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Apr 26, 2024

Remembering the Kent State Massacre

The 54th Anniversary of Nixon's Kent State Massacre

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

In 2010, the Horoscope of the Kent State Massacre May 4, 1970 was published here on SO'W with quite a few astro-notes included. For details of the event and the astrology, I recommend to you a review of this vintage post concerning America's loss of all moral authority under Richard Nixon as he played the role of President of the United States to the extent that Washington had any left after the multiple assassinations of the 1960s, lying the American people into war, and other unsavory actions.

You see, the Kent State student protests were against Nixon's invasion of Cambodia during the Vietnam War, a ritual bloodbath, just like the rest. Subsequently, anti-war protests across the country became more vigorous and were very much a generational clash. And it was the Kent State Massacre that cast a stark spotlight on DC politics gone horribly wrong.

Strong-Armed Paternalism Is Dangerous

Adding complexity to this May 4's 54th anniversary of the tragic event, a deep wound in America's Collective psyche, is the current campaign to force criminal immunity into the tiny hands of one D. Trump, who longs to be in power again and will use whatever force against the American people that his tyrannical dreams of retribution via the ultimate power position require. In other words, mobbed-up Donald wants to be king of America, with no accountability for his crimes. This suggests that Big Orange must be planning some horrific fates for people on his enemies list (the kind of list that vengeful Nixon also maintained).

Yet despite it all, perhaps scofflaw Trump's efforts to change the form of government in our country from a democratic Republic to authoritarian fascism doesn't lead you, dear reader, to link his brutal tendencies with the Kent State Massacre and its perpetrator, Nixon - even though Trump is singing from the If the president does it, it isn't illegal hymnal. Or perhaps you're simply not interested as if such a change wouldn't affect you and your loved ones; or maybe you're a member of the let-someone-else-do-it club.

Well, current campus protests on behalf of the victimized people of Gaza are under scrutiny in many quarters yet with Joe Biden in the White House, assaults against student protesters would have to come from a different source than the Oval Office. And if young voters in November turn from President Biden, they'll be making a tragic mistake for themselves and for our country.

There are videos. One such is the History Channel's The Kent State Shootings, Explained.

8 North Eclipse 1970 Now Repeats in 2024

As for influential Solar Eclipses, the current 8 North, aka, the Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024 @19Ari24 conjunct Chiron (19:24), is the very same Saros Series in which the Kent State Massacre occurred, but then 8N fell @17Pisces on March 7, 1970 with themes of, "dreams, visions, and new-found inspiration" (B. Brady) - to stay in power? For as you know, eclipse cycles and historical cycles tend to be in sync as seen by similar conditions and events. "History rhymes," as they say.

And so below you see an unmarked version of the May 4, 1970 Massacre Horoscope of the moment that students on the Kent State campus were shot by National Guardsmen who were mysteriously ordered to point and shoot in unison via Tricky Dick Nixon. Some say no order was given to fire, but this defies logic. The killings and woundings were perpetrated at 12:24 pm, and two of the fatalities were merely heading to class, and were not protesters at all. You'll note that in 1970, wounded Chiron was traveling through Mars-ruled Aries just as now. In 9th house, Chiron values democratic ideals (not tyranny); in Aries, Chiron values education and actively seeking truth.

Then as you see in the following horoscope, 10Leo27 rises at that fateful minute and only now can we realize that 10Leo02 is the degree of Trump's 12th house Pluto = Mars-Saturn midpoint picture with its deadly implications of destruction, physical harm, the deaths of many people, and the intervention of a higher power (R. Ebertin). Plus, Mars-Saturn (the death axis in any horoscope) conjunct Ascendant indicates potentials for health threats and/or bereavement. Tragically for students in Ohio and their loved ones on May 4, 1970, both potentials became reality.

Now here's the unmarked horoscope for you:

Naturally, other contacts exist between May 4, 1970 planets and Trump's natal planets - Donald was a mere 23 years old on that day - but listing them is beyond the scope of this post which is meant as a remembrance of the 1970 Massacre of students, May they R.I.P. - murdered by an out-of-control psychotic US president, hypersensitive to criticism. In closing, please note that this post is in no way intended to carry even one drop of water for hypersensitive agent orange with his sociopathic authoritarian tendencies.

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