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Aug 11, 2023

Trump Trial Jan 2, 2024: Only the Facts!

Will Scofflaw Trump Go On Trial in Jan 2024?

by Jude Cowell

In 2016 we discussed what some call the Hopi Star of Prophecy, Ras Alhague, the snake charmer and Alpha star of Ophiuchi and the star's conjunction with Donald Trump's natal Moon opposite natal Sun - thereby symbolically twinkling upon his Nodal Axis of destiny and fate. Apparently, the natural law of karma (reaping what's been sown) will be in the courtroom.

So perhaps it's merely a curious synchronicity that the DC Trial of Trump proposed for January 2, 2024 by Special Counsel Jack Smith shows testifying Mercury strong at Direct Station (22Sag11) in the Horoscope you see, below. Set for Washington DC at the speculative hour of 10:00 am est on January 2, 2024 with Trump's natal chart surrounding it, here's a marked-up bi-wheel in case the trial date holds, and just in case Trump hasn't flown the coup before then:

See what you think:

Not penned on either chart are Trump's natal Vertex (22Cap51 with his Saturn conjunct Anti-Vertex: double the karma!), and the Trump Trial Horoscope's 10:00 am Vertex (15Vir38); these are points of fated encounters.

Jun 18, 2020

A Total Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020: Fate Steps In

December 14, 2020 Brings a 'Cosmic Blink' from Above: Fate, Destiny, Karma

by Jude Cowell

June 18, 2020: Many events, changed conditions, and tweets have occurred since last I posted the Horoscope of the 4 South Solar Eclipse which perfects on December 14, 2020 @23Sag08 so here's another consideration of the chart with a few hindsight conditions in mind, plus, a nod to the element of fate, aka, destiny:

As you see, the natal placements of Donald Trump are not littering the chart even though his Sun-NN/Moon-SN polarity is involved with the transiting Nodal axis, Mercury (20Sag05), and the Solar Eclipse, primarily because like most people I am truly weary of the blighter. He does figure in, of course, and may be the primary recipient of the 'fate' suggested by the 4 South eclipse themes (see below), plus other cosmic indications in the chart. However, 'wherever Trump goes so goes America' at least for now so mention should be made of the fact that his natal Descendant rises in this chart (Ascendant @29AQ01, a critical-crisis 29th degree). Also rising are two of the eclipse's midpoints: Pluto-Chiron (plutocrats; exploitation; primal violence; racism and other oppressive -isms), and, inventive Mercury-Uranus with little Mercury snugged between the eclipse and the Saturnian South Node (ideas behind or ahead of their time? same old tweeted insults? leaked plans?). Well obviously, technology and communications are suggested by Mercury-Uranus along with a potential for rebellion or riots due to goals not being fully explained or being rejected, plus, accidents via travel are possible, and Trump's past tweets may be spotlighted as they've been before. Yes, tweets (Mercury) from the past (SN) can come back to haunt even the most erstwhile tweeter!

Meanwhile, radical Uranus @7Tau07 lurches through the 2nd house of Earning Ability and the National Treasury and is unaspected (spurt-like energy or intuition from Uranus) and likely seeking 'unusual methods of financing' when in Taurus. This placement also suggests that 'premature action results in failure' (Ebertin) and can result in costly upsets or disruptions of one kind or another such as sudden natural events (exs: tectonic plates shifting--Saturn at a critical 29th degree--storms, hurricanes, and/or tech disruptions). Expect the unexpected.

And yet it's gas-lighting Neptune in her own sign of Pisces that rises in 1st house and denotes potentials for undermining conditions, saboteurs and subversives, events too massive to handle (possibly involving water or other liquids and/or toxins, drugs, oceans) plus, illness, infection, weakness, instability, confusion, fear and paranoia rising. So apparently our current difficulties continue to flow through society while a disinterested fellow with a power-grasping agenda 'mans' the helm of the White House and tweets our country away to the highest bidder.

