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Jan 5, 2022

The Solar Eclipse of Thomas Jefferson,_1800.jpg

By "Solar Eclipse of Thomas Jefferson" I refer to the Solar Eclipse Saros Series during which his birth took place on April 2, 1743, and to his Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') itself in the 15 South Saros Series, shown, below.

Here is an image of Mr. Jefferson's PE Horoscope with my study notes, plus, 15 South themes, penned on (via B. Brady; top center). The chart is set for his location of birth, Shadwell, Virginia and a link to his natal horoscope is added, below:

Now often a birth time of 1:53 am LMT is used for Jefferson's natal chart (with 18Cap17 rising and a 10th house Pluto Rx @16Sco04), however, other birth hours have been proposed here and there, some through rectification of life events. I tend to use the 1:53 am chart because I've read that it's close to early morning time from the notes his father wrote upon the occasion. (Any reader with more info, please leave a comment!)

So here's a link to the astrodatabank version (RR: X = date without time) which displays no house cusps, only planetary positions in Thomas Jefferson's Natal Horoscope.

And this is one reason I always check out the PE of a person or event especially ones without a known hour - because with eclipses, the Cosmos always gets the timing exactly right!

A Very Descriptive Sabian Symbol

Jefferson's PE @5Sag: "A Wise Old Owl Up In A Tree" which emphasizes his erudite studies, the then-rural Monticello countryside, and Jefferson's preference for solitude which is also a feature of Neptune-North-Node ('NN') = Midheaven. In addition, Neptune Rx in Moon-ruled Cancer (high sensitivity!) leads a Locomotive shape of his eclipse planets suggesting a ruthless determination toward success - a desire perhaps well-hidden since nebulous Neptune is the engine. As you know, this was the way desires to hold political offices (and generalships of an army!) were done back in the day. Now I know what you're thinking, dear reader: is there a Locomotive led by Neptune in Jefferson's natal chart? Nope. So without a consideration of his Prenatal Eclipse Horoscope, I'd not be mentioning the implications of a ruthless Locomotive for Mr. Jefferson who, after all, made it to the top as President of the USA.

Note: No, the "YODs" in this chart are not actually considered YODs because the third 'leg' is only an angle, the Midheaven, instead of a planet. Therefore, I've listed them as midpoint pictures (center) and inconjuncts (lower left).

Related is a rather curious post about dragons, rosy glows, and Utopianism in which the name of Thomas Jefferson prominently appears.

Mar 17, 2021

Two US Charts Progressed to New Moon Phase 2024

America's Lack of Community Spirit: The Moon Makes an Excellent Timer

by Jude Cowell

March 17, 2021: Below is a dual image of two of America's July 4, 1776 charts (lower left: 5:09 pm LMT) and (upper right: 11:32 am LMT) when progressed to our nation's Secondary Progressed ('SP') New Moon @19Pis26. Naturally with the SP charts issuing from two differently timed horoscopes, progressed timing results vary. The July 4, 1776 chart set for 5:09 pm LMT (Philadelphia, PA) when progressed to our upcoming New Moon phase gives March 25, 2024 while the US chart set for 11:32 am LMT results in the perfection of the SP New Moon @19Pis26 on June 18, 2024:

Due to the SP Neptune-North-Node sextile (appearing in both charts), with SP Neptune in fated Nodal Degree (25Cancer vs 25Virgo), we find the typical position of US natal Moon (24 to 27 AQ; We The People; July 4, 1776) potentially being affected by the progressed sextile as the base of a YOD pattern (crisis/turning point/special task/karmic opportunity) as it symbolically points toward US natal Moon. And if we read the three points as a midpoint picture, we have "Lack of community spirit" (or, "lack of teamwork" - highlighted in red). It seems doubtful to me that anyone would disagree with such an assessment particularly when it comes to US Politics and politicians who vie for power while stalling progressive legislation via their constant political battles which are often little more than tempests in teapots stirred up by posers, imposters, and secret manipulators of the wealthy class, both foreign and domestic.

Now there are several chart factors which may interest you, dear reader, so I hope you'll enlarge the image, see what you think, and leave an on-topic comment if you wish.

Plus, you'll see that there are a few notes on transits penned on: another YOD pattern in the March 25th chart (transit Saturn-MC = transit Moon; left side), and check out transit Saturn conjunct SP New Moon in the June 18th horoscope and conjunct transit Mars-Pluto, see upper right). One example (highlighted in blue, lower right) is a midpoint picture which appears in one of the charts (the 11:32 am chart; upper right) but not in the other, and it's North Node-Ascendant = Jupiter (Rx) with potentials for 'sociability; humanitarianism'; and/or 'the politics behind shaping opinions' (aka, spin or propaganda). To me this supports a years-long conviction that US Politics as a practice is based more on Political Theater performances and public relations stunts rather than on representing We The People and doing 'the people's business'. Well, politicians do tend to think of themselves as brilliant thespians, you know (Jupiter!).

