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Jul 28, 2021

July 28, 2021 tr North Node conjunct US 1776 Uranus

by Jude Cowell

Wednesday July 28, 2021: Just a quick post on how the transiting North Node of the Moon (future direction), at 1:03 pm edt today @8Gem59, conjuncts America's Uranus (July 4, 1776 @8Gem55) which to me seems highly descriptive of current political events and conditions. Even the Sabian Symbol for the rounded-up degree of "9 Gemini" is significant: "A Quiver Full of Arrows" - "Keyword: PREPARATION; positive expression: unlimited personal capacity for rising to the issus of the moment on any level of experience; negative (unconscious/shadow side - jc) expression: "querulous overconfidence and quixotic notions" (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones #ad).

As you know, the Capitol Building's security forces were 'not prepared' on January 6th, obviously, and there are multiple reasons for this unpreparedness, reasons which had better be brought out by the House Select Committee hearings so they can be dealt with and corrected. For one thing, this temporary Nodal influence will retain its effect through August 2021 - therefore, time for making societal and political progress via this particular cosmic gift is a-wastin'!

Meanwhile, I shall leave it to you, dear reader, to decide who's who described by the degree's pos/neg expressions. And we can always consult an image of America's Great Seal if we wish to view the American Eagle with 13 arrows grasped in its claws (the original 13 Colonies?):

Note: Now according to Robert Hieronimus, PhD, in his book Founding Fathers, Secret Societies (p. 141) #ad, a pentagram is formed on the emblem by the crest of the Eagle's head, its wings, the olive branches, and the arrows. Of course, our 5-pointed 'death star' Pentagon is suggested since FDR annointed it in 1942. And as you know, the Pentagon's role in January 6th events has come under some measure of scrutiny and there may - should - be more such inquiry as 2021 speeds into 2022.

For more info concerning America's Great Seal you may wish to check out Mystery of the Great Seal's Eye of Horus Reversed. Plus, here's a relic of a SO'W post from 2009 displaying the Horoscope of the Pentagon April 29, 1942 with a significant 2010 Solar Eclipse chart surrounding it.

So my fervent hope is that the transiting North Node may activate America's 1776 Saturn-Uranus trine which could influence our current situation with its progressive vibes as it acts as a bridge between generations to blend historical perspective with our present predicament.

Then, here's the radical or reformist politics Uranus-NN pairing in Hegelian Dialectic form as found in Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets (#ad) and its suggested potentials or expressions:

"Thesis: The changes which accompany new efforts to alter the direction of events; alliances which follow revolution or unexpected changes in leadership; help from others who assist with modernization activities.

Antithesis: Treaties for modernizing facilities which benefit another more; revolution for the effecting of popular changes; a society which does not appreciate modernizing; business changes which evolve with society."

So! In closing I should mention the only other Ptolmaic aspect made by Uranus in Gemini in our July 4, 1776 chart/s and national psyche: Uranus sextile North Node, the 'finger on the public pulse' talent that, if it can be utilized in 2021, suggests intuition and innovation that can take advantage of sudden changes in public opinion (which are in process of changing now!) so that positive social reforms may be made. (Sakoian-Acker).

Dec 4, 2020

Either Radical Change Or Democracy Ends! (w/Richard Wolff); plus US Pluto

From December 3, 2020: Thom Hartmann interviews economics professor Dr. Richard Wolff:


Astrologically, two signifiers come quickly to mind: Pluto-Chiron, Plutocracy's plutocratic, exploitative combo representing Capitalism fanatics and predatory vulture capitalists, and Uranus-NN (North Node) denoting radical politics, or, as Reinhold Ebertin phrases it in his The Combination of Stellar Influences, "a political association advocating reforms." (#ad)

And of course wealthy, stealthy Pluto itself plays along as America's first-ever Pluto Return/s approach with its de-structuring effects already being experienced.

Please note that, as always, the views expressed within this content are not necessarily shared by yours truly although in this case, they mainly are. On SO'W, content is, and has always been, shared in a spirit of allowing you, dear reader, to consider and decide for yourself! Jude

For the curious, here's something I wrote in a 2011 post concerning America's 2022 Pluto Return/s, and includes the 2022 Solar Eclipses with themes (by Brady) that will run in the background of society; the following details on our Pluto Return/s to 27Cap33:57 are based on a 5:09 pm LMT 'Sibley' American Horoscope (a chart I'm not as enthused about these days thanks to the excellent work of astrologer Gary Lorentzen who champions America's Powell Chart):

"Pluto's current traverse of Capricorn, sign of law, government, business, and investment is taking its toll on us with restrictive, karmic Saturn's background influence as ruler of Capricorn.

1. February 20, 2022: Pluto in 8th house of the Return chart along with a Venus/Mars conjunction @20Cap (a critical degree); plutocracy's Pluto/Chiron midpoint = communism/socialism/capitalism, etc, in early Pisces and 2 degrees from invisible government's Saturn/Neptune midpoint; the return falls within the 5 New South Solar Eclipse Series: benefits and peak experiences; eclipse @12Sag22 conjoins US natal ASC of the US Sibly chart...something's brewing and will be in view; in the US Sibly natal chart, Pluto is Rx @27Cap33 and in 2nd house of Earnings and Self-Worth.

In modern times, 5 New South occurred in the years 1913, 1931, 1949, 1967, 1985, and 2003.

2. July 11, 2022: Pluto Rx in return's 1st H and re-creating its former sextile with transiting Neptune in late Pisces; Sun @20Cap (a crisis degree); activist Mars @5Taurus is in 5th H and unaspected, or working on his own; this return falls within the 6 North Solar Eclipse Series which involves issues of 'relationships to father/authority figures, the need to take responsibility and control, and acceptance of commitments due to the unreliability of others'; eclipse @10Tau29.

6N manifested in the years 1914, 1932, 1950, 1968, 1986, and 2004.

3. December 28, 2022: Pluto in return's 1st H with a Mercury/Venus conjunction in Capricorn; Jupiter returns to Aries Point, a World Point of Manifestation, for the first time since 2010; this return falls within the 6 South Solar Eclipse Series which conjoins the return chart's MC (The Goal; Aspirations) with issues of a manic nature such as being 'forceful and taking power, great strength in relationships, sudden events, and huge efforts exerted in group endeavors'; eclipse @2Scor01.

6S occurred in the years 1914, 1932, 1950, 1968, 1986, and 2004 (same years as 6N).

(Years correspond to WWI, WWII and the rise of Fascism, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Challenger explosion, US bombs Tripoli, Iran-Contra details come out, and the Bush-Cheney wars in the Middle East escalated by Barack Obama.)

Since our nation has never experienced a Pluto Return before, no one can predict precisely what it will mean yet the historical events of those years listed give hints of similar issues which will again be on the world's menu as the 5 New South, 6 North, and 6 South eclipses repeat during the watershed year 2022 of America's Pluto Return.

For as 'they' like to say, history rhymes though it may not repeat."

And speaking of eclipses affecting America, Can a Past Eclipse Spotlight Current Conditions?.