Mar 31, 2006

April 1: Crescent Moon Occults Pleiades

Visible in eastern and central US at sunset Saturday will be an eclipse of the Pleiades cluster by the Crescent Moon. The show should last from about 6:30 pm until 9:30 pm est...binoculars and telescopes optional.

The stars of Pleiades have many themes in various cultures throughout the centuries, and all star clusters are associated with blindness--including being blind to the obvious--or, with inner vision and insight.

In China, the Pleiades are called The Seven Sisters of Industry, the children of Atlas, the seven doves who take ambrosia to the infant Zeus, or a Hen with Her Chicks. (Note the word,"industry" the auto industry and others are currently 'eclipsing' workers' pensions, etc. And could the bird references relate to avian flu or other infections?)

The ancient Celts linked the Pleiades to the Fates (so put away your sewing needles), and to mourning for dead friends--the jolly olde Celts. Thus there's a connection to Oct 31/early Nov, and for the US, to Nov 11--Veterans Day. What's the date of the 2006 elections?

In pre-Vedic India, they were the seven mothers--angry or ruthless judges of men, who sometimes wounded them with moon-shaped razors. (This isn't sounding good, is it?)

Egypt considered them seven goddesses who judged the dead, and in Greece, they were part of an early Aphrodite cult...they gave birth to seven daughters, turned them into a flock of doves (birds again), and they became the seven stars of the Pleiades.

As you know, the Crescent Moon is the symbol of the Middle East, and is used to time their calendar, and thus their actions...

...the Pleiades are thought of as a smaller version of Ursa Major, the She-Bear goddess, which is linked to the natal chart of the US (we fulfill this archetype when we 'protect' other nations--or we used to)...and since there was a Solar Eclipse on Wednesday, I'm hoping visions of bird flu aren't dancing in my head or in my newspaper's headlines in the next little while.

And since doves (of peace? Remember peace?) fly, and razors have threatened, my hope is that the symbolism of this occultation will remain symbolic only, and be part of another of "those wacky astrologers" critiques the right-brainers love to level at those who study the Mandlebrot-set-esque art of the Stars, concern themselves with the world's destiny, and pray continually for America to find her higher path again.

3.31.06 8:46 pm est

Read more about the occultation here:

Moon Occults Pleiades

ps: For more Star lore, GOOGLE: 'Fixed Stars'; or check out Fixed Stars, by Bernadette Brady.

And a hearty SHOUT OUT! to Indianna for re-joining the fold of the silly, annoying, and primarily worthless Daylight Savings Time. We may be fooling ourselves, but at least we're in sync.


Mar 30, 2006

Senate CENSURE Hearings 3.31.06

Well, assuming the theatrical production proceeds as announced, contentious, rebellious Mars rises in Gemini, sign of communications and thinking. Must be George, our scrappy streetfightin' man, or perhaps some Senator fussin' about following laws...or both. (Chart is set for 9:30 am, DC.)

And since tr Mars is currently involved with Bush's natal Uranus/North Node conjunction (as previously noted), we have a midpoint picture to enlighten us...

Uran/NN = Mars: quarrels; hyperexciteabiltiy; exercising self-control only with the greatest difficulty; tremendous energy/tension; having an axe to grind and gaining support; upsets.

At Mc--the WHY/Aspiration Point of the chart (therefore of the performance)is the USA's natal Moon--the public or populace. Seems our insistence in this matter being considered actually IS the reason, although I tend to think it is only because we insisted, and not a genuine representation of our interests. We'll see as the day plows on.

But, as usual, I like to except 1/2-1% of our politicans as being decent, just to keep from throwing the baby out with the dirty bathwater. But as you know, the bathwater was dirty because the baby was always the last to be washed.

There are more things to consider about this day--this chart--and I will do just that this evening upon my keyboard return...hope you can return, too!

3.30.06 11:04 am est

UPDATE: Friday, 9:36 am: Their session just offically began, I suppose, and I'm just now back to squawk about it after last night's tech here are more pertinent midpoints for the day:

Sun/Plu = Neptune: vocational problems; high impressionability; self-sacrifice to a cause or a relationship;

Sun/Nep = Mercury: worry; fear from lack of resourcefulness; self-deception.

Moon/Uran = Sun: sense of free will; anxiety about accomplishment (Disclosure: I feel anxious they won't accomplish anything on the peoples' behalf, but this is not a new anxiety on my part);

Moon/Mc = professional contacts;

Moon/Sat = Mars: sense of real problems; difficulty getting off the ground except by very careful, strategically planned exertion of energy.

And the ongoing Nep/NN = Uran: self-willed motives disrupt group ideas (this pretty much decribes Washington all the time...out for #1, etc...which could include Feingold, of course.)

Mercury/Chiron--which Should Be 'great perception of any situation'--is sitting upon MC with natal US Moon, so I hope the perception isn't all on OUR side.)

Neglected to mention yesterday that this rising Mars is out-of-bounds--able to act on his own--which certainly sums up what Bush has been doing spying on your Aunt Granny Fanny and her bookmaker in Sicily or somewhere, and probably speaks to the fact that the rest of the actors in the situation/chart/performance are unable to influence him on this matter. He acts on his own.

{2nd UPDATE, Friday, 7:40 pm: Was Mars out-of-bounds also represented by John Dean?}

You've noticed that the Sun> "11Ari" is at the "President of the country" degree!

"11Ari" = IDEALIZATION> pos: the self-sacrifice required of anybody who would become the creative representation of eternal value;

neg: an often well-meaning but usually destructive assertiveness or vain pretense.
(Destructive of personal privacy rights, to be sure.)

Images> Sun Ari/Moon Tau: Having won an arduous race, the champion sits down to a gourmet meal...An explorer practices the violin in a jungle clearing. (Mars = the explorer and the champion!)

And finally, Mercury, the chart-ruler will trine Jupiter (the judge, the Repubs), and then square the Asc, which is the Senatorial day itself, as I'm reading it here.
Mercury is conjunct Fixed Star, Achernar, keywords: "risk of rapid endings", and rising with the Asc is Bellatrix, "success through the shadow."

Promising for censure? Doubt it. For quick dismissal? Duh.

3.31.06 10:18 am est

ps: views of all charts are in process of being removed from this blog due to legal restrictions. 5.19.06

Mar 27, 2006

"No one should play on peoples' fears..."

George Bush actually said this today--in regard to immigration issues, but shouldn't he be saying it to his mirror, just before leveling it at Dick Cheney, and at the rest of his revolutionaries?

What a faker...fancies himself a thespian. Doncha love it when he goes into his 'conspiratorial' voice for some of his propa--speeches?

3.27.06 7:14 pm est

Bush-Blair on War Path 1.31.03

A blast from the past this morning that just keeps on exploding--the sunrise chart for the day Bush made it clear he was intent on invading Iraq, according to yet another Brit memo released. (Is Blair behind this "release"...trying to distance himself from his partner in war crimes?)

Asteroid Hidalgo was rising along with the Sun and deceptive, deluded Neptune...Hidalgo's keywords, "an assertion of will over others; expecting to be in control."

The Sun/Neptune/Asc mix gives three pictures:

Sun/Nep = Asc: a sensitive show to others, either true or fabricated; a negatively inclined environment; an association with weak or sick persons. (Wonder which is which?)

Sun/Asc = Nep: hyper-sensitivity regarding others' opinions; tendency to be easily influenced or lead; damage through others; easy to anger; calumny; degradation; being duped or disregarded.

Nep/Asc = Sun: humiliation; the misfortune to be exploited or harmed.

And the Mc/Aspiration/WHY Point? "1Sag": "Grand Army of the Republic campfire"!!

Jolly day, wasn't it? And that's just for starters.

Back later with more...

UPDATE 4:07 pm:

With Neptune oriental--rising just before the Sun--we know that dreams and visionary planning were on the agenda that day, and were part of the work situation. The hope is for harmony between what is expected and what can be. Neptune represents something-other-than-what-it-seems, so when oriental, this concept is an active part of who one is.

This meeting occurred within the 4S Solar Eclipse Series, which began Mar 19, 1624.
This Series involves much anger and very strong emotional feelings concerning money and/or relationships. There is a sense of fatedness and of being caught up in relationship events beyond one's control, and the emotions may be blocked or frustrated in some way. There could be a sudden desire to end a relationship or association, and the best approach is to avoid rash action until things settle down.

Well, I've got theories about Saddam, George, and Tony which I shall not air here.
Needless to say, the bully-headed and the woolly-headed wouldn't have listened to
the above good advice if they'd heard it.

And as fate would have it, this Eclipse ("12Sag", Dec 4, 2002) occurred smack upon the USA's natal ASC (Sibley Chart, July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT), bringing America into the middle of it.

"12Sag" = "A flag that turns into an eagle that crows"...ADJUSTMENT.

Pos: successful self-establishment through genuine self-expression;
Neg: idle prejudices and unsubstantiated claims (yuh.)

