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Nov 7, 2008

Grumpy Old Men of the GOP

Senator Lindsey Graham, friend of John McCain, explains November 4's 'Grumpy Old Men' of the GOP and why they lost the White House, which is fine as far as it goes, it just doesn't go far enough.

Ex: Graham says the Republican Party is tainted by corruption. Actually, corruption doesn't so much 'taint' as spread out and infect to the core.

Their party is closer to being a cesspool and Graham's labeling their corruption so delicately as a 'taint' doesn't change anyone's assessment of the GOP. Sorry. You people infest Washington DC, my favorite city, and I cannot forgive you your perfidy and rotteness. You stink and so do your enablers.

Another reason for their loss, he says: overspending. America is bankrupt under these pocket-lining monkeys and it's mere 'overspending'? That you can cut back on. We've nothing left to cut - the Greedy Old Party heisted it all while certain Dems drove the get-away car.

And last but not least in Graham's oh-so-reflective confession: they "sometimes" came across as a "bunch of grumpy old men."

Sometimes? The GOP chose to run the white-haired dude with the sour face and the lamentable they love to say to the down-and-outers among us: all through your life you made choices. You partisans chose the grumpy old man. Did you not know his age? Puh!

Why, it's almost as if the Republicans wanted a Democrat to struggle in the White House after they'd made hay with America's resources, reputation, and freedoms. And it isn't as if the GOP didn't know they were in serious trouble for Election Day 2008 and they had known it for years.

Well, apparently it will be baton-passing time on January 20.

And even though I have serious misgivings about a Barack Obama presidency, it's not personal (at this point) against him (he's quite fabu and talented) - it's that the larger political/economic agenda steamrolls along with The People paying the price, no matter who fulfills the figurehead position required of the Oval Office.

And as both readers of this blog know - he won't have to be grumpy to make me mad as a wet hen.

Nov 1, 2008

The stormy week of November 3, 2008

With US elections about to heat up from who-knows-what problems and the Saturn-Uranus opposition perfecting with nebulous Neptune turning Direct, we may wish for a little calming advice from Astrology.

To our rescue comes expert astrologer, Julie Demboski, who provides just that bwo natal Sun sign wisdom for times when Saturn's stability is not available to the collective.

Stability and tradition are on the shaky side now with revolutionary Uranus opposing old man Saturn, in their dance which began with three conjunctions of 1988 at 27-30 Sagittarius, Pluto's recent path as 'the boss of Hades' enters Capricorn for good.

And we know that Pluto's triggering of the 1988 conjunction/s degrees creates a midpoint picture we've been seeing expressed mightily:

Saturn-Uranus = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; rebellion; brutality; the desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort; harm through force majeure. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Remember what was going on in 1988? Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune met near the end of Capricorn, funnily enough. And astrologer Marjorie Orr, in her book The Astrological History of the World notes that this triple conjunction hadn't occurred since the 15th century - and that Saturn-Uranus as economic indicators always bring "sharp swings" before settling on a "new track."

(This description may be applied to the presidential election and a new presidential term as well, imo...since the elections are occurring during the perfection of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, the culmination of the cycle begun in 1988. There are many financial implications to this cycle's fulfillment in 2008 but I have no time to compose it.)

A little political something that occurred in 1988 was John McCain's sandbagging of Rose Mofford's testimony to Congress which may be read about in a previous post, To know him is to loathe him: John McCain in Arizona.

Well, in our private lives we could use some balance on the week ahead and these difficult issues and you'll find that Julie's article,Nov 3rd - 10th: Shelter From The Storm, gives comforting advice to the shaken and stirred among us as our 2008 election season mercifully ends with ease or, perhaps more likely, with upheaval before settling down on a new track.

Traditional Saturn isn't fond of being challenged - especially by out-of-the-blue Uranian lightening bolts, you know!

Oct 29, 2008

Economy and the stupid white men

Are white men stupid enough to fall for John McCain's economic theories and install him into the White House to continue the Bush policy of gutting America?

Did you know that McCain blames Bush for the economic crisis?

Will white men of voting age pay attention to McCain pal Phil Gramm and his Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act peeking out from behind the curtain?

