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Dec 21, 2017

Horoscope: Russia - Flag Raised December 25, 1991

Image: Russia - Flag Raised, a symbolic moment for the good people of Russia; it's their "The Evil Empire is dead, long live Mother Russia" moment giving life to the myth and providing an invaluable public relations image for the people to cling to. The chart is set for a Lunar Hour on December 25, 1991 5:45 pm GMT Moscow, Russia; it is two years until the series of Great Conjunctions between 'new world order' planets of The Enlightenment, Uranus and Neptune (1993) though they are conjunct in this chart, as you see.

In Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes, the Flag Raised chart is #280, and is one of twenty horoscopes shown for the country now called, Russia. The book's Russia charts range from the Russia Unification chart of September 20, 0862 (Novgorod) through the Bolshevik era (1917), past the end of the USSR and Russian independence, and on to the Flag Raised chart you see here. Since this horoscope times a symbolic act to support a favorable image for the Russian public to admire, and since approval-seeking Mr. Trump is all about public image along with his love of money and gold, it is here displayed because the chart seems to resonate quite well with Trump's natal planets including his natal Ascendant (29Leo) with Mars rising @26Leo (conjunct this chart's Ascendant) and carrying royal star Regulus with them.

And note that in the Synastry Grid shown below, the two men enjoy a working relationship via a close Mars-Mars trine (0A15), plus, Putin's natal Saturn @17Lib27 precisely conjoins Trump's natal Jupiter @17Lib27 (strong in its Station Direct condition).

To me their Saturn-Jupiter combo supports what some in the US intelligence community have said--that former KGB agent Putin has cultivated Trump as a Russian asset for years and we know the Trump organization has received funding from Russia in the past, or so said Donald Trump, Jr who was born under this chart's Sun Cap-Moon Virgo personality blend. Sympatico? If so, financial arrangements between Putin/Russia and Donald Trump compromised Trump the candidate and made him unfit to play the role of US president--and that's besides Russian interference in our 2016 election/s which may have also benefited certain Republican politicians (and possibly Dems) who don't want "Russia-Gate" investigated for self-protective and political reasons. Mr. Trump's often expressed approval of Mr. Putin's way of doing things has hinted at his compromised condition ever since--and now the two seem to be phone pals (as long as Putin continues to flatter Trump).

And if we compare this Flag Raised chart of Russia with the natal horoscope of Donald Trump we see, among other connections, an interesting double Moon-Mars link between them. In Politics and Business, Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets gives a description of this planetary pair as: 'leaders who show concern about the welfare of others, but who don't necessarily follow through with relief','using or developing metal or mineral resources', 'farming activities which do not receive sufficient support from leadership', 'a military hierarchy which fluctuates in its effectiveness', and/or 'commercial uses of land resources for military or business activities'.

So considering dictator-wanna-be Trump's apparent adoration of dictator Vladimir Putin, is it a cosmic curiosity that Mr. Trump's Secondary Progressed (SP) New Moon which perfects on September 16, 2019 @3Vir00 conjoins the rising Moon of Russia (in this chart)? Not to me it isn't. How about you?

Synastry Grid: Trump (across) and Putin (down); trines of benefit and sextiles of opportunity are circled (as is their Moon-Uranus quincunx by mistake); they sure have lots of planetary links between them!

Oct 25, 2017

4 Virgo and the Midpoint Pictures of Trump and Hitler

by Jude Cowell

Is it some sort of hellish alt-right synchronicity that the current and the soon-coming Secondary Progressed (SP) New Moons of Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler fall so near one another at 3:28 and 3 degrees of the Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo?

Hitler's SP New Moon recently perfected on February 24, 2017 @3Vir28:15 (at 12:28:29 pm CET; natal location: Braunau am Inn, Austria). Rounded up = 4 Virgo; 3 Virgo is the karmic confrontation degree which is not included in this brief post).

Trump's SP New Moon @3Vir00:12 perfects on September 19, 2019 (at 7:19:51 pm edt; Queens, NY, in case you want to set up transit charts to compare with their natal and progressed charts).