Of course, President Biden's recent Covid Relief Bill has brought a totally different vibe across the land, hasn't it? As if improvement (Jupiter) is on the way at last.

Meanwhile, the strong emphasis on individualism in the American character continues to evolve as 2024 nears with US progressions retaining a Splay shape of planets describing what for some is a striving to live up to the "cowboy ethic" (exs: John Wayne films, "macho man" dreams and illusions, the 'former guy' in the White House, etc).

Well, pardner, I'm about to mosey for the evening and hope this fairly fussy post has contained something of interest for you! If so, do let me know because your encouragement is always much appreciated. jc

Nov 26, 2020

Trump Nodal Return 2020 IDs secret meeting with Special Forces

No Alarm, Merely a Forewarning that's Hopefully Unnecessary

by Jude Cowell

Most everyone is anxious about Inauguration Day 2021. Well, as it turns out, on the very day of his Nodal Return, October 29, 2020, Trump met behind the scenes with US Special Forces at Fort Bragg, NC, the men who killed Islamic leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi a year or so ago. During their meeting that was conducted "outside the view of the press corp traveling with him," Trump presented the troops with a Presidential Unit Citation, an honor formerly known as a Distinguished Unit Citation. For conspiracy theorists the fancy word play (as if to put Trump's personal stamp on the award and "claim" the troops as his own whether all of them like it or not), plus, Trump's (North Node conjunct North Node in duplicitous Gemini) secret meeting with Special Forces, seems to be part of a potential Inauguration Day 2021 Mars-Uranus Conjunction plan for anarchy since we know that Trump will do anything to hold onto to power and thus avoid (or postpone!) his fate.

Yes, it goes against the grain yet I'm reluctantly suggesting here the possibility of a Trump scheme to use military intervention by what some might call 'rogue' units to be put in service to a cult leader instead of honoring their oaths to the US Constitution. Trump's ongoing legal challenges to his election loss could be serving as a distraction campaign for such military muscling up behind the scenes. For when a politician says, 'look here', we must be sure to look elsewhere.

Astrologically, such interventionist energies peak on January 20, 2021 (noon chart shown) when the Mar-Uranus Conjunction @6Tau44 perfects at 3:38 pm est - quite near Joe Biden's natal Moon (@00Tau59, in n 5th house). And as you know, earlier at noon that day, the combustible, activist pair rises over Capitol Hill in 12th house: behind the scenes; Politics; US Congress. Yet hopefully, all these considerations are too fantastical for practical implementation and too non-traditional to be feasible. After all, President-Elect Biden has the option to use US military troops for various purposes, too.

Meanwhile, here's something I wrote on Trump's above linked Nodal Return Horoscope of October 29th which apparently relates to this difficult topic. It involves the fact that transiting Neptune (fraudster, speculator, grand schemer, liar, erosion, the media) in secretive, shady Pisces, has been squaring Trump's Nodal Axis which creates potentials for: subversives who undermine traditional religious and social standards and principles (ex: the peaceful transition of power that We The People must rely on); sabotage of social institutions, and/or terrorists with villainous purposes (Munkasey).

So in closing, here again is a view of the Inauguration 2021 Horoscope with the Inauguration 2017 Horoscope added:

A Closely Related Post:Trump regime identified by Mars-Uranus since 2017.

Feb 28, 2020

Moon-Tracking DNC 2020 and RNC 2020

February 28, 2020: Solar and Lunar Considerations for DNC and RNC 2020

by Jude Cowell

Dual Images: DNC opens July 13, 2020 Milwaukee, WI "12:00 am" CDT (upper right); RNC opens August 24, 2020 Charlotte, NC "12:00 am" EDT (lower left). Charts are set for 12:00 am in order to 'snag' the earliest positions of both Sun (leadership) and Moon (We the People; the public mood). The DNC lasts until the evening of July 16th while the RNC winds up during the evening of August 27th. Ranges of motion of Sun and Moon over those dates are listed, below.

Both conventions fall under the disruptive influences of the 4 North Solar Eclipse which perfects at Summer Solstice June 21, 2020 @00Can21, a Cardinal World Point of manifestation, fame, recognition, and global events. Eclipse themes include potentials for: 'restraint, restriction, separation, inhibition, and illusion along with events that block progress and a tendency toward misjudging strength or the situation' (Brady's Predictive Astrology). One wonders if the corona virus contagion is included within these themes since by Summer public gatherings may be limited in scope, barely attended, or cancelled. Be that as it may or may not be--

DNC and RNC 2020: Tracking the Sun and Moon

Tracking both Sun (leadership) and Moon (the public mood, plus, you and me) through both charts/conventions over the length of each party's dates of activity (from 12 am to 11:59 pm each day) can be revealing. First comes the Democratic National Convention from July 13 to July 16, then the Republicans take center stage from August 24 to August 27. Note that during RNC 2020, Donald Trump enjoys a Lunar Return (to 21Sag12 conjunct his natal South Node) on Wednesday August 26th at 9:53:26 pm edt with Mars trine Moon (things hum along, males cooperate) and Neptune continues its off-and-on square to natal Moon (shifting alliances, undermining obstacles, confusion, lethargy, and/or deception). A lunar return at this particular time may be an indicator of people returning to Trump as their candidate or nominee based on emotional considerations and/or unconscious motivations. Also, on August 19th perfects RNC 2020's Syzygy Moon, a New Moon @26Leo35--conjunct Trump's natal Mars which denotes a new cycle of activity for him, plus, a seeding of new plans with his typical Martian qualities of aggression and brashness.