Then, in 9th house of Foreign Lands, Philosophy, Higher Education, and Legal Affairs is Venus @28Sco44 - a money planet in the business and investment sign of Scorpio. Venus leads the tilt of a BOWL which falls over the 10th cusp of Career and Public Reputation. She's on a mission and is advocating for a cause (BOWL) but is less effective due to her limited experience of the world as shown by the signs outside the BOWL - the realms of Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Libra. To me this indicates missing elements of versatility, nurturance, natural leadership, discrimination, and balance. Unfortunately as 2020 ends, the trio of planets in governmental Capricorn and eroding Neptune in Pisces are outweighing Cancer's natural tendency to nurture and dissolving Virgo's natural function of discrimination - or trying to.

Meanwhile, other karmic or fated conditions are shown by factors such as the interception of the Virgo-Pisces axis across the 1/7 house polarity (including watery Neptune opposing dedicated Vesta). Yes, it's obviously time that America's Virgo-Pisces 'victim-savior' issues be dealt with and these include police brutality, Black Lives Matter, work place ethics (US Neptune in Virgo, sign of work and health), medical matters (exs: Covid-19, hospitals, supplies, testing, death rates), and the current loss of employment, lives, and lifestyles of millions of Americans, under empty vessel Trump.

Heavyweight Planets Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn and US natal Pluto

Naturally a major component in the eclipse chart is the 12th house of Karma, Self-Undoing, Large Institutions, Politics, and Behind-the-Scenes activities and meetings because heavyweights Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, now Direct in Capricorn, are grouped there across the house cusp which also happens to be conjoined by US natal Pluto Rx (27Cap33). As you know, US Pluto always drags along our nation's Mercury-Pluto opposition of surveillance and thought control (propaganda). In fact, the Mercury-Uranus duo includes the interesting potential of 'using propaganda during emergencies'. Ya think? Well, chart-ruler Saturn makes no applying aspects yet Venus does sextile conservative Saturn (a good business sense with a talent for setting priorities) while expansive Jupiter applies to their game-changing Great Conjunction (0A47) @00AQ29 perfecting at Winter Solstice 2020, a cosmic harbinger indicating major changes in society on several levels which we've discussed before (as has every other astrologer!).

Then sneakily, in the 12th house of Secret Deals is karmic Saturn sporting the Sabian Symbol for his rounded-up degree of '30 Capricorn' = OPPORTUNITY: "Directors of a Large Firm Meet in Secret Conference" with the word picture's negative expression: "rampant selfishness and rank exploitation" (Jones). Does this sound anything like a group of corporate executives, financiers, political operatives, and bad faith enablers you know? And maybe a selfish Ayn-Rander or two?

So when we look at the transiting midpoint picture with US natal Pluto as apex planet, what possibilities do we see? Tr Jupiter-Saturn = n Pluto: 'a total reversal of plans; intense business activity; extreme changes or reforms; and, wealthy, stealthy puppet master Pluto 'in control of the situation'. Actually, this midpoint picture is penned in the center of the chart and its potentials may very well relate to the objectives of that secret conference. Alternately, it may describe other players, too.

The Times They Really Are a-Changin'

Yes, change is rather the point of a 'cosmic blink'/'wild card' eclipse that affects conditions and events on Earth much as quirky, shocking Uranus tends to do: with disruption, unexpected events, intervention by a higher power, and possibly a total change of direction as a result. Are we listening to the Voice of a higher power? Well, some of us are! Are you?

Such is the Total Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 @23Sag08 which contains themes of 'very strong emotional feelings concerning relationships and/or money; a sense of fatedness as individuals are caught up in relationship events beyond personal control; a sudden desire to end relationships or associations; anger; lust; blocked emotions that lead to much frustration. Best advice is to avoid hasty action until issues settle down' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Silent Neptune Undermines and Erodes

In addition, there are squares to the Eclipse/Nodal axis from Neptune - intercepted, as noted - with Neptunian potentials as mentioned, above and below. Foggy conditions, cloudiness, or insecurity may cause eclipse imperatives to seem difficult to understand or manage for the masses, even for the media (Neptune), yet to make karmic progress, clarity and truth must be constantly attempted to the extent that we can, our years of extreme disappointment with Washington politicians notwithstanding. Because feeling Neptunian disappointment in our elected officials is no longer enough to effect the positive changes we need and democracy requires participation.

