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May 24, 2023

Horoscope: CNN Launches June 1, 1980

During the Presidential Election year of 1980, CNN (Cable News Network) launched from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia on June 1, 1980 anchored by husband and wife team, Dave Walker and Lois Hart - and the 24-hour news cycle began. Their leading story was the May 29, 1980 attempted assassination of civil rights leader Vernon Jordan and President Carter arriving to visit him during Jordan's recuperation.

Here's a brief clip of CNN's initial broadcast with no time stamp, unfortunately. However, "good evening," Dave Walker says as the first-ever segment debuts so I've set the CNN Launches Horoscope for 7:00 pm edt with the technology planet of new ideas rising: electric Uranus Rx @22Sco47 to create a symbolic horoscope which seems plausible.

In investigative Scorpio, Uranus is exalted, behaves fearlessly and with scientific ingenuity to effect drastic change and disruption - in 1980, change from the old model of the 6 o'clock news hour to the 24-hour news cycle. So with transit Uranus now in Taurus, a "midlife crisis" is occurring this year for CNN (Uranus opposing Uranus), marking a time when one acts out of character - and thus CNN staged a "townhall" for Trump on May 10th so he could spew his tiresome old lies to an audience of supporters who were told they could applaud, but couldn't boo! Leadership styles have now changed at CNN as well, with new muckity mucks shifting the network to the right--some would say, the far right.

So in the marked-up chart, below, you'll note that starry Regulus culminates at Midheaven at 7:00 pm ('MC' = the Goal Point: success!). Also at MC is broadcasting Jupiter @2Virgo, sign of facts, categorizing, criticism, and analysis. A few of my study notes are penned on the chart, as you can see, but I know you'll find several more factors of interest; also an almost unmarked 7:00 pm horoscope is added, below, suitable for printing if need be.

The Sun's Sabian Symbol (rounded up to 12Gemini) is prominent and concerns Vernon Jordan so the symbol for "12Gemini" is penned on the right side of the chart.

CNN Launches June 1, 1980 Atlanta, Georgia

Now if you're curious, here are 40 years of CNN history in photographs, plus, there's an interesting bizjournal feature from 2015, #tbt: A Look at Lois Hart, who led CNN's first newscast 35 years ago" (it's 43 years ago this year, June 1st). Hart revealed that she and her husband were "very nervous" but on camera they looked quite calm.

Then the latest news I've seen today is that another CNN "townhall" will be broadcast on behalf of 2024 candidate Nikki Haley. Will the audience be full of Haley supporters? Can they applaud but not boo? Will she promote fascism, too?

Review the May 10, 2023 Horoscope of the Trump-CNN "townhall" if you wish, with the 7 North "Fascism Rising Eclipse" of February 1933 at the "townhall"'s IC (Basis, or, Foundation) at which lurks the May 10, 2023 Saturn @6Pisces.

And if you like, check out the Wikipedia bio of CNN's quirky founder Ted Turner and be sure to scroll to Ted's plan for CNN to broadcast "the end of the world," which apparently is what Christian Nationalists cheer for and are working toward. As if our Creator needs their short-sighted efforts!

Dec 12, 2018

Astro-Notes on Heather Nauert: next UN Ambassador?

Image: 'Neptune Ascends'

by Jude Cowell

Donald Trump's choice for UN ambassador to replace Nikki Haley is former Fox News personality Heather Nauert born January 27, 1970 in Rockford, Illinois. Follow the link for a few bio details on her life and a view of a speculative natal horoscope for her (birth hour unknown).

If confirmed to the UN post, Ms. Nauert will be the least experienced ambassador to the United Nations in US history with a diplomacy resume as thin as my own! Yet a communicator she is, and quite Airy, too, as we can see from her natal planets. I won't bother posting her 'noon' natal chart here since it's only a possibility that she'll be confirmed by the Senate. In her favor? She's a Fox alumni, blonde, and Mike Pompeo and John Bolton seem to be in her corner along with Mr. Trump so we'll see how her confirmation hearing goes.

And the downgrading of her UN position from Cabinet-level is being pushed by Pompeo and Bolton thanks to Trump who intends to run the show entirely and carry Putin's water on the global stage as far as the 'United' Nations goes.

Well, you know how astrological Neptune likes to downgrade, downplay, dissolve, undermine, deceive, disappoint, merge, infect, and confuse, right? Well, the Nauert-UN saga seems right on time since the first Mars Return to Trump's 2017 Inauguration horoscope (24Pis21) will perfect on December 23, 2018 at 11:20:54 am est, and in Washington DC, guess what rises at that moment? Why, Neptune @13Pis55, of course! Ascendant = 13Pis58 and Heather Nauert's natal North Node, a point of public contact, falls at 12Pis11 or so.

