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Mar 26, 2010

George Washington: hero or traitor to his country?

While searching for something else entirely I have come across an interesting page concerning the Military Rule of George Washington and how our government was set up in secret with Freemason George Washington being nominated president of the Constitutional Convention, and later serving as our official first president.

(President Washington took the oath of office on April 30, 1789 with a YOD pattern in effect: Saturn/Mc = Neptune: a lack of clarity. Precise time of the 'oath heard round the world' is from historical record; click or tap the link to view the chart.)

So was George a hero or a traitor? You decide, for the halo round his head has been blinding me for decades and I firmly believe that placing any mortal human being upon such a high pedestal is always off by a mile from the truth!

On June 19, 1787, delegates voted to create a new form of national government which they separated into the three branches we ostensibly retain today. The establishment of a centralized government had to be kept secret, for others were opposed to setting up a system so similar to the British system we had just overthrown! A "storm of controversy" accompanied the public announcement of the US Constitution as copies were passed around on September 19, 1787 - a reworking of the Articles of Confederation was what the public had expected, but...quelle surprise!

(And perhaps the secrecy was important for guarding Freemasonry rituals which probably attended the proceedings. Make no mistake: this is a Freemason Nation! That certain 'founding fathers' injected Rosicrucianism and Illuminati-ism into our country's governmental establishment is factual but beyond the scope of this brief post.)

Back in the day, it was James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay leading 'the Federalists' with the anti-Federalists of Massachusetts, led by Samuel Adams and John Hancock, favoring de-centralization. (Thomas Jefferson was ambassador to France at the time so he had no say that I know of, other than to favor an agrarian society which the anti-Federalists favored. His colleagues must have known his views.)

And of course, pertinent for today's economic issues, it was the Federalists who 'won' on the Constitution and brought an over-arching, money-minting, NWO-inspired central banking system (a la Britain) to America in spite of much opposition. See how we suffer now as foreign debtors determine many of America's decisions and hold too much sway in our destiny.

The term "sold out" hardly describes what subsequent secret-society types on Capitol Hill have wrought through the decades, and the iceberg's tip of one-world-government now peeks out more and more brazenly in the New Millennium.