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May 25, 2013

Horoscope: Summer Solstice 2013 in Political Astrology

Summer Solstice June 21, 2013: Mars-Pluto and the Jackass

by Jude Cowell

Please click horoscope image to enlarge:

Summer Solstice 2013: Sun to World Point 00Can00:00 @1:04 am edt Washington DC; Hour of evaluating Venus (@22Can06 conjunct Mercury 22:01 in 5th house); chart-ruler Jupiter with sub-ruler Neptune, the speculator pair, are actors within a Water Grand Trine (6A09--see bottom left of chart); secretive Neptune @5Pis19 in its own unconscious 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Large Institutions such as prisons (closing of Gitmo?) and hospitals (vets, Obamacare?) precisely conjoins President Obama's natal 1st house Chiron Rx @5Pis19. Their precise conjunction has a fated reap-what's-sown quality and denotes strong psychic energies being unconsciously expressed by the president concerning 12th house matters.

Compassion, aid, and/or propaganda (the media; the masses; surveillance) may also be indicated by this placement of Neptune.

Now as you know, Water Grand Trines have a protective imperative and all such planetary patterns indicate closed circuits of energy. Guarding against stagnation and inertia is problematic with all Grand Trines and especially so when more than one appears as here: there are two if we count the ASC with Moon, Mercury-Venus, and Sun-Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.) The quality of Water seeks peace, tranquility, and safety and many of us will tend to retreat into our private worlds if and when we can. Naturally domestic issues will be high on our lists of concerns as well.

Additionally, the two Grand Trines, made more complex by Jupiter still in Airy Gemini while the Sun has entered Watery Cancer, signifies America's current debilitating conditions and we have only to glance toward Capitol Hill ideologues and bigots to remember that this is what we're experiencing across the nation due to what I termed here in 2012 as "Jackassian Politics." I was surprised last evening to hear MSNBC's Chris Hayes on his program All In using the description of jackassery behavior for certain Republican-Tea Partiers. But we can't be the only ones who've noticed!

Mr. Hayes on Republicans Behaving Badly as they attempt to break the Senate:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Now if you listen to the full broadcast of All In, Chris also discusses the Jackassery Politics as practiced by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel who is closing 50 schools in the city while using taxpayer millions to build--wait for it--a sports stadium. Jackassery abounds everywhere we look!

Now back to Summer Solstice 2013:

Rising is 27Pis31 along with two midpoints: 1. Uranus-NN denoting radical political groups and reformers; 2. the forceful Mars-Pluto midpoint which gives dangerous and ruthless tones to the chart and to the hot summer season. Also, Mars-Pluto opposes US progressed Neptune which adds potentials for disasters caused by water, oil, or gas, causing secret harm to others, and use of cunning and deceit--you know: Washington and state politicians behaving badly.

Now that 8th house Moon (We the People) @27Sco52 nears the Inaugural 2009 Moon (29Sco45) and conjoins here President Obama's natal MC (Aspirations; The Goal) which hopefully indicates his efforts to bring relief and improved conditions (such as infrastructure investments which would solve more than one problem) yet we find Jupiter @28Gem53 conjunct IC (Foundation of the Matter) and '28Gem' is a degree of BANKRUPTCY in Sabian Symbols. Can our economy hang on until America's next Jupiter Return (5Can56) on July 22, 2013? Will nation-building investments or roads and bridges finally arrive in the nick of time to create jobs and increase our safety?

Perhaps! For we know that debt, credit, shared resources, and Big Business are on top of our national agenda this summer with the Solstice North Node of Future Direction posited in Scorpio and in Watery Scorpio's natural 8th house--plus, Scorpio's Mars-Pluto influences rule the Solstice ASC in Washington, as noted above. Building bridges would be a great use of this forceful energy. More war and drone strikes? Not so much.

Well, there are many more chart factors to consider but I don't want to ruin your fun (check out that Scorpionic Saturn Rx just barely in 7th house and the critical 20Cap degree on 11th cusp!) so I'll close by detailing the midpoint pictures formed in T-Squares between Sun, Jupiter, MC, and the ASC in the Summer Solstice 2013 horoscope:

Sun-MC = ASC: personal relations or associations (Ebertin); needing to be forthright and honest about how your accomplishments and contributions can help others (Munkasey.)

Jupiter-MC = ASC: pleasant contacts that support one's personal success (Ebertin); a need to absorb life's lessons; needing to understand the motives and intentions of others; reminders that one must work with others (Munkasey.)