Oct 15, 2008

Obama-McCain debate ends 10.15.08

Well, tonight's presidential debate between Senators Obama and McCain was the final one of the trio and was held about 5 hours after orator Mercury turned Direct.

If you're interested, I've made some comments and added a bit of the dialogue from the Tavis Smiley Program which went on air just after the debate ended at 10:31 pm edt. You'll find a reference to my previous post on tongiht's debate which has more astrological comments to it so when you arrive, just scroll down a smidge if you like.

Then there's the political excitement tomorrow night - will John McCain show up to be on Dave Letterman's Show as promised after blowing Dave off two weeks ago for Katie Couric? Dave's discussing it as I type so the excitement is palpable, and you know I'll be watching.

"He'll be here tomorrow and he's got a lot of explaining to do," quips Dave. But now Dave's not expecting McCain to bring Sarah Palin. Dave doesn't think Miss Alaska will be there.

Yes, the road to the White House goes right through Dave, as he's fond of saying, since McCain announced his candidacy (this one) on Dave's show.

Oh funny Dave! He just had a split screen between himself and Hank Paulson to "ask questions" of Secretary Paulson...who keeps blinking in that trance-like way he has. Of course, they're looping the tape - and Hank isn't "answering" any of Dave's "questions" as if he doesn't hear him.

But Paulson's droopy frown stays perfectly in place, so there is that. Even when he's unlooped he looks to be in some kind of trance. Perhaps he should get looped more often.

McCain in the headwinds

Matt Taibbi and Byron York Butt Heads on whether John McCain deserves blame for the Wall Street meltdown.

Instant messenging about the campaign between two political writers - if you haven't seen this yet, you GOTTA read it!

Sep 22, 2008

more notes on the first debate of 9.26.08

Taurus is rising at 8:00 pm CDT on the campus of Ole Miss, Sept 26, Friday, when Barack Obama and John McCain hold the first of three presidential debates.

And there are three difficult aspects for the evening which I'd like to discuss with you here: a hidden square, and two obsessive-compulsive quindeciles (165 degr.)

Saturn (government; traditions) and Pluto (power; the secret hand; coping ability) are 104 degrees apart with Saturn 14Vir47 and Pluto direct at 28Sag35. In the 'opposite' direction, which may be taken as having an unconscious influence, this puts the angle between the two heavyweights at 256 degrees, sometimes called a hidden square, so it may behoove us to read the aspect as a square.

Saturn SQ Pluto: this is the 'sore loser' aspect who doesn't play if he can't win - he prefers his supremacy to be guaranteed; the generosity to admit that others may be more qualified is lacking, value judgments are unrealistic, and there's a deep emotional insecurity.

Social responsibilities are viewed as obstacles rather than as opportunities; acceptance comes through a willingness to serve; grasping power is not viewed well from superiors; impatience and resentment are present when efforts to reach the top are frustrated.

Advisors are needed to assess capabilities and to determine goals; desires are unrealistic in view of resources; status and security are life's priorities, and bitter resentment makes others feel threatened.(Pelletier, 'Planets in Aspect.')

Sun QD Uranus: driven by a need for constant excitement; living 'on the edge'; independence and individuality are prominent; may feel that 'the rules don't apply to me'; may have sense of mission in needing to be different; may take up a humanitarian cause on behalf of humankind.

Moon QD Neptune: escapism, addictions, fantasies are prominent; lost in one's own world; idealism leads to sacrifice of personal needs; emotional balance through spiritual insight; extremely creative. ('Quindecile' by Ricki Reeves.)

~note: because the Sept 26 debate's Moon is conjunct McCain's natal Sun, we see that Neptune is and has been in quindecile relationship to his Sun (vitality; sense of identity.)

Sun QD Neptune = strong intuition and insight; may live in a world of fantasy, illusion, and deception; sense of identity and self-confidence are weak; may see self as victim and/or martyr; feelings of powerlessness, addictions and indulgences may be prominent.

Now here are a few details on the debate's Sun Libra-Moon Virgo blend which is shared natally by comedian Lenny Bruce who said:

"The 'what should be' never did exist but people keep trying to live up to it. There is no 'what should be', there is only what is."

