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Sep 24, 2023

Dreamer Donald hearts Dreamer Adolf!

Agendas Built on Dreams Fail Once Saturn Steps In

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Saturn, Karmic Planet of Reality, Legality, Limits

That the world is once again under sway and under threat by a psychotic fantasist is a tragic condition which must be overcome by reality. The primary historical example, of course, is the Austrian Adolf Hitler, past dictator of Germany and a fantasist on steroids. Word is, Adolf refused to look at the horrors of destruction his "vision" had caused such as his own wounded soldiers. He blocked out the unpleasant which is what in our day Herr Trump must do in order to keep his world domination fantasy intact and spinning in his own head, his 'Big Lie' fantasy supported financially by donations from his gullible cult members and his fellow enemies of America.

And some sources say that Hitler's drug use exacerbated a bi-polar condition. Wonder how Trump's use of Adderall exacerbates his mental condition? But wait! Donald's years-long drug use is probably only unsubstantiated gossip! If false, it means that his perceptions skewed by an inability to face reality are entirely his own little red wagon, no excuses.

Now anyone paying attention realizes that another coup of the White House in 2024 is Trump's only hope for his vengeful version of totalitarian success, and for the pardoning of his scofflaw crimes including espionage, despite the concentrated efforts of legal eagle Saturn, planet of law and order. Yes, Trump hopes to sidestep Saturn's demand for accountability, as do his complicit comrades.

Even Trump's 'Big Lie' and its utilization is based on advice from Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels (AA-rated horoscope shown). Check out his fantasy-prone planetary aspects such as a spin-worthy Mercury-Neptune trine, and a T-Square made up of a Moon-Neptune-opposition square his broadcasting Jupiter @00Libra, a Cardinal World Point of manifestation and fame. Goebbels' Venus-Pluto trine added intense passion to his financial irregularities and relationship difficulties.

As for 'big dreamer' Trump, we've previously discussed Moon-Neptune as a cosmic signature of the mass delusion (Moon: the public; Neptune: delusion; the masses; mass media) that some of the world's population remains mesmerized by, most significantly in the US thanks to the approximately 30% of us under the influence of the Trump cult that exists inside, and revels within, Donald's fantasy world. This anti-reality tragedy is supported by independent news sources and by a corporate media hungry for profit as they work to fulfill the Hitlerian take-over dream of the past. And who can forget That Time a GOP Gaggle Spent July 4th (2018) in Moscow? Wonder if Herr Trump had given them secret documents to deliver to their bosses?

For more on Adolf's big dream, see Hitler's vision: 'Germania' (video) (included:his and Eva's death data for April 30, 1945; note that she may be the only person in the bunker who died that day).

To close, here's a related post Saturn and the Trump Trial: March 4, 2024 if that should remain the trial date, no guarantees.

Thanks for reading about these dreadful topics, well done! Jude

Apr 13, 2023

Nazism Then and Now: The Threat Is Real

Nazi Era 1933--1945: The GOP Has Brought Back the Primal Violence?

by Jude Cowell: pro-democracy all the way

On April 20, 2023, what I've previously termed "Hitler's birthday eclipse" in the 7 North Saros Series manifested @29Ari50, the degree of warrior planet Mars on January 6, 2021, the day of the maga mob attack against the US Congress on behalf of Donald Trump. One would have to be a head-hiding ostrich not to see the connection with the current poisonous infiltration into American institutions of Hitler-loving sabtoteurs of the political class.

Through this Mars-Eclipse synchronicity, a cosmic time link is revealed between Hitler, his Nazism and dictator-wanna-be Trump along with the scofflaw vigilantes and thugs he set loose on January 6th to stop the vote certification for Joe Biden. Outrageously, complicit Republican politicians of a fascist persuasion now "serve" in the House of the 118th Congress, with sabotage and the protection of indicted criminal Trump on their to-do list.

Image: 'Big Mouth Trump'; attribution unclear

Old Boss 'Same' as the New?

Not necessarily because a total reversal of their cruel plans is certainly possible with our persistent determination and the power of truth on our side. One necessary aid in the struggle is to know what democracy is once again up against. Therefore, for those who might appreciate it, historical information concerning Nazi Germany and the Third Reich is readily available online and includes details concerning the old Nazi ideology of their mislabeled "national socialism" which animated Hitler and his fellow criminals hiding behind its facade, a group with extreme resentments beginning with Germany's humiliation over the Treaty of Versailles, signed on June 28, 1919; the provisions of the Treaty ending World War One (WWI) went into effect on January 10, 1920.

Now as you know, "national socialism" was a ruse to fool the German population with the illusion that Herr Adolf and his brutal gangsters worked for the common man as they stoked resentments already within German society. If this exploitation from the Nazi era sounds familiar, you must be an American experiencing the 'Trump era' which I count from his Gemini 'prez bid' New Moon of June 16, 2015, the morning of his descent on the "golden escalator" of Trump Tower NY when he delivered a racist speech to a paid-off audience, $50 per head. It was political thespianism by a B-list reality TV "star" with a longstanding dream of being president but was really an announcement of what he and his wealthy backers intended as the death knell of democracy in America, and the vanquishing of America as global leader. We might also time our Trump troubles beginning with the Spring Equinox 2015 Eclipse, its energies made more sinister by its conjunction with Scheat, the star of misfortune and extremism.

So when it comes to exploiting resentments in society for selfish purposes, perhaps we can agree that in our day, there may never be a man more resentful and begrudging against others than the Mango Mussolini!

So in closing, here's a related SO'W post published in February 2011 (!) which was intended as a forewarning of our present difficulties that only ostriches can ignore now that they're no longer hiding behind 'the Republican party' label and are prancing around openly - Horoscope: Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse 1933 (then and now). Perhaps you can see, dear reader, that I've been writing and warning about the sadistic 'white power' criminals (Adolf's 'Aryanism' on steroids) attempting to take over America for quite a long while.

Also related is the Horoscope of the Third Reich, January 30, 1933, 90 years ago. A study of transits to this chart and its progressions is revealing concerning our current societal conditions.

Apr 6, 2023

British Royalty Nazis and a 2023 Eclipse

by Jude Cowell

The natal chart of Wallis Simpson the American divorcee who married the abdicated King of England, Edward VIII, are known to have been supporters of German dictator Hitler in a Nazi kind of way. Note that this is only my quirky way of describing their degraded values yet many sources are available online and in books which concern the couple's fascist and Nazi sympathies. One connection: their multiple meetings with Oswald Mosley, head of the Union of British Fascists, an organization that was apparently disbanded in 1940.

Once he had abdicated the throne, Edward and Wallis were married on June 3, 1937 in Paris where they lived most of their lives together; both passed away there, Edward on May 28, 1972 of throat cancer, Wallis on April 24, 1986, possibly through Alzheimer complications. Follow the above links to view their natal horoscopes separately.

Meanwhile, below is a bi-wheel of Wallis Simpson's natal horoscope, the 10:30 pm version (but there are other versions such as 7:00 am with 27Cancer rising and Moon @12Libra) on the inside, and the upcoming 7 South Solar Eclipse @21Libra (outer) which will 'eclipse' Wallis' natal Moon in the 10:30 pm natal chart while opposing her natal Mars @21Ari42; in other words, the October 14, 2023 Eclipse activates her natal Moon-Mars opposition with potentials for hidden information to be uncovered that, if ignored, karmic setbacks will occur through past mistakes being repeated; the October 2023 Eclipse opposing her Mars, strong in Aries, denotes resentment and tug-of-war conditions.

And if we add Edward's natal Pluto (19Ari26 Rx) to the Moon-Mars-Eclipse mix we get the barbaric animalism and gang violence perpetrated by fascists, Nazis, and other Underworld criminals that now target democracy as in past decades. These are their tactics toward governmental take-over with Trump acting as their mobster figurehead and threatending violence toward all who would hold him to account for his alleged crimes. Mobster tactics!