Turns out our cockadoodle doo should've been a cockadoodle don't. And no, you don't need an astrology chart to know that.

If you want a memory-refresher, here's the transcript of the highlights of what Bush and Blair said just after their witches' brew-up: What Bush and Blair Told the Press After Key Meeting on Iraq

3.27.06 5:25 pm est

ps: Almost forgot--the Images for the Sun AQ/Moon Cap blend for 1.31.03:

A revolutionary is elected president...An alien civilization comes to Earth to rescue man from imminent destruction. (And they can give me a call if they need a ride from the airport.)

The Combination of Stellar Influences--Ebertin; Noel Tyl's midpoint directory from his book, Solar Arcs; & Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark, by Bernadette Brady.

Mar 26, 2006

Republican Party: July 6 1854

For the Republican Party, we'll follow the same outline as in my previous post on the Dem Party, so let's look at:

1. natal (n) midpoint pictures
2. n Lunar phase
3. Secondary Progressed (sec) Lunar phase
4. sec midpoint pictures, March 2006
5. n Sun/Moon personality blend
6. sec Sun/Moon blend
7. minor progressed (minor*) midpoint pics
8. minor Sun/Moon blend (*minor = the causal, thought, mental plane--Robert Blaschke)

1. There are only two n midpoint pics from the chart you see above:

Sun/Nep = Uranus: sudden impressionability or even psychic awareness; nervous reactions for unclear reasons; relationship disputes.

Sat/NN = Venus: difficulty in expressing emotions; lack of adaptability; separations.

2. n Lunar phase = 1st quarter: crisis in action--forceful managerial activity phase.
The essential drive is the building of frameworks or scaffolding which may serve for the future objectivication of new social ideals and relationships.

There is a strong will and perhaps a feeling of self-exaltation when faced with crumbling old structures, and at times a ruthless attempt is made to consolidate the new ideal.

(Examples having this phase natally: Cromwell, Stalin, Baudelaire, de Gaulle, and Queen Elizabeth.)

3. sec Lunar phase, March 2006: Full Moon/culmination phase, exact May 12, 2005 (using DC here, but with natal location it occurred two weeks earlier.)

Interesting to note that their prior Gibbous Lunation was July 3, 2001 at 23Ari13--conjunct George Bush's n Mc (Aspirations/Career Point)...

"24Ari" = "An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia."

MUNIFICENCE> pos: an irrepressible genius for capturing the richer rewards of life and providing a wider distribution for the higher realities.

neg/shadow side: a smug and petty self-importance in dispensing favors to others. (MEJ)

This Symbol refers to unmerited good fortune>> 'net' = Neptunian illusions, 'window' = opportunity, 'cornucopia' = trillions of dollars, as it turns out, and you'll notice this Lunation occurred just prior to 9/11.)

4. sec midpoints:

There are two T-squares formed in the sec chart just now (and transit Uranus will be triggering it at the end of March, including during the Solar Eclipse of March 29. >Tr Uranus returns to sec Neptune 13Pis+ in Aug, 2006, and Jan, 2007. And tr Uran to Nep = exploring individuation through creativity, imagination, or speculation; possible use of underhanded means to do the job)...


Sun/Sat = Neptune: physical, emotional, or mental crisis; lack of vitality; inhibitions; hopelessness; delusions in relationships.

>Sun/Sat = tr Uranus: crises within relationships; clash between the old ways vs the new; nervousness; unusual circumstances; separations; mourning.

Sat/Mc = Nep: lack of clarity; peculiar and depressing circumstances; disappointments; one's position is vague; feeling fearful.

>Sat/Mc = tr Uranus: sudden crisis on the job or in the family; new ways of doing
things; desire to obtain one's objectives at all costs; emotional shock or upheaval; intensity.


Sun/Ven = Mc: the art-lover; individual inclinations.

Sun/Ura = Asc: easily excitable; sudden experiences; new asscociations.

Sun/Nep = optimism in spite of low vitality; achieving success with little exertion.

Moon/Nep = Pluto: high sensitivity coupled with an inclination to be easily influenced.

Ven/Nep = Jupiter: rich imagination; tendency to revel in illusions.

Mars/Ura = Nep: cunning and deceit; a low, mean way of acting; desire to harm others; a person with bad intentions; rage or frenzy.

Uran/Mc = Asc: restless, hasty behavior; sudden adjustment to new circumstances; easily excitable; change that has far-reaching significance.

Nep/Ms = Jupiter: putting all one's eggs in one basket; the pretence of good fortune and happiness; gambling and speculation.

And the real stinker:

Sat/Plu = NN: the misery of the masses; suffering shared with others.

5. Images for Sun Can/Moon Scor blend:

Under a Full Moon an exorcist performs a life-giving ritual; the possession fades away and a child's life is saved...While preparing his genealogical tree, a young man discovers the lost grave of his great-great grandmother.

Greatest Weaknesses (forgot to add this for the D's...will do so asap): Defensiveness; moodiness; possessiveness; proneness to reacting with fanatical prejudice.

6. sec Sun Sag/Moon Gem, March, 2006 (and for about 6 months more):

Robin Hood as a young boy plays truant from school to go to his archery lesson, but ends up teaching his card tricks to his master. (Sounds alot like their "reverse Robin Hood" budget, doesn't it?)

Greatest Weaknesses: spreading yourselves too thin; over-analyzing things: self-absorption.

7. minor midpoints:

Sun/Asc = Jupiter: religious or social outlook; gaining confidence.

Sun/NN = Saturn: disadvantages in dealing with the public; separations.

Sun/Ven = Sat: separations; inhibitions.

Moon/Asc = Sun: seeking contacts.

Moon/Asc = Mars: conflicts with females; moodiness.

Merc/Sat = Sun: changes; separations; love of travel; incompatibility; quarrels.

Mars/Asc = Jup: good teamwork; pursuit of the same objectives.

Mars/NN = Sat: disadvantages through associations; teamwork rendered more difficult as time goes by.

Uran/NN = Moon: quick new contacts; excitability.

>>And a picture that sticks out like a sore thumb--perhaps because R-Party's n Mercury 9Leo+ is conjunct Bush's n Mercury, so both Mercurys are in process of being transited by Saturn, the planet of grim reality--is:

minor Sat/Plu = n Mercury: desire to solve difficult problems; taciturnity; morbid thoughts; depression; stark realism.

Also in their minor chart, a quindecile* (165 degrees = obsession; compulsion) has formed between Venus and Neptune. Venus = values and money, but also cooperation and collaboration in relationships; Neptune = seeking the ideal; illusions and deceptions), so:

Ven QD Nep = may be driven by idealization, illusion, and co-dependency in relationships; fantasy, escapism, addictions, and indulgences may be prominent;
CAN HAVE DIFFICULTY HANDLING FINANCIAL MATTERS. (Sorry--had to capitalize that last, esp since it's the taxpayers who are paying for politicians' wastefulness, graft, and misdirection of OUR money.)

8. Images for minor Sun Sco/Moon Leo:

A Samaritan mirrors the sunshine into the depth of a dark pit bringing hope to those who live there...A sexy superstar creates a new charity. (Hey--wait a ninute--wasn't it Hillary who mentioned the Good Samaritan being arrested under the R's new immigration legislation?)

Well, there ya go--and if you read the Democratic Party analysis below, you'll see that the Dems are in a waxing/increasing phase, while the Repubs have begun the waning/decreasing phase. But there are many days of illusion and deception still to come before they switch masks.

Our two-party system--crisis in action vs crisis in consciousness--and while they Should Be working together for the good of the nation, you see how they've been playing it lately...all they can think of is lining pockets and holding onto their--in many cases--ill-gotten power. That's Their pockets, not ours.

And so, in light of the sorriness of Washington's leadership, and in honor of the protests going on in the world today--and most esp the US Latino protests--let's listen to **Upton Sinclair's plea one more time:

>Is it altogether a Utopian dream, that once in history a ruling class might be willing to make the great surrender, and permit social change to come about without hatred, turmoil, and waste of human life?

Given the state of our nation's capital, and the misguided idealisms of our neocon, globalist-driven politicians, Mr Sinclair, apparently it IS a Utopian dream--and their Utopian dream has become our nightmare.

3.26.06 5:41 pm est

**Upton Sinclair, Sep 20, 1878.

*The Quindecile, by Ricki excellent book! See my Amazon review.

Blogs of Washington DC

Check out this great resource on all things DC:

And look for Stars Over Washington link under: "Mellow" category! Ha!

Mar 21, 2006

USA: Solar Arc Directed to 3.22.06

Here we'll consider the USA's Solar Arc Directed* chart set for Washington DC, Mar 22, 2006.

As you know, the SA chart is a way to progress a chart based on the movement of the Sun--all planets/points/cusps are moved ahead appr 1 degree per year since the Sun's actual movement per day is about 1 degree. Think of the Bible's "day for a year" formula, and you've got it.

