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Sep 14, 2023

Trump's Degrees and the Oct 2023 Eclipse

7 South Eclipse Spotlights Trump's Biological Degrees

by Jude Cowell, posting on behalf of the common good

When the October 14, 2023 Solar Eclipse in the 7 South Saros Series manifests @21Lib07, it lands directly upon the 3rd cusp (21Lib09) of Donald Trump's natal chart with the 3rd house relating to health issues as does the 6th. Of course, an individual's age is an important consideration in health matters and everyone knows he's approaching the advanced age of 80 in June 2026.

And if you're anything like me, you consider the initial eclipse of any Saros Series by its historical events, but also because an eclipse's sign may be used as a lens through which subsequent eclipses in that Series can be viewed. In the case of the Libra eclipse in October 2023, the initial 7 South Eclipse of June 22, 1248 (OS) occurred @8Can03, landing directly upon the as-yet-unborn Trump's natal Mercury (8Can51). Therefore, in October 2023, and into 2024, we consider Venus-ruled Libra through a Lunar Cancerian lens which reveals Moon-Venus influences.

"Moon = bodily fluids, lymph (cerebellum), blood serum, fertility," and "Venus = glandular products (veins, kidneys)" (R. Ebertin).

More specifically, if we consult Reinhold Ebertin's Biological Correspondence list we find that the Moon-Venus pairing relates to "glandular secretions (hormones, ferments in the stage of generation)."

Then, since the initial 7 South Eclipse occurred in Cancer, his natal Mercury's rounded-up degree of "9Cancer" (with Mercury's link to 3rd house matters and to the mind-body connection) we can consult our SolarFire software to find that his Mercury links to the pylorus, which connects the stomach to the duodenum.

Then Mr. Trump's rising Mars in Leo reveals an interesting medical correlation for "27Leo": chordiae tendinae, aka, the heart strings! And his prominent, stationary Jupiter @18Libra? "Fatty capsule of the kidneys." What about his 12th house Pluto @11Leo which conjuncts his Mars-Saturn midpoint, the "death axis"? The subclavian vein.

Now admittedly, I have gone through all the planetary degrees, angles, and cusps in Trump's natal horoscope for their Biological Correspondences, however, with a copy of Ebertin's book (or other sources), you can do this, too. For Trump they include more renal implications, plus, brain, liver, back, Achilles tendon of the left foot, right linguinal lymph nodes, and the "head of the humerus" (shoulder).

Then his Saturn, planet of blockages and obstructions, is of interest @24Cancer due to its link with blood vessels of the digestive organs. Well, he is of a hefty weight so the pressure within must be significant.

Then in closing, there's one degree and Biological Correspondence which must be included and it's his "22Libra" 3rd cusp degree for that is where the 7 South October 14, 2023 Solar Eclipse lands with its Themes of "immense power, anger, and force" and "sudden crisis, or, a huge obstacle suddenly clears" (B. Brady).

And biologically? That would be, the October 2023 Eclipse spotlight @22Libra: "renal veins." As for his 6th house cusp with transit Pluto knocking at its door (!), that's "2Aquarius": left tibial nerve in the sciatic region.

Now any, all, or none of these Biological Correspondences may apply, now or never, but I thought since Trump's health continues to be fodder for public discourse, and because he wants to play POTUS again and complete the damage he started, this would be a good time to venture a peek at the fellow's natal degrees in the realm of medical potentials.

For more biological information see, The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin #ad.

May 18, 2008

Senator Ted Kennedy

Looking at the natal chart of Ted Kennedy and the 911 call for medical aid on May 17 (8:19 am edt from Cape Cod, Massachusetts) we see that the elder statesman's natal planets have been under some stress of late with more to come.

"Seizures" have replaced "possible stroke" as a cause of his emergency hospitalization and more tests will be done to determine the reason for his distress. But who is the primary planetary culprit here?