7 South Themes are penned on the chart and are highlighted in orange:

Emotions Count: Major Lunar Aspects of Edward and Wallis

Edward: his Moon-Saturn square denotes a brooding man with Mummie issues. A crafty, cunning, calculating personality is indicated along with limited emotional expression and distressing memories that made him a prisoner of the past. A moody isolationist with an inferiority complex, Edward's Moon-Saturn square reveals a bleak view of life, an austere attitude, and can place a 'dark cloud' over his head. Trouble with women is a given, and an awkward shyness is exhibited. His lack of confidence could not inspire others to have confidence in his lackluster leadership ability. Alan Oken labels the Moon-Saturn square, The Cold Heart.

Wallis: her Moon-Mars opposition across the Aries-Libra axis of Partnerships reveals a volatile emotional nature that tends to lose its temper over petty domestic annoyances, and leads to quarrels especially when under the influence of alcohol. Irrational actions can damage relationships with others and a carelessness with other people's money is often present and leads to debts and financial losses. Mummie issues are problematic for Wallis as with Edward, and impatience with routine indicates the restless nature of a wandering spirit. Emotions are pent-up and violence may have been a natural facet of her nature along with easy eruptions of rage. Sexual perversions or aberrations are suggested with her Moon-Mars opposition, support for which is penned on the bi-wheel, above, through a midpoint picture of Sun-Neptune = Venus. Alan Oken labels the Moon-Mars opposition, Don't Tred On Me.

In closing, I direct your attention to the lower right corner of the chart where listed is the 7 South Eclipse's Mercury-Chiron opposition and its demand for answers, plus, the fact that transit Mercury conjuncts the natal Jupiter of Donald J. Trump and is simultaneously opposed by transit Chiron @17Ari37 Rx. Expanded thoughts and plans are indicated along with Trump's own 'demand for answers', plus, a potential for overseas travel (!) for the Mango Mussolini. The opposition from transit Chiron to his boundary-ignoring Jupiter hints at his moral and ethical conflicts now shown in stark relief via the multiple allegations and litigations that now must be penciled onto Donald's desk calendar and which represent the legal gauntlet that awaits him.

Feb 16, 2023

19 North Eclipse 2016 and Valkyrie 1944

Eclipses: Cosmic Time Links in History

by Jude Cowell

Made famous in our day by a film starring Tom Cruise, Operation Valkyrie was a real event, one of over 40 assassination attempts against Adolf Hitler, and the most well-known attempt by Germany's high-ranking military officers of aristocratic descent. Many of them had also committed crimes, but to their credit, the plotters wanted to end the war and bring down the brutal, murderous, racist, psychopathic Hitler regime. However, as you know, the briefcase bomb exploded during the meeting at Hitler's Wolf's Lair headquarters, but the damage didn't reach Herr H himself, more's the pity.

The failed assassination attempt took place in what is now Poland on July 20, 1944, the very day of a Solar Eclipse @27Cancer in the 19 North Saros Series. Of significance to current US events of a fascist-nazi nature, is the fact that 19 North is the series in which our 2016 Presidential Election took place as well as the 2017 Inauguration of foreign agent orange (horoscope linked, below).

As a cosmic time link, we can note that the 19 North Eclipse of 1944 manifested in opposition to America's 1776 Pluto which suggests "a critical point in karmic development" when arrives a choice between "striving for higher attainments on the spiritual plane" - or, "reverting to animalism" (R. Lineman). It's no stretch to see the connection between America's turn from the animalism during the Hitler era and World War II, and its tragic embrace by a mobster-like figurehead and his rabid followers in our day as the struggle of a pro-democacy America against fascism (which opens the door to nazism) continues toward Election 2024 and beyond.

We might even say that in America circa 2016, a big bad wolf crashed into the henhouse, and on January 20, 2017, the thieving wolf was allowed to take over the egg-shaped Oval Office, vowing to "end" American carnage, yet we now see its flowering via his 'failed insurrection coup 2021', and violent events perpetrated all around our nation against children and others with weapons sales promoted by the NRA - and most crimes having obvious links between "white power" then and now.

DC Horoscope: 19 North Eclipse @9Vir21 September 1, 2016 5:03:06 am EDT:

'Big Lie' Beliefs Float Upon Fluffy Clouds of Neptune

With approximately one third of US voters swayed by the rhetoric of Herr Trump, the September 1, 2016 repetition of a 19 North Eclipse was unfortunately opposed by transit Neptune in Pisces, a cosmic implication of falsehoods, fraud, deception, delusion, dissolution, illusion, and gaslighting if there ever was one. 2016 Neptune was used by enemies of America to create a cosmic counterbalance to the fact-based themes of 19 North:

"Realism; coming down to earth and seeing an old situation for what it really is; a good time for tackling the truth" (paraphrasing B. Brady). Disappointingly, Neptune in Pisces clouded every issue within the public discourse and continues to do so, including within the Neptunian realms of mass media and the masses, aka, the Collective.

Aspects to the above Eclipse contain potentials of rebellion, belligerent use of force (square Mars), immature people taking the easy way out and denying reality (square Saturn), reality vs fantasy, chaos, confusion, self-delusion (opposite Neptune), and people who can see beneath superficial layers of reality (trine Pluto, with Pluto conjunct US 'Powell' Moon of July 1, 1776 notated on the horoscope as turmoil, emotional trauma, upsets, strong emotions).

Then for political involvement in 2023, we have only to consider which party was founded under the nebulous rays of Neptune in Pisces: the Republican Party of 1854. The party's recent Neptune Return spotlights the planet's dissolving and undermining functions as absurd conspiracies and false ideals lead their 'maga' agenda into superficial pursuits designed to neglect the country's real issues and concerns which need serious attention on Capitol Hill. Yet as authoritarian Republicans know, an America collapsed into chaos is a good time to attempt to establish a new form of government, as history shows, be it fascist as it may be.

So my fuss for today is that the "old situation" that every voter in 2016 should have seen for what it really was and is describes the brutal animalism of fascism and nazism, and the choice Americans had - and still have - to choose a higher course for our country going forward as Election 2024 nears.

May 31, 2020

'Nazi Rise to Power' Solar Eclipse Soon Repeats

1932 and 2022: Eclipse Cycles Rhyme with Historic Events

by Jude Cowell

May 31, 2020: Forewarned is forearmed.

And probably most people would agree that the first election of democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt on November 8, 1932 was certainly for him a "rise to power" in the US but today, in light of current societal conditions, let's consider a different rise to power which occurred in 1932 Berlin via the Solar Eclipse that 'announced' it: the Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') of the Nazi Rise to Power in the 6 South Saros Series which perfected on August 31, 1932 @8Virgo09 (Berlin eclipse horoscope shown below). As you see, the transiting planets now in late Capricorn cluster about the Midheaven ('MC'; The Goal) and the Saturn Rx of this eclipse horoscope. So it may be significant that 6 South's 1932 Saturn Rx @28Cap55 returns to natal degree three times in 2020, the first time already passed: March 9, then July 17, and December 6 with transit Pallas @29Cap42 (strategy, wisdom, ethics) on December 6th conjunct Nazism's 1932 Saturn.

Naturally, Saturnian-style karma is suggested in some form or another which may or may not include the loss and restriction so prevalent now. Hopefully, the wrong kind of consolidation is not part of the karmic picture. For we know that Saturn brings needed lessons and always demands realism, integrity, and accountability but sadly there's not a lot of these going around, not by radical reactionary forces anyway. (Their jam is deception and erosion inspired by Neptune now in shady Pisces.) So it's up to Establishment forces to demand and hold accountable miscreants and saboteurs endeavoring to take over America against the will of the people. And of course, We The People must perform our roles as well, however we can, to resist. (Yes, writing Stars Over Washington is my primary effort for America and has been for nearly 15 years! My street protest days ended several moons ago.)

