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Jun 29, 2011

Is Rick Perry the Prez Pick of the Bilderbergs?

My friend Alex D'Atria over at Political Astrology 2010 ~ 2012 is seeing Rick Perry as the presidential nomination choice of the social tinkering power elite known as the Bilderberg Group. One thing about: if he's the one they want, he's the one we'll get (remember that Barack Obama slipped away from his campaign plane in June 2008 to meet with the group in Chantilly, VA, with candidate Hillary Clinton in attendance as well. Was their choice for US president then declared?)

Now wouldn't a Perry-Bachmann ticket be yet another kick in the head to America's under-siege working class? And that's not counting the importance of who controls the White House in 2013 by which time Supreme Court Justices may retire and SCOTUS's already overly autocratic, monarchist traits will only be expanded by a Republican administration's appointments.

So if you'd like to read my astrological considerations concerning these two Republican specimens, try my Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann posts. Compare and contrast!

As for astro-peeks at the zealous, democracy-perverting Bilderberg Group of elitists (many of whom you know), simply scroll the sidebar a short way to SO'W's search field, type them in, and I promise you'll hit pay dirt.


'You Need to Know This' says Thom Hartmann, who just reported on his TV show that Goldman-Sachs has announced the layoff of 1,000 US workers so that the bailed-out-by-US-taxpayers firm can send the jobs to Singapore. So tell me: will you vote Corporate GOP in 2012?

Thom also correctly points out today that Michele Bachmann's 'John Quincy Adams was a Founding Father' misconception means that John Q. helped found this nation at the age of nine! Perhaps she meant to say, second president John Adams, his father. But apparently, John Q.'s Wikipedia page has been edited to reflect Bachmann's ridiculous revisionist history as was the page on Paul Revere! You know, Wikipedia, this is the sort of crud that causes me to use your links in my articles less and less.

And I agree with Mr. Hartmann when he says, Nationalize the Federal Reserve which is neither federal nor does it have reserves! jc


Alex said...

Hi Jude,

thinks Rick Perry is Bilderberg candidate; I don't know as much about the issue as I would like but it makes sense if NAFTA vested interests want a superhighway that runs from Mexico through Texas up to Canada a Texas governor with presidential ambitions would be their 'man.'

As far as Obama being the Bilderberger's man in 2008; again I don't know I would have guessed their man would have been Hillary who also went to their conference in 2008 since the Clintons were behind the NAFTA trade agreements and ushered them in.

Jude Cowell said...

Appreciate the clarification - didn't have the article link.

As for BHO being a Bilderberg choice and Clinton-passed US job-smashing NAFTA, BHO is busy passing even more 'free' trade agreements in 2011. And the Rs are busy blocking the provision for retraining of Americans who lose their jobs due to outsourcing! jc

Kieron said...

That woman, just like Palin, enjoys ZERO consequences for her actions. She simply makes things up and the masses not only swallow it whole, they run to the Internet to manipulate history in order to support her "facts."

Jude Cowell said...

Agreed, Kieron. It's rather weird how that happens--it's almost as if someone wants to collapse this nation and 'rebuild anew upon ruins'...