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Dec 4, 2015

Jan 24, 2011

Chomsky: Peak Oil, Climate Change, Tea Partisans (video)

For rational, realistic perspectives on Global Warming (aka, Climate Change) and Peak Oil, try this 20 minute 4 second video first broadcast on January 3, 2011 by The Nation magazine. For me, it's a birthday present I'm just now receiving! A Solar Eclipse for a birthday gift was nice, too. So far.

Anyway, Noam Chomsky, Greg Palast, and others offer reasoned views on the important matters at hand - which are closer than they appear in the rear view mirror. You know - the problems the public sector continually diverts the private public's attention from and toward a brighter if frothy spotlight. Closer investigation can mean accountability for perpetrators being levied and of course they do not want that.

When slick legal eagles inserted into settlements the paying out while "not admitting guilt" clause into our legal process of crime and punishment, they let the crooks off the hooks while a big, fat, PR campaign was mounted and designed to ensure that criminals survive to make money another day. Racketeering. Gangsterism...nothing is too low to go if it nets fortunes.

Real World Busy Around My Mars Return (now)

Yet obviously, my traditional rule must still apply: wherever Washington politicians say to, Look! always look in an opposite direction to see what they're really concentrating their devious energies upon. And reveal it if you know it.

Free Bradley Manning

Astrology describes, "The desire to harm or damage others without their being aware of it" which is a base instinct running rampant across the globe, expressing loudly in all populations. It's a spirit, the devouring spirit, like a wolf lying in wait for the unwary. And the wolf's allegiance is his own. No compassion for humankind there...


Blogging transmission nearing end...if you haven't, please watch the video presentation above. When Saturn conjoined US natal Neptune recently, it gave we-the-people the authority to ask those in control the proper, to-the-point questions, and not just the diverting ones meant to lead public opinion astray to tastier matters. In Business and Politics, question "reframing" is a biggie these days as they attempt to keep certain topics out of their public appearances and thus out of public consciousness - from photo op and presser to official interview.

Propaganda notwithstanding, it behooves us all to consider Peak Oil and Climate Change issues now for Gaia is fading fast. Gardens For Our Children? Protect Mode required to maintain civilization though some changes will be unavoidable. Adaptability is invaluable.

Here's the Raw Story from whence I originally found the above video though you may have seen it elsewhere.

Politics Ugly

Professor Chomsky mentions some interesting things about the Republican Party and the Tea Partisans who won Congress in Nov 2010, a maverick bunch of out-of-towners who'll find DC morphing them into hideous shapes well before institutionalized capitalism + statism = fascism is polished into our Founders' Ideal (Uranus in Gemini) by little erstwhile them.

Yes, Astrology and Alchemy work simultaneously in both directions but my money is on the heavy-as*ed party leadership in DC, that which bows to the global elite's over-arching agenda.

Those vipers we nurture too well.

Inspires me to take another look at America's Scorpio rising chart which is good for high finance concerns, spying agencies, other underworld considerations, and the handed-down-through-the-generations Scorpio the Eagle (Altair) visions enjoyed and acted upon by the high fliers of Washington DC. Quite the actor, President Barack Obama's natal Neptune 8Sco+ conjoins the US Scorpio Ascendant.

In spite of the universal karmic principle of reaping what was sown and all common sense, should America let the eagle and the drone soar some more?

Mar 29, 2008

Earth Hour at the White House?

One of my favorite radio programs Living on Earth has a feature with interviews of the presidential candidates (there are only three and you know who they are) concerning their stands on the green question, global warming, etc.

It includes mention of energy industry funding which seemingly makes their fine campaign rhetoric moot. But all presidents come with strings attached or he/she couldn't have gotten a hoof in the door!

Guess you're making plans for tonight's Earth Hour. What will you do with all the lights out for an hour? Never mind, you don't have to gossip on yourself!

New Zealand anf Figi started the lights-out, of course, and our turn here in Georgia is in 7 hours, so right now I'm looking at the chart for Atlanta, 8:00 pm edt.

The chart for Sydney, AU has few differences from the Atlanta chart as far as planets, midpoints, etc, so I'll use the 8 pm and 9 pm charts for Atlanta which is just down the road from where I type.