And it seems to me no accident that the 1932 Solar Eclipse @8Virgo conjuncts the degree of both Election 2016's and Inauguration 2017's Prenatal Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 (a cosmic time link by degree, not Saros Series) which tragically was opposed by transit Neptune @10Pisces. This opposition gave Neptunian forces many opportunities to confuse, cloud, hide, and erode the 19 North themes of the 2016 Eclipse: 'realism, coming down to earth; a good time for tackling the truth' (Brady). For as you know, astrological Neptune when expressed negatively is allergic to truth, scoffs at reality, and perverts the straight-forward course, as do demagogues like Donald and--dare I type it--Adolf. After all, honest demagogues and dictators can never win so they must resort to deceit and fraud for their fake victories!

Please note that this post is not about the subsequent Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933 @5Pis29 in the 7 North series of 'deep passion' and 'lust' but the Total eclipse of August 31, 1932 with themes that are descriptive of the fascist/nazi/seizing power era of the 1930s--and of current conditions across the globe as America nears her first-ever Pluto Return/s in 2022 when 6 South comes again:

Therefore, dear reader, perhaps we agree on these disturbing topics so consider the following (for those who do not already know): a 6 South Solar Eclipse repeats @2Scorpio on October 25, 2022 and will be the PE of America's third of three Pluto Returns which occurs on December 28, 2022 (@27Cap32). Now stealthy Pluto was in Moon-ruled Cancer in the 1930s fascist era (nationalism; tribalism) but now, in our Pluto-in-Saturn-ruled-Capricorn era, neo-Nazism again rears its vicious Medusa head spurred by mouthpiece Trump, and as Saturn-ruled Pluto destroys structures and traditions, Pluto in Capricorn bears the unfortunate imprint of The Dictator (Ebertin). Plus, when Saturn and Pluto conjoined on January 12, 2020 @22Cap46, their harsh energies imprinted upon Year 2020 (and for the next 33 years or so) and their conjunction 'hit' the Vertex of fated encounters and possible wish-fulfillment in the natal horoscope of Donald Trump, as we've previously discussed. As you know, these harsh energies oppose Trump's natal 11th house Saturn--in watery, tribal Cancer. It's all very Moon-Saturn-Pluto abuse and misuse of power, isn't it?

Well, one difference between Nazi 1932 and Trump 2017--2022 that we have going for us is that the violent 'Marseillaise Trio' (Mars-Jupiter-Neptune) of 1932 is not aligned now as it was during the French Revolution. Enough of a saving grace? Turns out in May 2020 it is not for it's only one factor in a boatload of many, both positive and negative. Besides, white nationalism is 'on the rise' with Trump in the White House (our national Masonic Lodge). And nowadays we're experiencing the consequences of the traveling heavyweight trio of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto so recently joined by hothead arsonist Mars in March 2020. Besides weaponry, mundane Mars has a well known link to needles and injections - to anything sharp and/or invasive actually.

Yet hope springs eternal for America stopped Nazism before and must stop the brutal movement again in order to protect and keep some remnants of the democratic Republic we've known and prefer.

Now, for chart-readers, here is the 6 South Nazi Rise to Power Solar Eclipse Horoscope set for Berlin, Germany: August 31, 1932 8:54:32 pm CET with 18Tau03 rising (Taurus, a beastly sign), and a critical degree at Midheaven opposite twin star Castor (murder; loss; mental illness: A. Louis) conjunct the eclipse's IC, the Foundation of the chart. 6 South themes include forcefully taking power and huge efforts expended in group endeavors (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology):

As noted, above, a 6 South Solar Eclipse repeats on October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio. And as Rose Lineman informs us in her booklet on Eclipses, a solar eclipse in that intense Mars-Pluto infused sign denotes, "Scorpio's gift of probing insight (which) enables one to discern root causes of karmic situations and problems."

And this resonates with protecting and keeping some remnants of the democratic Republic we've known for, as everyone knows, monsters must be identified and directly faced in order to vanquish them!

For the sake of comparison, here's the same Nazi Power Rising Horoscope set for the White House Washington DC 2:54:32 pm EST with Cardinal Point 00Cap48 rising and a Libra Midheaven sporting - thank goodness! - two beneficial stars that relate to the Founding of America: Spica, the spike (Washington Monument) and Arcturus (the White House) with its key phrase: a different approach (democrat FDR!):

So as always: Share if you dare! jc

Jan 24, 2019

Trump and Links Between Nazism and the Occult

Are You Odd or Merely Mystical?

Yes, there are links between Nazism and the Occult as you already know and Himmler and Hess were big poobahs in the occult department in the days of the Third Reich, as was Hitler. Then in our day, the Third Reich has had a Progressed New Moon in Taurus on June 6, 2017 about 5 months into Trump's first year in the Oval Office. And that's Taurus, sign of intolerance and hard-headedness when being negatively expressed as bigots tend to do.

Now in horoscopes, one planetary factor to look for concerning such potentials as the occult would be the combination of Neptune with Pluto which can also signify underworld criminal elements in society, aka, organized crime--by aspect, midpoint, transit, or by other connections in a horoscope. Why, one might even wonder if mob-tied Donald Trump entertains such secret occult leanings! Born on June 14, 1946, Trump seems to be influenced by a sextile (60 degrees) between the two karmic planets with Neptune @5Libra 2nd house of Values, and Pluto @10Leo in the secretive 12th house of politics, karma, self-undoing, secret practices, and hidden enemies. Both the slow-moving karmic planets are generational of course but if he is able to respond to the sextile energies between them, he's open to 'invisible realms' (Oken) and this would tie in with his problematic Mercury-Neptune square which interferes with his perception of reality, shows a lack of discrimination, loosens his lips, blocks his hearing, and conjures for him a fantasy world all his own. Then there are the constant Masonic hand signals Trump can't speak without brandishing (exs: the 'ok' hand symbol; forming a downward 'V" with his hands when he sits) suggesting a familiarity with Sacred Geometry or what modern astrologists call Astrology.

Now in his book The Combination of Stellar Influences Reinhold Ebertin spotlights the planetary pair of Neptune-Pluto as denoting The Supernatural which also fits with Nazism's perpetrators and their bizarre interests and rituals. Of course all astrological factors have a positive side as well and with Neptune-Pluto that would be self-knowledge, and perhaps a high level of spirituality if other chart factors concur--and as long illusions don't confuse issues, inspire spiritualism and seances, control via psychism, and/or lead to fraud and corruption. These are hard-to-control energies as you know, and may remain on unconscious levels for many people unless their personal planets are aspected by them.

The Uranian Donald Trump

Then additionally, a link between Nazism, the occult, and Donald Trump may also be seen (by yours truly if not by you, dear reader!) by a consideration of the current cycle of Neptune and Pluto which lasts approximately 492 years. Their cosmic clock began with three conjunctions which occurred on August 2, 1891 @8Gem38, November 5, 1891 @8Gem19, and April 30, 1892 @7Gem42--all within the time frame that the occult-practicing Nazis lived and within the eras of the Robber Barons and the Gilded Age in the US. (Remember the famous quote by financier J.P. Morgan, student of the great Evangeline Adams, that, "Millionaires don't use Astrology; billionaires do." It's all cyclical!) And of course, these days watery Neptune is strong as it floats through its own oceanic sign of Pisces while sabotaging Pluto, planet of power, is tearing up structures and systems as he plods through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, a time of 'the dictator' says Ebertin.