The angular relationships/aspects stay exactly the same, only the signs change-->which brings new relationships between them.

Conjunctions always represent the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one--like a New Moon for whichever planets you're considering.

Some of the major contacts>>most current, as in NOW, some upcoming (the SA Sun was conjunct natal Moon about 5 years ago--2001.) If you set the SA for Philadelphia, the number of years is speeded up a little, but I'm using the lovely DC swamp since that's where our current political infestation is centered and is undermining the country like a swarm of termites.

>>>SA = Solar Arc; n = natal; years are approximate except for 2006:

SA Moon to n Saturn = awareness of ambition, strategy, direction (2006);

SA Uranus to n Pluto = overturning the status quo, creating a whole new perspective for ego recognition (2006);

SA Saturn to n Uranus = need to fight for gains; tension between the avant-garde and the conventional; new vs old; feeling controls (2012);

SA Pluto to n Neptune = creative enterprise; other realms seem to be involved with life occurrences; unusual problems; possible concerns about death matters (2013/14);

SA Chiron to n ASC = who knows? (2010). Any planet crossing any angle is a big deal, but Chiron is relatively new (discovered Nov, 1977), and encompasses so many things, it's up for grabs. There's the wounding influence, the mystical or spiritual, or the maverick or savior--perhaps it signifies a person we're unaware of as yet. If so, SA Chiron has been advancing through n 12th house (behind-the-scenes) for about 20 years, and will reach US n ASC in appr 4 years!

A spiritual awakening? Possibly, but it's interesting that Chiron 8Sag12 has been opposing n Uranus 8Gem55 recently, and since there was a transiting Chiron/Uranus opposition during the Reagan-Iran Contra "Affair", it may refer to similar issues.

And, of course, Iran is on the US menu again...the ugly head being reared has gotten uglier--nuclear, this time. The opposition relates esp to air it stresses people out, making them feel like Everything Is Too Much. (Chiron, by Barbara Hand-Clow.)

>>You may wish to read my previous post on Chiron/Uranus here--see if it sounds familiar:

Stars Over Washington: Chiron/Uranus Types in Government

>SA Jupiter to 3rd cusp (communications; the neighborhood; siblings; early schooling; short trips; plus, 3rd house = the lower mind. And Jupiter = the Republican Party, judges, gurus, professors, foreigners, etc. And if you use Philadelphia for the SA chart, the conjunction is exact to the minute> 23AQ42--NOW!);

Generally speaking, Jupiter to 3rd house is an increase of communications (and collecting of our phone records, as it turns out), travel,information, and a widening of one's circle of contacts. Community activities expand, and meetings/discussions multiply. 3rd house indicates telephones, computers, mail, newspapers, media, etc, so there's more (Jup) going on with those, esp involving the GOP, the judiciary, schools, etc. (2006)--and the NSA;

SA South Node to n MC = separation in Career/Public Status (2012/13).

South Node--a separative point--generally means that things aren't going well in the larger world...isolation or alienation. Obviously, Americans have been suffering under this one for the last few years, and the SA chart doesn't indicate any improvement in the near future, sorry to say.

There's also a midpoint picture created between n Neptune, n MC, and SA Pluto:

Plu/Mc = Nep: power run amuck; potential scandals; the taking of the wrong path; grave disappointments; away from the middle of the road; peculiar objectives in life; mystic vision; a person subject to wrong ideas; otherworldliness.

Sheesh! That last one sums up a lot of what we're experiencing, doesn't it? Midpoint pics are always an "either/or, or all of the above" I'd say "all of the above", si?

You've noticed, I'm sure, the SA ASC 29Can22 (29 is a crisis/critical degree).

Using **MEJ, the Symbol for SA ASC, "30Can" = "A Daughter of the American Revolution."

INHERITANCE> pos: an infectious pride in leadership through which a group is able to act as a unit.

neg: the ultimate betrayal of selfhood by a false assumption of superiority.

SA DESC = the opposite point which is aka the Illumination Point>>"30Cap" = "A secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs."

OPPORTUNITY> pos: a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life.

neg: rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others. (Just thought I'd throw in "30Cap" so you wouldn't think they weren't busy as little bees. Ya know they are.)

There's a midpoint picture created by n Mercury, n North Node, and SA ASC:

Mercury/NN = SA ASC: transactions; conferences and discussions; negotiations; lectures; making contacts.

Lastly let's consider the Images for the Sun/Moon personality combo for the SA chart...

Sun Pis/Moon Lib: A theatrical-musical artist entertains his entourage of friends and fans...Two lovers dream the same dream...A team of writers create a masterpiece.

Hey--wait a minute--that's the same combo as the Iraq War!

And I'm still wondering who the 'two lovers' are...

3.22.06 11:43 am est

ps: views of all charts are in process of being removed from this blog due to legal restrictions. Sorry. 5.19.06

*Solar Arcs by Dr Noel Tyl; **The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr Marc Edmund Jones.

Bush: Iraq progress 3.21.06

This morning President Bush engaged in a "dueling press conference", and here you see the chart.

WHAT/Asc: 17Gem55 = the Venus Occultation degree which occurred during the G-8 Summit on Sea Island, Ga, June, 2004--"18Gem": "Two Chinese men converse in their native tongue in an American city." Venus Occultations involve the beginning of unusual and often unsuspected associations.

Keynote: The need for the mind to retain its independence from its physical environment in order to concentrate on its special problems. This refers to living "in the world" but not being "of the world." and there he finds those who understand him.

Mars has just arisen, "17Gem" = "The head of a robust youth changes into that of a mature thinker." (He did seem nervous, irritable, and one is supposed to question Leo, the king.) Plus, Mars is the 'robust' planet, Gemini the sign of 'thinking.'

If I could trust a man who likes to say, Trust Me--which my Mama always told me was a dumb idea--I'd say it's time to get off his back about Iraq and let's see if it helps the situation. Wish I could trust him, but...

...there's deceptive, delusionary Neptune near the top of the chart at the Mc/Aspirations/WHY point. Neptune is just passed the Unmasking degree (but will return to it soon), and represents liquids, such as oil and at

"19AQ" = "A forest fire is being subdued by the use of water, chemicals, and sheer muscular energy."

Keynote: The skill and courage necessary to bring under control the destructive potential of carelessness of karmic "visitations."

This refers to having to face spectacular reactions to seemingly insignificant acts as a means to test one's strength, ingenuity, or emotional stability. Every faculty at his diposal must be made use of--emotional, mental, physical. He needs faith in himself and in superior powers.

We are shown man in action in a crucial and potentially devastating situation. There is a need for a total mobilization of energy and a deep sense of INDOMITABILITY.

Chart-ruler, Mercury, is Rx in Pisces--vacillations in thinking and decision-making, and biased by unconscious emotional patterns. A Piscean Mercury can also be telepathic, tuning into the thoughts and moods of those in the environment. Rx indicates a restating, a reiterating (yep and yep), and review of one's thinking.
His testy, "royal" interruptions of reporters' interruptions might be described by this Rx, too.

>>Two of my faves of his statements this morning, the first in answer to Helen Thomas: "No president wants war", and on Iran..."This is a country that's walking away from international accords."

The first one seems false in his case, and the second...hypocritical to the nth degree. And his "Rummy shouldn't resign" was predictable when you consider that Bush and Cheney would be next--since they made their bad decisions all together in a cabalistic wump.<<

>><<>>Midpoint pictures at the end of this "War creates trauma"!! press conference (10:58 am):

Pluto/Asc = Sun (emphasized at Aries Point): ruthless conduct toward people in the environment (ask Helen Thomas); attaining respect.

Moon/Mars = Mercury: easy irritability; nervousness; premature criticism.

Moon/Mars = Uranus: quick irritability; violent temper; hitting back at once under provocation.

At the close of the theatrics, Uranus, the rebel, was at Mc, Bush's natal Mars was at the IC/foundation of the chart: "10Vir": "Two heads..." of yesterday's post below, and rising degree, 1Can48. Looking at the Sabian Symbol (DR) for

"1Can" = "On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one."

Keynote: A radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolical act: a point of no return. REORIENTATION> this refers to the collective eventually overcoming the individual, and the state overpowering the person. In a decisive act heavy with consequences, the symbolic college-youth might realize that he should bring to an end his quest...he exults in his ability to make a "free decision."

Or perhaps more to the point is "2Can":

"A man on a magic carpet hovers over a large area of land."

Keynote: The ability to expand one's consciousness by stabilizing one's point of view at a higher level.

This refers to the mind which can raise its point of observation and see reality in a truer perspective. One gains ELEVATION in the third dimension of consciousness.

Well, that's Mr Optimism for in the third dimension where "War is trauma"--duh--and Saddam "chose not to work with inspectors."

Mr President, Saddam had nothing to hide. Again, a la Ms Thomas: really--WHY did you want to go to war?