8 pm: ASC 11Lib47/ 9 pm = ASC 23Lib55 with lovely Arcturus rising: a different approach; leading and protecting people as they embrace a new lifestyle although the Via Combusta rises during the hour as well--aka the Burning Way (15Lib to 15Sco.)

Well, perhaps lights-out is a good way to 'use' the Via Combusta which is normally considered a nasty bit of zodiacal real estate.

And a new lifestyle with smaller carbon footprints is a humanitarian goal for which we must now strive thanks to greed and overindulgences of the past.

In Atlanta's 8 pm chart, Moon/Mc midpoint is rising...

Moon/Mc = ASC: self-evaluation. The Moon/Mc midpoint itself is: one's strongest needs are out in the open.

Sun 9Ari40 has just set, chart-ruler Mercury 23Pis23 in 6th house along with Venus 21Pis04 just beyond yesterday's conj with Uranus 19Pis50, a new yearly cycle of activity for Venus/Uranus: artists, extravagant people (!), rhythm, music, love, unusual relationships, peculiar notions...and erratic habits with finances.

Moon 10Cap42 has just crossed the Ic into 3rd house of communications/neighborhoods and is snugged between Pluto 1Cap09 and Jupiter 19Cap54...

Jupiter/Pluto = Moon: desire to bring about social improvements; ability to influence the masses through an emotional appeal; emotional conviction guides a new start.

Feisty Mars 9Can50 is at Midheaven (the goal) with Fixed Star Alhena, whose keysords are: to have a mission.

Mars and Mc are part of a Fist of God pattern which is similar to a YOD (Finger of God) but with more 'punch' so we have these pictures with the base of the pattern a square to ASC and pointing to idealistic Neptune 23AQ23...

Mars/ASC = Neptune: magnetism; out of the mainstream; withdrawal as an option; lack of energy.

Mars/ASC = NN: excellent teamwork.

Well, last I heard, 26 major world cities and 300+ towns and have signed up to participate.

ASC/MC = Neptune: idealization; spirituality; quiet.

Yep, things should be quieter than usual for an hour at least! And Earth Hour is a great example of idealization manifesting into action.

ASC/MC = NN: an obliging person (you?); seeking contacts with others; new faces in the environment.

Don't let the wooly-boogers get ya!

Mars/ASC = Saturn (2Vir40 Rx): inhibitions; inbilitiy to express one's ower potential in the right way (it's only for an hour!); sharing worries and anxieties with others.

Then there's the T-square which forms this picture with the Sun conj asteroid Pallas (wisdom; strategy; protector of cities)...

Moon/Mars = Sun: the power to establish oneself in the world (!); conscious of an objective; striving for independence; prosperity through harmonious cooperation.

And when the Hour ends at 9 pm, Atlanta time, this midpoint will be rising...

Jupiter/Mc = ASC: harmony; a festivity.

So where will YOU be for the second annual Earth Hour? Got candles for your candlelight supper?

Feb 6, 2008

Solar Eclipse Feb 7 , 2008

Space Weather News for Feb. 5, 2008

SOLAR ECLIPSE: This Thursday, Feb. 7th, the Moon will pass in front of the Sun, producing a solar eclipse over New Zealand, most of Antarctica and parts of Australia. It is not a total eclipse; the Moon will only partially cover the solar disk. Nevertheless, the event promises some beautiful moments.

For instance, the partially-eclipsed Sun will dapple the ground with crescent-shaped sunbeams. Observers in New Zealand and Australia should look in the shadows of leafy trees for this lovely phenomenon. On the barren slopes of Antarctica, scientists and explorers can produce the same effect by letting the sun shine through a spaghetti colander or a sheet of paper poked with holes.

It is dangerous to stare directly at a partial eclipse because the exposed portion of the Sun is as blindingly bright as usual. Backyard astronomers with safely-filtered solar telescopes may, however, point their optics at the Sun and watch the mountainous lunar limb glide across the sun's fiery surface. (For solar telescopes, see:

The best views of all are reserved for an remote stretch of the Antarctic where the Moon will pass dead-center in front of the Sun without fully covering it. A thin layer of star will poke out all around the Moon producing a vivid "ring of fire" or annular eclipse.