Notably the degree of the Neptune-Pluto conjunctions of 1891/92 hit America's natal Uranus (8Gem55), our nation's totem planet of revolution, independence, freedom, invention, futurism, and...war. This naturally forms a midpoint picture of potentials--Neptune-Pluto = Uranus: 'the propensity and flair for the unusual, adventurous, mystical, supernatural experiences' (Masonic initiation? witchcraft? Bohemian Grove's creepy 'cremation of care' ritual?), unusual catastrophes (Putin's puppet plays POTUS?), 'peculiar discoveries', and/or 'hypersensitive nerves' (Ebertin).

So how do such otherworldly energies link to Donald Trump? Besides his obvious mobster-like traits and fraudulent schemes, it's his Prenatal Solar Eclipse conjunct US natal Uranus (and thus conjunct Neptune-Pluto), an eclipse which manifested on May 30, 1946 in the 2 Old North series, heralding his birth, and which repeated @21Cancer on July 12, 2018 near his natal Saturn in watery Cancer (his 'wall' obsession born of fear!) with themes of 'unfortunate news' and 'endings of relationships'. Yet, 'fast action can bring positive results' for the blighter with the hypersensitive nerves, a fate which supports the current theory going around town that no matter what happens legally and politically to him, Trump will, in some way, land on his bone-spurred feet.

Eclipse info: Brady's Predictive Astrology; NASA image above: Neptune.

Oct 25, 2017

4 Virgo and the Midpoint Pictures of Trump and Hitler

by Jude Cowell

Is it some sort of hellish alt-right synchronicity that the current and the soon-coming Secondary Progressed (SP) New Moons of Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler fall so near one another at 3:28 and 3 degrees of the Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo?

Hitler's SP New Moon recently perfected on February 24, 2017 @3Vir28:15 (at 12:28:29 pm CET; natal location: Braunau am Inn, Austria). Rounded up = 4 Virgo; 3 Virgo is the karmic confrontation degree which is not included in this brief post).

Trump's SP New Moon @3Vir00:12 perfects on September 19, 2019 (at 7:19:51 pm edt; Queens, NY, in case you want to set up transit charts to compare with their natal and progressed charts).

SP New Moons issue from, or are based on, natal horoscopes; view the horoscopes of Adolf Hitler (RR: AA) and/or Donald Trump (RR: AA).

So as you probably already know, the Sabian Symbol for '4 Virgo' is particularly revealing of these two egomaniac snake oil salesmen who use racism, Goebbels' Big Lie tactic, and other emotionally based rhetoric to manipulate and divide the masses. (edit: with topics such as this):

'4 Virgo' = "Black and White Children Play Together Happily...keynote: The overcoming of sociocultural prejudices."

"At this fourth stage the basic technique which applies to all truly spiritual progress is clearly stated. Every human being should be seen, approached and warmly met as a 'child of God,' or in less religious terms as an exemplar of Man. Such a status gives to every social and interpersonal group the character of a BROTHERHOOD." (An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.)

Spiritual Progress...Karmic Progress

Unfortunately for the entire globe, the "Brotherhood" envisioned in the 4 Virgo Sabian Symbol is not at all the vicious type of 'Brotherhood' these dividers-not-uniters prefer, is it? (The prison gang/crime syndicate the aryan brotherhood is closer to the black vs white truth kept continually stirred up into a simmer, then a boil by vested financial interests--profiteering warmongers who start wars for other men and women to fight; many of them are bald and "dominate gatherings.")

So both Trump's and Hitler's mdpt pictures show emotional issues if not outright neuroses and both have separation ingrained in the chart (aka, 'closeness vs freedom' complexes). Both these self-defensive actors have potentials for attacks from others and both have a Midpoint Rising in their natal charts: Saturn-Neptune = ASC for Donald, and Jupiter-Saturn = ASC for Adolf.

(Mdpt pics from The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.)

'Herr Trump' and 'Mr. Hitler'

Below is an image that I hope you may enlarge for reading. These are the natal midpoint pictures of both Trump (in red, on the left) and Hitler (in green, on the right). Potentials for expression are messily penned on; any, all, or none may apply and are forever subject to eclipses, planetary transits, and progressions...even Adolf's:

Trump and Hitler: Apex Planets of Their Natal Midpoint Pictures

Trump: North Node (NN) 20Gem48, 10th house; Pluto 10Leo02, 12th house; Mercury 8Can51, 11th house; Saturn 23Can48, 11th house; ASC 29Leo55 with warrior planet Mars rising.

Hitler: Pluto 4Gem40, 8th house (conjunct Neptune 00Gem50); Uranus 19Lib29 Rx, 12th house; Venus 16Tau41 Rx, 7th house (conjunct Mars); Saturn 13Leo27, 10th house; Mars 16Tau22, 7th house, as noted; ASC 26Lib41 (conjunct his own Syzygy Moon @26Lib07, a Full Moon on April 15, 1889).

Feb 23, 2017

Feb 24, 2017: Hitler's Progressed New Moon exact!

Is It Fair to Compare Trump to Hitler?

by Jude Cowell

Having just read History Today's thoughtful article To Think Is to Compare: Walther Rathenau, Trump and Hitler and considering the comparisons made here on SO'W concerning the Astrology of both men whose rises to power contain curious correlations, it occurred to me (for some unknown reason) to progress the natal chart of Adolf Hitler to tomorrow and I discovered that the very day marks a Progressed (SP) New Moon @3Vir28. Knowing that this is the position of the transiting North Node (NN) I set up a bi-wheel of Hitler's SP New Moon chart with the appropriate transits (February 24, 2017 12:28:29 pm CET Braunau am Inn, Austria, his birth location) around it:

As you know, a Secondary Progressed New Moon phase indicates a new cycle of activity for those who live. Posthumously, it denotes a new cycle of activity by others such as those who follow (or followed) the ideology and/or agenda of the native in question. In addition to the NN (public contact; future direction) pointing directly toward Hitler's SP New Moon today are transits to his SP Jupiter and SP Uranus by Saturn and Jupiter, respectively. And since the Virgo-Pisces polarity (victim-savior) is intercepted, there is karma (reaping what's been sown) hidden in his SP chart--Virgo, the sign of purification and discrimination.

His true heritage was hidden or unknown during his lifetime, perhaps, but it seems that Adolf himself had Jewish and 'brown' ancestry. See: Hitler Had Jewish and African Roots, DNA Tests Show. Ruh-roh! Unless this is 'fake news', aka, propaganda, we're not so very 'pure' after all, are we, Adolf? Well, few people are of one race these days! I've been learning from my genealogy research what a hodge-podge of genes I and my family are--along with most everyone else.

So in Hitler's Progressed chart, today's transits spotlight Jupiter Rx in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius, the two societal planets while the Jupiter-Uranus combination suggests the political conflicts we're currently mired in these days especially those having to do with seizing power, ethnic cleansing ('purification'), racism (brown races vs white--see the Sabian Symbol, below), genetics (eugenics), wars and the subsequent migration of refugees, intolerance toward immigrants ('the other'), the erosion of civil liberties, mass murder, anti-semitism, Corporatism, Nationalism, Socialism, Neoliberalism, isolationism, neo-nazism, protectionism, statism, globalism and global government, and other problematic societal issues both in the news and otherwise.

And naturally you know that underneath it all, the timely transit of gold-hoarding saboteur Pluto now creeping through Saturn-ruled Capricorn = the dictator (Ebertin)--and he's at the '18 Capricorn' "smug or strong-armed paternalism" degree of POLITICAL POWER (Jones). Apparently, the globalists' 'big picture' will come into sharper focus under a man known as Donald Trump.

So let's check with Marc Edmund Jones and the appropriate Sabian Symbol's negative expression, plus, the unconscious, opposite Point of Illumination for Hitler's SP New Moon conjoined by the transiting NN (rounding up):

'4 Virgo': "A colored child playing with white children"...negative (shadow side/unconscious - jc) expression: lack of capacity for psychological adjustment.