This Air-Earth blend is a productive, rational, efficient and innovative pairing; abstract thought mixes with practicality for a clear-headed, logical approach.

Sun Lib-Moon Vir is eminently civilized with a fine intellect and a pholosophical, judicial mind. An elegant composure adds to the refined simplicity, and results in a stylish peacemaker.

This is the blend of the social theoretician who is kind-hearted and helpful, articulate, modest, graceful, and socially concerned and purposeful. This combo is witty yet careful about where and in whom trust is placed; there is a matter-of-fact air concerning most things, and a tactful, diplomatic way of delivering criticisms.

Hypocrisy is not appreciated or engaged in; an independent mind analyzes until the practical principle underlying matters is found.
Reasoning abilities are profound, yet there are deep emotions which are kept carefully under control.

If there are negatives, it's a tendency to over-analyze things, and to intellectualize feelings; a 'holier-than-thou' attitude may be seen until maturity is achieved.

Image for Integration: "With minute precision, a sculptor chisels the finishing touches to his work of art for the 99th time, and then sweeps up before leaving for his art-therapy group." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey.)

Well, don't know about you, lone reader, but this Sun-Moon picture sounds a lot like Barack Obama rather than the emotionally explosive John McCain.

So will Obama 'sweep up' in the debate? If so, he may sweep the floor with you-know-who!


You are cordially invited to read the rest of my notes on the Sept 26 presidential debate, and view its horoscope simply by clicking on the above link!

Sep 18, 2008

Lehman Brothers crisis - of 1984

Update November 19, 2019: Its link is now dead so I've removed a link that had led to an article by Sam Marcy, explaining the root cause of the Lehman Brothers crisis - of 1984.

Reaganites thought that the 'capitalist recovery' would save them if they could hang on until after the election in spite of Middle East adventurism, war in Central America, and other nefarious US dealings in the world.

Democrats were emphasizing the federal deficit and high interest rates - meanwhile 11 million Americans were unemployed with as many more partially unemployed. Sound familiar yet?

Sam Marcy's article was from April 26, 1984 and details David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission as it was warmly greeted by its previous opponent, Ronald Reagan, when they met in Washington DC just before the article was written.

If it were available you cold read how Mr. Marcy refers to the Trilateralists as "this supernationalist body of imperialist politicians, bankers, and industrialists." He goes on, "Never was interest in the state of the economy as high as it is now. Never before were all the lines between Wall Street and Washington so intimately tied together."

Well, they became more intimate, as we know.

And with the upcoming transit of restrictive Saturn to America's natal Neptune in 9th house of Philosophy (the 'grim reality' transit) it popped out on the page when I read Marcy's statement that, "Beneath the aura of optimism, there suddenly comes like a flood of light, the grim reality of the state of the capitalist system. This happened just last week when one of the most powerful investment and banking combines in this country - the 134-year-old Lehman Brothers, Kuhn-Loeb - was forced to sell out to an even larger financial octopus, the mammoth Shearson-American Express."

This sent a "quake through the entire structure of finance capital," says Marcy.

Now it's 24 years later - two Jupiter cycle$ - and the recovery of the 90s now reveals capitalism's instability in the New Millennium as we contemplate Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism which tells the tale even more starkly and from a later perspective, of course.

Now here's the Who Rules the World list which you may have seen before - this version is from Robert Hieronimus' book,
Founding Fathers, Secret Societies, and I shall post it in reverse order with the base first.

These are said to be represented by the 13-step pyramid with the all-seeing eye at apex on the back of a dollar bill:

13. Secret Societies (such as: Illuminati, Rosicrucians, and Freemasons)

12. Communism, Socialism, and all isms (the most visible aspect of the apparatus)

11. Income and Estate Taxes

10. Tax-free Foundations

9. SEATO, NATO and other front alliances

8. Common Market, Atlantic Union

7. United Nations

6. Federal Reserve System and other central banks

5. UN banking complex

4. Council on Foreign Relations

3. Business Advisory Council

2. Bilderbergers

1. Political Zionism

Apex: International Monetary Fund

The Fed flooded the world with money this morning beginning at 3:00 am Eastern Time (when markets open overseas) but last I heard, no one was much impressed.