Visit for eclipse maps and timetables and, later this week, photos of the eclipse itself.#

Antartica??? That's where some say Atlantis will be uncovered as the ice melts...hmmm...and this is the Eclipse at the Unmasking degree... nah, couldn't be!

But there is a certain Sabian Symbol which is usually associated with America and it's "19Taurus"..."A continent arising from the ocean."


pos: a revolutionary potential by which each individual is enabled to remodel the entire face of the universe;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: a genius for futile turmoil and persistent upset.

Well, if the time capsule that's supposedly hidden in Atlantis is there (with its info on how to escape the coming cataclysm), it's about to be snagged by the world's movers and shakers, and we'll only know of it when it's too late...if at all.

Even Scripture says that in the final days, the earth shall give up her treasures!

And a vote for John McCain is a vote for Bill Kristol. (Just thought I'd throw that in.)

Here's my original post on the astrology of the Eclipse with chart set for Washington DC.

Mar 21, 2007

planetary emergency, says Gore

Gore Testifies Before Congress on global warming, and the House Judiciary Panel has approved subpoenas for Karl Rove and Harriet Miers. Good.

Bush mumbled something about fighting the subpoenas and their issuance causing a constitutional crisis. His entire term in office has been a constitutional crisis.

Busy first day of Spring on the Hill.

Mar 18, 2007

Spring EQ brings Gore to Congress

There've been so many charts to study this weekend for the upcoming week--it's Sunday afternoon and nothing has gelled for posting so I'm combining two entries into 'Spring Equinox/Gore testifies to Congress on global warming' just to save my knarly typing finger some aches and pains.

As you know, the Sun reaches Aries Point (AP = 00Aries00, a World Point) on March 20, 8:07:32 pm edt (for the White House.) Moon will be positioned at 26Ari47 just after the New Moon, the beginning of a new cycle which will culminate in two weeks with the Full Moon appr April 2 (depending where you're located.)

Sun/AP = Moon/Mercury: realism; practical planning; thinking along biological lines; good intellectual powers; public contact.

There may be a clarification of objectives to the day which may be--if the objectives are positive--a good thing.

The Descendant in the EQ chart is Gore's natal Sun degree, "11Aries": "The president of the country" but don't go getting any ideas. Actually, do go getting ideas--Mr. Gore's Jupiter Return occurs at the end of 2007...Dec 12, to be exact.

And you don't always see such a Jupiter Return as his...MC conj his n Moon 3Cap14, with Jupiter 28Sag36 conj tr Pluto (so tr Pluto to n Jupiter--as it is this week) at MC in 9th house, the house which is ruled by Jupiter in the natural zodiac. Political ambitions may expand under this transit.

Jupiter Return Moon 24Cap15...Capricorn is the sign of worldy ambition and is in 10th house of Public Status/Career, so perhaps Gore will be coaxed/begged enough by December to announce his acceptance of the Dem nomination.

Yet the Return chart isn't perfect: contentious instigator Mars 7Can16 Rx--in fall in Cancer--is at the IC in 4th house, the Foundation of the chart and so is squaring the Return ASC.

And natally this tr Mars position is in Gore's 12th house...more behind-the-scenes shenanigans perhaps esp since Gore's natal Sun/Neptune opposition makes it fairly easy for those who are determined to confuse others about Gore's personality and purposes to the extent that he is confused himself for he is prone to unrealistic expectations of others, to unconscious deceit, and may regard himself as being inspired from On High.

Others in authority may find him vague and so they form misconceptions about him and, as we know, this a typical ploy used in politics ad nauseum. Gore's recent success with global warming speeches and An Inconvenient Truth may be due to his sticking to the facts--yet even there the science on global warming has been under attack by those who wish to confuse the public on the issues and on the man.

There is a T-square in the Jupiter Return chart:

Mars/MC = ASC: confidence; pizzaz; success; assumption of leadership.

and a YOD pattern:

Venus/Saturn = ASC: withdrawal from fear of not being accepted; a desire for separation.

(A confusing mix there.)

With Jupiter's cycle being appr 12 years in duration, a Jupiter Return chart (or Reward Cycle, as Noel Tyl says) is in effect for 12 years--quite important in one's life scheme. Transits to the chart's planets and angles will be interesting to watch as the campaign season progresses into 2008.