'4 Pisces' (Illumination Point): "Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus"...negative expression: "stubborn blindness to the general welfare."

And so I ask, Is it fair to compare Trump to Hitler? Mr. Trump would probably assert that it isn't 'fair' since that's one of the main cries of Jupiter in Libra (and his is stationary direct in his natal chart). And yet there are many observers of history who disagree. So if you're curious, here are eight related posts concerning the 'Trump and Hitler' phenomenon:

The Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933 (horoscope shown) which occurred 84 years ago tomorrow @5Pisces; of course, 84 years is a cycle of Uranus (Trump's oriental planet that leads the rest) and Uranus is the planet of war, rebellion, revolution, sudden reform, anarchy, chaos, lightening bolts, and awakening;

Eerie Parallels Between Hitler's Rise to Power and Trump's Administration (video);

The Fascist Personality and Rhetoric of Donald Trump (video);

The Reichstag Fire and Donald Trump (with horoscope);

Trump Using the 'Big Lie' Tactic Invented by Goebbels (video, with Astrology added);

Violent Protests as Rebel Uranus Returns to its Fascist Solar Eclipse degree;

Astro-Notes on the Capulus of Donald Trump;

Welcome to Trump Land a Max Igan broadcast (video-audio).

And so I must assert that Astrology supports the evidence that it is fair to compare Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler, not because I prefer to, but because a fascist rise to power was missed or ignored in its early days when something could have been done to stop its atrocities and suffering and in 2017 must not be missed or ignored again. Hitler's Progressions show a 'new cycle of activity' beginning symbolically this very day, a beginning which is completely unwelcome from my personal common-good perspective.

And planet Uranus, The Witness, says, Awake! But will you?


4 Virgo/Pisces: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.

Feb 12, 2017

The Reichstag Fire Horoscope and Donald Trump

On February 11, 2017 I posted a video segment of Thom Hartmann discussing the Reichstag Fire that was used to boost Hitler's rise to power, plus, the unsettling correlations of the 1933 event and the un-mandated installment of Mr. Donald John Trump in the White House (with his sidekick, dodgy Steve Bannon, Aryan promoter extraordinaire).

The Reichstag Fire of February 27, 1933 is detailed on the Eye Witness to History website if you're curious about what was done and said that night by those on the scene (who were secretly responsible for setting it). As you see, the date of the event reveals that its Solar Return 2017 occurs a few days from this typing--and a day or less (depending on your time zone) after the February 26, 2017 Solar Eclipse, a karma-laden affair. Such cosmic time links are worth remembering if Trump and colleagues find a more applicable 'Reichstag Fire' (or, another 9/11) than they have so far.

For you see, spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway's imaginary Bowling Green massacre never happened so the administration had to nix that as their Muslim-bashing smokescreen for who-knows-what reforms they intend to perpetrate, if allowed. Calling out their cow pucky must be done as loudly as possible and of course ridicule and mockery are always useful against fools who take themselves so very seriously while they wreck people's lives and sabotage governments.

Brief bio and natal horoscope of Adolf Hitler.

Related is a previous post displaying the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of February 24, 1933, a mere three days prior to the Fire started via arson which Hitler blamed on his opponents, the Communists, and then used the fire as 'justification' for the events and forced changes that came after. Curiously, the 1933 eclipse was in secretive, karmic Pisces (5:29) as is the upcoming Solar Eclipse on February 26th (8Pis12). Karma, the universal principle of reaping what was sown, is on the cosmic menu these days but with this much Pisces and the sign's own Neptune active as it floats through its favorite sign, humanity seems to be at loose ends when it comes to figuring out how to handle hidden karma, some of which has yet to be revealed. Perhaps this is where the old hindsight is twenty-twenty can come in--after the fact and once it's too late--and after another false flag op has flown. With incendiaries in the White House, what are our chances?

And so I post the following chart for those who may wish to keep tabs on transits to it and its progressions for I don't always have time to do so myself. The chart is set for February 27, 1933 9:45 pm using the coordinates of the Reichstag Building, Berlin, Germany; it's an Hour of an unaspected Saturn in Aquarius and a will that's out of control:

Please enlarge chart to read my notes and you may agree that the parts written on the right that are highlighted in bright yellow just may apply to Mr. Trump, his minions, and backers (foreign as they may be). The activation of the Reichstag Fire chart which describes Hitler's false flag operation with its Sun @8Pis52 is a possibility though not necessarily on the date of the upcoming Solar Eclipse (February 26th) but potentials will be strongest within about 6 months afterward. No, Sun positions are not considered karmic or fated, if memory serves. But then we have the The Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 @29Leo which will be visible across our nation from Oregon to South Carolina (where succession began).

Just the fact that Mr. Trump slogans at us with the word 'great' ad nauseum is enough to bother, if not worry me, how about you? A coincidence? Well, at 29 Leo the eclipse does hit Mr. Trump's natal Ascendant and is close to his rising Mars @27Leo, as well. Hmm. Therefore, its solar influence may be on a personal and/or ego level for Mr. Trump. Proud Leo, you know. Natural leader.

Additionally, the 1933 event's Solar Return for 2017 basically is the Solar Eclipse and look what we have in the White House--people with huge egos like our tweeter-in-chief and Mr. Bannon who are desperate for an excuse to enforce (more) unconstitutional laws and orders upon our nation, to weed out the undesirables (their opinion), 'greatly' enlarge the US military, cut benefits for people who actually need them, ruin what little health insurance we have, and bring on another world war as if Global Government is what the world needs more of. As you know, a 'new world order' was the goal of Adolf, too. Here's a previously posted video Germania: Hitler's Vision of World Government that you might want to check out. Astro-Notes concerning his Death Horoscope are included.

Herr Hitler and His Minions, Plus the Reichstag Fire

And if you're curious, here is a bi-wheel of Hitler's natal horoscope with the Reichstag Fire chart around it; actually, the Fire's planets conjoining his natal midpoint pictures tell an interesting tale, if you care to look:

As you see, the violent Marseillaise Trio of Neptune, Mars, and Jupiter is active as during the French Revolution, and there are indications of the occult, secret societies, and crusaders contained in various factors such as: Pluto conjunct Pollux, Jupiter/Chiron = Pluto, idealistic Jupiter-Neptune = mystics and visionaries and the wrong diagnosis which is what the Nazis gave for the arsonists who were themselves. Hidden karmic factors are shown by the security axis of Cancer-Capricorn intercepted in the philosophical 3/9 polarity, and priestly Chiron @23Tau57 exactly conjoins Hitler's natal 8th cusp, the house of The Occult and of Death. The fire was "under control" by 12:30 am and the Trio were at Midheaven (The Goal Point) so we see: Jupiter-Neptune = MC: visionaries, fortune-hunters, speculators, wastrels, spendthrifts, and squanderers (Ebertin).

Let's close with a view of the intriguing natal horoscope of the Third Reich dated January 30, 1933 11:15 am CET Berlin, Germany. Data source is the historical record and Nick Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes, chart #128. You'll see virtually the same position for Chiron which is rising and Rx in the chart (The Quest; the Great Guru (Nolle); wounding, blind spot, mysticism, mentoring) and is part of a KITE pattern with power grabber Pluto conjunct IC as the nose and Venus @19Cap as the Kite's tail. And Chiron rising? Going a very long way in an attempt to force a mentor's value judgments on others (Nolle) which aligns with Venusian concerns and pagan worship.

How curious that Mars-rising mogul Trump sees himself in a similar fashion--as something of a 'Great Guru' (aka, a materialistic Jupiterian) who's all about money and gold and loves to say, "You're fired!" Now surely that wouldn't be Reichstag Fired, would it?