Update 3.14.10: 2009 was the year of the Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter and Neptune, the inflationary duo of grand schemes and bubbles, with their last hook-up in December 2009 conjunct US natal Moon = little sense of reality; tendency to dream. We've been had, folks.

Excess liquidity is part of the reason we're in the mess we're in so now we're swimming in deeper waters as Republican candidate John McCain hopes the newly proposed "trust" will get him through the November election - similar to the Republican optimism of 1984.

Sep 15, 2008

Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 still ripples

Considering the strife on Wall Street today, I was wondering if you'd ever read this post on the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981?

(Chart included.)

You know, it would be amusing if it weren't so tragic: McCain likes to think of himself as Ronald Reagan! When he's not riding horsies with Teddy Roosevelt, that is.

Sep 12, 2008

Palin to break Washington's 'old boy network'

On The View just now, John McCain, when pressed by Barbara Walters, says that Sarah Palin will "break the old boy network in Washington."

But honestly, if McCain isn't an 'old boy,' show me someone who is.

Actually, forget it. He's old enough for anyone.

Besides, if the old boy network was broken, the place would fall apart without all that brethren stuff knitting it together from Founding Father days.

Did you know that the Sibly version of the US natal chart has Hermes rising..'12Sag' = "A Flag Turns into an Eagle That Crows."

Hermes is one of the Mercurial trickster elements in Mythology and Astrology, and partakes of Mercury's Messenger to the gods duties - actually Hermes is Mercury. The ancient works of Hermes Trismegistus are the basis of astrological teachings even today - and certainly during the founding of America as well-known by our Masonic Founders.

Lynda Hill gives The Caution for '12Sag' as:

"Assuming one is right only because of might or power or because one can say it the loudest; propaganda; lording it over others; seeing other 'nations' as being lesser; loud voices; bullying."

"Might makes right" seems to be all our leaders live by these days, with massive amounts of hubris complimentary. And Pluto's discovery in 1930, which ushered in atomic research and its resulting destruction of life, only made things worse because it made hubris and bullying easier.

Yes, America is 'exceptional' says the old boys' network...but hasn't our exceptionalism has gone astray?


Visit Lynda at her Sabian Symbols site.

Sep 10, 2008

John McCain RNC 2008 speech: video


Here's John McCain's RNC 2008 speech'll find that of Barack Obama DNC 2008 just below. Compare and contrast...

The war politics of John McCain

Someday, the news media may get around to re-examining the assumption that killing foreigners in their own country is the best patriotic credential imaginable. A front-page New York Times story the other day referred to Sen. John McCain as "the most popular national political figure in the country."

McCain built his career in politics while news accounts routinely described him as a "war hero," with frequent references to the captivity and torture that he withstood for years after a North Vietnamese missile brought him down from a plane he was piloting over Hanoi. Media outlets rarely put a fine point on the fact that McCain had been dropping bombs on civilians.

Norman Solomon - Source: Beyond Hero Worship Aug 27, 2004

Sep 5, 2008

Carol Shepp McCain: left behind

Last night's acceptance speech by John McCain touted Republican respect for family values yet McCain never mentioned the wife he callously left behind, Carol Shepp McCain.

How could he? It would mar the RNC's morality narrative.

Here's my astro-analysis on the Shepp-McCain's Wedding Day Astrology of 1965.

You'll also discover articles on the weddings/marriages of John and CINDY McCain, Barack and Michelle Obama, George and Laura Bush, Jenna and Henry Hagger, and John and Elizabeth Edwards.

Guess the Palins will be next! And can the Bidens be far behind?

Sep 4, 2008

Palin views Iraq war as religious: video

Here's a link to the Palin video at Huffington Post where she gives shout-out to the Iraq war/occupation as holy crusade...God's plan.

Now God's plan is behind everything, I agree. It's the arrogance of those who think they have the right to tweak it that grumps me up.

And they do it for narrow political reasons.

Great. More of that with McCain. Is that what we want?

