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May 15, 2019

US Mercury-Pluto Opposition w more Pluto (by transit)

May 15, 2019: As anyone who uses one of the various July 4, 1776 horoscopes to represent America knows, our national Mercury Rx in Cancer is opposed by Pluto Rx in Capricorn. In the 5:09 pm LMT chart, below, this opposition falls across the 2/8 axis with all the Taurus-Scorpio issues it brings. And of course, the Cancer-Capricorn axis relates to security, the domestic scene, nurturance, national issues including patriotism, public status concerns, and the Capricornian realms of business, law, and government. Besides obvious surveillance and spying issues, a Mercury-Pluto opposition tends toward potentials such as an obsession with social concerns and the responsibility for solving them, fear and anxiety, competence, impatience, and a habit of becoming arrogant when challenged lest America's credibility is being questioned.

Now this post is not about the May 18 2019 Full Moon @27Sco38, the 'flower moon', but its DC Horoscope is used, below, as a transit chart set around America's natal chart, the 5:09 pm version that I most frequently use. Outside the Full Moon chart are penned Trump's natal planets highlighted in a lovely shade of lavender. And as you see in US natal 6th house, transit ('tr') Mercury @24Tau24 conjoins Trump's natal Midheaven ('MC'), The Goal Point, so with the 6th house relating to military service (among other things), we could mention Trump's apparent tendency toward war with Iran (or Venezuela, or___). But we won't.

Other than to say that he seems to be following the Bush-Cheney playbook of re-election via the waging of war (under tutelage of warhawk John Bolton--him again), and of course, a war would serve Big T as yet another distraction from his political problems at home.

Here are the DC Horoscope/s in bi-wheel form with the main point of this post to follow:

Highlighted in green: transit Pluto @23Cap00 Rx within orb of America's natal Pluto position (27Cap32) in natal 2nd house of the National Treasury opposite US Mercury @24Can11, with all three planets in retrograde motion. In 8th house of Corporatism, Big Business, Debt, and Transformation you see Trump's natal Saturn conjunct US natal Mercury, a cosmic picture of our depression, suppression, and the isolation of America he has caused. Schemes, criticism, and aggravating circumstances come along with this planetary connection as well and brings to mind Trump's 'trade war' with China and the harsh conditions it's causing or will cause our farmers and others.

Plus, Trump's natal Saturn conjunct US natal Mercury accounts in part for his limited popularity with the public while his Venus opposing US natal Pluto keys the constant emotional upsets (his and ours!) and his desire to force his and his donors' demands upon us. Trump's lack of trust in US systems and institutions is also suggested by the Venus-Pluto pairing as are organized crime, hidden wealth, and immorality.

Now it's true that multiple transits are in play right now yet the reason Mercury-Pluto with more Pluto (by transit) is highlighted here is the main point of this post. For that, I refer you to Michael Munkasey's Midoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets for its Hegelian Thesis-Antithesis information concerning the Mercury-Pluto pair of energies within the realms of Politics and Business:

"Thesis: High security communications and intelligence activities; political talk which offers abrupt changes to some functions; communications satellites; news of space exploration, orbital weapons, or toxic gases.

Anti-Thesis: Secrets concerning the business community or transportation systems; communications within the intelligence gathering agencies; self-destructive impulses in business; breakdowns in the road networks."

Add more Pluto to Mercury-Pluto and we have: "A ruthlessness when seeking whatever information you desire; increased needs to hide your actions and activities from others; increased likelihood of hearing depressing information; the end of discouraging information."