SP New Moons issue from, or are based on, natal horoscopes; view the horoscopes of Adolf Hitler (RR: AA) and/or Donald Trump (RR: AA).

So as you probably already know, the Sabian Symbol for '4 Virgo' is particularly revealing of these two egomaniac snake oil salesmen who use racism, Goebbels' Big Lie tactic, and other emotionally based rhetoric to manipulate and divide the masses. (edit: with topics such as this):

'4 Virgo' = "Black and White Children Play Together Happily...keynote: The overcoming of sociocultural prejudices."

"At this fourth stage the basic technique which applies to all truly spiritual progress is clearly stated. Every human being should be seen, approached and warmly met as a 'child of God,' or in less religious terms as an exemplar of Man. Such a status gives to every social and interpersonal group the character of a BROTHERHOOD." (An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.)

Spiritual Progress...Karmic Progress

Unfortunately for the entire globe, the "Brotherhood" envisioned in the 4 Virgo Sabian Symbol is not at all the vicious type of 'Brotherhood' these dividers-not-uniters prefer, is it? (The prison gang/crime syndicate the aryan brotherhood is closer to the black vs white truth kept continually stirred up into a simmer, then a boil by vested financial interests--profiteering warmongers who start wars for other men and women to fight; many of them are bald and "dominate gatherings.")

So both Trump's and Hitler's mdpt pictures show emotional issues if not outright neuroses and both have separation ingrained in the chart (aka, 'closeness vs freedom' complexes). Both these self-defensive actors have potentials for attacks from others and both have a Midpoint Rising in their natal charts: Saturn-Neptune = ASC for Donald, and Jupiter-Saturn = ASC for Adolf.

(Mdpt pics from The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.)

'Herr Trump' and 'Mr. Hitler'

Below is an image that I hope you may enlarge for reading. These are the natal midpoint pictures of both Trump (in red, on the left) and Hitler (in green, on the right). Potentials for expression are messily penned on; any, all, or none may apply and are forever subject to eclipses, planetary transits, and progressions...even Adolf's:

Trump and Hitler: Apex Planets of Their Natal Midpoint Pictures

Trump: North Node (NN) 20Gem48, 10th house; Pluto 10Leo02, 12th house; Mercury 8Can51, 11th house; Saturn 23Can48, 11th house; ASC 29Leo55 with warrior planet Mars rising.

Hitler: Pluto 4Gem40, 8th house (conjunct Neptune 00Gem50); Uranus 19Lib29 Rx, 12th house; Venus 16Tau41 Rx, 7th house (conjunct Mars); Saturn 13Leo27, 10th house; Mars 16Tau22, 7th house, as noted; ASC 26Lib41 (conjunct his own Syzygy Moon @26Lib07, a Full Moon on April 15, 1889).

Oct 13, 2017

Mr Trump is in a Dark Mood and so are We The People

As POTUS Goes So Goes the American People (and the World)

by Jude Cowell

Gabriel Sherman's recent Vanity Fair article describing Donald Trump as "unraveling" and saying that he "hates everyone in the White House" also mentions that Mr. Trump is in a "dark mood" which resonates astrologically with his current progressed lunar Balsamic phase, the 'dark' endings and separations stage that everyone must go through at times in their lives. No one on Earth is 'above' the Cosmic Calendar or can escape their own karma, the reap-what's-been-sown imperative of the Universe.!

Then at the end of a Balsamic lunar phase, a Secondary Progressed New Moon (SP) occurs yet it is a few years before one sees with clarity the road ahead. Symbolically, Mr. Trump's SP New Moon will perfect in 2019 @3Virgo00, as noted in the Balsamic lunar phase post linked above.

Fake (Neptune) News (Mercury) a Frequent Refrain

Moody and emotionally needy to begin with (natal Moon conjunct South Node of the Moon--mother is implicated), Mr. Trump has been described here and in many other places as unequipped psychologically (natal Mercury in self-protective, tribal Cancer) and emotionally driven (Moon) and therefore unfit for the job of US president. Described as uncontrollable in childhood, he seems determined to remain so now.

