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Nov 6, 2020

Republican Party: Uranus Returns 2020-2021

Will There Still Be a Republican Party?

by Jude Cowell

As you know, the Republican Party recently experienced its Neptune Return/s (5x) while its name morphed into "Conspiracy Party" and other such Neptunian labels (by pundits and others, not just by yours truly). Many people questioned the Party's viability under the Trump regime and we may well continue to wonder into 2021.

Meanwhile, with this post it's equal time for the Party's Uranus in Taurus, I say, so below is a dual image of the third of three Uranus Returns of the Republican Party, plus, the founding horoscope of the Party (lower left) that I used to create the April 22, 2021 Return chart. (Yes, there are multiple horoscopes for the Party's inception, most in 1854 but one set for 1853 - and those are only the ones I have in my files, there could be others! Confusion about the Party's true identity, how very Neptunian of them!)

Now for a human being, the Uranus Return around age 84 tends to be a time when the past no longer matters as much if at all to the native (and may have been mostly forgotten!), plus, much separation has occurred as one may have outlived family members and friends. So if these potentials can apply to a group of people or an entity, perhaps this 'new' condition is proving to be the case for the GOP these days. Trump has liked inserting the idea that we've "turned a corner" when it comes to the pandemic, hasn't he?

And so with Uranus we must also consider that with the Uranus Cycle of approximately 84 years, the Party experienced an earlier Uranus Return - another 'three-fer' - which perfected 3x on: May 10, 1937, December 14, 1937, and February 20, 1938 during the FDR presidency. If you can, check out those 1930s horoscopes which are chocked full of interesting features. For one example, the February 20, 1938 Return chart (#3 0f 3, not shown here) occurred during a Saturn-Uranus square which suggests the 'new order replaces old' concerns of those difficult years, supported by Nazi zealots, and in America by FDR's New Deal programs that saved the American people's bacon (and would continue to do so if the greedy GOP would leave them alone; you may disagree but there it is).

Meanwhile, the April 22, 2021 Return chart shown below reveals a Jupiter-Uranus square denoting that goals and group projects will require independent actions that must then be coordinated for best results. Sudden turns in destiny are possible under a Jupiter-Uranus influence as well as various sorts of breakthroughs. Discontent with political conditions are also suggested by the square. Yet I must wonder, considering the effect on the Party by Trump over the last four or five years: will the square indicate a break-up?

As for the basic indications of Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus, a money and growth sign, potentials are suggested for: people who seek out-of-the-ordinary sources of money or income; those who use individual methods of finance; speculation; risking all in one go; and/or premature action that leads to failure (Ebertin). Any or all may apply to the Republican Party's basic nature and suggest to me, if not to you, that some of their financial sources could be illegitimate, or at the very least, unorthodox. Whatever they are, they are probably well hidden from prying eyes.

So based on all the 1853-1854 founding dates and horoscopes of the Republican Party, Uranus was in Taurus in each one so the above indications of Uranus in Taurus apply, plus, any that you, dear reader, care to think of. And that's not even counting the revolutionary, reactive, disruptive, separative qualities of erratic Uranus the rebellious anarchist with *Utopian ideas that go against civilization!

Please note that my study notes are penned on the charts for anyone who may wish to read.

*Utopian ideas such as 'man is in no need of laws' or government which we see with current day scofflaws.


zeebling said...

i feel this Uranus return could also be about how the party continues with Uranian trumpism ...although how that all unfolds without him actually being the president is in it self quite Uranian but your mentioning the last Uranus return 1937 made me think about how the 1930's was a time of extreme rightwing terrorism & polarising politics both before & after the Republicans humiliating landslide defeat in 1936 .The Kelayres massacre (1934) is not so hard to see happening again in the new trump republican party ..after all trumps Sun Uranus is conjunct the USA Mars ..If the party were to distance itself from trump i guess that would be Uranian too ha ha but somehow i feel mr Sun Uranus's tiny hands will still be pulling right wing strings & dominating the republican party via twitter for some time to come . I also think partly because trump turned up during the Republican parties Neptune return , he has become their right wing dream & would be very hard to replace . Its Uranus anyway you look at it ha ha

Jude Cowell said...

Great points zeebling TY! Yes, a continuation is possible esp considering that Uranus in Gemini is Trump's guiding planet (of chaos and disruption). As we both know, Uranus can act early, late, or never so there's the unpredictability which makes most 'Uranian' forecasts moot or nearly so. And with his nibs, shock must always be involved with whatever transpires.

Yes, polarizing politics and extreme rightwing terrorism are exactly what I tried to suggest as subtly as possible. Thanks a bunch for mentioning the 'flavors' of that misbegotten era. My reluctance is due to the fact that I feel I've fussed overmuch here about 1930s events, solar eclipses, war and violence, etc, so saw no point in adding it to yet another post - even with the explosive Mars-Uranus conjunction perfecting on Inauguration Day 2021.

Simple isn't always easy for me but I do try to restrain myself in my posts. Most of the time. Jude ;)

Kat said...

the GOP is imploding-another Uranus expression. They are hanging on with bare knuckles. The people voting for trump are mainly in rural areas - except the usual GOP machine run states for vote purging, Florida and Texas (however, Austin TX is quite liberal, that is for Texas). Trump is the Sun, Uranus, NN in Gemini king of Chaos, bc he wants to trample anything or anyone that gets in his way, his life story. He's a malignant malicious disaster clown and his GOP is not a viable political party anymore, they are a cult (so very Uranus), they ARE the Fringe. I don't see an army of any real gravity forming behind trump's behind.
Great analysis, thanks

Kat said...

Great analysis - the GOP is imploding (another Uranus expression)and trump is the Sun, Uranus, NN in Gemini scatter king of chaos. The GOP is the Fringe--they are in the trump cult, so I do see their loyalty going much beyond January 2021. They only care about their own hides. As for his delusional American loyal voters, they can be dangerous-but trump doesn't have a real army, they like him like they enjoy Alex Jones or Rush L.
Biden, with all his natal Scorpio continues to lead a life that attracts dynamic events-frankly, I am amazed he decided to run for office, was good old George Washington sending him fever dreams? Biden's natal Jupiter in Cancer should assist in building and re-building relationships, domestic and foreign. thanks for your great analysis!

Jude Cowell said...

Sounds great Kat TY! But if an army does form that's a mighty roomy behind to form behind isn't it? ;) Jude

Kat said...

Indeed! yikes