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Jul 16, 2024

Felon nominee taps JD Vance as VP sidekick

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

While at Yale University, JD Vance met future wife Usha Chilukuri who has law clerked for such justices as Kavanaugh and Roberts. White there, the pair collaborated to organize a discussion group focused on the topic, "social decline in white America." One can guess that Vance's best-selling book resulted in part from this study.

Word is, JD Vance converted to Catholicism about 5 years ago and we see his Neptune Rx @29Sag01 in his natal chart with Neptune's rounded-up Sabian Symbol, "The Pope Blessing the Faithful."

Now as a freshman US senator, Vance has been described as "a right-wing populist" and a "neo-reactionary." Born August 2, 1984 in Middletown, Ohio (Butler Co), the suave JD Vance can be willful and rebellious according to his Sun Leo-Moon Libra personality blend, detailed underneath his noon horoscope image.

August 2, 1984 "noon" Middletown, Ohio

Because the Moon remained in Libra for the 24 hours of his birthdate, we know that Mr. Vance was born under the influence of a fire-air Sun Leo-Moon Libra combination of conscious-unconscious energies. Fire-Air blends are charismatic "live wires" full of ideas and zeal, are long-winded with bluster and bombast - even to the point of getting carried away by their own rhetorical eloquence.

Plus, Sun Leo-Moon Libra is a bossy blend that is intellectually curious, a lover of luxury, and tends toward an imperious manner. Only his intellectual curiosity doesn't track with Herr Trump's personality! Additionally, Vance is a stubborn guy as is Trump so we'll see how their relationship proceeds.

And yet it may go well, for a while (at least until Vance outshines his narcissitic comrade) because Sun Leo-Moon Libra types have a darker, more serious side to them that can lead to controversy and provocative behavior - perfect for hurling accusations against political opponents. Perhaps this includes his past public assessment of Herr Trump as "America's Hitler." So who does Vance aspire to be: "America's Goebbles"?

But for now, their relationship may trend closer to one of Trump's touted "bromances"!

Weaknesses of this blend include: Vanity, unconscious snobbishness, self-righteousness about moral issues (a Catholic convert) who tends to lean on others without always acknowledging their support, and/or a lazy streak which may occasionally surface (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad). He has changed his name, too, and was born James Donald Bowman.

Themes of the 4 North Saros Series

As for the Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series ('PE') into which Baby JD was born, that would be the difficult 4 North Series which manifested for him on May 30, 1984 @9Gem26 conjunct US 1776 Uranus (8:55), and Trump's natal PE (8:46). Themes of 4 North include: restriction, restraint, inhibition, separation, and illusions. Obstacles occur and there's a tendency to misjudge strength or the situation (B. Brady).

4 North Eclipses have manifested in the years 1912, 1930, 1948, 1966, (1984), 2002, 2020 (Summer Solstice Eclipse June 21st @00Cancer), and next in 2038. Meanwhile, the initial 4 North Solar Eclipse occurred May 25, 1389 @12Gem08 with 1389 Pluto at the currently significant degree of 24Tau47, a disturbing cosmic time link with Herr T's natal Midheaven.

Possibly of interest: Events of 1389.

Sep 8, 2015

Most Americans Agree with Bernie Sanders - Thom Hartmann video (w/ some Astrology)

Do you Feel The Bern yet? Some say Hillary Clinton feels it these days with the approval ratings of Senator Sanders going up and hers going whatever they're going.

Well, here is progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann detailing a list of issues that Bernie and a majority of the American people agree on. The list can be found on the website linked, above.

A Few Astro-Notes Regarding Senator Bernie Sanders

2016 candidate Sanders expresses his practical, dedicated-to-a-cause, socially concerned, idea-loving Virgo Sun and with the Social Democrat/Populist point of view he embodies in the "I AM the people" motto sometimes found with natal Moon (the people) in pioneering Aries, the first sign which asserts the I AM principle.

Yet Bernie's birth time remains unknown as far as I can tell. Even expert San Francisco astrologer Larry Schwimmer, who writes the Astrology column for the Huffington Post, wants Bernie's birth time but doesn't have it. And as Larry reminded me recently, maybe when Bernie was born in New York (Happy Birthday to his nibs this very day!) birth times simply were not recorded. Even so, we can at least consider his Sun Virgo-Moon Aries blend to gain a few personality clues about the populist candidate!

Related: Richard Wolffe: On Bernie Sanders and Socialism.

Face The Facts: The American People Are Populists - video

Populism is more than expressing sentiments toward public concerns.

If I had to name one factor in America's natal horoscope and psyche of 1776 to represent our populist tendencies it would be our Moon (We the People) in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. And for leadership (Sun) there's our business-oriented, self-protective, tribal sign of Cancer--ruled by the Moon, but no longer truly under the influence of We the People because corporate business entities have taken over and direct the Washington political establishment particularly since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was sneakily passed by the US Congress minutes before they absconded for Christmas vacation to celebrate the selling out our nation to international bankers and other decrepit jacka*ses of a Utopian global government persuasion.