Perhaps it is in part Mr. Trump's much-discussed Mercury (thinking processes; communication) square (blockage) Neptune (confusion; veiling; falsehood; fraud; delusion) which makes it difficult to impossible for Trump to listen to those around him and to perceive facts correctly so that his knowledge increases on the various topics his position demands that he understand. Awareness of reality suffers as he drifts into his own little imaginary world where everyone bows to his kingly majesty (Regulus rising) and applauds his (self-imagined) mastery. As he said, the indiscreet Mr. Trump 'thought the job would be easier', the mark of a man who assumes he knows better than anyone, even experts. Anyone who assumes the role of US president must learn on the job yet the Mercury-Neptune-squared Mr. Trump seems--or is--incapable of it. Tragically, his short attention span has become legendary!

Jupiterian Trump Behaves in Uranian Fashion

Emotionally sensitive and always impulsive, the radical (unstable, quixotic) Uranian Mr. Trump is certainly shaking up Washington as his voters assumed they wanted though chaos for the sake of chaos was not the best idea the American voter ever had. A Trump White House has become reality because unfortunately and simultaneously, there existed a wealthy class who realized that Trump was a handy tool to be used against the American people--taking away health care insurance while giving the wealthy large tax cuts, roiling the entire US health care system, privatizing more of our school system, deregulating common sense limits, and other deconstruction efforts that Pluto now in Capricorn favors.

Meanwhile, undermining Neptune floating through its own sign of Pisces aids in the dissolution of our republican style of government, increases fear and paranoia in society, and makes the press seem even more deceptive than it already had. (Not that it's a bad thing to unmask media as a major government propaganda promoter--who hasn't read Orwell?)

Astrologically, both Pluto and Neptune can act as saboteurs as can quirky Uranus, the disruptive shock agent that is Donald Trump for he is our Uranian-in-chief with his oriental 10th house Uranus in Gemini, sign of tweets, news, negotiations, duplicity, multiplicity, off-kilter remarks, and gaffes that when made, inadvertently reveal the truth.

Related: Trump, the Presidency, and the GOP? Neptune at Work!.

Image above: Donald J. Trump, official portrait

Oct 5, 2017

Trump Current Lunar Phase and SP New Moon 2019

October 5, 2017: On this day Donald Trump's Secondary Progressions show his SP Moon @5Leo45 at apex of a difficult SP midpoint pair of Saturn and Pluto which denotes potentials for cold feelings, renunciation, giving up giving (Tyl); inconsistencies in work, achievements, and/or records (Munkasey).

Mr. Trump's Progressions Are Our Progressions

As of April 12, 2016, Donald Trump entered the Balsamic Lunar Phase (endings, partings, and heralding a 'Dark of the Moon' phase prior to the SP New Moon), an astrological indicator which did not bode well for a man beginning an important job such as playing POTUS--but he and we are all in it now.

Below is a dual image of the April 12, 2016 Balsamic Phase chart along with Trump's SP New Moon which perfects on September 16, 2019 @3Vir00. As you see, his SP Moon has already crossed an Angle of Prominence, the Midheaven (MC), hit SP Saturn, and today sits between hard-hearted SP Saturn and SP Pluto.

That any astrological Moon can represent family members and/or health concerns must be kept in mind as well, plus, as you know, SP Moon is a timer for changes and/or important events particularly when chart Angles are involved as they are here.

Please enlarge the image to read my chart notes which include implications of two midpoint pairs involving chart Angles and one midpoint picture: Neptune-NN (lack of community spirit - Ebertin) = Pluto (power or power-mad, manipulation, control, the urge to influence the masses - Pluto in Leo: rule by force). The two Planets-to-Angles are: Jupiter conjunct Ascendant, and, perhaps most important to issues of US authority, responsibility, and accountability (which Trump always seems to dodge, at least in his own mind), Saturn crossing MC, often a mark of an important personality (Ebertin) but may also denote a potential for hard-to-meet goals (Munkasey).

Brief notes on Jupiter-ASC and Saturn-MC are listed lower left and upper right:

Of course, an additional look at planetary transits for these dates would be informative and I hope perhaps a reader or two will check it out especially since my recovery from surgery in August is ongoing so blogging time is briefer than I would prefer! jc