There are three Sun-Moon blends during each political party's convention thanks to Luna changing signs; the following notes are primarily from Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey, and one of their "Images for Integration" is included to describe each combination of energies:

With the convention's Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior) actually the Lunar Eclipse of July 5th (@13Cap37), DNC 2020 opens July 13th with Sun Cancer-Moon Aries, a steamy, perhaps scalding or sterilizing Water-Fire blend with a Moon-Mars influence that comes out fighting, is passionate about individual rights, combines tenderness with bravado, and has a patriotic heart committed to personal values. Yet a sharp tongue may be evident along with a brisk, authoritative manner hiding that sensitive lunar-ruled Sun sign. Image for Integration: "A suffragette takes to the barricades in aid of her cause." Note that Luna enters Taurus on July 13 at 12:33:49 pm CDT giving a second blend to consider, plus, the Moon conjoins Uranus @10Tau16:33 on July 14 at 9:13:56 am CDT denoting potentials for emotional excitement, restlessness, a sudden change of circumstances, an unusual woman, a humanitarian doctrine expressed via rapport with all nationalities, and/or feelings of anxiety.

And so July 14th's Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus is a practical Water-Earth blend with Moon-Venus vibes that suggests the intuition, responsibility, and tenaciousness of a practical idealist and the talent of a natural psychologist. However this blend can become stubborn, fussy, and autocratic at times while exhibiting old fashioned values, shrewdness, and an ability to listen to the needs of others, but with a tendency toward subjective prejudices. Image for Integration: "A flourishing family business."

Then on July 16th at 12:19 am CDT, Luna enters Mercury-ruled Gemini and an ethereal Sun Cancer-Moon Gemini Water-Air blend begins to flavor DNC proceedings. This chatty combination suggests potentials for self-deprecating humor, wittiness, sensitivity to others, and popularity but can tend toward indecisiveness or vacillation. Shrewd yet warm-hearted, this perceptive blend is that of a natural teacher. Image for Integration: "A family plays a game of charades." (This word picture makes me wonder if the outcome of the DNC's political performances is predetermined and meant only as entertainment for the masses! But that's my cynical nature typing after almost 15 years of peering at DC Politics through the revealing lens of Astrology. You, dear reader, certainly don't have to agree!)

Now for the three Sun-Moon blends of RNC 2020. And stay tuned for the most significant midpoint pictures in force during the whole of both conventions for they'll be added to the end of this post.

RNC 2020 opens on August 24th with Sun Virgo-Moon Scorpio, a practical Earth-Water blend influenced by intense Mercury-Mars-Pluto vibes. This blend suggests dedication, resourcefulness, loyalty, subjectivism, opinionation, and piousness; it prefers to get on with a useful, dutiful, well-defined job. Analytical, rational, and critical, folks influenced by the vibes of Sun Virgo-Moon Scorpio are far more emotionally motivated than they believe themselves to be, tend to exhibit a fighting spirit, and can be fanatical about "getting it right." Note that anti-abortion laws may be part of this picture and its Image for Integration is: "A zealous insect-lover stands quietly in the bushes observing the mating habits of the praying mantis." (Nosy much?) And actually at its opening the Scorpio Moon precisely opposes radical Uranus in Taurus with potentials for erratic or nontraditional behavior, anti-social conduct, and a tendency to misjudge other people.

(So both DNC and RNC contain strong Moon-Uranus influences which may be exciting but hint at sudden reforms, emotionally immature people, and/or leaders who rule by whim. That's on both sides.)

Then on Tuesday August 25th at 8:48:54 am EDT, Luna enters Sagittarius creating a Mercury-Jupiter flavored Sun Virgo-Moon Sag combo of Earth and Fire, the scorched-earth blend of a bull dozer. Under these influences the convention's atmosphere turns rather restless yet remains under a measure of control--plus, criticism takes on a more moralistic tone. Offended beliefs and high standards for others lead to emotional distance and aloofness yet rules and traditions can be tossed away or ignored when it's personally convenient for rule-makers. In part, 'prim and proper eccentrics' may be who is described here.

