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Aug 29, 2012

RNC 8.29.12 Paul Ryan to speak tonight

And Yet They Go On Speaking Without Saying Anything...

by Jude Cowell

Let me be the nostalgic one this Dad (b. 1908) had a favorite joke after watching political speeches on TV...What's he sayin'? He ain't sayin'...which for me sums up the narrow scope of the Mitt Romney 2012 campaign for president and the hidden cards Mitt is keeping guarded so close to his vest.

Therefore, there seems to be little reason for the GOP to continue conventioning in Tampa, Florida this week (except for the dancin' babes!) since the nominee's name is known--but would someone please clue in Gov. Chris Christie that the nominee isn't him--for he seemed to think so during his 'keynote address' last evening which was mostly about him and more him, and not about a grim-faced Mitt Romney at all. Yet Republicans now appear in their costly 3-day PR ad to promote Mitt and the GOP 2012 platform which if implemented will completely undermine women's health and financial prospects 'going forward' and do more damage besides. Gotta rip up that social safety net they call the New Deal!

Conflicting Messages, Anyone?

Well, as you noticed Tuesday night, Ann Romney spoke before Gov. Cristie and she said it was all about LOVE, then Christie spoke and poo-pooed LOVE and said, No, it's all about RESPECT. His Mama drummed that into him you see, and it sounds as if little Chris must have been born with a retrograde Saturn for he asserted last evening that Mom drove and Dad was only a passenger. Too much personal info? Agreed!

And yet I heard on Current TV today that Mr. Romney expects his VP pick, Rep. Paul Ryan, to perform in a similar fashion tonight: to talk about his past and growing up in a small town. If Ryan complies, will it make for a riveting address from Mr. Austerity Plan himself? We'll have to see...of one thing we may be fairly certain--few details of a proposed Romney presidency will emerge but generalities will be star of the show. Hmm. Must be quite a disturbing political platform--even worse than we fear--when politicans with microphones and cameras pointed at them keep mum about details to keep from frightening folks away from even Republican voting booths!

Well, here's a previous, brief astro-peek at Paul Ryan's Sun-Moon personality blend with a few other notes besides.

But wait! Aren't you missing a certain austerity-minded Republican at RNC 2012 so far? Me, too. Wonder where they're keeping Eric Cantor? Will he turn up in Tampa? Too many strippers on the scene? Then you may wish to check out a few astro-notes concerning Cantor along with the planetary transits of the 2011 "debt talks" on Capitol Hill, location of America's primary Political Theater venue.

You remember the financial drama of 2011: where the Republican Party was oh-so-willing to drive the US economy over bankruptcy's cliff just to make their favorite (obsessive) point that a half-black fella simply doesn't deserve to live in a White House and play the role of US president.

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