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May 14, 2016

Corporations Fund Both Party Conventions, Reap Huge Rewards - clip (and a Full Moon)

With both the RNC and the DNC stalking us in July, 2016, isn't it comforting to know who funds and thereby benefits financially from these massive Political Theater stage shows? No, they aren't demonstrations of 'democracy at work', they're more signs of Corporatism and political propaganda of The Establishment at work, balloons and all. And who can resist festive balloons?

In case you missed it, have a look at the horoscope of the Full Moon conjunct US natal Pluto in governmental Capricorn which perfects on July 19th during RNC 2016. The RNC Full Moon could be the fulfillment of the Gemini New Moon that occurred on June 16, 2015, the day that Donald Trump announced his 2016 bid for the GOP nomination and it will probably merit the RNC with greater publicity than the DNC will receive.

So will Mr. Trump's new cycle of political activity (New Moon) be fulfilled or culminate at the July Full Moon? Actually, Quicken Loans may know something about the possibility of a Trump nomination in Cleveland, while Wells Fargo goes on to toast the Democratic nominee in Philadelphia. We'll suffer the same old corporate fraud and mismanagement either way unless Bernie Sanders is the nominee.

But sorry to say, how a President Sanders could manage to turn America away from its corporate Global Government course that has simmered so long in the Utopian visionary cauldron is any citizen's fervent dream...assuming that that is what he wants to achieve.

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