Finally, RNC 2020 closes the evening of August 27th with a Sun Virgo-Moon Capricorn combination of energies, a double-Earth blend, its deepest fear that of losing control. Luna enters ambitious, austere, authoritarian Capricorn in the early afternoon at 1:36:39 pm EDT after floating out-of-bounds of the earthly plane since 8:30 am EDT, a detached and/or alienated condition for the public's Moon. This may suggest some loss of audience or public favor especially since the Moon simultaneously conjoins its own transiting South Node which may suggest a loss of popularity and/or bad timing. Meanwhile, ambition, skepticism, workaholism, and polished professionalism are exhibited onstage along with a basic expectation to 'get back what's been given' (or, a tit for tat attitude? too much austerity?). Long-held convictions are a driving force while rational justifications for every action and goal are well-rehearsed and ready for presentation. For this blend let's add two Images for Integration: "A headline: Small town boy makes good...Fine bone china," perhaps with an emphasis on China.

Now to close, let's consider the two significant midpoint pictures which remain in effect during each convention:

For the Democrats the ongoing influence is Neptune-North Node = Uranus creating potentials for 'self-willed motives that upset group expectations; becoming upset over the anti-social conduct of others; a sudden displacement from associations; and/or the undermining of relationships'. I suspect this may refer to the DNC taking away the people's choice of Senator Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee but of course this situation may morph into different circumstances by July. However, the Neptune-NN pairing does suggest anti-social conduct and a lack of community spirit from any angle--and Michael Munkasey in Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets reveals it as "a leadership which is unwilling or unable to consider the demands of its people." Add the Moon to the midpoint picture (when Luna meets Uranus @10Taurus!) and we have 'someone feeling ostracized' (Tyl). Is that We The People whose preference is being ignored by the DNC, Bernie being cheated, or both?

As for the Republicans, the ongoing midpoint picture through the entire shebang is Jupiter-Saturn = Pluto with potentials for: 'immense effort, violent changes, separation, restriction (resonates with 4 North eclipse themes listed, above); intense business activity, a total reversal of plans; dramatic thrust of self; control of the situation; fearlessness; and/or major change of situation'.

Note: All midpoint pictures in this post are a combination of Tyl, Munkasey, and Ebertin with a little bit of yours truly tossed in.

Well, there's my limited assessment of DNC 2020 and RNC 2020 through a Solar-Lunar lens. As always your on-topic comments are welcome and all gracious Shares are much appreciated! jc

Dec 12, 2015

2016 Politics: Jupiter-North Node conjoin in Virgo

Money Planet Jupiter and the North Node Connect Three Times in 2016

by Jude Cowell

Having discovered an excellent article by Nina Gryphon concerning 2016's Jupiter-North Node conjunction in Virgo I recommend it highly for a good overview is provided of several areas some of which involve the Federal Reserve. Nina relates the conjunction/s in 2016 to the ending and beginning of a new fiscal era as it did in 1979 when the Fed changed its policy and a period of fluctuating rates and instability occurred. For as you know, Jupiter inflates, the North Node (NN) of the Moon is a Jupiterian point of encounter, contact, association, and direction and Mercury-ruled Virgo is a detail-oriented, discriminating Earth sign closely linked to the very creation of Washington DC.

But what areas are implicated by the Jupiter-NN combination in Politics?

As an actor, Jupiter can play many roles, four of which are politician, banker, guru (mentor, priest), and The General. All of these realms are subject to influence from the Jupiter-NN conjunction/s of 2016. And with 2016 an election year, we naturally think of the 2016 Campaign which is focused on the Republican and Democratic Conventions in July 2016, and the November 8, 2016 Presidential Election with Jupiter often used to signify one of America's two political parties. Which one? Which ever one is acting the Santa Claus role as the other party acts out the austere Grinch role. You know which is which these days based on their behaviors, right? So if I must, I'll gingerly reward the Jupiter-NN title to the Democratic Party for 2016. Actually the Jupiter-Saturn pair of energies is the 'checks and balances' duo, the way the US government is meant to work and be conducted but you know how that's been going lately--under constant threat of paralysis and shutdown thanks to anti-government types aiming for a 'new order' to replace the old order of 1776.

So as Nina Gryphon points out in her article, exact conjunctions of Jupiter and NN in 2016 occur on January 23, January 28, and June 20 @22Virgo in January and again in August--conjunct US natal Neptune @22Virgo making 2016 a year of fanaticism, paranoia, illusions, scandals, big dreams, promotion and pretense--quite descriptive of Campaign 2016. By June 20, transit Jupiter, after turning Direct in May, will reach 15Vir42, then conjoin US natal Neptune again in late July-early August 2016 suggesting that the themes will color the entire year and political campaign, and will necessarily involve the presidency of Barack Obama due to its inflated, fantasy-ridden Jupiter-Neptune imprint in 2009 via their three conjunctions through his first year in office, a major conjunction which conjoined US natal Moon (We the People). Obamacare and Wall Street are implicated as well.

