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Oct 13, 2017

Mr Trump is in a Dark Mood and so are We The People

As POTUS Goes So Goes the American People (and the World)

by Jude Cowell

Gabriel Sherman's recent Vanity Fair article describing Donald Trump as "unraveling" and saying that he "hates everyone in the White House" also mentions that Mr. Trump is in a "dark mood" which resonates astrologically with his current progressed lunar Balsamic phase, the 'dark' endings and separations stage that everyone must go through at times in their lives. No one on Earth is 'above' the Cosmic Calendar or can escape their own karma, the reap-what's-been-sown imperative of the Universe.!

Then at the end of a Balsamic lunar phase, a Secondary Progressed New Moon (SP) occurs yet it is a few years before one sees with clarity the road ahead. Symbolically, Mr. Trump's SP New Moon will perfect in 2019 @3Virgo00, as noted in the Balsamic lunar phase post linked above.

Fake (Neptune) News (Mercury) a Frequent Refrain

Moody and emotionally needy to begin with (natal Moon conjunct South Node of the Moon--mother is implicated), Mr. Trump has been described here and in many other places as unequipped psychologically (natal Mercury in self-protective, tribal Cancer) and emotionally driven (Moon) and therefore unfit for the job of US president. Described as uncontrollable in childhood, he seems determined to remain so now.

Perhaps it is in part Mr. Trump's much-discussed Mercury (thinking processes; communication) square (blockage) Neptune (confusion; veiling; falsehood; fraud; delusion) which makes it difficult to impossible for Trump to listen to those around him and to perceive facts correctly so that his knowledge increases on the various topics his position demands that he understand. Awareness of reality suffers as he drifts into his own little imaginary world where everyone bows to his kingly majesty (Regulus rising) and applauds his (self-imagined) mastery. As he said, the indiscreet Mr. Trump 'thought the job would be easier', the mark of a man who assumes he knows better than anyone, even experts. Anyone who assumes the role of US president must learn on the job yet the Mercury-Neptune-squared Mr. Trump seems--or is--incapable of it. Tragically, his short attention span has become legendary!

Jupiterian Trump Behaves in Uranian Fashion

Emotionally sensitive and always impulsive, the radical (unstable, quixotic) Uranian Mr. Trump is certainly shaking up Washington as his voters assumed they wanted though chaos for the sake of chaos was not the best idea the American voter ever had. A Trump White House has become reality because unfortunately and simultaneously, there existed a wealthy class who realized that Trump was a handy tool to be used against the American people--taking away health care insurance while giving the wealthy large tax cuts, roiling the entire US health care system, privatizing more of our school system, deregulating common sense limits, and other deconstruction efforts that Pluto now in Capricorn favors.

Meanwhile, undermining Neptune floating through its own sign of Pisces aids in the dissolution of our republican style of government, increases fear and paranoia in society, and makes the press seem even more deceptive than it already had. (Not that it's a bad thing to unmask media as a major government propaganda promoter--who hasn't read Orwell?)

Astrologically, both Pluto and Neptune can act as saboteurs as can quirky Uranus, the disruptive shock agent that is Donald Trump for he is our Uranian-in-chief with his oriental 10th house Uranus in Gemini, sign of tweets, news, negotiations, duplicity, multiplicity, off-kilter remarks, and gaffes that when made, inadvertently reveal the truth.

Related: Trump, the Presidency, and the GOP? Neptune at Work!.

Image above: Donald J. Trump, official portrait

Jul 10, 2009

The story of Joe Cassano and AIG

AIG FP, Joe Cassano, credit default swaps, subprime fiascoes - all are illuminated in The Man Who Crashed the World though perhaps you've read the tale in Vanity Fair already.

Feb 28, 2007

Dick Bomb-Magnet Cheney?

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government
28 February 2007

All links to articles as summarized below are available here: Breaking News.

'The basic rule is this: when Bush and Cheney move around in space, especially Middle Eastern space, other people die. A bomb magnet is going to attract bombs.' Cheney, The Bomb Magnet --The Rec Report -- By Michael Rectenwald Wednesday, 28 Feb 2007

Military chiefs give US six months to win Iraq war --Violence expected to rise after UK withdrawal --'Coalition' is 'disintegrating' 28 Feb 2007 An elite team of officers advising US commander General David Petraeus in Baghdad has concluded the US has six months to win the war in Iraq - or face a Vietnam-style collapse in political and public support that could force the military into a hasty retreat.

Democrats Back Away From War Fund Plan 28 Feb 2007 House DemocRATic leaders are backing away from a plan to scale back US involvement in the Iraq war by using Congress' most powerful tool - withholding money in the budget. #

This makes a lot more sense when you consider the neocon-Israeli bigger picture described in Craig Unger's insightful Vanity Fair article From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq...another thanks to Alex for the link!

Netanyahu's hoofprints are showing up behind every sand dune and I remember his address to the joint session of Congress, July 10, 1996. That speech is when he called for the democratization of terroist states in the Middle East and stated that, "War might be unavoidable." Uh huh.

Perhaps someone should've smelled sulphur after that one because it sounds to me like one of those seeing-the-mote-in-your-neighbor's-eye-but-you-can't-see-the-beam-in-your-own moments...actually the whole "war on terror" comes across as part of this very basic problem...a human tendency we've all been warned against yet our learless feaders continue to demonize everybody but themselves.

(A "beam" for the whippersnapper reading this is like a two-by-four...a large plank, you might say.)

It's where we criticize in others what we refuse to acknowledge in ourselves--for if we didn't have the same trait, we wouldn't know how to recognize it, now would we?

So we think the bad stuff is "out there"...not within us. The devil made me do it--IF I did it at all. Or did I?

Ah-h-h...1996...Bill Clinton was playing prez then...I remember it well. They kept us mollified with good returns on stocks'n'bonds, and created a bottomless pit for the millions spent on supposedly "going after" Clinton.

I still say Kenneth Starr and those behind him then owe the US taxpayers a huge pile of dough...and that's not counting their Middle Eastern misadventures now--an agenda which they have No Intention of ever giving up, sad to say.

This is part of why I had reservations about the Nov 2006 elections--Dems are on the payroll as well. Do you doubt it given the "stalemates" prevalent upon The Hill now?

Jack Murtha's part in it all I have yet to understand. Is it possible there's one honest man in Washington? Pshaw. Well, Bernie Sanders perhaps.

So as evil-doers of all stripes force their holier-than-thou attitudes upon anyone handy, the Saturn-Neptune opposition continues bedeviling the entire world and the burning question remains unanswered after all these years: is it real (Saturn)--or is it PhotoShopped (Neptune)?!!

And Netanyahu, Bush, Cheney, Perle, and the rest think they can Secure the Realm--the Realm! no matter the cost to the unwashed masses who could use merely a bath, clean drinking water, and good meal or two.

Oh. And World Peace.

meet and greet: Washington's $8 Billion Shadow

My excellent friend, Alex, has sent me a heads-up on a Vanity Fair article concerning SAIC which employs 44,000 people and sells "brainpower" which includes much of the "expertise" that brought the world the Iraq War.

A collective Gee Thanks could be in order about now.

Although a mega-contractor based in San Diego, CA, SAIC (don't say saic, say S-A-I-C or else) is a shady--sorry, shadowy--organization that has other digs near the CIA building in VA--and oddly enough, the letters stand for Science (!) Applications International Corporation.

What's science got to do got to do with it?

Expertizing Iran is in process now, so let's turn on the light and watch the cockroaches scatter. Sadly, there are more infestations in Washington than the average American would believe.

So thanks for the heads-up, Alex!