For Neptunian circumstances squaring the eclipse include delusional leaders, subversives, saboteurs, radical reactionaries, and folks who are out of step with current societal standards and traditions - and all are eager to continue interfering with America's karmic progress for they prefer either the status quo or better yet (they think), the regressive policies of olden days. Why, even Trump's natal fantasy-prone, deceitful Mercury-Neptune square is echoed by this eclipse chart (but from Sagittarius to Pisces instead of Cancer to Libra). This 'square' condition of off-kilter Mercury and Neptune is another way that Trump shows up in the chart along with his natal Sun-Moon-Nodes configuration, and his speculating, transactional Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio in Libra conjunct the 8th cu$p of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, and Corporatism, among other realms. And as you know, the Nodes of the Moon suggest the fated paths all Earthlings must tread, even scofflaw freeloader Donald Trump.

A Related Post: December 2020 Solar Eclipse a Wild Card for Trump which shows the Inauguration 2017 Horoscope with its 8th house Saturn @23Sag30 - to be eclipsed by the December 14, 2020 Eclipse, plus, it activates Trump's Total Lunar Eclipse (@23Sag)! To me this eclipse pile-up sounds like a whole bunch of fated conditions and events coming due and it may take a huge amount of cheating and bribes to shoehorn his bulk into the Oval Office again. Or am I only wishfully dreaming?

Perhaps so, but it seems to me that this particular eclipse 'begs to differ' with such subversives and radical reactionaries concerning the fate of America because in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, a solar eclipse calls for integrity, honesty, ethical actions and moral standards to be upheld, not disrespected or neglected. Negative expressions such as misguided beliefs, erroneous philosophies, deceit, and fraud will amount to nothing of value under the influence of the December 2020 Eclipse, if karmic progress is to be made by the Collective as we face 2021, and it is extremely important that We The People not scatter our energies. Because as many people have called for lately, Unity is needed - for as everyone knows, there be strength in numbers!

A related opinion: Solidarity Will Turn the Impossible Into the Inevitable.

Dec 6, 2017

Trump to move US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem (Phaethon?)

Of Prophecy, Fate, Phaethon in Taurus, Israel, and Donald Trump

by Jude Cowell

Dec 6, 2017: Today Mr. Trump announced the relocation of the American embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel to Jerusalem just in time to aid in the fulfillment of the Scriptural 70-year prophecy concerning Israel and its Holy City (see Daniel 9:24). It is reported that the embassy relocation and construction will take a few years to complete.

In a previous post, I published the May 14, 1948 4:00 pm EET chart of the State of Israel but today I'm posting the horoscope that Nicholas Campion says many Israeli astrologers use. It is set for 32 minutes later when Ben-Gurion stated that,"The State of Israel has arisen" (independence from Britain).

In the bi-wheel image, below, Israel's Solar Return 2018 planets (May 14, 2018 @3:59:21 pm EET Tel Aviv (since it's the natal location in 1948) is shown around the May 14, 1948 natal chart. All founding data from which the Solar Return chart issues is gleaned from Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes:

Please enlarge the image to read chart notes for as you see, Israel's natal 12th house Neptune @10Libra Rx rises in the Solar Return 2018 chart and natal Sun @23Tau41 is the engine leading a Locomotive pattern of planets in 1948 indicating ruthless achievement. Neptune rising suggests instability, deception, and/or potentials for fraud to occur yet Neptune also represents the Divine Source and this can relate spiritually to Biblical prophecy

A Locomotive pattern also shows up in the 2018 Return chart but it is lead by Jupiter @17Sco39 Rx. Another planetary pattern that appears in both charts is a Thor's Hammer (aka, Fist of God) which contain elements of fate or karma (reaping what's been sown). In 1948, the Hammer formed between the Pluto-NN square pointing toward natal Jupiter @27Sag38 Rx in 2nd house; in SR 2018, it's between the Saturn-ASC square pointing toward natal/Return Sun in 7th house of Partnerships.