And in Politics, the 'fortunate contacts' Jupiter-NN duo keys potentials in 2016 regarding: legal consequences of treaties (ex: TPP), legal opinions of religious leaders, and/or imports that disrupt trade or business (ex: TPP?). The interference in legal matters by religious leaders may be excessive, closed legal societies may be involved or turn up in the news, and/or our legal system will continue to be hampered and bound by erroneous decisions concerning the status of groups ('corporations are people'?) or parties (which hints at candidates illegally coordinating their campaigns and promotions with groups they shouldn't.)

Expansion of contacts through networking is a given along with successful meetings, and work/job related (Virgo) summits, conferences, and/or seminars which may be held in abundance and be successful as well. Political primaries and caucuses are on the 2016 menu, plus, The Broadcaster is one of Jupiter's roles and since North Node relates to contact with the public, we also think of Summer 2016 which threatens the American public with two political nominating conferences so it will be nearly impossible to escape hearing all about it. Too fast or far expansion is also a possibility for it may lead to future collapse so that would be a caution for anyone this applies to--the traditional caution of 'too much too soon' comes to mind.

During 2016 we must also consider that transiting NN (the head of the dragon) also meets with US natal Neptune (22Virgo) in 2016 and this combination may supply Neptunian glamour and/or falsehoods to our contacts but also such potentials as: a lack of community spirit or teamwork, bad judgment, disappointments in relationships or alliances, strange conduct, plus, it may widen the possibilities for anti-social behavior. Unfortunately, Neptune-NN also suggests scandals via foreign concerns, and spies and/or terrorists entering the country which of course points to the acceptance or non-acceptance of Syrian refugees and to America's ongoing arguments over Washington's neglect of adequate border control.

To close, let's add Ebertin's more pleasant descriptions of the Jupiter-NN combination of energies for he supplies more social and agreeable flavors such as: good fellowship, harmonious relationships, and good fortune in finding a partner (though anti-social conduct cannot be ruled out.) Another curious flavor comes from the 19th century and I wonder if you've ever heard of it: the Odyle force, sometimes referred to as the 'Od force' which sounds oddly quaint these days, doesn't it?

Well, why not check it out some brief details at Secret Moon Art? And here is a view of my Od Collage created in 2009 in honor of the 19th century's 'scientific' notion of the existence of an Odyle force:

Blog Note: in planning stages is my annual post displaying the Spring Equinox 2016 and Summer Solstice 2016 horoscopes set for Washington DC so please check back when you can, or Follow or Subscribe as you may. Thanks!

Dec 6, 2012

Syria's 1970 'Assad Coup' Horoscope w 12.6.12 transits

Below you see the horoscope of the coup that led Hafez al-Assad to power in Syria, known as the 1970 Syrian Corrective Revolution. Here is the Wiki page of Syria's current president Bashar as-Assad, son of Hafez, and potential purveyor of chemical weapons.

Now there are other natal horoscopes for Syria (exs: 1941 and 1944) but this chart is set for Damascus on November 13, 1970 at 6:08:15 am EET, a symbolic sunrise hour for astrological purposes since Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes gives the hour of the coup as "dawn"--probably a little while after the solar chart you see here. This solar chart is also appropriate because Hafez al-Assad (1930--2000) is known of setting up a 'cult of personality', a charge that can easily be levelled against the United States of America with George Washington honored as our archetypal leader.

Image: Assad Coup of Syria November 13, 1970 'at dawn' Damascus

The 1970 Assad Regime was 'eclipsed' by the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse @21Sco56! ('Joy through commitment'--Brady.) Not certain about the 'joy' for President Assad but I'm certain the Syrian people who dissent from his violent actions are feeling unjoyful at the moment.

December 6, 2012: Today's transiting planets are penned around the outside of the chart and as you see, tr Saturn approaches natal Venus Rx @15Sco50 (the Eagle Point) and dissolving, obfuscating Neptune @00Pis32 is and has been in contact with natal NN at natal IC (Endings; The Drain); n NN is at a critical-crisis 29th degree as is MC and natal Pluto @29Vir01 in 10th house, a fateful or karmic combination.

And of course, Neptune rules gases and other toxins such as chemical weapons which are now said to be part of President Assad's plans to use against his own people. Or that's what we're being told in the West to make our government's intervention more palatable. (See the Wallace and Orwell quotes below.)

Neptune to NN has a potential for breaking down relationships and for a 'sense of being out of the group' (or, 'bound together through spiritual sharing'--Tyl) plus, with the 4th house connection to Homeland, Domestic Scene, and Security Issues, Neptune entering Syria's 4th H creates a disturbing and possible tragic picture.

In the natal horoscope of Assad's military coup, the Hour is Venusian (values, valuables, and relationships) and the 1st house Mercury-Neptune conjunction is very close at '1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"...("superficial idleness"--Jones) is descriptive as is the Ascending degree's Sabian Symbol, '21Sco'..."A Soldier Derelict in His Duty"..."DEVIATION...complete faithlessness to the common welfare"--Jones.