Having 23Leo40 on his 8th cusp of transformations and death, we might expect heart problems (Leo) to be in the picture, if not now, perhaps later on. Senator Kennedy turned 76 years old on his birthday (Feb 22, 1932, 3:58 am est) and his past years of indulgent drinking habits may be contributing to his weakness now.

We see this tendency toward over-indulgent drug (alcohol) use with a very close Moon-Neptune conjunction in 8th house.

This conjunction (Moon 6Vir25) and Neptune (6:44) has transiting Saturn (restriction, blockage, old age) in the neighborhood of the 8th house, a transit which I must file within SO'W's 'uh-oh department' and which portends chronic illness, depression, soul sickness, and/or feelings of frustration or paralysis.

With natal Mars 27AQ50, Mercury 28AQ49, and Sun 2Pis32 opposite, Saturn is bringing many lessons of restriction for Senator Kennedy and has been opposing these Aquarian planets for some time now--plus, Mercury is his 6th house (health, work, service) ruler and relates to the nervous system.

Mars rules his 3rd house, also indicated in health issues bwo thinking and mental state so with Mars 4Leo09 (8:19 am yesterday), the planet of aggravation is headed for natal Jupiter, planet of excess which is posited near 8th cusp at 15Leo44.

It's true that about 30 years ago, Saturn was bedeviling this area of his natal chart as well, but he was 30 years younger. So as Saturn opposes natal Sun (vitality) we find that overwork and stress may bring serious health problems--and Saturn to natal Moon is a time of feeling old, tired, and possibly depressed over one's organic conditions.

Saturn transits tend to uncover structural weaknesses wherever they exist and it seems that at age 76, they are. Plus, diabetes cannot be ruled out as a cause for his troubles (re-think over-consumption of alcoholic beverages while ye may, my children!)

Saturn to Moon (physical body; emotions) is a time when emotional turmoil increases one's vulnerability to illness which is expressed most often through the digestive system--and as mentioned, Kennedy's Moon-Neptune conj is in Virgo, sign of health, most esp the bowel area.

Then there's Mercury, 6th house ruler, 18Gem14 and soon to turn Rx at 26Gem31 within his 6th house, recross 6th cusp, and enter again during the first week of July. It's common for Mercury to 6th house transits to included visits to, or consultations with, medical advisors. This possibility is strengthened by Kennedy's 6th house being ruled by Mercury.

At the time of the 911 call, Moon 28Lib40 (Libra rules kidneys and lungs) was moving into a square with natal Saturn in 1st house (physical body; self) which is ruled by Saturn due to his natal ASC 10Cap49, giving that the above mentioned Saturn transits more clout.
Transiting Moon is only a timer, of course, but part of this picture as it describes the daily round of life.

And then there's dissolving Neptune 24AQ14, now approaching natal Mars and Mercury (and eventually natal Sun 2Pis32 but that's years away.) Neptune opposite n Mars is a time when physical efforts are undermined (Neptune) by illness which may be difficult to diagnose and may affect the head and raise a fever (Mars.)

Going back to the Moon-Neptune conj in 8th house, if we take tr Saturn, natal Neptune, and n Moon and moosh them into a midpoint picture by degree we get:

Saturn/Neptune = Moon: chronic illness or illness caused through emotional suffering.

Ebertin gives the Saturn/Neptune combo's biological correspondences as: weak, depressed, or ill people, and if we use the same mooshing method with tr Neptune, Mars, and Mercury, we see that the Senator's energy level (Mars) is being affected by the Mercury/Neptune combination, which Ebertin gives as: nerve weakness or paralysis of the nerves.

This planetary situation supports the seizure diagnosis, if that indeed is the case.

Well, being no medical astrologer, it's quite cheeky of me to attempt giving you any details at all concerning Ted Kennedy's current medical travails, but I wanted to do something...and I'm sending out warm wishes for the Senator's complete recovery and a hope that the underlying cause or causes of his distress may be quickly discovered and successfully treated.