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Aug 20, 2020

Dear Astrology: Is Donald Trump "the chosen one"?

Astro-Notes: Trump's Unconscious Desires

by Jude Cowell

August 20, 2020: On August 21, 2019, Donald Trump, while speaking to reporters, declared, "I am the chosen one" who "was put here by people." He was referring to his dealings with China but had a few hours earlier tweeted about being the 'king of Israel' and the "Second Coming" of God. While the man's Christ vs anti-Christ status remains a topic of debate, Trump is well known for having a massive ego, and for being a serial liar and con man. But can Natal Astrology account for an expanded self-image of such celestial magnitude?

Now often his misperceptions, deceptions, deceit, loose lips, indiscretion, and odd notions I have put down to his Mercury-Neptune square for many of his personal flaws can be put down to it, along with his Geminian tendency toward duplicity. But it seems to me that daring to cast himself as a messiah figure (out loud in public!) cries out for additional astrological input. What could reflect such ideas about his self-image?

Now you should know that I sometimes awaken from dreams in which Astrology appears, as I did today, and this time the subject was squares. Knowing a little about a certain square in particular which relates to one's self-image and identity I snagged a quick glance at the natal aspects of Donald Trump (June 14, 1946 10:54 am edt - allegedly - Queens or Jamaica, NY). No, Trump wasn't born with a Sun-Neptune square, thought I, but lo and behold what he does have is what I've previously called a "hidden square", an aspect of 256 degrees (or, a 1-2 degree orb), unconscious to be sure. Now for astrologers who use such an aspect (could this be you?), for Trump this falls within the Sun-Neptune square category so here I shall quote from The Astrologers' Handbook (Sakoian and Acker) lest any reader think I'm making this up. Their description will cover romantic and financial tendencies, too, and here I shall add that his father (Sun) didn't provide Donnie with a healthy self-image--it was, in fact, full of error (Neptune):

Sun Square Neptune: "This is the aspect of self-deception par excellence. If the natives are mystically inclined, they often consider themselves the chosen vessels of some Master or Divine Being. This belief is often the result of an unconscious desire for importance.

These persons can be vessels in a pure sense, but only if the rest of the horoscope shows a good mentality, humility, and realistic practicality. A well-developed Mercury and Saturn will do much to offset the negative effects of this square.

Very often peculiar emotional desires and romantic tendencies are indicated which can range from platonic love to the most morbid and debased physical type of sensuality. Secret love affairs and scandal leave confusion in their wake.

The imagination is often overworked and feeds the natives desires to the point where they indulge in self-destructive acts. Severe weaknesses of character can develop, distorting perception of reality. But these difficulties will be manifested only if the rest of the horoscope provides indications of a similar nature.

Usually there is a tendency toward escapism as a means of avoiding individual responsibility and discipline. A well developed Saturn will offset this.

Utmost caution should be exercised to avoid involvement in cults and occult mystical activities of a spurious sort. The motives and character of people who interact with the native emotionally should be carefully and objectively scrutinized.

Unstable and unwise financial speculation should be avoided, since get-rich quick schemes will end in disaster."

Well, there it is. Or there he is. Whether you, dear reader, agree with this description, scoff at the importance of hidden squares, or stubbornly refuse to see Trumpian flaws due to your own idolatry of the man, you may agree or disagree with the above assessment as you wish. However, Trump's Saturn in watery Cancer is weakened by its detriment (opposite Capricorn) and his Mercury in emotional, overly sensitive, self-protective Cancer causes him to look only at facts he wants to see and deny the rest, as well as to consider whatever is done or said within his environment to be directed at himself. And as leader of the 'cult of Trump', backed by hidden people who 'put him here' in the White House, his leanings and tendencies seem clear to me, if not to you, as described, above.

Yes, more aid from his natal Mercury and Saturn would help his Sun-Neptune condition, of course, but I don't consider that to be the case for the poor old fella.

And when we look to the midpoint of his Mercury-Saturn @16Can20, what do we find? Why, his natal Nemesis @16Can40, of course! Trump, at loose ends in the White House, apparently spends hours a day pondering (Mercury-Saturn) divine retribution and retaliation (Nemesis) against his enemies (both real and self-created), doesn't he? Add this to his other personal deficiencies such as natal Mars rising in egotistical Leo - aggressively opposing US natal Moon (We The People) - plus, his death-dealing 12th house Mars-Saturn = Pluto midpoint picture, and disaster appears atop our mutual menu with alarming frequency.


Above depiction of Trump created by an unknown personage.

Jun 8, 2017

June 8, 2017 Comey testifies under Trump's natal Sun Gem-Moon Sag

Sun Gem-Moon Sag: It's All About Mr. Trump

It's June 8, 2017 and former FBI Director James Comey is testifying today to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Trump-Russia topics under today's Sun-Moon blend (Gemini-Sagittarius) which happens to be the natal blend of Donald J. Trump.

This is an Air-Fire combo of energies of one who is inquisitive, has a vivid imagination, and is usually able to wiggle out of tight squeezes. However, a lack of mental discipline can lead to recklessness, a word often used to describe Mr. Trump's actions especially in the realm of his tweets which are by many people considered to be official statements of the president of the United States of America. Additionally, this blend's tendency toward indiscretion supports his indiscreet Mercury-Neptune square which inspires many misconceptions for his sneaky mind (Oken) to imagine and embroider upon.

Also of interest is tomorrow, June 9, 2017, the day of Jupiter's Direct Station @13Libra (which echoes Mr. Trump's natal Jupiter Direct Station @17Lib27 in 2nd house and sandwiching along with his Neptune his natal Chiron) which will contain a Full Moon @18Sag53 (again, an echo of Trump's natal Sun-Moon opposition conjunct his Nodal Gem-Sag axis) which perfects at 9:09:32 am edt. Transit Neptune squares this Full Moon and suggests illusions, deceptions, and discontent.

A Jupiter Note: Mr. Trump's last of three conjunctions in his current Jupiter Return period occurs August 4, 2017.

Now as you know, Full Moons time stages of awareness, culmination, and/or fulfillment on some level or levels, relate to relationships, and, in this case, 'bookends' the prior New Moon (May 25th @4Gem46). Endings of relationships are possible as is the uncovering of secrets under the rays of a Full Moon. Plus, prominent Full Moons can act much as eclipses (Full = Lunar Eclipses, New Moons = Solar Eclipses) - as 'wild cards' of the Universe - by revealing hidden things and disrupting earthly events. It remains to be seen the legal or political fall-out from Mr. Comey's testimony today and the last time I checked Mr. Trump Twitter feed (it's now 12:30 pm edt) he had not begun to 'live tweet' private citizen James Comey's testimony in an attempt to counteract it. Not yet.

But suffice to say, with or in spite of astrological portents, there will be fall-out.

Here's yesterday's post concerning today's Comey testimony (tri-wheel charts shown).


For more Gem-Sag info, see Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.