Feb 11, 2017

Eerie Parallels Between Hitler's Rise to Power and Trump's Administration? video

February 2017: no, I don't want to post this Hitler-esque segment from a recent Thom Hartmann Show but considering the climate and events occurring since Donald Trump entered the fray, I won't apologize for posting it either. Besides, you'd expect the American people to easily recognize the currently gathering threat of totalitarianism and authoritarianism under a narcissistic despot without the name of the infamous German dictator having to be mentioned at all:

Transit Pluto through Capricorn = the dictator (Reinhold Ebertin). Walls built to keep people out simultaneously imprison.

Nov 18, 2016

Horoscope of the Third Reich (1933 into 2017)

Visions of Power Past and Future

by Jude Cowell

In case we need this chart as the Trump-Pence administration with its alt-right flavor begins officially operating, here is the natal horoscope of the Third Reich which came into being as Adolf Hitler and the Nazis rose to power. Noted on the horoscope, top right, you see that Hitler assumed personal power on August 2, 1934 at noon in Berlin, three hours after President Hindenburg died. Details are based on historical record and may be found in Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes:

As you see, a KITE configuration (high-flying success) hinges upon a Venus-Pluto opposition with Venus (and MC) as the Kite's tail. First of Hitler's natal planets to rise is his Neptune-Pluto conjunction (marked in green) which suggests his mystical, occult, and supernatural leanings, plus, the magnetic charisma his contemporaries said he possessed. Venus (@19Cap59 9th house) is at the Uranus-Neptune conjunction degree (3x in 1993), a signature of New World Order craziness; chart-ruler, Venus first applies to opposition with Pluto (cutthroat competition; underhanded manipulation, obsessive behavior), then trines 5th house Jupiter (@22Vir28 Rx, conjunct US natal Neptune) which times a period of unpredictable outcomes but has a definite gambling vibe full of exaggeration, overindulgence, and waste if not handled well.

In addition, Jupiter in Virgo is part of the 'Marseillaise Trio' of planets (with Mars and Neptune) active during the French Revolution. Neptune conjoins the Third Reich's Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) in the 6 South Saros Series--here, it manifested @8Vir09 on August 31, 1932 with themes of: forcefully taking power; huge group efforts (Brady) which certainly describe the events in Berlin during the fascist era.

We must also note that the 6 South Solar Eclipse of 1932 links to our current Solar Eclipse Series by degree--the *September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse @9Vir21 (19 North: realism, tackling the truth, seeing things for what they really are--Brady), and, as you see in 5th house, deceptive Neptune of the masses and the media, conjoins the South Node in Virgo and does the same thing now--in Pisces; today's North Node (future direction) points to the September 1st Solar Eclipse (9Virgo) but as noted previously, its imperative for realism and truth is less clear because murky Neptune opposes it @10Pisces.

1933 into 2017

By progression, the Third Reich is now in a Balsamic phase with a SP (Secondary Progressed) New Moon due on June 6, 2017 @4Tau06 conjunct SP Venus @4Tau55. The SP New Moon chart shows a Locomotive shape with Saturn as the engine and a difficult, violent midpoint conjoining the New Moon: Saturn-Pluto. And if you look at the 2nd house of the chart shown above you see in red the Third Reich's Pluto-Chiron midpoint (primal violence, oppression, exploitation, fascism, nationalism, and other -isms) which conjoins America's natal Mars and president-elect Trump's natal Sun. This is not comforting for those of us who see parallels between the next administration and the rise of dictator Hitler especially since Pluto in Capricorn is The Dictator (Ebertin).

Of course, this chart's Pluto @21Can59 Rx (conjunct IC) will soon be opposed by transit Pluto in Capricorn (power vs power, no-compromise) as Predatory Capitalism continues to break down across the globe due to its own sorriness. And with tr Pluto reaching the Third Reich's Venus, we know that karmic alliances of great power are forming as power struggles evolve but if their only motivation is self-serving, ruinous consequences will be their result.

For more on such curious topics, you may wish to view a video on Hitler's Vision for a new global order with his nibs in control: Germania.

*As noted in previous posts, the current Solar Eclipse in the 19 North Series is the Pre-Natal Eclipse of both Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017 and I don't know about you, but for me, truth was a casualty and only a revelation when it was leaked and had to be dealt with.

Jan 21, 2015

Greatest Speech Ever: Charlie Chaplin as The Great Dictator

Of Dictators and Their Wanna-Bes

Original post: Speaking of any and all Politics, political speeches, and of men who fancy themselves dictators who have the right to rule the world, here's a link to Charlie Chaplin's famous dictator speech. If you've never heard the oration, it's a don't-miss.

Update April 23, 2024:

Here you see the B-rated natal horoscope of Charles Chaplin - born a mere four days prior to dictator Herr Adolf which adds a considerable amount of oomph to Chaplin's Great Dictator speech; a few study notes are penned on:

Oct 24, 2014

Video: "Hitler Seizes the Spear of Destiny | Myth Hunters"

Hitler Seizes the Spear of Destiny | Myth Hunters
Two days after his army takes Austria, Hitler travels to Vienna and immediately takes possession of the Spear that is said to have pierced the side of Christ and holds magical powers. | For more Myth Hunters, visit

Subscribe to Military Channel! |
©2014 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

Occult loving Hitler thought he'd rule the world in a 'new world order' and it's said that the Spear of Destiny (with which a Roman soldier pierced the side of Christ on the Cross to make sure he was dead thus making the spear and the worship of it satanic in my estimation) has been in the possession of around 45 emperors through the centuries including Constantine the Great, Charlemagne, and Otto I. The Spear (aka, Lance) or a facsimile of it was moved secretly by train to a new location so that Napoleon in his fierce days wouldn't discover and wield it, an example of a megalomaniac dictator being foiled again!

Feb 9, 2012

Hitler's vision: 'Germania' (video), plus his Death Chart and the STOCK Act

World Empire was Hitler's goal--What do Republicans want?

by Jude Cowell

The excellent History Today has an interesting feature concerning Adolf Hitler's plan to establish the capital city of 'his' World Empire (aka, New World Order), a remaking of Berlin which he intended to call, Germania. Guess the usual NWO vision of a global kingdom being set up in Jerusalem (with a 'King of Jerusalem' ruling all, a devilish-on-purpose and misguided reading of Biblical prophecy and of Christ's mission on earth since His was a spiritual kingdom, not an earthly one)--well, a spiritual kingdom wasn't what the German dictator wanted, was it?

And I can't imagine what Hitler in his day thought of Jerusalem since it's full of you-know-whos. Yet Hitler's DNA is said to confirm his Jewish (and African) heritage! How inconvenient this must have been for WWII's psychopath-in-chief when issuing pogroms assuming that he was aware of his own ancestry. Once again, karma is a witch for he was actually condemning himself!

Below is one of the videos concerning 'Germania' which I'm embedding from the History Today article; click Visions of Germania if you wish to view other videos on the same topic.

Born April 20, 1889 at 6:30 pm in Braunau am Inn, Austria, here's a view of Hitler's natal horoscope.

He and his brand new wife, Eva Braun, committed suicide (or did they?) on April 30, 1945 @ 3:30 pm CEDT in a Berlin bunker with both an Angular Moon 14Sag29 conjunct IC (15:15) and an Angular Jupiter 17Vir50 Rx rising (ASC 18Vir52.) In death charts, these are the two celestial bodies so often Angular at death, both or singularly.

