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Jan 13, 2017

Jan 12, 2017: C-SPAN Hacked By Russia? - video (w Mercury-Pluto)

Well, it seems the Full Wolf Moon @22Cancer on the morning of January 12, 2017 brought interruptions of an unusual variety to Capitol Hill confirmation hearings though I had thought its orb of 2+ degrees from US natal Mercury Rx (which brings along its opposition to powerful saboteur Pluto in Capricorn) was perhaps too wide to cause much trouble in Washington. Apparently I was wrong as you'll see in this brief discussion:

Raw Story has more details.

Aug 21, 2008

Are the NWO and Dec 22, 2012 linked?

What follows is a linky-rich and rambling post typed just for you:

For your consideration here's a video presentation of Bush Sr (or Poppy Bush, as I like to call him) calling for that NWO along with some voodoo-esque math that turns the 11-year cycle of the Solar Maximum Years of 9.11.1990, 9.11.1991, and 9/11/2001 into the march toward the New World Order, with the end date of the Mayan Calendar - Dec 22, 2012 - as its completion time for NWO implementation out of chaos.

~ Here's an in-progress article concerning the Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2012 with chart image but you notice, that's Dec 21, not Dec 22.

In the Dec 21, 2012 chart we can see that in a day or so, the transiting Sun will conjunct Pluto, subversive planet of riches and power. Another chart posting is needed for this yearly conjunction, for in 2012, the conj is significant for its occurrence in Capricorn (an anciently mystical sign of politics, business, and law...the mer-goat.)

I quite firmly believe the correlation between Capricorn ('Cap' pitol Hill, the head, the bent knee - in this case, to satan) and Washington DC's freaky Goat of Mendes in DC's city Ed Kohout's site links to Bush's reading of My Pet Goat on 9/11/01 - a private joke if there ever was one...a fine example of sick humor.

A digitally remastered world, brought to you by digitally controlled TV, in a newly-under-control world society - under, as politicians like to say, 'the rule of law.'

Can't we all just live together in peace ...brought to us by "a credible United Nations using its peacekeepers..."???

Sad to say, no new president in the White House (of the current crop) will make any difference to this agenda. Ron Paul seems to want to fight them, but how elusive is his presidency when media control is in the bag, and politicians are primed for their secret security locations for cowering in state-of-the-art bunkers when uprisings target the bums from Capitol Hill?

Kinda makes you wonder still what the mysterious Capitol Building power outage on April 3, 2006 was really for? Well, I'm still wondering...

And you did know about the oh-so-secret meeting held in the Capitol Building for House members to hear of the special contingency plans for protecting their bums? it was on March 13, 2008 - boy, wish I knew the meeting's exact time (sometimes a chart will give a good hint!)

This was only the fourth time in US history that this sort of meeting was held behind closed doors during which (as leaked to independent media by so-called members with consciences) it was spelled out that their lives were expected to be in danger by telling the House and Senate NWO enablers about the uprisings which the collapse of the US economy and food supply system will trigger - attacks against the bums of December, 2008 which seemingly links it to the US Secondary Full Moon of Dec 24, 2008 coming into play - the Culmination of America's outreach and expansion in the world. We've been had, m'peops.

And now that I think about it, the Feb 2008 Eclipse - the one I and others have called, the Unmasking Eclipse, occurred at the End of Progress degree, but I didn't want to type it out loud before...still don't, but I just did.

This 2008 Solar Eclipse at '18AQ' is the one where "a man's secret motives are being revealed," and it explains that no one can keep their true motives hidden forever.

From 1990 to 2012 is 22 years, which in Astrology is termed, the number of Mastery.

Two sunspot cycles 11 years x 2 = 22...

This may relate to world communications being broadcast bwo satellites and to, one might assume, mass mind control.

The Sun is most important to 'them' and we may remember that Bush the Shrub's natal Sun is synchronistically said to be conjunct US n Sun...and this '13th degree of Cancer' arose as the Capitol Building power outage of 2006 was taking place...the Cap Bldg went eerily dark, y'know. Read the linked post above for text and comments of that day...esp My Strange Mind's comments.

more 22:

Then there's Jupiter and Saturn, operating as the flywheel of the universe - last met in a Great Conjunction on May 28, 2000 at 22 Taurus, sign of money and greed.

Jupiter = expansive principle, Saturn = restrictive principle, and the tension between these two societal planets is what keeps the solar system's planetary orbits in their courses. This is one of the astronomical events which helped usher in the New Millennium, another is the big hook-up of Pluto with Chiron on Dec 30, 1999 in Sagittarius - conj US natal Ascendant in the Sibly '11Sag+' = '12Sag'..."A Flag That Turns in to an Eagle That Crows."

Yes, numbers, rituals, symbols, and cycles are very important to the NWO types as you'll see in the YouTube video linked at the start of this rampage.

Oh! and let us not forget that JFK was assassinated in (Masonic) Dealey Plaza, with Poppy Bush of the CIA all aboard for the NWO. The 'eternal flame' marking his gravesite - and that of others - is a bald-faced symbol of the Illuminati Society to keep all control in their own tentacles while showing their power to get things done in a commanding way...mission accomplished. Sound familiar?

The birty dastards of chaos...