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Jun 11, 2023

In 2015, 6 Nations Plotted to "Elect" Trump in 2016

A Huge Thank You to one of my FB friends for the shout-out on this: In 2015, 6 Nations hatched a Plot to elect Trump. The nations are: Saudi Arabia, Russia, Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt. Follow the links under this post to view any previous posts concerning these enemies of America. And note that, unsurprisingly, son-in-law Jared Kushner was an 'embed' for Israel.

Below is a newer version, re-read and freshly marked, of the RNC 2016 Full Moon Horoscope with the Full Moon @27Cap40 conjunct US 1776 Pluto, the spy; please note that marked factors may differ from earlier versions and for the curious reader, you may agree that the Capricorn Full Moon Horoscope is a stunner. Plus, my original post from 2015 concerning the traitorous situation may be read here: Horoscope: RNC 2016 Full Moon.

A Few Related Posts include: Trump Campaign's Russian Encounters at RNC 2016 spotlighting the embedded Paul Manafort, and Jeff Sessions who was later fired from his Attorney General position because he wasn't "protecting" Trump enough like Roy Cohn used to do. All this is what "electing" a mobbed-up crook did for America.

Sep 15, 2017

The UAE natal chart w/ the February 2018 Solar Eclipse

As you've heard by now Former Obama official Susan Rice unmasked Trump officials who met with UAE government officials during the Trump transition period. The UAE did not follow protocol and inform the Obama administration of the visit, hence the 'unmasking'. The Trump officials who secretively met with the UAE reps include Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, and Michael Flynn and it is reported that the meeting involved the setting up of a secret communications channel between Trump and the Russian government.

See Susan Rice bio details (born November 17, 1964 Washington, DC.)

Apparently, Mr. Trump wants more of Russia and Mr. Putin than he can honestly get. Yet if a shady communications channel with Russia and Trump was set up, how long did Mr. Trump and his gang think it could go undetected?

Be that as it may, here is the natal horoscope of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which was officially proclaimed on December 2, 1971 at Dubai 12:00 pm R3T -4:00 (my SolarFire Gold v9 software gives the time zone as USZ3 -4:00, same chart):

Please enlarge the image to read basic chart notes.

Around the chart and conjunct the UAE's Ascendant @27AQ43 is notated the February 16, 2018 partial Solar Eclipse in the 1 South Saros Series with themes of: flooded with ideas and options which are enthusiastically expressed; an element of haste is attached but outcomes are potentially positive (paraphrasing Predictive Astrology, Brady). Note that the February 2018 1 South Eclipse opposes the UAE's Prenatal Solar Eclipse, aka, PE (conjunct natal Descendant @27Leo15 in the 9 New South Saros Series; themes: bringing to the surface long-term worries about loved ones, health, or issues concerning paperwork or communications; responsibilities with paperwork may 'come home to roost' and any news has a sense of destiny or fate attached (Brady). So the February 2018 eclipse may possibly activate or provide illumination of the UAE's PE issues and concerns and combine them with 1 South themes in some way.

And with the February 2018 eclipse personalized for the UAE (conjunct natal DESC) we may expect the UAE federation to remain in US news headlines well into 2018.


If you've avoided it so far (and I can't blame you!), you may wish to view the horoscope of the Solar Return 2017 of Donald Trump. Your Comments and/or your Shares are always appreciated!

Mar 13, 2006

United Arab Emirates created 1971

On July 18, 1971, at noon in Abu Dahbi, the UAE was signed into being.

Wish I had more time to post on the UAE chart, but a couple of details must be mentioned--that the US's secondary progressed Mars Rx Station, July 21, '06, is conjunct this Ascendant..."19Lib" = "a gang of robbers in hiding."

UAE's Ascendant has quite a pile-up of asteroids, too: Minerva, Hebe, and Siva.
These archetypes conjure up some interesting speculations on which groups/nations were represented at the signing, and may still be slinking about!

Sun is parallel Bacchus, god of wine and such--as a way to avoid dealing with emotional issues.

The Ic or Foundation of the chart, "18Cap" = the New World Order degree:
"18Cap" = "the Union Jack flies from a British warship"....POLITICAL POWER, as in "the power of privileged groups...alas, this power can easily be misused under the pretext of preserving 'law and order.'" (Yeah, we's the "smug and strong-armed paternalism" we fear.)

At the top of the chart, the WHY/Aspiration Point (Mc) is "18Can" which is the Discovery degree of Pluto (1930), and you know of Pluto's connection to atomic and nuclear power. Pluto's heliopcentric North Node, 20Can, a critical or crisis degree, is also at the top of this chart.

Venus, in the 9th house of foreigners, is conjunct the US natal Sun, which is, of course, George Bush's natal Sun.

In the 8th house, is n Moon at "6Gem" = "Drilling for oil"> SPECULATION (I can't make this up), and currently, transiting asteroid, Midas (The Greedy), is conjunct this Moon. Saturn placed in 8th house likes to manage other peoples' money and affairs...many bank accounts are hidden there.

Opposite, in 2nd house, deceptive, delusionary Neptune is at the "Grand army of the republic campfire" degree of "1Sag." Jupiter is out-of-sign but conjunct Neptune, a signature of extreme idealism, oversensitivity, and the possibility of involvement with mystical cults.

The creation of the UAE occurred in the 9 New North Series of Solar Eclipses which began Aug 21, 1664. It concerns sudden physical events, great physical effort, accidents, or possibly violence. This Series will manifest again in 2007.

Images for the shrewd Sun Can/Moon Gem personality blend:

A family plays a game of charades...Young children enacting a play wedding in the garden.

Quite the playland, I've heard, but charades and fake ceremonies hide deep family commitments, suitable for and descriptive of the tribal tendencies which the Solar/Individuality of the West is meeting each day in the Moon-ruled Middle East.

And since we all know that the Bush administration can be deceived through its wishful gullibility and idealism--or at least pretends to be--let's hope Washington has figured out the deeper nature of this billionaire's "playland."

3.13.06 8:52 pm est

Chart details are thanks to Bill Meridian, Mountain Astrologer Magazine, Dec-Jan 2006 issue...excellent issue, if you've missed it.

Visit: Mountain Astrologer Magazine


Update Feb 2015: now using Nicholas Campion's version of the Dec 2, 1971 UAE chart set for Dubai at 12:00 pm, the hour of the proclamation that created the federation: ASC 27AQ44; Sun 9Sag29 conjunct Neptune 3Sag03 (at MC); Moon 9Gem36 conjunct Saturn 2Gem30 Rx (at IC).