Plus, one of the planets closely associated with Astrology, Uranus (another being Saturn), is Angular as well--conjunct MC 15Gem15 (The Goal Point) which may be icing on the Angular cake in a Death Horoscope. Yet Uranus @ MC supports a potential for a 'death ruse' by which his alleged demise could have been timed by an astrologer or astrologers with an Angular Moon and Jupiter since Hitler & crew are said to have consulted astrologers for guidance and timing. That's if they realized then that future astrologers would check Hitler's Death Chart for confirmation of his demise--and naturally we would do just that.

So if we take Hitler's Death Horoscope as a true blueprint of his suicide, chart factors weight toward the 'yes he did' side rather than the 'death ruse' side. 1945's Pluto 7Leo56 (11th house of Hopes, Wishes, Associations), planet of death, suicide, subversion, destruction, and transformation, is out-of-bounds from the earthly plane (a 'special' death?) yet the planet of Invisibility is focal planet of a particular midpoint of the two NWO planets, Uranus and Neptune ('turning from confusion and finding a new path'--Munkasey; Enlightenment; mysticism--Ebertin), which forms a planetary picture:

Uranus/Neptune = Pluto: abandonment of resistance; the necessity to give in; calamities, losses, catastrophes; ideas which can change the world. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Hitler definitely entertained such ideas (exs: 'Germania' and a World Empire ruled by his nibs.)

Plus, you know of the most descriptive Sabian Symbol for the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune, the NWO planets, all through 1993: '18 Capricorn'...

"The Union Jack Flies from a British Destroyer" = POLITICAL POWER, which Marc Edmund Jones gives as, "smug or strong-armed paternalism" in its negative expression. We could ask our peacefully assembled, pepper-sprayed Occupiers about that, circa 2011/2012.

Adding a thimble full of fuel to the 1945 Plutonian midpoint picture above and the Uranus/Neptune meet-up in 1993 is the fact that '19Cap' = Pluto's South Node degree which has a difficult Saturn/Pluto connotation of separation, loss, hardship, and brutality.

So yes, planets in Hitler's Death Horoscope do seem to indicate that his suicide actually occurred 'as advertised' yet there are midpoint pictures in the chart which may or may not give a different flavor to the proceedings of April 20, 1945 in Berlin--see what you think:

Sun/NN = (Angular) Uranus: friends who provide the right connections (to secret yourself off to Britain or to parts unknown?)

Venus/Neptune = NN 10Can49: associations with others who are able to effect deceptions and illusions (pouf!) Also: an unhappy union (the newly weds?) (The 3 to 14 degree range of Cancer always hints at USA involvement, doesn't it?)

Pluto/MC = NN: club memberships that help achieve one's purposes (to go underground?); people with powerful influence.

1945's South Node (SN) conjoined the UK's natal Sun in Capricorn, btw, which may or may not be significant or may denote the British royal family's Germanic kinship which they obfuscated by changing their name to 'Windsor', to Americans' family ties to Germany as well, plus, the Western power elite's financial backing of Hitler's rise to power and his expansive war efforts.

Well, these midpoint pictures are not conclusive for his survival so I'd have to say that based on his Death Chart, Hitler did commit suicide as reported through the decades. The April 30, 1945 transits certainly 'hit' many of AH's natal planets in negative ways (ex: tr Saturn opposed natal Moon 6Cap38 and n Jupiter 8Cap15 indicating a very dampening period in his life such as: unfortunate circumstances; emotional deprivation linked to the past; thwarted desires; health problems; personal growth frustrated by authority figures; problems through unresolved conflicts; giving back what was gained, etc) proving that even self-exalted 'leaders' are not out of reach of the bad karma they themselves created in life by their heinous and criminal actions because all must reap what is sown.

And that goes for those politicians who currently infest Washington DC by working to undermine US sovereignty on behalf of a misguided march toward totalitarian Global Governance.


Blog Note: glad to say that some of my tech difficulties have been resolved today, thus I blog as a brief respite from packing for an office relocation. However, I'm following Thom Hartmann today and agree with Thom's assessment of and disappointment with the STOCK Act which just hastily passed the House 417 to 2 (agreement on The Hill?!!!)

Is this merely a public relations ploy by the guilty who wish to pass a bill that obfuscates their already ill-gotten gains through insider trading?

Thing is, the GOP's Eric Cantor made certain that the 'political intelligence' provision was removed thus giving the bill the usual toothlessness which wealthy Wall Street toffs require from their bought-and-paid-for handmaidens who 'legislate' up on Capitol Hill.

Oh, and the deal with Wall Street and the corrupt mortgage industry that Presient Obama touts today is pathetic for it lets off the hook the crooks, thieves, and robo-signers who should be tried and sent to prison for their heists against US consumers and home owners. Allegedly, states' rights to sue the miscreants will still be possible, and hopefully so.

One more astro-note on Hitler: born during the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto (the Robber Baron duo), his natal Neptune 00Gem51 in natal 8th house of Death and the Occult will be 'hit' by the upcoming Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 @ 00Gem21 which conjoins the difficult Fixed Star Alcyone.

May 27, 2011

Bob Chapman on The Greatest Fraud - video (Jupiter/Neptune)

May 27, 2011: Yes, the info shared here from Bob Chapman is dreary, I know. And so are the world's financial circumstances, thanks to the global banking syndicate of gangsters. Historically Mr. Chapman relates the ongoing financial crisis through which we're being defrauded to how Hitler 'did it' in the 1930s.

The Frothy Inflation of Bubbly Jupiter/Neptune

Yes, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction/s (the speculation/grand plans pair) that occurred all through 2009 (on May 27 - I began typing this on Friday, the first anniversary, July 10, and December 21) tangoed together squarely atop our US natal Moon (we-the-people) all three times and the trio just keeps on giving...I mean, keeps on taking.

You remember the midpoint picture, right?

Jupiter/Neptune = n Moon: instability; insecurity; wastefulness; becoming involved in speculation; little sense of reality; a desire to dream; uncertainty about what is real and unreal. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Simultaneously this timed a Neptune to US natal Moon transit which brought fraud, deception, lies, loss (Neptune) of homes (Moon), confusion, and a sense of rootlessness to our collective psyche and emotional lives so that even with tr Neptune just barely into Pisces now, the orb is still near enough to affect and undermine us. Unfortunately, Neptune will be backing into Aquarius again for a continuation of The Gaseous One's dissolving effects before re-entering Pisces which it co-rules with Jupiter.

And of course, oil, gas, water, and poisons are ingredients in the fraudulent Neptunian brew of damage and harm as well, with both Moon (ruler of Cancer, the Crab) and Pisces relating to the oceans and all things marine.

Oh, and on that Hitler 'did it' thing? Jupiter and Neptune conjoined @ 8Vir25 only once in the 1930s: on September 19, 1932...conjunct Hitler's natal 11th cusp of Associations, Hopes and Wishes, and opposite America's natal Ceres (security issues and needs; food supply) which conjoins US natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint, the Plutocracy duo of oppression, disenfranchisement, primal violence, Corporatism, Fascism, and other such cruelty-based -isms that no decent person cares to receive or perpetrate against his fellow man.

For the German despot (who wished to establish a New World Order to be run by himself), events of 1932 occurred during an expansive Jupiter trine natal Jupiter transit, a time when success with attainment of personal goals seems easy and the circumstances and people one encounters are compatible with Jupiter's desire for broadened horizons and gaining more more more. (*Hitler's natal horoscope shows a Sun 00Tau48/Midas conjunction and the Robber Barons' planetary signature, Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini.)

Note: since the video above is only Part One, click after the video ends if you wish to hear more of the discussion.


*Adolf Hitler born April 20, 1889 (NS) 6:30 pm -0.52:08 Braunau am Inn, Austria; natal Jupiter 8Cap15; Moon 6Cap38 (both are being triggered by tr Pluto now); ASC 26Lib41 with Syzygy Moon, Morya Rx, and Jupiter/Saturn midpoint rising; Jupiter/Saturn = ASC: the tactician. And physically, this midpoint picture may also indicate liver and/or gall bladder conditions and the testy moodiness that liver impairment can cause.

