 1776 bringing forms of accountability home to roost beginning by December 2015 into 2016.

So in case you missed it, here's Christoph Asche's Report from Croatia: 'They Don't Know Where They're Going, or Where They'll End Up', posted this morning.

Now see what you think about the 'proposal' meant to give US voters "a rest from the same old photo ops, talking points, and stalemates in Congress" - since we can't depend on politicians to stop perpetrating those things and simply do the jobs they're elected to do and are paid for:

FEC Implementing One-Year Break Between All Presidential Terms As a Reprieve For a Weary Nation, says The Onion.

Plus, to add to our current concerns, Americans are heading toward what is being called The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017, the first repetition of the King of Alarm Eclipse of August 11, 1999, the one Nostradamus warned about. This 1 North eclipse will be visible from the Oregon coast to the coast of South Carolina and will basically split our country into Northern and Southern halves. Hmm.

Hope it will be for the best, don't you?

Nov 26, 2010

Delay, WikiLeaks, Plame, and FOX 11.26.10

With Stars Over Washington still lounging about somewhere near Atlanta, GA on Thanksgiving holiday 2010 (well, there's only me, really) I've taken an hour to mosey round the Web and catch up on all the news I can smoosh into such a brief time.

Two of the four bits that stood out to me are the (long overdue) conviction of gangster Tom Delay for money laundering, and the upcoming release of a WikiLeaks cache revealing what global diplomats say about their governments and think of one another. How groovy! Sounds like a grand idea to me especially as an astrologer who likes to peek under the hood of politics at what political hoodlums and their brethren are secretly up to!

Might the new revelations from WikiLeaks cause havoc, interfere with so-called diplomacy, and undermine war? You betcha! Yet what causes more havoc than war - and perpetual, illegally waged at that?

Also the release of the Valerie Plame-Joe Wilson film starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn may be elucidating as well for I did have a chance to watch Tavis Smiley interview them this week on his program. It's the Hollywoodesque-ing of Washington, yes, but good stuff.

Fourth is the crazy tale of how the FOX organization's fans and dupes took a satirical story in The Onion as gospel: it was a "75,000-word email" supposedly sent "to America" by Barack Obama detailing what some readers determined was evidence of the President's 'breakdown' which convinced them that he should be removed from office based on only the "email", that he should be sent to a shrink, etc. (If he keeps such an appointment, he should take all Washington warmongers and certain media moguls with him.)

The amazing degree of their rabid-fox gullibility defies description except to be breath-taking in its hilarity - a definite gotcha moment for any anti-Obamaist who apparently can't recognize The Onion's satire when they see it because the fakery plays conveniently into a typical FOX News propaganda script. Duh.

So, in honor of anyone and everyone who leaks the truth, tells it from the start, appreciates those who do, or uses satire to point it out, here is a quote brought to you compliments of the excellent Information Clearing House Newsletter where you'll find interesting articles galore on these and other newsworthy topics:

"Every man who says frankly and fully what he thinks is so far doing a public service. We should be grateful to him for attacking most unsparingly our most cherished opinions."

-Sir Leslie Stephen (1832-1904), literary essayist, author; Source: The Suppression of Poisonous Opinions, 1883

See you all on Sunday - opinions, hood-peekings, and all!

Jude, the Dissenter (whose only nag in the race is America)