Nov 19, 2009

Will Nixon tape's missing 18 1/2 mins be detected?

After a meeting with his chief of staff Bob Haldemann on June 20, 1972 President Richard Nixon's secretary supposedly 'erased' 18 1/2 minutes causing a mysterious a gap in the tape of their discussion. But Haldemann was an ace note-taker and 2 pages of his yellow legal pad are being subjected to scrutiny, a probe set up by the National Archives.

If new detective techniques can do the job, we may be hearing a few missing details from their meeting 3 days after the break-in at Democratic National headquarters in the Watergate complex. Crooks will do anything to get re-elected.

A Little Astrology

Taking a peek at a morning chart for June 20, 1972 (which is not so different from the break-in chart - break-in Moon 20Vir28, break-in Sun 26Gem56 conj Venus 26:13 Rx; missing minutes Moon 19Lib59 @ 8:30 am edt; Sun 29Gem16, Venus 24:42 Rx; Pluto also at a critical degree, 29Vir20/21, direct in both charts) we see tr Uranus 14Lib12 Rx in process of conjoining US natal Saturn, a period when circunstances challenge us in areas related to rules, regulations, laws, and restrictions. But if you're president, you can operate on the 'if the president does it, it's legal' delusion and hope you and your operatives aren't caught.

Transiting Mars 24Can50 sits upon US n Mercury indicating revved up mental energies with lots of info and communications flowing within an environment that can become chaotic or aggressive; the urge is to turn thoughts into actions; verbal combat is likely, and one speaks one's mind (then one has one's secretary pretend to accidentally erase 18 1/2 of one's mind-speaking before tapes are turned over to Congress.)

If you use the US Sibly chart, tr Saturn 12Gem15 conjuncts US natal Descendant (Partnerships); tr Jupiter 4Cap19 Rx opposes US n Venus no matter which natal chart you use, and will go on to oppose its own position, then US natal Sun:

Tr Jupiter oppo n Venus: values, sincerity, perspective and sense of proportion suffer; harmony in working with others is lacking, and things tend to fall flat.

Tr Jupiter oppo n Jupiter: there is discontent with personal achievements and no one is impressed with one's efforts which tend to be overblown and ineffective; pushing too hard or taking anything for granted don't turn out well.

Tr Jupiter oppo Sun: material assets tend to become depleted, and generosity is extended to the wrong people or are wasted in worthless endeavors (the basic story of Washington DC?); grandiose schemes and overreaching are common with this transit when victories compromise integrity; forces oppose and ego is deflated so one tries a 'work around' which, as we know, didn't turn out well for Nixon or for the nation.

There's a midpoint of interest involving saboteur Pluto (which was not within orb during the evening of the break-in) - any, all, or none may apply...

Mars/Neptune = Pluto: irresponsible attitude; selfish pursuit of one's objectives; devil-may-care attitude; compulsion to find the source of and using the available energies of mystical or unknown natures; dreaming of violence or aggravation. (Tyl; Munkasey.)

Now the article linked above states that results of their detective work may be available in early 2010 which is interesting to me because of the Solar Eclipse of Jan 15, 2010 @ '25Cap' (12 North = opportunites to accept respnsibilities through another's inability to carry on; difficult events but positive outcomes.)

Jan 2010's 12N solar manifestation @ '25Cap' links by degree to the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the 'missing 18 1/2 minutes' chart @ 25Cap25 and the 'break-in' chart of 3 days earlier - because it's at the same degree (near US natal Pluto) in the 10 North Series.

This synchronistically points to early 2010 since 12N's last manifestation was on Feb 7, 2008 @ '18AQ', the "A Man Unmasked" degree - Rudhyar says: "A Man's Secret Motives Are Being Publicky Unmasked' flavor.

He says it refers to the publlicing of past behavior!

Brady's Predictive Astrology concurs...10N = communications are emphasized; frustrations or inhibiting events occur via news, paperwork, or a young person; feelings are tired and drained.

Well, I hope the detectives get info that can be publicized so that Nixon's motives are more clearly known and truth is outed. I lived in DC during the Watergate scandal and have never appreciated what Nixon's criminalities did to the place, my favorite city.

You may wish to review a 2007 post I wrote for the 33rd anniversary of Nixon's resignation which contains a link to the resignation letter Tricky Dick sent to his NWO pal, Henry Kissinger.

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