And if we round up to '14Pisces' for Neptune-ASC's Sabian Symbol we discover "A Lady in Fox Fur," aka, Heather Nauert. Now some pundits are saying that Ms. Nauert as UN Ambassador is in for a world of hurt. Astrologically I'd say that the December 23rd Neptune-ASC-NN trio in the Trump Inauguration's Mars Return chart suggests potentials for rumor, deception, hurt through others, and being duped (Tyl) for this Lady in Fox Fur. Master-of-disguise Neptune must supply Ms. Nauert with quite a weighty mask to wear in New York! And to New York I suspect she will go for the January 5, 2019 Solar Eclipse @15Capricorn activates her natal Mercury in Capricorn with its eclipse theme of: "joining a new group and gaining a great deal" (Brady). For even if downgraded from a Cabinet-level position, a UN ambassadorship would be a lucrative step up for Heather Nauert after a brief stint as State Department spokesperson.

And if Nauert's personality blend of Sun AQ-Moon Libra is the case instead of a Water-Earth Sun AQ-Moon Virgo blend (if born not very long after midnight) which tends toward puritanism and a nit-picking attitude toward others, her double Air combination of energies suggests she is civilized, sociable, charming, broad-minded, and humanitarian with a good intellect. The AQ-Libra blend is shared by author Boris Pasternak and I shall end this post with an extremely appropriate quote from him which may very well remind you of someone we both hear from ad nauseum every single day,

"As for men in power, they are so anxious to establish the myth of infallibility that they do their utmost to ignore truth."

Oct 10, 2018

Nikki Haley Astrology Chart

Now that US Ambassador to the UN has re-signed her post two days prior to planet Venus slinking through Scorpio and turning re-trograde @10Sco50 (October 5th), a peek at her 'noon' horoscope is in order and may be viewed at Star4Cast, Marjorie Orr's excellent website.

Also included is a view of Haley's natal chart blended into a composite chart with that of Donald Trump--and it's fairly curious! Plus, if you haven't, check out Haley's natal Mars-Uranus opposition which squares her natal Mercury in Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business. (Nikki Haley January 20, 1972 Lansing, MI, birth time unknown.)

Mars-Uranus = Mercury: acting independently and drawing heavily upon one's nervous energy reserves; a test of strength or power carried out calculatingly; an achievement or invention thought out in great detail; excessive irritation of the nerves (Ebertin).

A primary feature is that the combining of their natal charts and planets results in a difficult, frustrating Mars-Saturn square, not the best portent for an easy, lengthy relationship, or it may be sporadic or alternate between apathy and cooperation. Still, Haley says she's supporting Trump in 2020 and apparently intends to stump on his behalf. The square also denotes a tendency toward bad timing, an idea the GOP is publicly sporting due to Haley's resignation only one month prior to the 2018 Midterms (unheard of!). Good timing for her though.

Hopefully, Ambassador Haley is not involved or connected in any way with the disappearance or murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi who hasn't been seen alive since he walked into the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey. After all, Nikki Haley has been hangin' with all nationalities at the United Nations and might 'know a little something' about the case.

So in spite of her resignation, Haley and Trump are so far expressing no rancor between them as she prepares to re-turn to the private sector at or by the end of 2018, possibly to earn money to balance her personal budget. Yet we know that 'Venus scorned' is an archetype within the Venus in Scorpio model along with potentials within Scorpio for brooding intensity and betrayal. It has been reported that she was mightily upset when Trump passed her over for Secretary of State and named oil magnate Rex Tillerson to the post. Bruise! So it will be interesting yet sad to see if Mr. Trump turns at some point toward criticizing Nikki Haley who may have become too high profile at the UN for attention-vampire Trump's weak ego to manage.

Now here are a few details concerning the Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') of Nikki Haley:

January 16, 1972 @25Capricorn; 10 North themes: communication is emphasized along with frustrating or inhibiting events via news, paperwork, or a young person; feeling tired and drained; must work through difficulties one at a time (Brady).

A 10 North eclipse last occurred on February 7, 2008 as what I then called 'The Unmasking Eclipse' @17AQ45 because of its degree's Sabian Symbol. And it is my belief that the current solar eclipse which manifested on August 11, 2018 in the 2 New North series ('The Tower') has activated the potential themes of The Unmaking Eclipse which, on a subterranean level of the Collective Mind, so that its 'wild card' Uranian energies combine with our current eclipse theme of 'collapse of lifestyles, plans, and structures'.

As for 'The Tower' collapse potentials we're mired in now, my personal best-case scenario would be the ultimate collapse of Donald Trump's Tower of Lies which in 2018 trembles on shaky ground.