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Sep 4, 2014

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dec 2, 1971

In case you need the info, here are the horoscope details for the Persian Gulf's #UAE federation as provided in Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes:

The proclamation was made at noon on December 2, 1971 in Dubai, the federation's capital; ASC 27AQ44; MC 7Sag36; 10th house Sun 9Sag29 opposite 4th house Moon 9Gem06; At Midheaven (The Goal), Jupiter-Neptune = Sun which denotes potentials for: speculation, irresponsibility, deceiving others or being deceived, squandering physical strength. Neptune 3Sag03, planet of oil, gas, and mysticism conjoins MC from the 9th house side so another midpoint picture is formed, Sun-Neptune = MC: being sensitive or impressionable, a negative outlook. Some measure of paranoia may apply as well.

Two Fixed Stars ('Watchers') are prominent: natal Sun conjoins Antares, Moon conjoins Aldebaran.

Sun = leadership; Moon = the people

4th house Moon conjunct 3rd house Saturn Rx 2Gem30 snugged around the IC 7:36 (ambition, strategy, depression); 1st house Mars 14Pis43 rises; right now the transiting Saturn-Pluto midpoint hits natal Jupiter 15Sag40 indicating potentials for: religious and social fanaticism, self-sacrifice, simplicity, and/or excessive modesty.

Unless the membership has changed or late, the UAE federation includes Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharja, Ajman, Fujaira, and Umm al Quaiwain.

Midpoint pictures: Reinhold Ebertin, 'The Combination of Stellar influences'.

Jan 7, 2008

Iranian gunboats mock US ships: Mars wins

From LegitGov

Hello, Pot? This is Kettle... Iran should avoid provocative actions: White House Jan 7 2008:

The White House said on Monday that the harassment of US Navy ships by Iran was "provocative" and warned Tehran against taking such actions in the future.

"We urge the Iranians to refrain from such provocative actions that could lead to a dangerous incident in the future," White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said. [Is illegally invading and occupying a country and killing over one million civilians 'provocative?' Just curious.]

Read article here.

With expansive Jupiter at the "Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance" degree ("5Cap"), let's have a look at the Sabian Symbol (Jones) for this war promoting degree:


pos: a capacity for aggressive leadership and an unusual effectiveness in sidetracking minor issues for the sake of major achievement;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: unnecessary moods and tantrums.

Sound like diversionary but reckless tactics, and we suspect we know what major achievement Iran--and the neocons--are preparing for.

Perhaps Adriano Carelli's book of degrees (linked in previous post) will provide a bit more detail (my italics):

"Two open a degree of hospitality; home and hearth are open to all. (Persian Gulf?) A jovial (Jupiter!) character, a generous and unassuming nature, marred by imprudence in word and action. The native's lack of reserve will give fuel to other people's slander and, coupled with his sometimes reckless hospitality, will lead to material theft and plagiarism of ideas."

As with everything in life and Astrology, energy flows in both directions--simultaneously or in alternating fashion.

Transit Jupiter is approaching opposition to America's natal Jupiter, a period when no one is the least bit impressed with one's grandiose Jupiterian efforts (which may also describe Republican candidates' performances on the campaign trail!), and there is potential for overblown efforts and discouraging comparisons.

Kind of like little unimpressed gunboats mocking huge US vessels as we push into their territorial waters (disputed though they may be)?

Mars, the instigator, still oobs and Rx, at critical "29Gem"..."The first mockingbird of spring"...QUICKENING...

pos: consistent stimulation to others in all human affairs;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: annoying self-assertiveness.#

He who annoys attracts annoyance.

Being that it's the "first mockingbird" of a season, and "consistent stimulaton" this is probably the beginning of a campaign of another sort by Iran inspired by the explosive combo of the off-again-on-again opposition of Mars and Pluto--with Pluto at the "The pope blessing the faithful" degree which speaks of surrendering to a lust for power.

There's a lot of that going around.

And did you know that Jan 6 was the second conjunction of Iran's current Saturn Return? Natal Saturn 8Vir18 and Jan 6's Saturn 8Vir17!

Current transits to Iran's Saturn: Jupiter trine Saturn, a time of rewards for hard work, and there may be a lucky break with financial backing made available.

Venus square Saturn is an anti-social time but indicates that favors are received which require something of equal value in return.

The triple Saturn Return dates for Iran are: Dec 2, 2006; Jan 6, 2008 Rx; and August 5, 2008.

Aug 25, 2007

Marching to War: Jingoes the Brave

Wars don't happen overnight, they takes years to plan and stage.

As you may know, the US has been at it since 1991: The March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean tells much of the sorry tale, and of the involvement of NATO, Israel, and Canada.

'Tis tres sad for you, Sparkie, that if you're reading these words you have a rhyme in store--a rhyme which lighted heavily upon my Bic this morning--written in honor of those now-silent war supporters who'd rather not be bothered even though their learless feader, George Bush, needs them so. But perhaps it's just desserts that Pres. AWOL has earned their non-support!

Come all you little jingoes supporting the war
it's time to be drafted and show them what for
while waving striped flags you were quick to invade
don't say your fight-spirit is starting to fade.

For America the Brave needs more jingoes like you
with smart bombs to drop and more killing to do
as enemies pouf into tunnel and cave
your brothers are serving our as*es to save.

So get yours on down to the draft-lover's line
and step up for war--now it's your turn to shine.

(c) jude cowell 2007

Jingoism: aggressive or warlike patriotism.

See World Wide Words: Jingoism.

And in case you missed it from Nov 8, 2003: Talk of a draft grows despite denials by White House which reminds us of the bruhaha that broke out when the Defense Department placed a notice on its website under Defend America which asked for "men and women in the community who might be willing to serve as members on a local draft board...Positions are available in many communities across the Nation."

Are they now?

A tempting offer, yet most jingoes between the ages of 18 and 24--and their parents--were apparently underwhelmed and the notice was deleted from the website by Nov 7, 2003.

Seems the 'draft flag' was run up the flagpole to see who would salute and only Sen Rangel (NY) and Rep Hollings (SC) bothered by proposing legislation for the first draft since 1973 which so far has gone nowhere...hence my encouraging poem for all those who thought the Bush-Cheney war was a good idea. Where are you now? Busy? But still idealistic for war?

"Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem."

-John Galsworthy, whose Sun Leo/Moon Aquarius personality blend has these Images for Integration:

The chairman of the board raises his glass to his able colleagues...The king of a large, prosperous empire invites everyone to his wedding.

(Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.)

One's distance from the problem is the problem for the Pentagon and they'd like it to be solved by more troops please...idealism preferred but not required.

So if your draft notice eventually comes in the mail you can say a wedding invitation would have been more welcome. But in the globalist NWO empire, perhaps they're one in the same.