And that's the end of this post. Except to say that,

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Apr 17, 2017

DC Horoscopes: May 2017 Lunations (US Mars Return)

Here are the horoscopes for the 'Flower' Full Moon of May 10, 2017 @20Sco24 and New Moon of May 25, 2017 @4Gem46 set for Washington DC; if you wish, please enlarge for better reading of my scribbled study notes:

As you see, Venus rules both charts via Libra rising. At the May 10th Full Moon (lower left on the dual chart), Venus applies only once: an opposition to Jupiter Rx denoting a period of extravagance, overindulgence, empty posturing, and gaudiness, plus, diplomatic gestures that are likely to fail. Jupiter again is the lead of a Locomotive shape in his many guises as the General, the CEO, the guru or priest, the broadcaster (or tweeter?), the thespian, the banker or financier...the list is varied with expansive Jupiter (which turns Direct on June 9th @13Lib12).

Venus @7Ari11 in 6th house of Military, Police, Civil Service, Work, Health, and Daily Rounds) also rules the 8th house of Corporatism, Credit, Debt, Insurance, Legacies, Shared Resources, the Occult, and Transformation (including Death) so all, any, or none of these areas may be affected including the 2nd house of the National Treasury with the Full Moon @20Sco24 posited there and denoting fluctuations and changes in resources and valuations. Of course, the Taurus-Scorpio axis includes financial issues all on its own and a Full Moon relates to a culmination or fulfillment of some kind--certainly an awareness or the typical uncovering that the spotlight of a Full Moon can bring. For as you know, lunations may act like eclipses and planet Uranus--revealing secrets and hidden matters no matter how inconvenient. In addition, this Full Moon chart shows the US natal Mercury-Pluto opposition on the MC-IC axis which suggests our usual surveillance concerns, spying, leaks, hacks, revelations, and other events.

Tulipa May Time Under Full Moon, a drawing by Jude Cowell (c) 2017+

New Moon @4Gemini46 May 25, 2017

Then three days after America's 2017 Mars Return (21Gem22; May 22nd) on May 25th comes a New Moon with the three days leading up to the lunation the 'dark of the Moon' phase when things tend to go bump in the night, or at least, in the shadows. In DC this New Moon falls at the end of the 8th house suggesting a new cycle of activity in 8th house matters (listed, above). The New Moon's Sabian Symbol is penned upon the chart (upper right) and its word picture ("A Radical Magazine...") seems to hint at certain publications such as Breitbart with sensationalism in the lunar mix (Moon = publicity, the public, public relations) especially since Moon-ruled Cancer is on the MC and rules the 10th house of Public Reputation in both charts), or perhaps pulp publications such as The Enquirer are spotlighted. The question is: what will be the 'radical' topic?

Now in the New Moon horoscope, chart ruler Venus applies in major aspect twice: 1. trine status quo Saturn Rx (@25Sag58 in 3rd house of Communications, Short Journeys, and Primary Education); and 2. conjunct Uranus, America's planet of war, and of Utopian visions, chaos, and disruption. Note that quirky Uranus is also the predictably unpredictable Mr. Trump's oriental planet.

1. Venus trine Saturn denotes a period of success in such realms as legal matters, diplomacy, and alliances; promotions that provide greater authority may be the reward along with improvement in relationships with those who are more mature and responsible. 2. Venus conjunct Uranus indicates the forming of unusual or non-traditional partnerships via unique methods that are employed for the achievement of common goals--though separations may also occur. Plus, with Venus-Uranus contacts, wasteful or eccentric spending habits cannot be ruled out which supports the extravagance shown by Venus in the May 10th Full Moon horoscope. One can't help but think of Melania Trump, her husband, or both.

Yes, money planet Venus in adventurous Aries loves change and variety but hopefully the extravagant Mr. Trump's expensive vacation habits, Melania's and Donald's out-of-DC security expenses, and the Trump administration's bombing excursions won't plunk America and our National Treasury into the alms house of debtor nations before we can 'get a grip'. And yet it isn't as if the American people can depend upon our dysfunctional and highly partisan Congress to reign in excessive spending by a Republican president, now can we?

Unless 2017's US Mars Return on May 22nd, which indicates limits to activities and adventurism via transit Saturn's off-and-on opposition to our nation's warring Mars, denotes the traditional mission of congressional fiscal oversight!