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Sep 5, 2016

Washington DC Horoscope: Autumn Equinox 2016

Here they are! The horoscope and season few have been waiting for: Autumn Equinox 2016, chart set for the White House, our national Masonic lodge and main beehive of activity nestled in our nation's Masonic capital! Admire its chart-ruler Mars in 2nd house of National Treasury and applying to a square with Jupiter the General, financier, politician, and/or religious guru @2Libra49 in 11th house with the Libra-ingressing Sun!

As is the case annually (and though many astrologers prefer a different rising sign such as Scorpio), the Sun conjoins US natal Midheaven in the Sibley chart of July 4, 1776 5:09 pm, MC = 00Libra53, a Cardinal World Point) and as you see, transit Jupiter tops the US natal chart, a time of optimism, promotion, and possible rewards; important changes are occurring, not the least of which will be a new president. Of course, with Sun-Jupiter we can expect extravagance and overestimation of worth, strength, and/or ability but I'll let you decide whether this describes the US government, a particular politician, and/or a presidential wanna-be. This equinox chart covers Election Day 2016, as you know, until Winter Solstice 2016 which will relate to Inauguration 2017 (Winter Solstice 2016 post coming soon-ish).

Of, by, for...

General Blogging Note: please pardon that mockery is often involved in my posts for we may owe it to ourselves to ridicule Washington DC politicians and their enablers every chance we get since they purposefully dropped the ball on what was set up as 'our' democratic republic of America--in breach of the public contract and trust are the Utopian zealots and have been for decades (centuries). Some politicians pretend in public that they are not Utopian zealots but they are and personally, I consider them to be infiltrators infesting our country and capital as you can plainly read in the description of Stars Over Washington (underneath the title, above). It isn't our form of government that's the trouble, but we do need all termites, moths, and socio- and psycho-paths kicked out or locked up.

Enlarge the following image to read my notes on the chart, if you wish. You see the T-Square of tension between the Mercury-Neptune opposition pointing toward Saturn which denotes potentials for pessimism and gloomy reactions which may not be valid (Tyl). And since Donald Trump is the candidate born with the fantastical Mercury-Neptune square (Hillary has a Mercury-Saturn square, as you remember, a policy wonk is she), the tension and gloom could be primarily a side dish on Mr. Trump's plate for Autumn 2016.

Update Sept 6, 2016: okay, I'm ending this post now without the chart notes I meant to type for the original post but the hour grows late and I should publish this now because I want to link the Autumn EQ 2016 chart to the article I'm writing today for Jude Cowell Astrology, my latest foray into the wild west cyberworld of astrology blogging. If you're curious, the article is about transit Jupiter entering Libra during the 2nd week of September and about the Libra New Moon of Sep 30, 2016 and it includes a bracing video presentation concerning these cosmic matters and others by Astrologer Patricia!

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