We may wish to read the 1948 and 2018 Hammers as midpoint pictures: in 1948 the potential is for 'power attained through force with the help of others' which obviously came true. In 2018, the potential is for 'difficult conditions or circumstances' and/or 'separation' (Ebertin), spotlighting such conditions that have already been in effect for years now particularly for the Palestinian people.

Note that a natal or foundation chart for the state of Israel also applies to the same for Palestine). Also note that the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse 'hit' Israel's 1948 Mars (28Leo18)--and royal star Regulus (keyphrase: success if revenge is avoided). Yet so far, an endless round of revenge tragically characterizes Israel and Palestine since ancient times.

As for the timing of the 70-year prophecy related to 2018, note that there will be a New Moon on May 15, 2018 @24Tau36--within orb of Israel's natal Sun and denoting a new cycle of activity. Another curious factor in the SR 2018 chart is that one of the asteroids of fate, Phaethon (the Greek version of Icarus who flew too close to the Sun, crashed, and burned) is snugged between the Taurus Sun and Moon, however, in relation to the 70-year prophecy, Phaethon @11Tau02--about to make its own Return to Israel's natal Phaethon (16Tau23)--may be merely a minor detail.

And yet, is it a fated synchronicity that 3-mile wide asteroid Phaethon hurls extremely close to Earth just before Christmas 2017? A certain meteor shower peaks on December 13 with Phaethon traveling among the Geminids. A Super Moon (Nolle) veiled them from sight in 2016 but here are details on where, when, and how to see the 2017 Geminid Meteor Shower.

And where is Donald Trump's natal Phaethon, you may wonder. Born June 14, 1946, Mr. Trump's natal Phaethon is @23Tau02 conjunct his natal MC--conjunct Israel's natal Sun!

So if you look up and manage to spot Phaethon among the starry throng on December 13 or during the wee hours of December 14, tell him Donald Trump says Hello.

Mar 5, 2011

Fate v Free Will: 'The Adjustment Bureau' right on time

Social propagandists often run concepts and bad ideas up the proverbial public flagpole to see if anyone salutes, to undermine our traditional social fabric of decency, and/or simply to get us accustomed to certain ideas prior to implementing them (or some version thereof.)

The eeriness of HAL (the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey) is a good example of our collectively shared feelings of creepiness, dread, and threat in this New Technology Age ('www', the oft-touted Age of Aquarius?) You'd be forgiven about now if you hearkened your mind back to Dr. Frankenstein's obsession with overstepping natural boundaries no matter the cost, monster be da*ned.

Astrology Tussles with Fate v Free Will, Too

A Huffington Post article The Adjustment Bureau: Fate or Free Will? explains the premise of the new Matt Damon film...or is it just another Hollywood propaganda effort to make light of what really is an overarching and manipulative Plan by shadowy global figures and criminal networks?

Well, just for fun (and because it could look good against SO'W's charcoal background - and we do talk on this blog about stars, here's a 10 min 30 sec video of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey from way back in 1968. I was a sprightly teen then, saw 2001 in a theater, and was fairly freaked out over uppity HAL's new attitude. You?

Enjoy! For it has atmospheric music, too. And America had a Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2001 after SCOTUS played their snaky December 2000 role in yet another sordid Bush affair.

And the primary planetary signature of 2001?

No Great Conjunctions that year but in 1997 there were two which describe fantastic filmeries and progressive ideas that are perhaps a little creepy; Jupiter/Uranus in particular have that dazzling scientific vibe of new discoveries and explorations; Jupiter/Neptune relates to fantastical entertainments, flights of bubbly fancy, the grand spirit, speculation and fraud:

January 9, 1997 Jupiter caught up with filmy, glamorous Neptune @ 27Cap09, thereby conjoining US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx simultaneously...

Tr Jupiter/Neptune = n Pluto: plans unreasonable beyond measure; self-projection out of hand (or out of this world?); a great loss ('free' trade?); far-reaching speculations.

Then on February 16, 1997, the Great Benefic Jupiter expanded his guru's magic-wand toward inventive and original Uranus @ 5AQ56, conjoining US natal South Node of the Moon (SN), a separative, Saturnian point describing past behaviors, talents, and unconscious, self-defeating manners of behavior - where our neuroses lie. Through bad habits (character) we find karma and reap what was sown.