Yes, that last indicator is aimed toward all our anti-government jackassian politicians who know who they are.

Feb 1, 2012

May 2012 Eclipse attends G-8 Summit Chicago

The G-8 Summit in Chicago (update: G-8 held at Camp David, NATO Summit in Chicago) in May occurs under the squelching rays of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @ 00Gem01, the very essence of Gemini.

Click to read the UPI article from July 15, 2011 published just after President Obama announced Chicago as the financial summit's 2012 location and click to view the May 2012 Solar eclipse horoscope, set for DC.

Of course, it's Occupy protesters, many of whom are offspring or friends of people you and I personally know, that the Chicago police department has been training for months to challenge, terrorize, abuse, and arrest--er, control--and these are the thuggish tactics that police superintendent Garry McCarthy sent his officers to study in Seattle (WTO 1999; about 35,000 American patriots protested 'free' trade issues which were and are jobs issues) and Pittsburgh (G-20 2009; 'violent clashes') since both cities' police squads have experience with draconian riot control measures.

Such drastic measures against free speech have been in preparation for some time in America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. Yes, it must be quite a bit easier to be 'brave' when you're encased in the latest state-of-the-art riot gear and opposing American citizens exercising the right to have our grievances addressed and expressing deep frustration with and strong criticism of predatory corporations and the dire results of their excessive greed and corruption.

Whatever goes down in at the G-8 Summit May 15--22, 2012 (or at the NATO Summit in Chicago), the Fixed Star eclipsed on May 20, 2012 by the solar eclipse--Alcyone in Gemini--has keywords of some concern: something to cry about and since Gemini is the sign of Youth, Young People, Journalists, Trade, Commerce, and Messages, may only cool heads prevail and may President Obama realize that many people will put any and all brutality perpetrated by the Chicago police force against peaceful protesters smack dab on the doorstep of the Obama White House in tandem with Mayor Emanuel's obvious culpability.

Their close relationship only spotlights the connection of culpability between Washington DC and Chicago.

Actually, the doorstep of the White House is rather piled high with overboard incidents and injuries since the Occupy/99% Movement began on September 17, 2011. And all of this is occurring on President Obama's watch. May he protect US citizens who wish to protest the inequalities in our nation rather than just speechifying about them. Odd how Washington loves to tout protecting the populations of other countries (when they want to intervene) but can so easily look the other way when it's our sons and daughters here at home who are at risk.

Abuse and Misuse of Power

So it looks as if G-8 2012 will show the whole world Power attempting to protect its elitist-authoritarian position with head-knocking and pepper-spraying considered to be a necessary part of a strong-arm agenda. Ends justify means is apparently one of The Man's mottoes in these matters but with this world view I heartily disagree, as always--no Machiavellian here.

So from underneath the elitist G-8/NATO vibes of May 15 to May 22, 2012, Democrats and their backers will be sending a message to the American people. My prayer is that it's the message that 'of-by-for-the-people' government still lives in America even if it's feeling more than a little puny these days under the heavy weight of too-fat-to-fail global corporatists.

May our protesters be safe in Chicago! And hopefully they'll continue to be wary of police operatives using violent acts (such as window smashing, etc) to justify brutal police reactions toward the innocent. For as you know, this is a dirty tactic but a traditional one for The Man to use especially when he's desperate to stay on top.

Power to the People! Even Thomas Jefferson and other founders agreed on that.

Dec 11, 2008

Rahm Emanuel former investment banker

Now this could be an interesting article...not that men and women in power reach the heights without mega-millions...

How Rahm Emanuel Made Mega-Millions and Bought His Way to Power

By Ben Protess

New details emerge of Emanuel's days as an investment banker.

Nov 18, 2008

mysteriously mum on Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama is a disturbing look at Emanuel's control of Obama, his entry back into the White House, his father's Zionist terroist links, and other such subjects about an Israeli national which the mainstream media - and most of the 'alternate media' - remain mysteriously mum about.

My feeling is that the American people should better know the man who will be calling the shots as the 'gatekeeper' for Barack Obama and filtering the information Obama receives as president, figurehead title as it may be.


And note to Donna - with Asc the WHAT Point, Mc the WHY Point...the Desc is the WHERE or WHERE TO Point, and Ic is the HOW Point of a chart. Thanks for asking!

On that question-answering level, Astrology charts remind me of journalism, or what once passed for newspaper article writing many moons ago when I was in school. Funny to think of it now, but I was the cartoonist for the paper. Har. True Confession.