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Mar 29, 2008

Earth Hour at the White House?

One of my favorite radio programs Living on Earth has a feature with interviews of the presidential candidates (there are only three and you know who they are) concerning their stands on the green question, global warming, etc.

It includes mention of energy industry funding which seemingly makes their fine campaign rhetoric moot. But all presidents come with strings attached or he/she couldn't have gotten a hoof in the door!

Guess you're making plans for tonight's Earth Hour. What will you do with all the lights out for an hour? Never mind, you don't have to gossip on yourself!

New Zealand anf Figi started the lights-out, of course, and our turn here in Georgia is in 7 hours, so right now I'm looking at the chart for Atlanta, 8:00 pm edt.

The chart for Sydney, AU has few differences from the Atlanta chart as far as planets, midpoints, etc, so I'll use the 8 pm and 9 pm charts for Atlanta which is just down the road from where I type.

8 pm: ASC 11Lib47/ 9 pm = ASC 23Lib55 with lovely Arcturus rising: a different approach; leading and protecting people as they embrace a new lifestyle although the Via Combusta rises during the hour as well--aka the Burning Way (15Lib to 15Sco.)

Well, perhaps lights-out is a good way to 'use' the Via Combusta which is normally considered a nasty bit of zodiacal real estate.

And a new lifestyle with smaller carbon footprints is a humanitarian goal for which we must now strive thanks to greed and overindulgences of the past.

In Atlanta's 8 pm chart, Moon/Mc midpoint is rising...

Moon/Mc = ASC: self-evaluation. The Moon/Mc midpoint itself is: one's strongest needs are out in the open.

Sun 9Ari40 has just set, chart-ruler Mercury 23Pis23 in 6th house along with Venus 21Pis04 just beyond yesterday's conj with Uranus 19Pis50, a new yearly cycle of activity for Venus/Uranus: artists, extravagant people (!), rhythm, music, love, unusual relationships, peculiar notions...and erratic habits with finances.

Moon 10Cap42 has just crossed the Ic into 3rd house of communications/neighborhoods and is snugged between Pluto 1Cap09 and Jupiter 19Cap54...

Jupiter/Pluto = Moon: desire to bring about social improvements; ability to influence the masses through an emotional appeal; emotional conviction guides a new start.

Feisty Mars 9Can50 is at Midheaven (the goal) with Fixed Star Alhena, whose keysords are: to have a mission.

Mars and Mc are part of a Fist of God pattern which is similar to a YOD (Finger of God) but with more 'punch' so we have these pictures with the base of the pattern a square to ASC and pointing to idealistic Neptune 23AQ23...

Mars/ASC = Neptune: magnetism; out of the mainstream; withdrawal as an option; lack of energy.

Mars/ASC = NN: excellent teamwork.

Well, last I heard, 26 major world cities and 300+ towns and have signed up to participate.

ASC/MC = Neptune: idealization; spirituality; quiet.

Yep, things should be quieter than usual for an hour at least! And Earth Hour is a great example of idealization manifesting into action.

ASC/MC = NN: an obliging person (you?); seeking contacts with others; new faces in the environment.

Don't let the wooly-boogers get ya!

Mars/ASC = Saturn (2Vir40 Rx): inhibitions; inbilitiy to express one's ower potential in the right way (it's only for an hour!); sharing worries and anxieties with others.

Then there's the T-square which forms this picture with the Sun conj asteroid Pallas (wisdom; strategy; protector of cities)...

Moon/Mars = Sun: the power to establish oneself in the world (!); conscious of an objective; striving for independence; prosperity through harmonious cooperation.

And when the Hour ends at 9 pm, Atlanta time, this midpoint will be rising...

Jupiter/Mc = ASC: harmony; a festivity.

So where will YOU be for the second annual Earth Hour? Got candles for your candlelight supper?

Dec 2, 2006

Alexander Litvinenko Dec 4 1962

Sunday 6:45 pm: Okay, I give up:

Alexander Litvinenko's natal sunrise chart is posted at Lim's Limericks because Mr A.Cat and Lim have generously allowed it to be posted on their blog which makes sense what with Mr. A.Cat's former status as an agent in service to our nation, so click Alexander Litvinenko's natal chart.

It's under post title, Lim helps out Stars Over Washington, in case you get lost. Wouldn't surprise me if you did (I'm lookin' at you, BLOGGER.)

But if the BLOGGER photo non-posting situation clears up here I'll improve this situation asap, otherwise, this is the only end-run I can come up with for now to solve the disembodied chart/text least you can have a gander at the chart with just one click!


Sunday 12.3.06: Well, this is annoying. After being under the weather the last few days, I'm almost recoup'd and wanting to post Alexander Litvinenko's natal sunrise chart along with Nov 1 transits added, but BLOGGER is having none of it.

Although I tried several times and BLOGGER seems to upload the image, there's no image there. So I'm publishing this anyway and will return later in the afternoon to (hopefully) add the image of the poor man's chart with his day-of-poisoning transits written in.

XXXX UPDATE March 24 2008: the links to this article and the next are no longer available oddly enough...even though U.K. supposedly widened their 'probe' of the ex-spy's heinous poisoning which brought U.K. investigators to the US, to interview former KGB officer Yuri Shvets in Virginia. Um-hmm.


Original post begins here:

Italian who dined with the former KGB spy may yet share his fate from The Scotsman. Click on the article's link, Alexander Litvinenko and you'll find several articles on this sad matter.

~~~>(March 24, 2008: perhaps you can search for these articles on the Litvinenko poisoning investigation - good luck because you may need it!)

Per request, I'm publishing Alexander Litvinenko's natal sunrise chart, birth time unknown, and have written in my usual chicken scratch around the outside the transits for Nov 1, 2006, day of his poisoning, Sun at Mc at "9Sco": "Dental work."

As mentioned in a recent post, we see transit Venus in Scorpio, sign of spies and betrayal, on the verge of forming her Return to Litvinenko and to Putin's natal Venus--for they share Venus in the 11-13 Scorpio range--part of the Via Combusta, the burning way (15 Libra--15Scorpio.)

This area of the zodiac was considered in ancient times to be esp unfortunate due to the large number of malignant stars in the first half of Scorpio, but because of precession, Via Combusta is seldom used in modern times. The usual exception would be with horary astrology--the answering of specific questions.

Concerning the natal chart of Litvinenko (AL) we see an out-of-bounds Mercury in Sagittarius, and an Oriental Neptune--the planet rising just before the Sun. This indicates a person who is able to be or seem whatever his surroundings need him to be...a cameleon, a handy trait to have when engaged in espionage.

AL's prenatal eclipse series is 19North, a series which began July 5, 1331.

From the brilliant Bernadette Brady in her invaluable book, Predictive Astrology, the Eagle and the Lark,, the 19N Series tends to bring realism; coming down to earth with a thud; becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it really is; a good time for tackling the truth.

A Solar Eclipse last occurred in the Series Aug 22, 1998, so for the 6 months afterward, AL may have dealt with these experiences...and I believe he did which may be part of why they silenced him.

In fact, his disagreements and outspokenness against the Kremlin and the FSB began publicly in 1998. #

The recent Mercury Transit:

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