3.21.06 12:51 pm est

ps: forgot to mention the "dueling" aspect can be described by Mars (Bush) opposite Moon (Helen Thomas, as well as The Public, but since Bush and Thomas squared off, it well-describes the venerable reporter) and, of course, he didn't really answer her question, did he?)

Mar 20, 2006

Bush Looks Out and Beyond the Shadows

In Cleveland today, President Bush expressed his usual optimism extraordinaire and it seemed 'prudent' to remind ya of the Sabian Symbol for his natal Mars degree, "10Virgo"...Mars, the planet of conflict and war...

"Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows": INTELLIGENCE...

pos: a superb (used to be his favorite word!) capacity for seeing both sides in every given issue and so bringing all the various phases of human enterprise to some unity of common purpose;

neg/shadow or unconscious side: hopeless fragmentation of self within self.

>More unconscious info can be found in the opposite point (a method I have yet to mention here), which would be "10Pisces" = "An aviator in the clouds": OBSERVATION...

pos: special competence in whole judgment and long-range planning (yeah?);

neg: insensate otherworldliness or irresponsible isolationism (and bubble boy should know.)

I thought his choice of words today was >almost amusing< considering his AWOL status back when he COULD have actually been an "aviator in the clouds"...and opposite his Mars, too.

As far as "Two heads...", the keyword "INTELLIGENCE" is interesting since he said today that he'd asked himself, "...where'd we go wrong on intelligence?"...and that he's "...working to improve intelligence gathering because the credibility of our country is essential." He cannot be serious! Has he now realized how his deceptions mar our credibility? Doesn't matter, really, 'cos he only pretends to care.

Now if America's lack of credibilty in the world--directly caused by his nibs--should interfere with something he wants to do, THEN he'll care--he probably pitches hissy fits then! (besides, Mars in Virgo is often frustrated.)

When asked about whether he sees terrorism as a sign of the APOCALYPSE, he said he "never thought of it that way." !!! This from a "christian"--and one who bombs the Holy Land!

Maybe that's one of his primary mistakes...never "thinking" of it that way (puh!)

So yeah, he looks out and beyond the shadows--shadows he helped to create.

But go on and read it for yourself, if you haven't>>>you'll find him, as usual, quite surreal...

AP: Bush Explains Confidence on Iraq Progress

3.20.06 4:32 pm est

Mar 19, 2006

Our Opinions are "background noise"

Thanks, Cheney for clarifying that so descriptively on tee-vee.

We knew the Bush administration was representing the elite bases' interests over the American peoples', but you really have no power or mandate without our approval and consent--which you fudged and circumvented to get where you are.

Must be why I've felt since 1999 that you and George were being installed by your masters against majority wishes.

You're not actually incompetent, imho--you're accomplishing just what you envisioned--now if the collaterally-damaged among us would just shut the ef up so you can proceed...oh, that's right--you're not listening anyway.

Guess the demons in your head drown us out.

3.19.06 5:14 pm est

CENTCOM's Tragic Ruse

Mike Whitney's article explains it well--why the "war on terror" is pure illusion, and what the world can look forward to from our energy barons--it really Is about the oil...

OpEdNews:CENTCOM, the central battlefield in the global resource war by Mike Whitney

3.19.06 3:18 pm est

OR...leaving Iraq would be like...

...facing reality, sobering up, and stopping short of 58,000 notches on your gun, Mr Rumsfeld.

Note from history: In 1839, the British power went into Afghanistan "upon an unrighteous cause. The punishment which Providence, in the natural course of events, brings upon such errors, overtook it toward the close of 1841, and on the 6th of January (1842), it became a necessity that an army of 4,500 men, with 12,000 camp followers, should commence a precipitate retreat from its Cabul cantonements, through a difficult country, under frost and snow, which it was ill-fitted to endure, and harassed by hordes of implacable enemies."

To read more, click on link above to The Book of Days, select>>Wars, and "The Retreat from Cabul, 1842."

3.19.06 9:01 am est

Mar 17, 2006

Springtime '06 at the White House

Here's the Spring Equinox chart--new beginnings and all--set for the White House, with the Sun reaching 00Aries00...the Aries Point, a point of world events.

I'm sure your eagle-eye is arrested by Rx Saturn rising, with President Bush's natal ASC in tow...his 'joy' continues...and sadly, since the leader represents the nation, ours will, too.

Ceres, the Mother, is conjunct Chiron = Wounded Mother. They seem to follow him around, don't they? In this chart, they're opposite tr Saturn/natal ASC...a Monday I wouldn't wish on a dog, unless it were a thieving, sniveling, bully who deserves the world's condemnation. Then, I'd have to think about it for a second.

3.17.06 11:11 pm est

><><>2nd Update>Monday 3.20: Almost forgot this gem...Saturn lately has been in and out of a Quindecile aspect with Neptune. Quindecile (165 deg) is an obsessive-compulsive aspect, and the following will sound very familiar to ya:

Saturn QD Neptune: deception present in societal leadership (whaa-a-a-a...?); old systems may be dissolved by idealisms; rigid structures may dissappear (as in levees, too); dreams can become real under this aspect, and compassion may merge with authority.

That last seems more of "an Appearance of compassion may merge with authority" when you consider "compassionate conservatism"--oh wait!--they've all but abandoned that little ruse, haven't they? Must've left it in a flooded attic somewhere...

Update>Saturday, 3.18.06:

Chart-ruler, Sun in Aries/Moon in Sag blend is the same as previous post of March 16 for the Iraq War's 3rd anniversary. But add this info for the FIRE Grand Trine:

Sun/Moon = Saturn> renunciation: separation; difficulties in relationships; addressing problems; weakened system.

Sun/Saturn = Moon> loneliness; separation from females; feeling inferior; fearful.

Moon/Saturn = Sun> separation; suffering; the separated wife; the widow; self-control; prevailing mood influences the body constantly; feeling of enforced controls; sobering times.

A FIRE Grand Trine is creative and full of inspirational power, and although visionary ability is emphasized, so too is the sense of personal significance and power. This manifests as excessive self-pride and egotism.

There's a natural adventurous streak which allows risks and gambles to be taken with little forethought. (Well, things must be pretty desperate around the White House these days...but it's their habit of causing others so much misery and loss that gets my little pet goat.)

The FIRE Grand Trine person tends to believe he has 'individual privilege' and should be able to express himself without interference from anyone--the environment should be ready at a moment's notice to fulfill his immediate needs without resistance or hesitation.

He demands loyalty (FIRE being the element of royalty), and his faith in himself and his sense of personal protection from harm gives an ingrained eagerness to attempt anything in complete disregard of impossible odds. He expects service and may be emotionally unaffected or even oblivious to others' personal needs.

Well, that's enough o'that.

One midpoint picture of interest since the Sun at Aries Point (AP) is the focal planet:

Uranus/Mc = Sun> unrest; nervous drive; easy to anger; lack of self-control; an excitable man; getting what one deserves (that'd be good); eagerness for achievement.

(The combo of Uranus/Mc can indicate major adjustment in the Career--Tyl, but also the "power of assertion"--Ebertin.)

>>An ongoing midpoint pic these days which is still in force:

Neptune/North Node = Uranus> self-willed motives disrupt group ideas; becoming upset over the anti-social conduct of others; sudden undermining or destruction of relationships.<<

At the base or foundation* of the chart we see "18Lib": "Two men placed under arrest." This is Bush's natal Jupiter degree...CONSEQUENCE>

pos: a heightened challenge to every special talent (Mr Optimism, lover of the Jupiter Mantra--"every day in every way I'm getting better and better);

neg/shadow side: total inappropriateness of impulse and act. (MEJ version.)

The Rudhyar version gives: FACING THE CONSEQUENCES> keynote: a breakdown** in the constructive relationship between the individual and society, and the expectable result.

Or, if you prefer "19Lib": "A gang of robbers in hiding"> GROUP PROTEST> keynote: Protest against disharmonic social privileges. (Rudhyar cites here "the early Bolsheviks in Russia robbing banks to finance the revolution." Sounds familiar.)

With all the protests happening this weekend, "19Lib" seems especially appropriate.

In fact, I'd like to protest the gang of robbers in Washington!

Transit Atlantis (sense of doom; abuse of power), an asteroid often active in mundane/political charts as you might expect, is in 10th house, and conjunct Bush's natal MC.

Atlantis 23Ari23, "24Ari": "An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia"> MUNIFICENCE>

pos: an irrepressible genius for capturing the richer rewards of life and providing a wider distribution for the higher realities;

neg/shadow side: a smug and petty self-importance in dispensing favors to others.
(This may underscore the FIRE Grand Trine cited above.)