The 1970 Assad Coup of the Syrian government occurred during the 8 South Saros Series of Solar Eclipses which has a 'loss, separation, partings, physical injury' vibe (B. Brady) and 8S last manifested on September 22, 2006 @29Vir--conjunct the Assad Coup Pluto 29Vir01. In America the public has been set up for an eventual take-over of Syria in the last few years, and the warring drumbeat continues as Year 2012 ends.

So as always, my primary concerns are for the good people of Syria who are in the sightline of the raptor's gaze as global government is forced upon the peoples of the world.

As you see in 11th H, there is a natal Mars-Uranus conjunction indicating tendencies toward violent uprisings, use of security forces to control strife, radical military movements (ex: Assad's coup), and explosions. Nuclear and/or chemical weapons concerns also apply to this rebellious duo of attacks and hostility especially with the obvious link between unpredictable Uranus and uranium.

Well, there is much more to say about this chart and current affairs shown by the affects upon it by transiting planets but my blogging time is done for today. At least the natal chart of the Assad Coup is now posted for those who may wish to consult it. Leave on-topic comments if you wish and we'll discuss.

"The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information. With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power."

- Henry A. Wallace, 33rd Vice President of the United States, Secretary of Agriculture, and the Secretary of Commerce 1988 - 1965

"The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history."

- George Orwell

Feb 16, 2011

America's Democracy of Hypocrisy; Rally in Wisconsin 2.15.11 (video)

The Spirit of Uprising wafts through our global air and the following video is one that I am feeling hopeful about and very proud to display on Stars Over Washington, a blog written and dedicated to my ideal of the United States of America. Not the perverted warmongering America of the neocons and Zionists, but America the Beautiful, the world's haven of Liberty and Freedom.

And that includes Freedom to Protest so continue countering their austerity madness, good people of Madison, Wisconsin!

Isthmus on the Union Rally 2.15.11

Hypocrisy Increases Further Sullying America's White Hat

by Jude Cowell

In the news during these days of Riots, Strikes, and Uprisings are many examples of US government officials criticizing other nations for repressing their populations who wish to protest against government.

Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been loose with her praise for those who are demanding democracy and better social conditions from their leaders such as those in Tehran (well, democracy is one of our primary political catchwords in America, a shield in times of assault in the Rs v Ds chess game of factions positioning for control of Washington microphones, gavels, and bank vaults here and abroad. NYSE now 60% German-owned....publicly, I mean, not just under the table anymore.)

High-handedly, Joe Lieberman and Peter King are leading the GOP charge to shove through the Shield Act in honor of a certain slippery foreign varmint name of Julian Assange because apparently the Espionage Act of 1917 won't be enough to permanently net and squelch their prey, they fear. (Unless as some say, Assange works with the CIA, or is their dupe, either of which is a masterful way of putting out disinformation with no paw prints on it.

News Flash from me: even if the US gov manages to put Mr. Assange on trial, convict, and sentence him, it will not add one iota to the slim sliver of good will a majority of the American people now have toward the current totalitarian, chaos-creating tactics of those whose predecessors usurped both our political parties and now masquerade as one-of-us.

Washington DC's faction wars can't solve our nation's societal ills (and aren't meant to or they could do a lot better than they're doing: such as admitting that fraud and embezzlement have gone on for years until now - US coffers are looted like the Baghdad Museum.) Nor will the draconian austerity cuts now threatened against the ill, elderly, and poor among us 'solve' things but will further hobble the US economy and cause more mass misery than we've already seen.

When a nation's meekest are not kept safe from rich plutocrats of the world, a moral line has been crossed similar to a society that makes a habit of using abortion as birth control. Both create bad karma for all must reap what they sow, even governments.

However, if my fellow Americans retain hold of our traditional national conscience in 2011 ('is this how America treats its citizens?'), we will not allow our resources to zoom elsewhere and stoke military enterprises, but toward the people who paid into tax funds and who must ask for a leg up to be given by those who've sought and made their fortunes with aid from American society. Make your money in America, support her when social conditions warrant it.

Yet actions always speak louder, we know, and if America has lower to fall (US natal Saturn exalted in Libra (sign of justice and balance) in 10th house of World Status and Career = a fall from grace if Saturn's lessons are disregarded by government. To whom much is given, much is required, says Saturn in 10th house. Plutocrats don't wish to remember such a thing so our protests are in part to remind them they need the consent of the governed or all their 'authority' will go pouf!)

Well, I for one, do not want our American society to fall by the wayside of globalists who honor no loyalties but their own (and their cabal oaths.) If they have hearts, they're in the wrong place and we see this as we observe and experience what globalists (or, the power elite, if you prefer) produce in the world...things like loss, grief, fear, and suffering. Survival of the Fittest is a theory put in practice by the win-at-any-costers with which we's the dog-eat-dog method of gaining (or stealing) worldly 'success' built upon the backs of others with eugenics the ugly foundation.