(Rodden Rating AA from baptismal certificate.)

Mar 8, 2010

Financial Crisis 2008 - German hyper-inflation 1922/23

This is something of a 'pre-post' which may result, if time allows, in my writing an article on the Astrology of Germany's hyper-inflation era of 1922/23 which is said to have been caused by the privately owned Reichsbank of Germany. That our own creature, the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, has been at the base of the current financial collapse seems a given to me but perhaps more reading is in order.

Don't think I'll be changing my mind on it though...a long-planned, rigged collapse it was and is, astrologically orchestrated by 'secret hand' Pluto in Capricorn, sign of structure, law, government, politics, and business, and apex/focal planet in the Cardinal T-Square between Saturn/Uranus (opposing one another) that we're all reading and writing so much about these days and at the beginning of its full effect for Spring Equinox 2010.

Once again, here is the midpoint picture formed between the three T-Squared planets which were in similar configuration during the era of the Great Depression:

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort; brutality; rebellion against one's lot in life; harm through force majeure; tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; revolution; concealing changes to activities; termination of practices that have been hindering progress; drastic changes in a previously liberal atmosphere; rigid inflexibility replaces adaptation. (Ebertin; Tyl: Munkasey; all, some, or none may apply.)

These difficult planetary patterns will affect the collective from 2010 to 2014 which covers the following time frame of transits to the US chart and beyond...

As you know, transiting Pluto has been opposing US natal Venus (values, small amounts of money, relationships) in Cancer and will soon oppose US natal Jupiter, a period of time not favorable to US interests, finances, or partnerships.

Here's the plutonian schedule of hits to our natal 'Sibly' chart (5:10 pm LMT, July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, PA) with both our Venus and Jupiter in natal 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open Enemies - dates are 'on or about' depending on your time zone:

Pluto oppo n Venus 3Can06: Dec 26, 2009; August 9, 2010; Oct 18, 2010.

Pluto oppo n Jupiter 5Can56: Jan 17, 2011; Nov 20, 2011; July 8, 2011.

As you see, only one opposition has occurred as of today - the Dec 26, 2009 stand-off to natal Venus. This transit indicates struggles for power and control in relationships and valuations with possible violence brought by the determined Mr. Hades. So from August 9, 2010 until July 8, 2011 (and thereafter) plutonian power struggles will be 'on' for control of America. (I use a 5-degree orb with Pluto transits. Perhaps you do, too.)

When Pluto opposes US natal Sun 13Can19 (Sun = the leader in a national chart - the 'president' to us), the mighty contest of wills is sure to be titanic and the possibilities of impotency and isolation are on the menu. The transit is within orb of US Sun beginning in very early 2012 (Pluto 8 Cap+) and in effect until 2017!

And Pluto will conjunct UK's natal Sun during this time. Hmmm...trouble on the powerful Can/Cap axis between the US and UK? A big break between us would be a major coup for someone, wouldn't it?

Of course, other transits to the US and *UK charts will occur simultaneously which either support or counterbalance the plutonian effects, yet my main grouse today is about the destructuring of forms and the belying of our perceived reality by catalyst Pluto's secretive actions.

To me, these transits say that US resources will be sufficiently depleted during that time period, if not before, that the 'secret' control heretofore exercised by string-pulling plutocrats may not remain as secret as before, and that abuse of power by the Sun will be best avoided since it won't work anyway. My disturbing expectation is that the US presidency will be transformed (further) or will be dispensed with altogether. This will affect whether America wins, or is allowed to win, the battle to act as the global domination czar.

So is the 2008 financial collapse a symptom - or signal - of a Hitler-esque mania for world domination, which is to be continued into complete totalitarianism?

If you check SO'W's sidebar (underneath the Current Moon Phase graphic) for 'Now Reading' you'll see a couple of links to interesting articles, one of which is 'German hyper-inflation 1922/23' that tells the tale of the economic conditions in the Rhineland leading up to Hitler's seizing of power on Jan 30, 1933. (Adolf and Franklin sittin' in a tree...s-e-i-z-i-n-g?)

Well, if Hitler hadn't been a murderous psychopath who psychologically splintered before everyone's eyes (perhaps in part from syphilis? cirrhosis?), one wonders what the modern condition of Germany would be. Sadly, we may eventually discover that such a model is in existence before our own eyes, and it will too late to stop it once the deed is done. Perhaps this is the meaning and outcome of Pluto-opposing-natal-Sun after Mr. Hades vanquishes our Venus and Jupiter, both planets relating to Money and Resources, and Sun representing such things as political power, control of resources, willpower, and life path or purpose.

You know, transits to natal charts continue after death so it may be worth noting that **Hitler's natal Moon/Jupiter conjunction (6Cap38 and 8:15) will also be transformed by a visit from Pluto during this period.

Tiresome subjects? Agreed! But you know what they say: just because you have no interest in Politics doesn't mean that the raptor's gaze of Politics hasn't fallen threateningly upon you.


*UK's modern chart: Jan 1, 1801 12:00 am (NS); London, from historical record; Sun 10Cap11 at IC, Moon 19Can26 in 10th house; natal YOD: Jupiter/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous drive to success; receiving a bounty; great gains; devices with potential to transform the world; sudden financial changes. Apex Pluto in YOD pattern is karmic: possesses penetrating perceptions not shared or easily understood by others; momentous situations lead to destined changes but something must die or regenerate first (such as an old order?); long years of preparation bring a new level of power that's been purged of all vulnerabilities; has organizational control over super-structures in society; can revolutionize world concepts and usher in a new world order.

And this is in the UK's natal chart, not ours!

Negatively managed, apex Pluto in a YOD may de-elevate the individual (each of us, not Pluto! Astrology follows AC-DC principles) to a frustrating level of obscurity and isolation; Mr. Hades is openly defiant about undermining existing authority at any cost and he's been 'purging vulnerabilities' for years now (paraphrasing Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.)

**Adolf Hitler's natal chart (Rodden Rating AA): born April 20, 1889 6:30 pm (-0:52:08) in Braunau am Inn, Austria; Sun 00Tau48 conjunct n DESC 26Ari41 and asteroid, MIDAS 00:31; Hitler's Sun degree is called his 'trigger point' and has shown itself to be a violent degree of the zodiac. His first contact with Gottfried Feder in June 1919 and the great impression Feder made on him involved Feder's captivating ideas on money which Hitler used eventually against the Reichsbank in order to take over control of the nation.

Adolf 'hothead' Hitler's natal ASC has his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint upon it suggesting that liver imbalance was behind his extreme moodiness which obviously would have been made much worse by years of alcohol consumption. His Moon/Jupiter conjunction is implicated, too, with both ruled by Saturn - more Jup/Sat influences upon the physical body (Moon and ASC); Moon in Cap is ambitious, yes, but also emotionally deprived in childhood giving him a feeling of emotional entitlement increased greatly by Jupiter's over-the-top presence. jc

Dec 9, 2008

US economy takeover: 1939 vs 2008

The parallels between what Bush has done taking over US banks and loan institutions such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are said by some to echo too closely Hitler's tactics in Germany in the 1930s. As you know, Adolf wanted to rule the world, and the misery and chaos of war was the price he was willing for others to pay.

If you're aware of these parallels between the time periods and tactics, never mind; but if not, please read the article concerning the US dictatorship which is now being enlarged, by Michael S. Rozeff, a retired Professor of Finance.

Apparently the Nazi memorabilia room at Yale's Skull and Bones, where Bush once played, is having a renaissance of sorts. Granddaddy B helped with Adolph's piggybank and now grandson is following a similar script.

But who's playing Hitler now?