Well, it looks like a busy Spring at the White House (and elsewhere, since Bush has no corner on the robbers' market), so let's close with the Sabian Synbol for the Moon--the Public or Populace, and using "6Sag":

"A game of cricket": keynote> The development of skill in group situations testing collective goals. This refers to the "value of making individual-will or ego-will subservient to collective cultural patterns, and to the importance of developing GROUP SOLIDARITY.

They've long-since **united against the individual--our power lies in uniting ourselves against sucky world leaders who care not a crap for us.

So if you can't march--sign a petition today-->sign several, 'cos they're out there!

3.18.06 4:53 pm est

*Also at the foundation of the chart is the Part of Death, which is notoriously difficult to predict, so I'm not...I'm just sayin'.

Mar 16, 2006

The Iraq War 3.19.06

With the Iraq War's 3rd anniversary coming up Sunday (Solar Return>>3.19.06 at 11:01:05 pm, BAT, Baghdad), my plan was to post the Solar Return Chart, but because of recent changes of heart on the part of the American people, I decided to post the War's secondary progressed chart get some idea of how things will "progress" for 2006.

Here you see what I believe best describes the feelings of the populace--Moon/the Public--opposite sec Atlantis, an asteroid whose keywords are: sense of doom; expiation; ethics. More people have lost confidence in our learless feader, and WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO. This opposition is exact the evening of March 27.

And conjunct Atlantis is the asteroid, Midas, of gold-loving fame, and we've certainly noticed the depletion of the US Treasury over this War--and the administration can't or won't give an honest accounting of where the money went or of what happened to millions in stolen funds.

(And on another level, the sec Moon in this chart also signifies the Iraqi people, but I'm considering the US at the moment since we stirred the hornet's nest, as jihadists correctly expected George would do.)

Also at the end of March, transit Mars will square the War's natal ASC, and oppose its Pluto. (At the end of this post is a link to the Iraq War Chart.)

9th cusp of enemies = "1Sag" = "Grand army of the republic campfire"...that'd be us.

Sec Moon is conjunct South Node, a separative, Saturnian point:

South Node conj Moon = inability to be in the right place at the right time--bad timing--forced to draw upon own resources...can't depend on others' cooperation which leads to isolation....yet discipline and concentrated effort can bring accomplishment.

This is a karmic situation due to misuse of wealth, power, position, or popularity. (But George isn't so popular now...see polls, or ask your neighbor.)

Now for the Sun/Moon personality blend:

Sun Ari/Moon Sag:

Contagious optimism and an entrepreneurial spirit. (Isn't that why neocon hawks took us there in the 1st place with their preening over-confidence out their yazoos?)

Greatest Weaknesses: grandiose philosophizing; insensitivity to human feelings; impatient; moving around and never landing; daredevil tendencies sabotage material security. (That last pretty well sums it up, imho...feelin' safer, are ya? Think there's a gold penny left in Fort Knox? National Debt Limit was boosted just today.)

Image: A child shoots an arrow toward the enchanted castle in the distance as he follows the road less traveled. (There's much to say about that one, but you do it...sounds like 'The Fool' Tarot card to me. The tragedy is that so many have suffered so that George could learn from experience...the essence of The Fool. And I know His Nibs can't or won't see it this way--in fact, I think things are proceeding quite niftily for him--chaos created = mission accomplished.)

>>>Iraq War's Solar Return Mar 19, 2006 11:01:05 pm BAT Baghdad:

ASC> 00Sag06 (see "1Sag" above); Mc> 10Vir24 (conjunct George Bush's natal Mars), so, Mc> "11Vir" = "A boy molded in his mother's aspirations for him." (That's rich, considering Bar's self-described "pretty mind"...seems she wanted a war-president son. And that's "pretty"???)

Sun 29Pis04 in 4th house; Moon 23Sco17 in 12th house (behind-the-scenes);

Chart-ruler, Jupiter 18Sco30 Rx, also in 12th house, at the "A parrot listening then talking" degree. Remember Jupiter was Rx when the War began = bottomless pit in the money department...we attacked from weakness, not strength...for expansion's sake.

Sabian Symbols for Sun and Moon:

Sun "30Pis" = "The great stone face"> Destiny is character as it most consistently constitutes itself. DISCERNMENT> pos: self-integrity in its irresistible impact on the course of events;

neg/shadow side: wholly inarticulate and ineffectual self-realization. (Bush the Dud CEO strikes again?)

Moon "24Sco" = "Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man"> APPEAL>
Any higher realization must be brought to earth.

pos: an almost spectacular ability to enlist the higher potentialities of everyone for some practical need of the moment; (the army wants YOU);

neg: indiscriminate and carefree gullibility. (Where's Chalabi--with Waldo?).

Uranus, the rebel, 11Pis46 conjunct Ic 10Pis24...the foundation of the chart...more chaos, disruption, and rebellion...beginning of the Solar year (March 19), and at the end (Ic).

Checking the applying aspects of the Sun to see how things will go for the year (for, as you know, a Solar Return chart lasts a year until the next Return of the Sun to its original degree):

1. Sun trine ASC;
2. conjunct North Node (an important meeting?);
3. trine Saturn;
4. and trine Solar Return Moon!

These are amazingly decent...that'd be good!

BUT: there's a separating square between the Sun and vicious, power-mad Pluto which will be an exact (partile) square at the end of December, 2007 due to the fact that Pluto moves much more slowly than the Sun seems to move.

And fretfully, this will be part of Pluto's sojourn at the 'crisis or critical' degree of 29 Sag>>just before Pluto enters Capricorn, sign of authority, law, politics, and business.

The personality blend for 2006:

Sun Pis/Moon Sco = tremendous passion; complex, unfathomable emotional nature; acute perceptions; tenacity and courage in the face of adversity; innate ability to understand great mysteries.

Greatest Weaknesses: over-reliance on personal opinions; tendency to be unaware of irrational suspicions and prejudices; manipulation in order to gain power; negative self-absorption.

Images: Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath...Longfellow's poem, The Secret of the Sea.

Wrath, secrets, passions, courage, suspicions...and our boots on their holy sand.

Speak up, People!

3.16.06 7:02 pm est

Link to War's Chart 2003:

Stars Over Washington: Iraq War: The Cakewalk?

Mar 14, 2006

On Nuke-Mad Mullahs

Just found an insightful, thoughtful blog you may want to check out when you have some reading time: Astrology of Current Affairs

3.14.06 11:07 am est

Mar 13, 2006

United Arab Emirates created 1971

On July 18, 1971, at noon in Abu Dahbi, the UAE was signed into being.

Wish I had more time to post on the UAE chart, but a couple of details must be mentioned--that the US's secondary progressed Mars Rx Station, July 21, '06, is conjunct this Ascendant..."19Lib" = "a gang of robbers in hiding."

UAE's Ascendant has quite a pile-up of asteroids, too: Minerva, Hebe, and Siva.
These archetypes conjure up some interesting speculations on which groups/nations were represented at the signing, and may still be slinking about!

Sun is parallel Bacchus, god of wine and such--as a way to avoid dealing with emotional issues.

The Ic or Foundation of the chart, "18Cap" = the New World Order degree:
"18Cap" = "the Union Jack flies from a British warship"....POLITICAL POWER, as in "the power of privileged groups...alas, this power can easily be misused under the pretext of preserving 'law and order.'" (Yeah, we's the "smug and strong-armed paternalism" we fear.)

At the top of the chart, the WHY/Aspiration Point (Mc) is "18Can" which is the Discovery degree of Pluto (1930), and you know of Pluto's connection to atomic and nuclear power. Pluto's heliopcentric North Node, 20Can, a critical or crisis degree, is also at the top of this chart.

Venus, in the 9th house of foreigners, is conjunct the US natal Sun, which is, of course, George Bush's natal Sun.

In the 8th house, is n Moon at "6Gem" = "Drilling for oil"> SPECULATION (I can't make this up), and currently, transiting asteroid, Midas (The Greedy), is conjunct this Moon. Saturn placed in 8th house likes to manage other peoples' money and affairs...many bank accounts are hidden there.

Opposite, in 2nd house, deceptive, delusionary Neptune is at the "Grand army of the republic campfire" degree of "1Sag." Jupiter is out-of-sign but conjunct Neptune, a signature of extreme idealism, oversensitivity, and the possibility of involvement with mystical cults.

The creation of the UAE occurred in the 9 New North Series of Solar Eclipses which began Aug 21, 1664. It concerns sudden physical events, great physical effort, accidents, or possibly violence. This Series will manifest again in 2007.

Images for the shrewd Sun Can/Moon Gem personality blend:

A family plays a game of charades...Young children enacting a play wedding in the garden.

Quite the playland, I've heard, but charades and fake ceremonies hide deep family commitments, suitable for and descriptive of the tribal tendencies which the Solar/Individuality of the West is meeting each day in the Moon-ruled Middle East.

And since we all know that the Bush administration can be deceived through its wishful gullibility and idealism--or at least pretends to be--let's hope Washington has figured out the deeper nature of this billionaire's "playland."