Yet most people would prefer to live their lives and watch their children develop in harmony. Media colludes by telling the public repeatedly that there are bad men in the world, beware. Why yes, there are, and I'm lookin' at a bunch of 'em on my TV screen spouting state propaganda over and over. The old "It's him, not me" ploy (like a Martin Short skit on SNL) never directs its energy in the proper direction for it's too busy redirecting our attention away from political misdeeds, crimes, and prejudices.

Therefore, no real problems ever have to be honestly faced; thus no solutions arise.

Never Having Enough, The GOP Wants What You Got

Not only are the Republicans trying to remove all vestiges of Women's Health Care availability in the US, they want to 'remove the authority' for enforcement and rollback to the 19th century the protections of the Child Labor Law Act of 1916, if Republican Jane Cunningham of Missouri has her wacky way.

Is support for a return to child slavery growing in US political circles? In 2011, are uppity manufacturing conglomerates gearing up for a new amassing of a cheap slave labor force in the US to 'compete' with workers' low pay scales in China, India, and other places where US jobs migrated for the benefit of corporatism's bottom line? How could our job-starved economy possibly benefit from adding millions of child workers to US labor rolls now unless profiteers know something we don't as of yet know? Has the GOP completely lost its moral compass? Is Cunningham's super-regressive, dark-age idea our only clue to their craveness?

The YOD of US Secondary Progressions 2001 and 2002

Astrologically, I'm looking at a horoscope of US Secondary Progressions (Sec) set for February 7, 2002, the date that George Bush signed a presidential 'waiver' exempting the White House (his nibs himself) from having to consider members of al Qaeda and the Taliban as human beings. In Bush's world, his oil-and-poppy-infused 'enemy combatants' then magically became less than human (a commonly used tactic which Hitler finessed); thus they were subject to being tortured in the crazed notion that information would be forthcoming with enough pressure applied. Resulting deaths were often only inconveniences and perhaps still linger in the way unsolved crimes and mysteries have of retaining secrets within their DNA. As a thing begins, so will it end, and with many karmic lessons learned - or unlearned - in between.

So the Sec chart with our Sec Neptune/NN (Neptune in fated Nodal degree: 26Vir29 Rx vs NN 26Can54) received our national Sec Sun (the leader) in 2001/02 at the very point in the Zodiac that inconjuncts both Sec Neptune and Sec NN creating a YOD pattern of crisis, a crossroads, turning point, special task, and/or major adjustment now ripe for activation by progression.

A big deal? I would say so, especially since the Neptune/NN sextile at the YOD's base had progressed into a position of pointing to US natal Moon 27AQ10 (so the YOD's base had progressed to a quincunxial relationship with our n Moon of 1776); our Sec Sun progressed to the apex position in the same YOD which created a double YOD pattern. Below are the two midpoint pictures formed with the intrinsic nature of the Neptune/NN combination indicating:

Thesis: leadership that is unwilling or unable to consider the demands of its people; ideals or national glamour are excuses for neglecting the growth and progress demands of the population or important groups.

Antithesis: scandals caused by foreign concerns; spies or terrorists enter for villainous purposes; an ill-adapted, inadequate hospital or medical care system; drug policies that avoid important concerns.

To Neptune/NN, Ebertin adds: exploiting, deceiving, and cheating other people; anti-social elements; lack of judgment leads to wrong ideas about associations.

These were some of the social issues we needed honestly addressed in the early days of the New Millennium. They were not. And things have continued to fester in America.

YOD's Midpoint Pictures:

Sec Neptune/NN = Sec Sun: encouragement to be your own person in deciding what influences from others you will or will not accept from other people (Bush,
the decider? jc); being let down by others.

Sec Neptune/NN = natal Moon: disappointments; a cessation of inner understanding between people; a lack of community spirit; lack of adaptability; feeling ostracised or misunderstood. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

2001 and 2002 presented America a crossroads fraught with governmental misdirections and dirty political tricks while the American people then needed, as now, to hear truth, not cynical slogans and half-truths meant to twist our heartstrings, mobilize our patriotism, and rob our pockets. The long-submerged iceberg of theft and fraud in America surfaced to great fanfare and political theater with the Bush-Cheney Financial Collapse 2008 - and trillions of dollars simply 'disappeared' as if they never were.

Meanwhile, in the America of President Obama and Secretary Clinton circa 2011, hypocrisy uttered by governmental mouths continues apace and one may wonder how oppressed we-the-people will find ourselves when we finally follow Wisconsin's example and get off our chubby duffs en masse to remind Washington and local governments that their paternalistic abridging of our rights is completely unacceptable, a word politicians are so very fond of using when displeased.

For if Iran, Libya, and the rest of the restless are the goose, Madame Secretary and Mr. President, then America must be the gander. It's time we-the-people had a big helping of that democracy sauce, thanks. And leave our Twitter and Internet alone while you're out speechifying so inspiringly across the globe.