And on Wednesday, Mar 21, his scheduled appearance before Congress, tr NN (meetings; associations) will be conj Gore's natal Mercury (speaking; also meetings), tr Pluto 28Sag56 will conj n Jupiter 28:36, yet tr Saturn 18Leo55, the King of Terror Eclipse (8.11.99)'s degree (and Venus' degree on 9/11/01) will be conj his n Mars 18Leo08.

The Saturn-to-Mars transit often indicates male relationships being restricted or broken off; plus, he'd better be well-prepared with his testimony (for sure he will be, I'm just sayin'.) Circumventing rules and regulations is frowned upon during this transit what with Saturn representing authority and Mars representing our energy, action, and initiative.

At 9:30 am edt on Wednesday, Gore's natal Sun is rising...with its "11Aries" degree, "The president of the country" in tow. Guess the real president will be in the House.

And tr Mars at the "A man unmasked" degree will be opposing lonely Saturn, the leader/authority. This means that while tr Saturn will be conjuncting his n Mars as mentioned, tr Mars will be opposing n Mars, the head-against-brickwall transit. So Mr. Gore may wonder why he bothered when his testimony is may be a time-wasting exercise in the end since others' interests are diametrically opposed to his own.

Whatever happens in Congress this week, Mr. Gore will be certain to wield a powerful influence upon the public if not upon Washington's knuckle-headed politicians for only a paltry few share his interests in the environment. The tr Moon (the public) in Taurus, sign of the Earth and of her exaltation, will be trining his natal Moon as well, so the sheeple may appreciate his efforts and some good publicity may come out of it for him.

Yet the Sun Aries/Moon Taurus blend for March 21 is interesting to note due to its forceful, straight-from-the-shoulder charm, and its personal ambition.

Images: An explorer practices the violin in a jungle clearing...Having won an arduous race, the champion sits down to a gourmet meal.

This blend is shared natally with writer Washington Irving who instructively said:

"A tart temper never mellows with age, and a sharp tongue is the only edged tool that grows keener with constant use."

Sounds like the Al Gore to Congress performance will be lively at our Capitol Hill Theater this week. Wish I had a seat in the House!

note: you'll find Al Gore's natal chart (Mar 31, 1948) in post of Feb 7, 2007.

EVENING UPDATE: Alex has sent along a perfect accompaniment to this post on Al Gore--it's by LadyInBlack at Political Cortex: Al Gore on Capitol Hill Is The Defining Moment of His Life.

Feb 13, 2007

when Ireland ain't Iran

Iraq bombs from 'Iran' were created by UK security services --Terror devices used by the IRA in a vicious murder campaign in Ulster blew up British servicemen as the world blamed Iran 16 Oct 2005 Eight British soldiers killed during ambushes in Iraq were the victims of a highly sophisticated bomb first used by the IRA, The Independent on Sunday can reveal. The soldiers, who were targeted by 'insurgents' as they travelled through the country, died after being attacked with bombs triggered by infra-red beams. The bombs were developed by the IRA using technology passed on by the security services in a botched "sting" operation more than a decade ago. This contradicts the British government's claims that Iran's Revolutionary Guard is helping Shia insurgents to make the devices. The Independent on Sunday can also reveal that the bombs and the firing devices used to kill the soldiers, as well as two private security guards, were initially created by the UK security services as part of a counter-terrorism strategy at the height of the troubles in the early 1990s.

Feb 12, 2007

Cheney Pushing for Iran Attack, they say

Cheney Pushing for Iran Attack, Report Says 11 Feb 2007 Several senior members of the Bush administration are pushing for the United States to attack Iran, the British Guardian newspaper reported over the weekend. The report said that Bush had not yet decided on whether to move forward with the attack, but that Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney, among others, was strongly advocating such an attack in order to halt Iran's nuclear weapons development program.#

Here's my headline: Psycho-Freak Inspires Silly Limerick:

Beware of a cat name of Cheney
who wanted to bomb in Iraney
promoter of dread
he's lacking in cred
could anyone be more insaney?