3.13.06 8:52 pm est

Chart details are thanks to Bill Meridian, Mountain Astrologer Magazine, Dec-Jan 2006 issue...excellent issue, if you've missed it.

Visit: Mountain Astrologer Magazine


Update Feb 2015: now using Nicholas Campion's version of the Dec 2, 1971 UAE chart set for Dubai at 12:00 pm, the hour of the proclamation that created the federation: ASC 27AQ44; Sun 9Sag29 conjunct Neptune 3Sag03 (at MC); Moon 9Gem36 conjunct Saturn 2Gem30 Rx (at IC).

Bush Delegates, but not on Iraq

Can you tell by the way things are limping along in Washington, and positively on crutches in the White House?

Oh, this is So-o-o worth your time, if you haven't read it already, from Insight Magazine:

Bush Delegates

3.13.06 6:30 pm est

This Week in Congress

Another week in Congress is upon us, so here's the 9:30 am chart.

Rising we see dualistic and often duplicitous Gemini, with contentious, active Mars in Gemini on the rise.

Mercury is Rx, as we know, through most of March, so much review and reconsideration is on the menu, and Mercury at 19Pis56 is in a difficult relationship with the authority of Saturn at the base of the chart. Transit Saturn is still playing about George Bush's natal Ascendant, which is one of the most lowering of transits which we all must face appr every 28-30 years. At this time, it's Bush's turn.

Confused, veiling Neptune is in the most visible 10th house of Career/Public Status--representing obfuscation, illusions, or possibly sacrifice.

Even closer to Mc is wounded Chiron with Venus conjunct at the Medina Degree. (And, of course, the 9th house is connected with Enemies, esp of the foreign variety.) This Chiron/Venus combo now sits upon Bush's natal Descendant of Others/Partnerships...wounded relationships, it seems, including with the Public (7th house = the public, too), and some disillusion or sacrifice in relationships for old George.

The transiting Saturn/Chiron opposition adds to the difficulties of Bush's Saturn-to-Asc transit ongoing...his sense of authority is definitely 'wounded', at least in the Public's eyes...perhaps he should try gazing into them for a change and forget about Putin's baby blues.

Moon, representing females, or the Public or Populace (or as I descriptively call us, The Sheeple) is at 7Vir56, and the Symbol for "8Vir", MEJ version:

"First dancing instruction"> ASSISTANCE...

positive: achievement through a personal competence and a high gift for cooperation;

negative/shadow side: cheerful acceptance of ineptitude. (Well I'm not so cheerful about Washington's ineptitude, are you?)

Here's the personality blend of Sun Pis/Moon Virgo:

Analysis and synthesis; wide-ranging mind; thoughtful; nervous and fretful; ironic; breadth of outlook but good with detail; lofty visions but with practical implementation.

Greatest Weaknesses: overly critical; prone to confuse feelings with rational thinking; perfectionism; heart and mind can complement OR clash.

Images: Small events bring enormous consequences...Faith and reason shake hands...A mosaic picture of the universe, each piece perfect in itself.

And here are a couple of quotes from people who share this personality blend in their natal charts:

"Without forgiveness life is governed endless cycle of resentment and retaliation." --Roberto Assagioli (You'd think the world would've realized this before now, but forgiveness is hard to come by, isn't it?)

"It is well for people who think to change their minds occasionally in order to keep them clean." --Luther Burbank

Forgiveness and mind-changing...two tall orders for This Week in Congress--do you think they're up to either one? Without being accused of weakness or of flip-flopping, that is...but then I'd have to change the title of the chart to This Weak in Congress...doable, but I'd rather not...

3.13.06 1:26 pm est

Mar 8, 2006

Peter King: Sun Aries/Moon Virgo

Peter King (R-NY), April 5, 1944, Manhattan, has this Sun/Moon personality blend:

Sun Aries/Moon Virgo: straightforward; analytical and critical; organizational and administrative skills; natural modesty but impatient to be where the action is; duty vs selfishness.

Greatest Weaknesses: bossiness; intolerance of others' weaknesses; impulsive yet orderly; master/slave complex.

Images: A surgeon performs a daring operation...a metalworker forges an intricate masterpiece...a remembrance that the perfect is the enemy of the good...a Willliam Morris design.

Mr King shares this combo natally with William Morris, and with J P Morgan, who so revealingly said:

"I don't want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do; I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to do."

3.8.06 11:50 am est

Info from: Sun Sign, Moon Sign, by Chas and Suzi Harvey

Mar 7, 2006

So What's Up with Rumsfeld?

You've been listening to Donald Rumsfeld's denials of civil war in Iraq recently--and this from a man who pretended to think there were WMDs in Iraq, and other wacky cakewalk nonsense. But is Rummy in some sort of crisis?

Here I've uploaded his minor progressed chart set for this evening, natal location. I will refer to it as "minor".

The minor chart describes the mental or causal plane--thoughts which are in process of becoming conscious--and is part of the 27:13:1 ratio, for we think 27 times faster than we act, and we feel--or intuit--13 times faster than we act, with the "1" representing the physical plane (physical = the secondary progr'd chart, the feeling or emotional plane is called the tertiary progr'd.)

But here we see his minor chart because of the several 29 degree positions--29 being a crisis/catatrophic degree.

I've circled the 29 degree placements, and highlighted 2 patterns--a YOD, which is a crisis situation in and of itself--and a Minor Grand Trine being currently triggered by the Moon. (The Moon acts as a trigger or timing device in a minor chart just as it can in any other.)

This Moon is at the end of Taurus, and has just crossed the nasty Fixed Stars, Capulus (aggressive male energy, "to lose one's head"), and Algol, the Star of passionate, primal female energy...two sides of the same vicious coin when used vengefully.)

The focal planet in a Minor Grand Trine--in this case, the Moon--facilitates the energy of the trine (Sat/Plu), and brings the trine energy into consciousness with more objectivity (well, it's supposed to anyway.)

So let's see a little sumpin' sumpin' about Rummy's current mental state:

Saturn/Pluto = Moon: frigid feelings; abstemiousness; tragic destiny, esp of a woman.
(Moon, in this case--given his status as America's representative--could represent the public or populace.)

(As you know, Sat/Plu relates to war, violence, cruelty, mass murder--those kinds of things...the two were opposite one another on 9/11/01, plus minor Moon has been emphasizing similar themes with its triggering of Capulus and Algol...and has moved into orb of Sat/Pluto this week.)

YOD (the Finger of God pattern, with its back-against-the-wall influence)>>

Moon/Pluto = Mercury: conceptualizing; planning and strategizing; pursuit of comprehensive plans with tremendous zeal; wielding a powerful influence upon the larger public through writings or speeches.

Mercury as focal planet in a YOD can give an "out of tune" flavor to communications, so while he's certainly been speaking out this week (Mercury), and his "powerful influence" is on view, this particular child-of-the-Revolution just can't trust his stated perspectives, his denials, or his 'vision'--how about you?

March 7 2006 8:03 pm est

ps: This Sun/Moon combo is the same as Barry Goldwater's natal blend, and as you know, he pertinently reminds us:

"A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away."

Mar 6, 2006

James Madison Mar 16, 1751

Here's the natal chart of James Madison, Architect of the Constitution.

We see idealistic Sagittarius rising, with Saturn in Sag--he had frail health his whole life, and stood 5'6", yet he lived to a ripe old age, hemorrhoids and all. And, of course, the Virgo/Pisces axis always relates to health issues--Sun in Pisces is not the most vital place for the Sun, is it?

As "the Architect", we expect to see Taurus emphasized, and with Jupiter's placement in Taurus, we see expansion in business on a large scale, love of luxury and indulgence--a gourmet, in fact (leading to hemorhoids?), and a tendency to go on holy crusades.

Chiron in Scorpio brings death crises, and occult interests and talent. Participating in Freemasonry apparently filled the bill, as you might expect, and an early life full of health concerns made Death a familiar companion for contemplation.
Just the era he lived in, and the work he and his colleagues were about, would bring these issues to mind daily. And you see Pluto on Ascendant...if this is his correct birth time, his very birth was an iffy proposition, it would seem--death issues from the start.

Chiron conj Moon places high value on family, and shows an idealizing of the homeland, and on meeting the needs of the public. There's a marked patriotic emphasis, and a tendency toward perfectionism--all of which were obviously used in his writing and editing of the Constitution, and in his public, political life.

His intellectual brilliance with a scientific bent can be seen with Mercury conjunct Uranus, the planet of creative inspiration from On High, and both in Aquarius, sign of the Waterbearer--the Water of Life. Mercury/Uranus is an independent thinker who will not accept ideas simply based on tradition, and so they arrive at original solutions which others have overlooked.

