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Sep 18, 2017

Sept 2017 Trump to UN and a Virgo New Moon

September 2017's Dark of the Moon shades a UN Address by Mr. Trump

by Jude Cowell

Today, during the three days leading up to the Virgo New Moon of September 20, 2017 (1:30 am edt) @27Vir27--the 'dark of the Moon' phase when sneaky doings often occur--Donald Trump has met and spoken with UN members--chastising them as expected. However, his first Address to the UN General Assembly is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19th when the gathered members will be able to take 'his measure'. Naturally, mention of the nuclear capabilities and intentions of North Korea will be a primary item on Trump's agenda along with his ideas for reforming the UN.

Sowing Seeds During September's Earthy New Moon

An astrological tidbit concerning Mr. Trump's appearance at the UN this week involves the Sabian Symbol for the September 20th 2017 New Moon degree (27Vir27), a word picture which may well describe a certain mogul playing acting a presidential role though of course you are welcome to disagree...

Rounding up we get '28Virgo':

"A Bald-Headed Man Dominates a Gathering of National Figures"...'Keyword: DOMINANCE...positive expression: accomplishment through a completeness of self-mastery and a rigid control of others; negative (shadow/unconscious side): a sadistic sophistication'. Of course, inter-national figures will also be in attendance. And Virgo is the sign of The Critic.

Now Trump's level of self-mastery is uncertain, if it exists, but it or its lack will be with him at the podium, one imagines.

Well, it is a darkened Moon so perhaps the degree's Illumination Point (opposite) can shed a ray of light upon the situation:


"A Fertile Garden Under a Full Moon"...'Keyword: ULTIMACY...positive expression: high reward in worldly goods and exceptional integrity in using them; negative side: irritating pride of possessions.' (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Now 'exceptional integrity'? Hmm. Not so much. And 'irritating pride of possessions'? I'd have to say The Gilded One has got that firmly covered! It only remains to be seen how ruffled and fretful or how soothed and at ease his audience will be when Donald Trump is done pontificating at them. If his nagging includes whining that would definitely be irritating to most, if not everyone.

My suspicion is that the fulfillment/culmination stage of the September New Moon arriving in two weeks with the Full Moon of October 5, 2017 @12Ari43, a critical degree ('13Aries' = "An Unsuccessful Bomb Explosion"!!), will reveal how the September seeds Mr. Trump plants this week are sprouting--vigorously in receptive soil, or meagerly in the soil of the world's discontent.

Image: Full Moon Shining Across a Lake; jc 2017

No, I have never posted the natal horoscope of North Korea but I did list its natal data and planets here where you can see that NK's natal Saturn was eclipsed by the 1 North August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse @29Leo which also happens to be the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump--and about 4 degrees from his rising Mars, planet of quarrels, conflict, and war.

Jan 7, 2016

Ed Schultz Gives Commentary on the News of the Day (01-07-16) - video

Well, they're all jumping into this week's news cycle: Bill, Hill, and Donald, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, North Korea... Here's a 5-minute synopsis by progressive broadcaster Ed schultz:

Here's a previois post containing the natal data of North Korea and a list of its natal planets. plus, a few brief notes--one example: NK's natal Uranus (shocking events, eccentricity, electricity, uranium) conjoins 00Cancer, one of the four Cardinal World Points of manifestation and recognition, and of course, where the Sun shines a bright spotlight every Summer Solstice (so he has that goin' for him).

Dec 21, 2011

Alex Jones (video 12.21.11) w North Korea's Moon now eclipsed

First let me express sincere condolences to the good people of North Korea who are in mourning for the loss on December 17, 2011 of Kim Jong Il, their 'Dear Leader'.

He was a complex man and the people's sense of loss must be overwhelming even for those whose state-imposed displays of bereavement are acts of self-preservation and habit more than of deep grief for one difficult man. The North Korean people's already perilous conditions and the crossroads which the passing of the Communist-monarchical mantle presents them brings tremendous collective anxieties; plus, the suddenness of such a tragic event adds much intensity to their emotional shock as The Masses face life without the familiar father figure they've come to know (only too well, as some might say.)

2011 North Korea: a People Eclipsed by a 'Peculiar Turn of Events'

A momentous event was promised for the North Korean people by the 'peculiar turn of events' November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ 2Sag37 which 'eclipsed' North Korea's 1st house natal Moon 2Sag17 (the people, the populace; ASC 24Sco58; transit Uranus now squares natal Uranus 00Can15 in 8th H of Death and Transformation--emotional shock) in the country's natal horoscope set for September 9, 1948 12:00 pm P'yongyang, NK.

(Source: US Dept of State; Nicholas Campion's Book of World Horoscopes gives one day later which changes little but the Moon's position so I'm taking the November 2011 Solar Eclipse 'hit' to the 2Sag17 Moon position of Sept 9 as a reasonable confirmation that 'September 9, 1948' is the correct date for the establishment of North Korea.)