Feb 8, 2007

Halliburton's check not in mail? and Anna Nicole

Army Says It Will Withhold $19.6 Million From Halliburton, Citing Potential Contract Breach 08 Feb 2007 The Army announced during a House oversight committee hearing on Wednesday that it would withhold $19.6 million from the Halliburton Company after recently discovering that the contractor had hired the company Blackwater USA to provide armed security guards in Iraq, a potential breach of its government contract. The Army has said that its contracts with Halliburton, which has a five-year, $16 billion deal to support American military operations in Iraq, generally barred the company and its subcontractors from using private armed guards.


Is this another reminder of our US sec Mars (military) now Rx?

The recall of troops who have already served may be described by Mars Rx, and delaying a check could be, too.


There's been another explosion inside the Kentucky chem plant today...evacuations continuing.


Sad to hear of Anna Nicole Smith's untimely passing today.

As you know, her son Daniel died Sep 10, 2006 of an unfortunate drug mixture and after looking at Anna Nicole's natal chart (sunrise/solar because birth time unknown--Nov 28, 1967 Houston)--and the charts for her check-in at the Hollywood, FL motel Monday, 2/5/07, 8:00 pm (the only definite time I have)--and at the planets for Sept 10, 2006--it would seem obvious--and astrologically obvious---that grief played a large part in her death along with negative escapism...drugs.

Her natal Chiron 25Pis20 Rx--the Wound--was being transited at Daniel's death by the North Node (NN) 25Pis21 which is connected to mother (NN of the Moon.) Mercury (young person) was opposite and conj tr South Node (SN)--a point of separation.

When Anna Nicole checked into the motel Monday, 8 pm, the Moon 29Vir23 was in first house and rising, and was conj her sec Uranus, planet of separation , disruption, and fact there are indications of some emotional upheaval for her which possibly involved her deceased husband's family and some news or info.

As you know, 29 is a critical/crisis degree, and the current charts show deep upset. There may have been some romance on the menu as well...a no-brainer where the former Playboy gal was concerned, I'm sure, but my suspicion is that she was trying to forget the loss of her son--or had given up trying...she had become Niobe, the grieving mother.

Anna Nicole's daughter is a wee 5 months old, and I hope her paternity suit--or situation--can work out well for a little baby girl born just a few days before Daniel's unfortunate death. It's common for deaths to visit families near the time of births but one usually thinks of older family members which is easier to understand, isn't it?

All babies deserve better family circumstances than this little mite has so far received, don't they? My deep condolences to the family.

Feb 7, 2007

Kansas City Chemical Plant Explodes

And speculator Bush sent pallets of cash to a war zone...and when the other shoe drops, it'll be the same size as Cheney's hoof. Send more, dumbleheaded Congress and Senate...are you getting kickbacks?

Between mystery explosions in Kansas City with its toxic, sticky substance spewing out upon school and dale and residents warned not to touch (duh)--and the untold amounts of extortion in Bush/Cheney's war--I'm mighty grumpy tonight. Just overlook me...

Click title for AP article on the explosion.

Al Gore March 31, 1948

Al Gore's natal chart which is given the highest rating for accuracy at has what some have called a very interesting Sun degree: "11 Aries": "President of the country."

Not amusing, is it?

I will be posting on Al Gore and his upcoming testimony to Congress on Mar 21--the day Gore's Solar Arc Directed Mercury (communications) conjuncts natal NN (encounters; meetings.) The "15Tau" degree of this hook-up is same as the Ascendant degree each time the US inaugurates a president at noon on January 20s every four years rotten eggs or no.

That's the oath-taking to protect, uphold, defend the Constitution of the United know...the one Bush was holding crossed fingers behind his back to take.

Must mosey for now but I want to add Gore's ambitious Sun Aries/Moon Capricorn personality blend which makes him:

a maverick traditionalist, persistent, good organizer, pragmatic intellect, the winner.

Images: A young soldier is rewarded by the King for exceptional bravery in the cause of freedom and individual human rights...Columbus discovers America, and a new world order is born.

The italics are mine, the info is from Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Gore shares this natal blend with: Sarah Vaughn, Eric Idle, David Lean, John Major, Stephen Sonheim, Rod Steiger, politician Kenneth lark, and Otto von Bismarck.

Will update on Al Gore asap....