Mars exalted in Capricorn gives him much professional ambition and a desire for high status, while his Taurean Jupiter in 5th house of Romance/Speculations attracts a high status mate...Dolley Todd. Her branch of the Todd family is connected to the Collins family, both of which are known for their centuries-long Freemasonry and/or Illuminati involvement. You go, Jemmy, the Fredrickburg Lodge is just a horse ride away. (But this Lodge with its records destroyed long ago.)

So President Madison will be 255 years old on March 16, yet his soft voice still whispers to us in 2006, for in 1834, although crippled with old age, he penned his last words to America--to you and to me (The Sheeple, it seems):

"The advice nearest my that the Union of the States be cherished and perpetuated."

And yet so many will let him down--if We-the-Sheeple let them.

3.7.06 12:43 pm est

Mar 4, 2006

Leo Strauss Sep 20, 1899

Here's the sunrise chart for Leo Strauss, father and instigator of neoconservatism.

Will post more on the morrow concerning this Chiron/Uranus system-busting guy, but 'til then, you may wish to read an excellent essay on his esoteric/exoteric self here:

Essay on Strauss by Edward Skidelsky

OK, it's Sunday, and here're the Jones and the Rudhyar versions of the Sabian Symbol for Strauss' Sun position:

"28Vir" = "A bald-headed man who has seized power."

Keynote: The sheer power of personality in times that call for decision.

Whether at the religious or at the socio-political and cultural level there comes a time when obsolescent patterns of order and cultural refinement have to be radically and relentlessly challenged.

Catabolic personages emerge to seize power and dictate decisions that alter the structure of society. At such times, the issue has to be met and, ruthless as the power may appear, it must be accepted.

Everything bows to THE POWER OF THE WILL--divine, executively human, or Satanic. #

MEJ describes "28Vir" as DOMINANCE...

Positive: accomplishment through a completeness of self-mastery and a rigid control of others. (And that's the positive!)

Neg/shadow side: a sadistic sophistication. #

And since the *Moon was in Aries all through the 24 hours of Sep 30 1899, we see this personality blend:

Sun Vir/Moon Aries: intellectual precision and curiosity; scholarly; pragmatically diligent; self-centered; committed workaholic; bossy; detached; sharp tongue; doesn't suffer fools gladly; sense of humor.

Greatest Weaknesses: scathingly critical; a verbose know-it-all: overly cerebral and emotionally detached.

Image: A jolly, rotund monk enjoying his food and wine while excelling in well-worn Latin sayings, witty responses, and kindly good humor. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

And yes, Strauss shares this Sun/Moon combo natally with Dick Cheney. Perhaps they can toast each other in Hades.

You have noticed, I'm sure, that Strauss has a major pile-up in idealistic Sagittarius--Uranus conjunct Chiron, and a wide conj of Chiron with Saturn.

If you wish, read my previous post on the Chiron/Uranus combo: Stars Over Washington: Chiron/Uranus Types in Government

This trio of Chiron snugged between Saturn and Uranus is interesting also because Chiron is the 'bridge' between Saturn (which was considered the outermost planet until the discovery of rebel Uranus in 1781--hence its connection to the American Revolution, etc), and Uranus, the first of the Transpersonal or Generational planets. Uranus therefore has particular significance in America's chart/s.

So you could say that Sat/Uran = Chiron, and describes the tension of Saturn's control/restriction vs the rebellious, disruptive freedom and independence of Uranus, the Awakener, and Chiron's transcending abilities.

(Sat/Ura = tension; the urge for freedom; willpower; and violent people, according to Reinhold Ebertin's "The Combination of Stellar Influences".)

Saturn: the past, Uranus: the future, and with Chiron as the Key or Bridge, we see a bringing together of the two principles by way of Chiron transformation--and of course Chiron is the Christ archetype in the chart...the Alpha and the Omega--the past and the future blended with Chiron's "be here now" effect.

And although Strauss' Sat/Ura conjunction has a 13 degree orb, it seems applicable:

Original genius with ideas arrived at intuitively, Saturn conj Uranus gives the realism of Saturn and the originality of Uranus to the nature, plus a serious interest in mathematical studies, science, and the occult, including Astrology.
(Brings to mind Strauss' esoteric/exoteric philosophy, as does the Symbol for his Moon's sunrise degree, see below.)

There is use of systematic, math-oriented methods to make new discoveries and breakthroughs. The new (Uranus) builds upon the solid foundation of the old (Saturn.)

But the square (blockage) from Mercury (thinking; communication) results in obstinacy and autocratic attitudes. And a Virgoan Mercury generally indicates a primary interest in ideas that have a practical application for financial success and status.

Plus there's a T-square with Mercury as focal point--

Saturn/Pluto (a magician or an adept, or on another level, cruelty, violence, and war) = Mercury: the desire to solve difficult problems (doesn't seem to occur to Straussians that they ARE a difficult problem); thoroughness; taciturnity; doing research work.

And so our society's current infestation by the "elite" has much in common with this man's autocratic attitudes which he seems to have passed on successfully, yet the funny thing is, *Moon in Aries = "I AM the people" (!) and it's the same Moon placement as that other revolutionary everyone loves to hate--Robespierre...who was fond of saying just that.

Psychopaths get all kinds of odd ideas, don't they? But the "Reign of Terror" rearing its ugly head in the new millenium isn't just odd, it's tragic...once again.

Now for the sunrise degree of his Moon (Moon = the reigning need), which relates, I believe, to his esoteric/exoteric way of thinking:

(DR)"7 Aries" = "A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once."

Keynote: The first realization of the dual nature of man and the possibilities it implies. LIVING TWO SEPARATE LIVES.

MEJ's version gives the same picture, but keyword, PROFICIENCY, speaks of the many interpenetrating realms of reality, and of a capacity for a complete control of events by shifting from one to another focus of emphasis whenever it proves convenient or expedient. #

Hmph. Sounds like the class all our current politicians have passed with flying colors...but they're sure not red, white, and blue.

3.5.06 11:26 am est

"The Aurora" Speaks Out Again

In colonial times, the press was just as partisan as our day, and Ben Franklin's grandson was publisher of a certain paper, The Aurora.

Let's hear again what he had to say to George Washington and thus on to our present-day George who thinks so much of his own leadership abilities:

>Let no flatterer persuade you to rest one hour longer at the helm of state. You are utterly incapable to steer the political ship into the harbor of safety.

If you have any love for your country, leave its affairs to the wisdom of your fellow citizens. Do not flatter yourself with the idea that you know their interests better than other men.

There are thousands amongst them who equal you in capability and who excel you in knowledge. #

And the contempt continues, Dubai deal and all. Harbor of safety indeed.

Mar 4 2006 7:26 pm est

Michael Chertoff Nov 28, 1953

Here's the sunrise chart (birth time unknown) for Mr Chertoff, who may soon be saying buh-bye to his czarship of Homeland Security.

(UPDATE Dec 16, 2006: he's still at HoSec--who else would take the job anyway?)

Here are Chertoff's Sun/Moon personality blend and his natal midpoint pictures for your consideration...

Since the Moon was in Virgo for the 24 hours of Nov 28, 1953, we have:

Sun Sag/Moon Virgo: an athlete gives a fund-raising performance for charity...a philosopher presents a perfect mathematical vision of the nature and meaning of the universe...The Ten Commandments.

This combo describes a practical idealist who is prone to mental obsessions and has a tendency to moralize. His desire for certitudes can cause narrow-mindedness, yet, positively, there is an ability to persuade others with clear arguments and a calm integrity. This is the combo of an educator, and is shared natally with Thomas Carlyle, who said, "Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight."

Post-Katrina, that's a valid and excellent point.

Natal midpoint pictures:

Sun/Neptune = Mercury: lack of objectivity; deceptions and illusions; false logic.

Sun/Sat = Venus: reserve; suppression of feelings.

Venus/Mars = Saturn: separation in relationship.

Mars/Saturn = Neptune: insufficient power to tackle obstacles or resistance; a grievous loss; waning powers and weakening of efforts; self-torment; weak vitality.

Jupiter/Neptune = Pluto: plans unreasonable beyond measure; a great loss.

Mars/NN = Sun: the will to unite with others; cooperative teamwork.

(Progressing the sunrise chart to March 6, 2006, secondary Moon at 7Leo03 is conjunct Bush's natal Ascendant, the "Bolshevik propagandist" degree. Chertoff's sec Moon = sec Uranus/Pluto: daring and audaciousness; bringing about changes by force. As you know, the combo of Uranus + Pluto = the collapse of the old order of things, the construction of the new; revolution; transformation.) And it would be great if he used this energy to rebuild New Orleans, rather than the US government, wouldn't it?

So will Chertoff be tasked with falling upon this sword?

I'd be quicker to hazard a guess if I had his correct birth time, but one thing I do know:

Transiting midpoint of Saturn/Pluto has been hanging about Chertoff's natal Mars (energy, action, initiative) 2005-06, and so we see:

Saturn/Pluto = Mars: the necessity to fight for one's existence; maltreatment; ruthlessness, violence, assault, or brutality.