Now let's stretch a bit to include sub-frequencies so that we'll spy a midpoint picture or two to consider on our nation's Nodal Path of Destiny, whether 'Manifest' or not...

Tr Jupiter/Uranus = n NN: individuality attracts; striving for a common purpose; shared happiness.

Jupiter/Uranus = 'Saturn' (SN): one-sided principles; sudden disadvantages or losses; sudden inhibitions before reaching an objective; obstinacy; introduction of patience and practicality to boundless self-projection; temperance over excess.

Back to the Jupiter/Neptune pair: if we stretch to include America's natal Mercury Rx (25Can) as one axis of our nation's Mercury/Pluto opposition, we have...

Tr Jupiter/Neptune = n Mercury: skills with deceptive practices; the raising of hopes; talking a lot and putting on an act; self-study in the realms of mysticism; rich powers of visualization; speaking for the deprived; misleading or misdirecting the attention of others.

Ah, 2001! That last sounds like Hollywood using HAL to distract the discontented masses from political shenanigans, doesn't it? But if such a techno-distraction isn't enough, the powers-that-be can always use the centuries-old trick of tyrants and kings everywhere: start a war. Oh yeah. They did.

And they are apparently getting US troops ready for more carnage.

If so, then Washington will have our nation playing a triple role as the 'bomb first ask questions later' brigade serving courageously on behalf of the suckiest over-reaching government in world history and one that seldom if ever admits culpability for its crimes. Washington refuses to put Wall Street fraudsters on trial and fairly convict them for collapsing and riding down the global economy.

Who are these people?


UPDATE 9:00 pm est: my bad! I neglected the planetary signatures for 1968, the year 2001 premiered:

Great Conjunction Jupiter and Uranus, the scientific breakthrough duo, occurred on December 12, 1968 @ 3Lib39, near US natal Midheaven (Aspiration Point) and conjoining the US natal Saturn/Neptune midpoint of secret (Neptune) government (Saturn); two more conjs occurred: March 11, 1969 @ 2Lib27, and July 20, 1969 @ 00Lib40, an exact conjunction with our national Mc...

Tr Jupiter/Uranus = n Mc: a fortunate turn in life; optimism; fortunate powers of adaptability; comfortably becoming known for who one is; personal rewards from making changes.

We might even stretch toward:

n Saturn/Neptune = tr Jupiter: very upset with the ways of the world; losing the will to fight; depression; egoism; narrow-mindedness; lung or liver disease.

n Saturn/Neptune = tr Uranus: indifference to decay in older structures; a new discipline adds Astrology to religious or mystical practices; frustration; irritability; inner unrest; excitability; a suddenly manifesting weakness or illness.

The other Great Conjunction of 1968 is the plutocracy/banking system duo of Jupiter and Pluto on October 13 @ 23Vir40 - conjunct US n Neptune...

Tr Jupiter/Pluto = n Neptune: inclinations to deceive, cheat, or seduce others (ya think? and they were only warming up in 1968...for 2008!); suffering damage or loss through others without being aware of it (the beaky snastards); a general disappointment; adjusting the data; omitting key facts; working a situation into ones own format.

Presidential background: LBJ was sworn in on Nov 22, 1963 after JFK's assassination, and was inaugurated once on Jan 20, 1965. Therefore, the above Great Conjunctions both took place and greatly influenced events during the Lyndon B. Johnson administration; Richard Nixon was inaugurated the first time on Jan 20, 1969 but he campaigned to win the White House, of course, in 1968.


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Midpoint pictures: Tyl: Ebertin: Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions.

Aug 9, 2007

That Feeling of Fate

Surfing so that you don't have to, I've come upon another well-written article by astrologer Lynn Hayes who opens up the astrology of the natal chart when interpreted with the progressed chart for you--their uses and differences, with her Musings on Fate and the Progressed Chart.

As Lynn explains so well, we're fated to express our natal charts.

Yet much may be gleaned from knowing our progressed charts--how we've evolved and what our natal tendencies have led to. Yes, the information found in a progressed chart is invaluable to the seeker.

Bravo, Lynn!