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Jun 25, 2021

December 2021's 5 New South Solar Eclipse: Benefits!

by Jude Cowell

June 25, 2021: Below is a DC Horoscope of the December 4, 2021 Total Solar Eclipse @12Sag22 in the 5 New South Saros Series with its themes of 'benefits, good news, peak experiences, joy' (Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad).

As you see, chart-ruler Venus @22Cap19 conjuncts the IC (Foundation of the Matter) while applying to a conjunction with powerful Pluto @25Cap07. Some consideration may be due to this particular degree range of Saturn-ruled Capricorn since '23 Capricorn' is a degree of governmental authority (N. DeVore) and '25 Capricorn' is, critically, the cusp of the 24th Lunar Mansion. In addition, mercenary star Terebellum (Omega Sagittarius), although faint, is located within these degrees as well. So Venus to Pluto (see lower left) suggests strategic manipulation in order to gain control. Financial matters, even bankruptcy, are also suggested as well as criminal elements having influence. Of course, we don't need Astrology to tell us America has been seriously infiltrated by such corruption.

And for those who prefer a US horoscope with 11--13 Sagittarius rising, this Solar Eclipse hits directly upon the Ascendant of such a chart which then personalizes the 5 New South Eclipse of December 2021 for America and further enhances the significance of expansive planet Jupiter. However, if you prefer a different version (July 4, 1776, or other--) then the eclipse falls within a house other than the Ascendant (1st or 12th house) and affects the activities of that house and the houses also ruled by the eclipse-and-chart-ruler/s.

Now located with the Eclipse in the 2nd hou$e is Mars @23Sco40 as leader of a BOWL shape of planets so here we have an activist or combatant promoting the 'advocacy of a cause' or 'having a mission'. A further identifier is the fact that this Mars conjuncts the natal IC of Donald Tr*mp which may be what I like to call a cosmic peep-eye especially since he is known or suspected to have been born with testy Mars rising in royal Leo.

One more Tr*mpian note is that his natal Jupiter @17Lib27 (at Station on June 14, 1946) conjuncts this Ascendant while Speaker Nancy Pelosi's natal Jupiter conjuncts the Descendant reminding us of their previous political stand-offs. Yet a comfort is always to consider the Sabian Symbol of his greedy Jupiter at '18Libra': "Two Men Placed Under Arrest".

Then with critical-crisis degrees on the security-minded MC-IC, we find one of the Gemini Twins, Castor at Midheaven ('MC') - positively a creative star, yes, but also with its negative potentials for 'sudden fame or loss, murder, mental illness', and/or 'the crippling of limbs' (A. Louis). Everyone knows our society is at a critical stage of development, this is not news!

So here are my final notes: the Moon rises with royal star Antares (We the People feeling feisty!), Mercury @15Sag13 (conjunct Arachne: the internet?) accompanies the Solar Eclipse and suggests the need for logic and reasoning power which emphasizes the sign and portents of this Eclipse: Sagittarius, so that karmic progress can be made by an honest search for truth and by utilizing moral concepts and ethics. However, misplaced idealism, misguided beliefs, and false optimism must be avoided for best results (R. Lineman).

So agree or disagree, I personally feel such uplifting concepts are much more likely to be utilized now that America is helmed by President Joe Biden.

As always, dear reader, your on-topic comments and observations are welcomed as are any kindly Shares! Jude

Jun 24, 2018

2018 Midterms and the Cosmic Trigger Degree

Recently we discussed the DC horoscope of Syzygy Moon of the 2018 Midterm Elections, a Full Moon @1Tau13 conjunct erratic Uranus, the guiding planet of chaos-creator Donald Trump (posited @17Gemini in his natal 10th house with North Node and Sun).

Now let's add a bit about the Taurus-Scorpio degrees involved for 00Taurus is sometimes called the 'cosmic trigger degree' or 'Hitler's cosmic trigger degree' since it's his natal Sun degree and in his lifetime by transit compelled him to commit multiple acts of war and violence. Of course, the triggering influence can extend on into Taurus and even without Adolf's ego problems involved, unpredictable Uranus by transit can act as a planetary trigger for disruptive events such as protests, strikes, natural disasters, revolutions, or wars, plus, as you know, Taurus is a sign of Fixed (rigid) energy, brittle as is astrological Uranus.

Now since the first few degrees of Taurus is the path Uranus and other planets entering the sign will take in the Zodiac, let's refer to the Encyclopedia of Astrology (1947) by Nicholas Devore in which he gives some interesting details concerning the first few degrees of Venus-ruled Taurus as:

00Taurus: powerful in combining old principles in new applications.

1Taurus: magic.

2Taurus: degree of plot and strategy; important degree in nativities of great military generals.

In 1947 @2Tau51: Sharatan (or, Sheratan, beta Arietis): a pearly white star of the Ram's North Horn (Mars-Saturn); unscrupulous; defeat; destruction by war, fire, or earthquake.

3Taurus: Exaltation of the Moon; a fortunate degree; one accustomed to the exercise of authority (also centaur Chiron was discovered in 1977 @3Tau08--jc).

4Taurus: Founder of a sect; the seat of law.

5Taurus: occultist; healer; hermit.

6Taurus: degree of many enemies.

Now other stars appear along the Taurean path as well and you may wish to read about Sharatan, Hamal (the alpha star of Aries--to follow one's own path), and others at Constellation of Words.

Hopefully, when maverick planet Uranus reaches 00Taurus+ again, it won't trigger too disruptively its 'enemy' planet, restrictive Saturn Rx in the World War II horoscope for such a contact can indicate sudden or vast changes to traditions, rules, and regulations (freedom from limits or boundaries) which We The People won't necessarily appreciate especially since Uranus never guarantees predictable consequences, no matter its stated intentions. Taurus is the builder yet Uranus can and may destroy or break--and since unorthodox ways of handling responsibilities already erupt from 'builder' Donald Trump and his gang, we know that in independence-loving Uranian fashion, it's pointless to guess what Mr. Trump and his handlers have in store for reforming the status quo in American society as they break down the US government.

However, we can say that new and unusual directions are definitely on the political path as the 2018 Midterms approach and then beyond into 2019, however wackily election results turn out in November.

And speaking of Uranian disruption, please consider that the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of Donald Trump will soon repeat on July 12, 2018 with its 'separation' implications personal for him yet because of his social position in the Oval Office the eclipse's 'critical times' must thereby include in the cauldron the American public if not the entire world.