Aug 31, 2008

Sunday TV: Palin, Palin, and Palin

Idiot Box Morning:

Lindsey Graham just said to George Stephanopoulos that experience and judgment have to come together for the presidency and he seems to believe that they do in Sara Palin!

Candidates meeting a national security threshold? We still have one?

Joe Biden vs Sara Palin has an almost otherworldly flavor and should make an interesting show - but please, do not adjust your sets. You're now in the Twilight Zone so don't bother to squirm.

Wonder if Biden chuckled when he heard of his vice presidential peer? Will he wear kid gloves with Sara Palin? Does he own any?

Has jingo John McCain been wrong about Iraq and re-inventing the Middle East, a region which now has al - Qaeda in 60 countries after years of stimulation and vexation by Bush-Cheney policies and aggression?

Saturn calling: Palin is "back there with the flat-earth caucus," says John Kerry to Stephanopoulos. Kerry seems pretty hot under the white collar this morning much as he did when delivering his (for him) fiery speech at the DNC last week.

Now I know that the Dems can do no less than 'see an opening' with Palin's VP nom, yet it's all rhetoric, folks...just political theater, dahlink! Are you diverted?

Still, kudos must go to the McCain campaign which has garnered a lot of people's attention that was sorely lacking before last Friday's announcement of Sara Palin as VP pick while stepping on the DNC's shadow big time!

Just watch what they're up to elsewhere while the Sara Show is happily diverting most eyes toward her sparkling and fascinating direction.

News at Noon: Gustav is forcing Bush AND Cheney to 'skip' the Republican Convention 2008. Not quite the same as skipping out when Katrina came to call with responsibilities, but the best the neocons can do at the moment.

Should I insert: sigh of relief coming from the McCain campaign?

~:~ Update Sept 3: there's been a Palin limerick published at Lim's Limericks - I'm just warning you!

Aug 27, 2008

Ambien America? Wake Up! says Kucinich

Rep Dennis Kucinich: "Wake Up America!"

by Rep Dennis Kucinich

Former presidential candidate Rep Dennis Kucinich delivered one of the most passionate addresses Tuesday night. "Wake up, America. We went into Iraq for oil. The oil companies want more," Kucinich said. "War against Iran will mean $10-a-gallon gasoline. The oil administration wants to drill more, into your wallet.

Wake up, America. Weapons contractors want more. An Iran war will cost 5 to 10 trillion dollars.

Read more of Kucinich's Tuesday night passion at ICH. #

Wonder if it's true that John McCain is an Ambien user? Because sleepwalking to the ringing phone at 3:00 am in the White House he's sure to be befuzzled, if so. Yet oft have I wondered the same about Bush these last crazy years. And mixing the drug with that other drug, alcohol, is a very irresponsible way to run a country.

Aug 8, 2008

To know is to loathe: John McCain in Arizona

The Phoenix New Times has an enlightening article by Amy Silverman, who has covered John McCain for years, which brings the man into clear focus as something of a mountebank, opportunist extraordinaire, and a liar to boot.

Sounds like qualifications for political office (I know!) but read Silverman's insights if you haven't already.

What McCain did to sabotage Arizona's Rose Mofford during her testimony before the Senate Energy and Water Development Subcommittee on Appropriations on the topic of the Central Arizona Project on April 12, 1988 should be known by anyone considering voting for one of the most manipulative Moon/Pluto individuals you'd ever want to avoid.

And descriptively enough, on that April day, 1988, guess which asteroid was conjunct McCain's natal Sun 6Vir+ and thus triggering his considerable ego needs for recognition?

Nemesis, whose keyphrases are: the unbeatable foe; divine retribution.

When afterwards a friend asked the Senator why he sabotaged Mofford's testimony, McCain replied: "I'll embarrass a Democrat any time I get a chance."

To know him is to loathe him. How well do you know John McCain?


See my article on the natal chart of John geezer McCain at Jude's Threshold if you're interested in his particulars.

And here's a linky trail to a few details on the progressed chart, April 2008 of John McCain, the leading neocon of the moment and apparently the best the GOP can offer for continuing and promoting plans for the New World Order chaos now ruining the other words: the third term of George W. Bush.