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Feb 16, 2011

America's Democracy of Hypocrisy; Rally in Wisconsin 2.15.11 (video)

The Spirit of Uprising wafts through our global air and the following video is one that I am feeling hopeful about and very proud to display on Stars Over Washington, a blog written and dedicated to my ideal of the United States of America. Not the perverted warmongering America of the neocons and Zionists, but America the Beautiful, the world's haven of Liberty and Freedom.

And that includes Freedom to Protest so continue countering their austerity madness, good people of Madison, Wisconsin!

Isthmus on the Union Rally 2.15.11

Hypocrisy Increases Further Sullying America's White Hat

by Jude Cowell

In the news during these days of Riots, Strikes, and Uprisings are many examples of US government officials criticizing other nations for repressing their populations who wish to protest against government.

Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been loose with her praise for those who are demanding democracy and better social conditions from their leaders such as those in Tehran (well, democracy is one of our primary political catchwords in America, a shield in times of assault in the Rs v Ds chess game of factions positioning for control of Washington microphones, gavels, and bank vaults here and abroad. NYSE now 60% German-owned....publicly, I mean, not just under the table anymore.)

High-handedly, Joe Lieberman and Peter King are leading the GOP charge to shove through the Shield Act in honor of a certain slippery foreign varmint name of Julian Assange because apparently the Espionage Act of 1917 won't be enough to permanently net and squelch their prey, they fear. (Unless as some say, Assange works with the CIA, or is their dupe, either of which is a masterful way of putting out disinformation with no paw prints on it.

News Flash from me: even if the US gov manages to put Mr. Assange on trial, convict, and sentence him, it will not add one iota to the slim sliver of good will a majority of the American people now have toward the current totalitarian, chaos-creating tactics of those whose predecessors usurped both our political parties and now masquerade as one-of-us.

Washington DC's faction wars can't solve our nation's societal ills (and aren't meant to or they could do a lot better than they're doing: such as admitting that fraud and embezzlement have gone on for years until now - US coffers are looted like the Baghdad Museum.) Nor will the draconian austerity cuts now threatened against the ill, elderly, and poor among us 'solve' things but will further hobble the US economy and cause more mass misery than we've already seen.

When a nation's meekest are not kept safe from rich plutocrats of the world, a moral line has been crossed similar to a society that makes a habit of using abortion as birth control. Both create bad karma for all must reap what they sow, even governments.

However, if my fellow Americans retain hold of our traditional national conscience in 2011 ('is this how America treats its citizens?'), we will not allow our resources to zoom elsewhere and stoke military enterprises, but toward the people who paid into tax funds and who must ask for a leg up to be given by those who've sought and made their fortunes with aid from American society. Make your money in America, support her when social conditions warrant it.

Yet actions always speak louder, we know, and if America has lower to fall (US natal Saturn exalted in Libra (sign of justice and balance) in 10th house of World Status and Career = a fall from grace if Saturn's lessons are disregarded by government. To whom much is given, much is required, says Saturn in 10th house. Plutocrats don't wish to remember such a thing so our protests are in part to remind them they need the consent of the governed or all their 'authority' will go pouf!)

Well, I for one, do not want our American society to fall by the wayside of globalists who honor no loyalties but their own (and their cabal oaths.) If they have hearts, they're in the wrong place and we see this as we observe and experience what globalists (or, the power elite, if you prefer) produce in the world...things like loss, grief, fear, and suffering. Survival of the Fittest is a theory put in practice by the win-at-any-costers with which we's the dog-eat-dog method of gaining (or stealing) worldly 'success' built upon the backs of others with eugenics the ugly foundation.

Yet most people would prefer to live their lives and watch their children develop in harmony. Media colludes by telling the public repeatedly that there are bad men in the world, beware. Why yes, there are, and I'm lookin' at a bunch of 'em on my TV screen spouting state propaganda over and over. The old "It's him, not me" ploy (like a Martin Short skit on SNL) never directs its energy in the proper direction for it's too busy redirecting our attention away from political misdeeds, crimes, and prejudices.

Therefore, no real problems ever have to be honestly faced; thus no solutions arise.

Never Having Enough, The GOP Wants What You Got

Not only are the Republicans trying to remove all vestiges of Women's Health Care availability in the US, they want to 'remove the authority' for enforcement and rollback to the 19th century the protections of the Child Labor Law Act of 1916, if Republican Jane Cunningham of Missouri has her wacky way.

Is support for a return to child slavery growing in US political circles? In 2011, are uppity manufacturing conglomerates gearing up for a new amassing of a cheap slave labor force in the US to 'compete' with workers' low pay scales in China, India, and other places where US jobs migrated for the benefit of corporatism's bottom line? How could our job-starved economy possibly benefit from adding millions of child workers to US labor rolls now unless profiteers know something we don't as of yet know? Has the GOP completely lost its moral compass? Is Cunningham's super-regressive, dark-age idea our only clue to their craveness?

The YOD of US Secondary Progressions 2001 and 2002

Astrologically, I'm looking at a horoscope of US Secondary Progressions (Sec) set for February 7, 2002, the date that George Bush signed a presidential 'waiver' exempting the White House (his nibs himself) from having to consider members of al Qaeda and the Taliban as human beings. In Bush's world, his oil-and-poppy-infused 'enemy combatants' then magically became less than human (a commonly used tactic which Hitler finessed); thus they were subject to being tortured in the crazed notion that information would be forthcoming with enough pressure applied. Resulting deaths were often only inconveniences and perhaps still linger in the way unsolved crimes and mysteries have of retaining secrets within their DNA. As a thing begins, so will it end, and with many karmic lessons learned - or unlearned - in between.