And yes, the 'peculiar turn of events' flavor of the Nov 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse does make me wonder for one brief moment if a human hand helped speed Kim Jong Il on to his ultimate destination far beyond his train's final station. Why, actors pretend to assassinate by 'heart attack' in movies and on TV all the time, the little dickenses. Actually, the North Korean leader had been recuperating well from his stroke in 2008, I heard somewhere--until last Saturday morning when his health took a peculiar turn for the worst.

May 2012: Tears and Fears

Warily I should mention that the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @ 00Gem21 ('unsettling times') also 'eclipses' the Moon of North Korea giving us all 'something to cry about' due to the eclipse conjoining difficult star Alcyone, one of the Weeping Sisters. Key themes for Alcyone's potential influence: inner vision, a search for knowledge, exile, suffering, ruthlessness, judgmental anger.

Though the horoscope for the May 2012 eclipse is not yet published by this astrologer, you may be able to locate it online with little effort, if it's posted. An eclipse in the sign of Gemini indicates that affected issues will relate to mercurial things such as: communications, news, travel, trade, commerce, negotiations, contracts, treaties, and young people.

Now the political facets of this unexpected change-of-leadership as its import and the fears associated with it boomerang around the globe are much too varied for one limited post though I do admit to a hope Kim Jong Un will be more open to considering varied perspectives rather than clinging to provincial, blinders-on attitudes of the past. (We can all resemble that remark, personally and politically!)

Now I'll hush and turn you over to the very focused if sometimes polarizing Alex Jones and his guests to express themselves on North Korea and other matters. Views within this presentation (Part One only posted below to quicken page loading) are not necessarily shared by the proprietor of this blog, and are offered for your consideration, as you wish. A link to the rest of the series is provided for you beneath the video displayed here. jc

Posted: 21 Dec 2011 02:29 AM PST

(AJC) – Special Guests: Hoppy Heidelberg, James Grundler and Lord Christopher Monckton – Kim Jong-il is Dead & Chinese Citizens Fight for Liberty: Infowars Nightly New

Part One

View the full series here.

Further reading: Kim Jong Il's death may affect South Korean elections.


Remember to Move To Amend Citizens United!

Sep 18, 2009

North Korea's natal chart data: Sept 8, 1948

As I pick up master astrologer Celeste Teal's book, Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation, it occurs to me to publish here the natal data for North Korea with current contacts from Solar and Lunar Eclipses:

Sep 9, 1948
12:00 pm '9 hours east'
39N01 125E45
P'yongyang, NK

ASC 24Sco58/DESC 24Tau58
MC 7Vir06/IC 7Pis06

Sun 16Vir20 10th h
Moon 2Sag17 1st h
Mercury 8Lib10 10th h> conj 11th cusp 8:36
Venus 00Leo33 8th h> conj 9th cusp 00:54
Mars 3Sco40 11th h> conj 12th cusp 3:58
Jupiter 19Sag59 1st h
Saturn 28Leo47 9th h
Uranus 00Can15 8th h (Cancer interc'd)
Neptune 11Lib45 11th h
Pluto 15Leo32 9th h
Chiron 20Sco41 12th h

NN 7Tau28 Rx 6th h

As you see, the current Solar Eclipse of July 21, 2009 @ 29Can27 is affecting North Korea's natal Venus 00Leo33 posited in 8th house but sitting atop n 9th cusp of Foreign Lands (a very karmic point in any horoscope.)

The current Lunar Eclipse of August 5/6, 2009 @ 14AQ opposes natal Pluto 15Leo32 across the 3/9 axis...might this relate to plutonium activities behind the scenes?

Fretsome may be the contact of the Lunar Eclipse @ 29 Gemini on Dec 21, 2010 which will emphasize the country's natal Uranus at World Point 00Can15 (uranium?)

On November 25, 2011, a Solar Eclipse occurs @ '2 Sag' which 'eclipses' a natal 1st house Moon (the people.)

This eclipse is in the 14 North Series whose influence is one of peculiarity. It heralds a time of many confusions within personal relationships, unexpected financial happenings, unrequited affections, despair, energies being drained, and strange turns of events. No important decisions should be made under the rays of this eclipse for delusions may abound making clear judgments difficult, if not impossible. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Last manifestation of 14 North was on Nov 13, 1993 @ '22 Sco' between NK's natal Chiron (12th house) and natal Ascendant. Some of the issues from the 1993 eclipse season may resurface in Nov 2011 and on into 2012.

Yes, any person's or entity's natal chart (lives) may suffer from these 'peculiar turns' but more personally if planets are aspected by the '2 Sag' degree, so we'll be keeping a squinty eye upon the lunation situation as 14N eclipse time draws near.

Chart data source: US Department of State under the Korean War subheading.