And natally at *16Lib+ he has two asteroids, Toro = capacity to use and control power; strong will; the power of boundless strength...and Atlantis =
sense of doom; use/abuse of power; ethics.

Seems Mr Chertoff's use and abuse of power has been in process of being tested and put on the line. And if you asked Katrina's victims, I doubt they'd say he's passed the test.

And since I agree with them, let me help you hoist that sword, Mr Chertoff. George Bush ain't worth it, but you knew the deal when you signed on, I'm figuring.

Cash in your chips while ye may.

(*16Libra+ is also the natal position of Bush's Moon, so he's been on the oppressed and depressed side...well-deserved, most would agree.)

March 4 2006 3:54 pm est

Mar 3, 2006


Let's illuminate the birth chart for that barrel-of-monkeys the ***Illuminati Society, shall we?

Who does it favor, ya think? Mom's horns and Dad's hooves?

This chart has connections to the 9/11 WTC chart, and there are also interesting hook-ups to the Pentagon's natal chart--which I shall save for another day when we all need a jolly laugh--for Illuminati and Pentagon share the same Sun/Moon combo (link below)--and, quite curiously, the above Ascendant is the same degree as the Venus Occultation of 2004--which was rising the morning of the G-8 Summit, Sea Island, Georgia. Curious.

So in a flurry of recap madness, here's the Symbol once again for the June 8, 2004 Venus Occultation/Summit sunrise degree of "18Gem" which is also the Asc degree (WHAT) for Illuminati:

"Two Chinese men converse in their native tongue in an American city."

Keynote: The need for the mind to retain its independence from its physical environment in order to concentrate on its special problems. (DR*) INSULATION.

**MEJ's version is similar: DIFFERENCE> pos: the effective mobilization of self and others for life's more specialized objectives.

Neg/shadow side: a thorough dissipation of selfhood through alien relationships.

(The last reminds me of the boundary dissolutions which NWO/globalists are so enamored of. So the G-8ers isolated themselves on Sea Island so they could study how to remove more boundaries/borders for the rest of us...?)

Venus Occultations are when unusual or unexpected associations are formed between entities or persons...unsuspected or secret alliances.

Oh--and the Pluto degree is conjunct the USA's natal Pluto degree...let's face it.

So May 1, 2006, the Illuminati will be 230 years old and lookin' it, imho. And you know that May 1 is "Beltane"--the Illuminati's 2nd most sacred day, also called, "Walpurgis Night"...human sacrifice required, I've heard, although I've no personal experience of this, I most happily admit. If you, lone reader, know something of this, ILLUMINATE, if you please.

And who can forget the gloriousness of May 1, 2003, when George Bush landed on the Abraham Lincoln to declare "Mission Accomplished"?

I seriously suspect that on some level, m'peops, he was totally serious.

>>>"It doesn't matter who the people vote for; they always vote for us."

Update: Mar 5 2006 11:11 pm est

Read the Sun Tau/Moon Libra personality combo here:

Stars Over Washington: The Pentagon Apr 29 1942 10:30 am edt

*Dane Rudhyar
**Marc Edmund Jones

***Obviously this is the chart for Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian sect...the original Jesuit/Loyola puckishness was founded in 1534, last I heard.


Dubai Deal High Court Appeal

On Monday, March 6, the High Court of London is to hear the objections of a Miami company concerning the Dubai port deal.

Using sunrise, London, we see the Sun in confused, murky Pisces with disruptive, rebellious Uranus just having arisen.

Soon to rise is Rx Mercury in Pisces, and as you know, Mercury in Pisces is known for its intuition but not for logical reasoning ability. There is vacillation and indecisiveness--the fluctuating nature of mutable Pisces.

In fact, the perception of present reality can be distorted, and the emotions are easily played upon with Mercury (thinking; communication) in Pisces...a lovely sign, but not the best for getting to the bottom of things.

Seems not much will be revealed or decided, plus with Mercury Rx, the issue will continue on for more review. (Mercury is Rx for most of March. Perhaps late March, or April will bring resolution since Mercury rules contracts.)

At the top of the chart--the WHY or Aspiration Point--is controlling, manipulative Pluto, the power-behind-the-throne, in Sagitarrius, sign of the foreigner.

Also of note is the Moon/Mars (anger) conjunction 8Gem+.

Using "8Gem", Rudhyar version: "Aroused strikers surround a factory." Keynote: The disruptive power of the ambitious mind upon the organic wholeness of human relationship. REVOLT AGAINST PRIVILEGES. (MEJ gives this degree as PROTEST, which is what the Miami company is doing.)

Moon/Mars is sitting upon Fixed Star, Aldebaran, whose keywords are: "Success through integrity." (Hope it's not the same kind of integrity brought back to the White House.)

With the Ending/Ic point in mutable Gemini, sign of duplicity or multiplicity, the outcome may not suit the many, may be indecisive at best, and may stir up more PROTESTs than the powers-that-be may appreciate as they steamroll the rest of the world under their heavy thumb.

Read all about it:

Dubai Deal Delayed in London

Mar 3, 2006 2:16 pm est

Mar 1, 2006

US Constitution Read in Senate Chamber

Today, after the Senate passed a preliminary "sho, boss, whatever you say, boss" on the Patriot Act renewal--with a little smidge of protections added for effect--Sen Russ Feingold read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights before leaving the chamber.

At last--some political theater I can appreciate!

Sadly though, it was a RIP moment, with its promise of "somewhat limiting" governmental powers to compel information from people targeted in terror probes. Sounds necessary until you're the hapless target, doesn't it?

So earlier today, the Senate passed the measure 95-4, with Senators Byrd, Jeffors, and Harkin joining Feingold in the No Vote category. Leahy was successfully prevented from adding amendments. Guess the concerns of the people he represents don't count in the chamber.

"The die has now been cast," said Feingold after the Senate voted 84-15 to end his filibuster. "Obviously at this point, final passage of the reauthorization bill is now assured."

The final vote in the Senate will probably come Friday, March 3, and be on Bush's desk for his signature by or before the extension expires, March 10. (Do we get a squirrelly "signing statement" with that? How 'bout some Freedom Fries...or better yet, hold the fries, I'll take the freedom.)

This week, slow moving Neptune is sitting at 18AQ+...the midpoint of the Constitution's natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint:

Sat/Plu = Neptune: the desire to harm others secretly; fraud, falsehood, lies; danger through poison, gas, or water; immorality.

(Plus, this is doubly emphasized by the fact that transiting Sat/Plu is now atop natal Neptune!)

I esp like that first one--very descriptive, don't you think? 'Cos it's all secret and all--just the way the GOP likes it.

Here's my earlier post on the fading-fast Constitution:

Stars Over Washington: Get Your US Constitution While Ya Can

Bush Gives Wreath to Gandhi...

...and the shaft to the rest of the world. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Here is noon, Mar 1, 2006, New Delhi, India snugged around the secondary progressed chart of Mohanda Gandi, set for the same time.

I've circled in the 10th house of Public Status/Career transiting Pluto conjuncting Gandhi's Saturn, a combo of cruelty, war, violence, and abuse of authority.

Generally, when Pluto conjuncts Saturn, the past becomes significantly important to the present--structures and traditions upon which past work is based may be altered or even completely transformed by current circumstances. (Bush has that effect wherever his hooves trot, doesn't he?)

If Mr Bush actually has the audacity to go through with placing a wreath on the cremation site of a man known for peaceful non-violence, it will send a signal to the world, as Bush likes to say.

What signal, George? That you have no no idea of your own hypocrisy? That you think people are fooled by your empty gestures? That you have no respect for the sacrifices Gandhi made so that the world could attain peace? That you'll use anything or anyone to bolster "the agenda"?

Gandhi's Peace is with a capital P, while George's is with a lower case showed Peace, the other talks it while destroying it for cynical aims.

And whichever "handler" or "aide" told him it was a good idea to make a feeble, freakish attempt to associate a war-waging terror-mongerer with the gentle Gandhi, ought to have his head examined and his security clearance revoked.

If this travesty occurrs, the good people of India have a right to be insulted--and I seriously doubt they will be fooled. Guess they'll be needing new leaders, too, no matter how nobly they go along with the gag du jour.

Saturn/Pluto "26Sag" (*DR): "A flag-bearer in battle."

Keynote: The nobly accepted subservience of the individual to collective values and goals. CONSECRATION TO AN IDEAL.

**MEJ: "26Sag": NOBILITY.

Positive: spiritual exaltation through some dramatic or vital service to all.

Negative/shadow side: a resort to empty show or a demand for false credit.

3.1.06 10:37 am est

So how's the cozy little visit goin' so far?

India Protests Bush Visit

And here's Norman Solomon's take on Bush in India from Feb 28 on HuffPost:

Mahatma Bush: sadism in the service of empire

*Dane Rudhyar
**Marc Edmond Jones