So the Sec chart with our Sec Neptune/NN (Neptune in fated Nodal degree: 26Vir29 Rx vs NN 26Can54) received our national Sec Sun (the leader) in 2001/02 at the very point in the Zodiac that inconjuncts both Sec Neptune and Sec NN creating a YOD pattern of crisis, a crossroads, turning point, special task, and/or major adjustment now ripe for activation by progression.

A big deal? I would say so, especially since the Neptune/NN sextile at the YOD's base had progressed into a position of pointing to US natal Moon 27AQ10 (so the YOD's base had progressed to a quincunxial relationship with our n Moon of 1776); our Sec Sun progressed to the apex position in the same YOD which created a double YOD pattern. Below are the two midpoint pictures formed with the intrinsic nature of the Neptune/NN combination indicating:

Thesis: leadership that is unwilling or unable to consider the demands of its people; ideals or national glamour are excuses for neglecting the growth and progress demands of the population or important groups.

Antithesis: scandals caused by foreign concerns; spies or terrorists enter for villainous purposes; an ill-adapted, inadequate hospital or medical care system; drug policies that avoid important concerns.

To Neptune/NN, Ebertin adds: exploiting, deceiving, and cheating other people; anti-social elements; lack of judgment leads to wrong ideas about associations.

These were some of the social issues we needed honestly addressed in the early days of the New Millennium. They were not. And things have continued to fester in America.

YOD's Midpoint Pictures:

Sec Neptune/NN = Sec Sun: encouragement to be your own person in deciding what influences from others you will or will not accept from other people (Bush,
the decider? jc); being let down by others.

Sec Neptune/NN = natal Moon: disappointments; a cessation of inner understanding between people; a lack of community spirit; lack of adaptability; feeling ostracised or misunderstood. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

2001 and 2002 presented America a crossroads fraught with governmental misdirections and dirty political tricks while the American people then needed, as now, to hear truth, not cynical slogans and half-truths meant to twist our heartstrings, mobilize our patriotism, and rob our pockets. The long-submerged iceberg of theft and fraud in America surfaced to great fanfare and political theater with the Bush-Cheney Financial Collapse 2008 - and trillions of dollars simply 'disappeared' as if they never were.

Meanwhile, in the America of President Obama and Secretary Clinton circa 2011, hypocrisy uttered by governmental mouths continues apace and one may wonder how oppressed we-the-people will find ourselves when we finally follow Wisconsin's example and get off our chubby duffs en masse to remind Washington and local governments that their paternalistic abridging of our rights is completely unacceptable, a word politicians are so very fond of using when displeased.

For if Iran, Libya, and the rest of the restless are the goose, Madame Secretary and Mr. President, then America must be the gander. It's time we-the-people had a big helping of that democracy sauce, thanks. And leave our Twitter and Internet alone while you're out speechifying so inspiringly across the globe.


If you know of demonstrations or rallies for common causes springing up these days in America, pass along the details or a link in a Comment, if you wish. We-the-people once knew how, right? Thanks! jc


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. Thank you.

Off topic, I wonder if you've seen the article about the possible discovery of a giant gas planet in our Oort Cloud. It's been named Tyche (Ty-kee), good sister of Nemesis and protector of cities. Link:

Sorry about being off topic again, Jude. Just couldn't wait to share to see what you think.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks for reading and leaving the link - followed it and that will be fantastic news, if so. There are several things I noticed in the article but no room to discuss them here.

Interesting name for the speculative planet. And since the Oort Cloud is hypothesized as well, it's a good place for this new-fangled planet. ;p

Did you know there's also an asteroid Tyche w a Heliocentric NN in late Libra? Just thought I'd toss that in.

Must read more on Tyche, thanks! Esp since Earth's cities could use all the help they can get. jc

Astroplethoramaman said...

Jude, your summary is spot on. As you allude to in your comments on Wisconsin, the Republican Party in its current form loves centralized power, whether political or corporate, and will do everything in its power to seize and consolidate more. A hallmark of a failing state.
Re: GWB's “waiver,” I tend to focus more on transits, and there are several worth pointing out. Saturn—which in opposition to Pluto across USA ascendant in 2001 signaled a vast campaign of fear, control and repression—was for the last time hovering on the horizon. Jupiter (law) in opposition to Chiron (mentoring) lined up with USA Jupiter, showing in retrospect a moment when the country ran off the rails in setting up an ongoing extra-legal system of torture and rendition (a peculiar word to adopt, in the sense of “interpretation” of law and rules of engagement). And Mercury (decisions, directives) was retrograde (revision, reconsideration) and moving back across the American Pluto position (ultimate projection of national power). Neptune was separating from the nation's lunar nodal axis, moving off the south node, relating to the ideals and illusions about spreading “democracy.” And Mars was exactly opposite USA Saturn, representing an attack from within upon the nation's ability to make responsible and constructive policy.
This directive and its implementation did much to erode America's moral and political standing in the world. And the transits show the potency of the moment.

DD said...

Pluto moving from Sag to Cap is big in my opinion. As in any pendulum swing I expect some tightening in the control of the powerful. It is awesome to witness. You are in front of the curious guiding many and I, for one, am thankful.

Also, does Tyche relate to Marduk, the planet that will force us off path?

I watch, and marvel, as the restrictions we all face. Squeeze the all and watch the cockroaches squirm. I feel the pain, tight along with others. It's as if this is a great way to keep me and others off mark, ignoring what is really worth reviewing. You continue to help us keep our eyes on the ball.