If you know of demonstrations or rallies for common causes springing up these days in America, pass along the details or a link in a Comment, if you wish. We-the-people once knew how, right? Thanks! jc

May 24, 2008

US Progressed Moon to ASC: May 30, 2008

Here you see America's Secondary Progressed chart for May 30, 2008--date of the real Memorial Day.

(Secondary Progressions describe the physical plane and I tend to abbreviate them to 'Sec.')

As you can see, Sec Moon 27Leo11 is conjunct Sec Ascendant which relates to the Self or physical body, and any time a planet or luminary (Sun or Moon) progresses to a chart's angle, change is in store.

This position also happens to be opposite US natal Moon (the People; the public) so let's see what this may indicate for the American people.

Our Progressed Moon has been in the warm-hearted sign of Leo for some time now since Sec Moon progresses appr one degree per month. This quickness is due to the fact that the natural Moon is the fastest moving body in our solar system and its orbit around the Earth creates our calendar month, as you know.

Sec Moon remains in a sign for about 2 1/2 years so we see here that we're nearing the last months of Leo, with our Sec Full Moon exact on Dec 24, 2008 at 4Vir10.

Having Sec Moon opposite natal Moon brings issues similar to those of Sec Moon to 1st house/ASC, so for briefness' sake, I'll simply list what's being emphasized here:

nuturing, food, veganism, home, homeland, domestic concerns, personal security, ecology (Earth, our home), emotions and emotional security, caretaking roles, public involvements (ex: elections; publicity; the silver screen), and identity and/or residential changes.

Sounds like locavores may come into their own!

Of course, changes and fluctuations are always where the Moon resides in a chart--natal, progressed, Returns, etc. And we know that the Moon describes the mundane ups'n'downs of our daily lives as well.

But having Sec Moon advancing from the hidden, secretive 12th house into the more visible 1st house is a big change...and to make things more interesting, the midpoint of Neptune and the North Node (NN of the Moon--a destined joining point which relates to public involvements) is sitting directly upon the ASC and 'pointing' toward the Sec Moon.

Thus we have a couple of midpoint pictures to consider:

Neptune/NN = Moon: high sensitivity; feeling ostracized; being misunderstood; a lack of community spirit or adaptability; cessation of an inner understanding with others; disappointments.

Neptune/NN = ASC: feeling uncomfortable in the presence of others; experiencing deceit; being duped; appearing strange to others; disappointments. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Now you know that Neptune/NN contacts also relate to films as well as to deceit with the public and use of illusions in public life, political or not.

Two examples are perhaps becoming more aware of propaganda than usual within Hollywood films or in TV shows--or Photoshop pics may imply what isn't there (of course I'm thinking of Politics as I type for there would be no Hollywood without Neptune's illusions--and synchronistically, we're plopped in the midst of a political campaign of great import where Neptunian image is everything.)

Neptune is sextile NN and thus in Nodal degree (fated) and has formed a YOD pattern with US natal Moon (marked in pink at the Desc) so the above midpoint picture is doubly ephasized. YODs indicate special tasks or a crisis.

To paraphrase Frances Sakoian, in The Astroloer's Handbook, Neptune sextile NN indicates:

an ability to subtly influence public opinions, moods, and actions; riding the current of public moods and trends; evasions are used rather than direct confrontation.

Plus, connections between Neptune and NN tend toward sleeplessness, and a lack of judgment leading to wrong ideas about associations (Ebertin.) Not such a good situation with November elections upcoming, is it?

Actually this sextile in the US Sec chart has been of influence for quite a while with its confusions, deceits, and illusions--and the YOD once focused on Mercury in AQ. I posted on this pattern some time ago so I won't repeat it here.

Also rising in this Sec chart is Royal Star of Persia, Regulus, whose *keywords are: success if revenge is avoided.

Taking revenge when this Star is prominent means that all that has been gained will be lost, and if this isn't so for America since the attacks of 9/11, I'll eat my beanie cap sans mayo or mustard.

I see Regulus as relating to the old saw, the bigger they are, they harder they fall, for the higher one climbs and the more success one achieves, the more Regulus expects noble actions of us...and revenge is perhaps the basest action of all.

But taking pride in the small things of life may help offset some of the problems that are created by mishandling the energy and gifts of this important Star, so perhaps the American people may be allowed to focus on their domestic needs, family, nurturing, etc (and turn vegan?!)...and thus mitigate some of the damage our 'leaders' have perpetrated toward their selfish ends to the exclusion of our needs.

So will the upcoming shift to a new Oval Office occupant bring change of identity for our country along with more presidential focus on our security and other real needs? Will more people lose their homes as Washington's massive amounts of deceit continue to bedevil and undermine us?

A change of identity is certainly on the way as our Sec Moon enters further into 1st house territory. My prayer is that improvements will accompany it.

* Brady's Fixed Stars.

UPDATE 8:30 pm: You'll find more details on this chart including Capulus at Midheaven and the Sun Pisces-Moon Leo blend here.