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Mar 13, 2013

Horoscope: Full Moon in Libra March 27, 2013

Mar 27, 2013 Full Moon @6Lib53: Continuing Resolution or Government Shutdown?

by Jude Cowell

Update Mar 31, 2013: thanks to a with-it reader, it's been noted that Wednesday's Libra Full Moon is a perfect descriptor of the week's SCOTUS arguments (Mars) on Marriage (Libra) Equality. What a great observation! Should we include Uranus transiting me-first Aries to denote equality?

Original post begins here, sans marriage references (except for '7th house of Partnerships') even though any full moon may describe relationship issues! And of course, Libra is the sign of Justice's Scales of Balance...

Here you see the horoscope of March 27, 2013's Full Moon at 6Libra52, in 7th house of Partnerships and Open Enemies when the chart is set for Washington DC (Capitol Building):

Chart shown: March 27, 2013 5:27:18 am edt Capitol Building Washington DC; Hour of the Sun @6Ari52 in 1st house along with first planet to rise, Neptune @4Pis03 conjunct Fomalhaut, a Royal Star in constellation Piscis Australis and the brightest; key themes: magic, mysticism, lofty ideals; when active, Royal Stars always carry a challenge--here, to maintain the purity of ideals and visions (Brady), things which dreamy Neptune knows much about.

And of course, we think of the 'new pope' conclave going on this week at the Vatican but I have chosen not to blog about crisis-plagued cardinals who brought their challenges upon themselves through lack of purity. Expecting the Vatican to go forward with pure morals is like expecting right wing GOPers to find a conscience, though you may disagree if you like.

Rising after Neptune are Mercury @9Pis34, priestly healer Chiron @11Pis05, Venus @6Ari32 conjunct the Full Moon's Sun, Uranus @8Ari23, and testy Mars @11Ari42--a full house. As you know, Full Moon phases are about relationships and partnerships, awareness (of relationship dynamics and other things), and possible stalemates, a condition the US government has decided to use against We the People.

So not only is the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter YOD of crises, special tasks, and turning points back within orb (Jupiter @11Gem06 conjunct IC 11Gem20), we find that another YOD is found in the horoscope, or two YODs is we use catalyst Uranus which will close the gap soon as it nears 11Aries (and hits the Full Moon's Mars which may result in high emotions and disruption relating to matters influenced by the March 27th Full Moon.

At YOD's base: a sextile with austere Saturn @10Sco25 Rx posited in the 8th house of Shared Finances, Corporations, Debt, Credit, etc; Saturn's partner in the sextile--and in a mutual reception of friendliness--is Pluto @11Cap30 in 11th house of Groups, Associations, Wishes and Hopes. And visions of austerity where the wealthy are made wealthier, according to Sen. Paul Ryan who again must be reminded that he and his party lost on November 6, 2012. He's tooting the same austerity-for-the-masses horn with his 'budget plan' even though a majority of the American people said No! to his plan on Election Day 2012.

As you see from the Ascending sign and degree--27AQ24--America's natal Moon rises, aka, We the People, and our needs are 'coming up' along with the social program funds (taxes) we paid for years--and pay still, keeping our end of the bargain--which is under threat of being heisted by Washington politicians for the benefit of wealthy one-percenters who prefer their masses standing in long soup lines, too weak and encumbered to shake pitchforks at castle windows.

Issuing from the March 27, 2013 Full Moon horoscope:

Yes, any time there's a Moon rising, it represents unstable conditions with fluctuations and changes afoot. Now let's look at the applying aspects of chart-ruler Saturn and co-ruler Uranus which are in aspect with each other:

Saturn inconjunct Uranus (2A02) indicates problems with priorities and obligations--clearly! A Saturn-Uranus inconjunct (aka, quincunx) was in effect on Election Day 2012 but austere, restricting Saturn was Direct--and the Republican Party's budget ideas were rejected, another Saturnian word. And of course, contracting Saturn is one of the two societal planets, the other being expansive Jupiter, with the tension between them keeping our Solar System's planets in their courses.

A Saturn-Uranus inconjunct (150 degrees) denotes those who try to hold on to the past with all their might and as they desperately try to force old concepts into acceptance rather than new methods and ideas. Since I know this reminds us both of facets of the neanderthal-based Republican 'war on women', I won't mention it other than to mention it. Flexibility is the only cure! Yet Saturn-Uranus is a brittle combination of energies which may break before it bends.

Saturn then applies to a helpful trine (120 degr) with rising Neptune (6A21), an aspect denoting those with enormous responsibilities and which can bring about positive changes in society. This is a willing 'helping hand', in fact, and bodes well if those who wish to obstruct improvement and investment in our society can be somehow pushed out of the way--which is exactly what a majority of us called ourselves doing when we re-elected President Barack Obama in November 2012.

And since a Saturn-Neptune trine relates closely to writers and journalists, I believe we're seeing some effect of the trine when reporters and TV talking heads question more fully the assertions made by interviewees like Paul Ryan. The Media could really help things improve by holding to account politicians and others who spout odd theories and mathematical formulas which do not 'add up'.

