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Jan 16, 2008

Rice inside the bubble

Totally unencumbered by reality...

Rice hails 'remarkable' progress in Iraq 15 Jan 2008:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday praised "remarkable" political progress in Iraq, saying during a surprise visit to Baghdad that it represented a time of hope for the country. "Iraq is moving forward in a way that is promising but still fragile," Rice told reporters after talks with Iraq's leaders.

From Information Clearing House

Nov 11, 2007

Condi and Pervez: caught on tape?

Everyone knows that bugged hotel rooms are a constant vexation to music-lovin' politicians everywhere--how and where to have a private...conversation?

Watching Condi Rice's mash note to Pervez Musharraf this morning on This Week with George Stephanopoulos has caused the muse of romance to light upon my left shoulder, sparking a scene in my imagination--a scene which Condi and Pervez probably don't want revealed, so let's reveal it...

Scene: a quiet, cozy hotel suite, somewhere on the chaotic planet:

Come on over and sit by me, General...(turns down light)...

Take off your uniform and relax a about a little...piano music?

(tinkly piano...The Way You Look Tonight...)

You know, the only thing more gorgeous than a man in uniform is a man out of uniform...(piano suggestively segues into My Funny Valentine...)

You can be yourself with me, General...let down

Gosh, that head rug looks...stiff...why not take it off, too?...(pause, as wig is flung onto room service cart...)

Never mind...put it back, you look handsome tonight...yes, our time is brief, but I'm yours until the sunrise...

Why, I'd love to pillow or two? Those aren't pillows?

Oh, General!

Musharraf Sets No End to Emergency Rule yet trysts must end all too soon...

Nov 2, 2007

limming Turkey

Though on a secret mission far away, former agent to our nation, Mr.A.Cat has sent us a dispatch containing a new political limerick, Kittens from Turkey to which I have added a smidge of art, Cat in a Very Green Chair.

Back later--this will be a blogging weekend and I can't wait to catch up on reading my favorite blogs!

Oct 13, 2007

You say, Kremlin...I say, White House

It's a ROFLMBO Day!

Here's the source of my Saturday hilarity: the AP article promoting the riotously ironic idea that Secretary of State Rice is Worried by Putin's Broad Powers, an article in which we find Condi Rice saying, "In any country, if you don't have countervailing institutions, the power of any one president is problematic for democratic development."

!!!!! (Expletive deleted. What does she know about it and when did she know it?)

Hey Condi, in America it's supposed to be called checks and balances before your boss and his cronies undermined it like all get-out.

More irony from Condi, but beware--stitch may form in side:

"I think there is too much concentration of power in the Kremlin....Everybody has doubts about the full independence of the judiciary."

You say Kremlin, I say White House, let's call the whole thing off, shall we?

Oh Condi, come on home--you sound (if possible) even more idiotic and unaware of your pot-kettle tendencies when in Moscow while Vladie Putin will be laughing his buns off all the way to the premiereship.

Besides, you know Bush longs to hang onto the White House if he can--even if it takes a false flag op to do it. Girl, you know it's true.

Feb 25, 2007

Condi said Micro-Manage

Here's my note to Condi Rice after her spin performance on Meet the Press this morning:

It's not that Congress is attempting to "micro-manage" our troops in Iraq--it's the overdue need for Congress' to stop backing off their responsibilities and micro-manage the psychopaths on the warpath in the White House--that's what Congress has needed to do from the start.

Nice try framing the argument though...but very very tiresome of you, little parrot mimicking your masters.

Feb 22, 2007

Rice limerick...but you'll be hungry later

Word: over at Lim's Limericks I've just typed up some new verses from Mr.A.Cat, agent formerly in service to our nation, and which concerns the diplomatic Condi Rice, if you're so inclined.

This lim is on the sassy side, so if you wear your political indoctrinations on your sleeve, avoid this limerick at all costs...really! In fact, avoid the entire blog for your own protection...