Dec 30, 1999's Great Conjunction of Plutocracy's Pluto and Chiron @11Sag

At MC (The Goal Point of any horoscope) is 11Sag20 and the good news is that the Public Sector 10th house is ruled by Jupiter which now moves Direct (since Jan 30, 2013) so financial matters may proceed. Banker Jupiter will soon be out of orb from its conjunction to US natal Uranus 8Gem55 which takes our natal Uranus away from apexhood in the Saturn-Pluto YOD pattern and its midpoint picture I love to hate for we now suffer under its draconian birth pangs:

Saturn-Pluto = n Uranus: brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses. Add Jupiter at apex and we have potentials for: adoption of the austere; trouble with authority; staying out of trouble; trying to save what's left.

Now that's pretty much what the Washington Political Theater is scamming us with at the moment, and have done for decades (taking over America is certain actors' long-term project), or, as some would say, for centuries.

One more thing about the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter YOD--the Saturn-Pluto midpoint falls at MC in the Mar ch 27th Full Moon chart which denotes: hard hard work to rise from difficulty; major separation as a last resort.

The additional YODs are formed by the Mars-Jupiter sextile which points toward an 8th house Saturn in secretive, spying, business-loving Scorpio so we get a fortunate pair of energies in stress with Mr. Status Quo:

Mars-Jupiter = Saturn: pulling in one's sails; having to toe the line; struggling with impulse.

If we allow for Direct Uranus to enter the scene (and knowing that the disruptive planet of rebellion and anarchy has been within orb of this YOD before) we have:

Jupiter-Uranus = Saturn: patience and practicality introduced to boundless self-projection; temperance over excess. (All mdpt pics today from Noel Tyl, Solar Arcs.)

Planetary Aspects of March 27th's Libra Full Moon

As you see, the March 27th Full Moon in Libra, sign of balance, justice, partnerships, and war, causes lunar fluctuations in relationships while making a few applying aspects. Here's a list of the Full Moon's 5 aspects in order of occurrence with the Luna's natural sign, Cancer, on both the (risk-taking) 5th cusp and the (work-military-health-daily rounds) 6th cusp:

1. Moon opposite Uranus (1A31) indicates emotional and mental stress for The People as many decisions must be made. Resolution can be found but a feeling of being crushed is evident.

2. Moon inconjunct Mercury (2A41) shows more stress (inconjuncts = difficult adjustments) showing emotions (Moon) and intellect (Mercury) interfering with one another; reasonable evaluations are impossible if feelings enter logical thinking, and reactions may be out of all proportion with the truth.

3. Moon trine Jupiter (4A14) with Jupiter conjunct the 4th house's cusp relates to domestic matters, home, and security. Is Jupiter playing his role as guardian angel? Well, we need several if we can get them! And of course, the Real Estate market is said to be improving and we may hear more of this under the rays of the March 27th Full Moon in Venus-ruled Libra--including lawsuits against fraud-committing mortgage lenders. Yet the facts of the cases may remain unclear with Mercury in confused, often deceptive, Pisces. Still, their trine indicates some amount of happiness, good fortune, generosity, and/or glad news especially for those of good character.

4. Moon square Pluto (4A38) is a fly in our improving ointment for it denotes difficulty letting go of the past, plus, blockage (square) from wealthy, stealthy Pluto, manipulator and controller of The Underworld, toward the populace and our reigning needs (Moon) which causes us apprehension, anxiety, and heavy burdens.

Note: dontcha 'love' politicians? They embezzle, misspend, and waste America's financial resources, make huge profits off our hard work, then stick We the People with all their bills, plus, their own fat paychecks.

5. Moon opposite Mars (4A49) indicates opposition from radical reformers and activists (Mars-Uranus) of the 25--35 year-old generation, give or take a year or two. Some politicians, their staffers, and reporters are in this age category though loose canon shooters may be as well, as is the NRA (Mars = weaponry and those who use it.) A Moon-Mars opposition tends to bring crises, criticism, and resentments, with 'hitting back' in anger a definite possibility. Aggression and lack of patience may be noted which lead to quarrels, debates, and emotional outbursts.

So that last aspect is basically Luna joining in with the ongoing generational Uranus-Pluto square in which we again deal with issues we thought were settled by legislation in the 1960s when they last met three times in Great Conjunction at 17 Virgo, a critical-crisis degree. To close, here are two midpoint pictures formed by the Moon-Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-Square/s:

Moon-Mars = Pluto: demanding nature; powerful opinionation.

Moon-Uranus = Pluto: sensationalism; bombast; a fanatical push for fulfillment of needs (Full Moons are phases of fulfillment/culmination--jc.)

Well, if you've read this far I hope my post with its sorry political implications won't ruin the beauty of the Full Moon on March 27, 2013! A March Full Moon is, after all, considered the annual Worm Moon so click for more info and a video concerning this earthy and seasonal topic.

But also remember please to keep your eye on the wormy infestation eating at the core of the US government as it purposefully and willfully creates havoc and chaos in our lives while enriching the wealthy at our expense.

Further reading on cutting Social Security benefits and other dumb ideas that the president is offering the austerity-promoters of the Republican Party may be found on the website of Senator Bernie Sanders who always points out that (though fiscal vultures want to get their claws on SS funds), the Social Security insurance program contributed not one nickel to our debt problems. And not one penny either so let's keep it off the cutting table, Mr. President--raise the taxing cap instead.


Yes, there are other factors worth considering in the horoscope shown above, so please leave your on-topic comments with this post as you wish! jc

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