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Jul 12, 2022

J6 Hearing July 12, 2022: Connecting Dots

by Jude Cowell

July 12, 2022

Today the J6 Select Committee investigating the January 6th coup attempt of Donald Trump holds another public hearing with an opening time reset from 10:00 am edt to 1:00 pm edt (last I heard!). Below is a DC Horoscope of the event with America's 1776 Saturn (our legal eagle planet exalted in Libra and representing lawmakers) rising along with Trump's natal 2nd house trio of Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter. A few of Trump's 1946 placements are penned around the chart and highlighted in pink.

Chart-and-hearing-ruler Venus @23Gemini (in 9th house of legal afffairs) conjoins US 1776 Mars which suggests potentials for joint ventures with allies, muted aggression, but since Venus activates our nation's problematic Mars-Neptune square (here, a reference to misguided actors on Trump's behalf, plus, his own), we may also expect the proceedings to involve less than ideal circumstances, and a measure of disillusionment which may be a reference to Trump supporters changing their opinion of his nibs so perhaps we'll hear of such changing opinions during J6 testimony. See lower left corner for the two applying aspects of Venus:

Nodal Axis = Mercury-Neptune and Neptune-MC: 'Connecting the Dots' Between Bad Actors with Negative Intentions

As you see, the planets are in the shape of a ruthless Locomotive pattern with the out-of-bounds ('OOBs') Moon @6Capricorn leading the engine from the 3rd house of Communications. Of interest is that testifying Mercury is also OOBs so will someone zoom in to the hearing? Or maybe this refers to recorded depositions such as that of Pat Cipollone. Of course, Luna may refer in part to one of today's leaders of the hearing, Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), the other being Rep. Jamie Raskin who has battled against white nationalism for years and this may surface in today's hearing.

Meanwhile, today's planet of testimony and negotiations, Mercury (@15Can25 - conjunct the Pentagon's 1942 Ascendant) snugs around The Goal Point ('MC') along with the Sun @20Can20 and reveals objectives for effective communications on the world stage, and those who stand up for their convictions.

As for lunations affecting today's hearing, those are the 9th house Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior) which is the New Moon of June 29, 2022 @7Can22 (conjunct Trump's natal Mercury - he's to sit for a deposition in NYC), and the 6 North Solar Eclipse of April 19, 2022 (@10Tau28, here in 7th house) with 6N themes of 'relationship to authority figures' and 'accepting commitments due to another person's unreliability or illness' (paraphrasing B. Brady).

Well, I plan to watch the J6 hearing. How about you?

UPDATE July 12,2022: According to my handwritten notes taken as I watched today's hearing, Chairman Thompson gaveled them out at 3:58 pm edt. jc

Feb 1, 2018

US Constitution Teeters w/ Trump as a New Moon Rises

Under the norm-defying, disruptive, unpredictable influence of kingpin Donald Trump, the US Constitution and a "constitutional crisis" are in the news and within reach these days as the attacks against our checks'n'balances system continue, the US government is hollowed out, and an evil authoritarianism rises here and across the globe.

As you know, the quirky Uranian Mr. Trump aligns himself with Nationalism and implies that he's against Globalism which must include global government, yet he'd be fine with a form of Globalism as long as it mimics Hitler's or Mussolini's old fascist regimes (who thought they could rule the world, too) or regimes of other world class pea-brained dictators who stifle/d the press of their day and work/ed to undermine the laws and morals of their societies. In our day, we have a Regulus-rising kingpin attempting to impose his capricious will upon us now.

So in honor of one of the Enlightened documents my ancestors sacrificed, fought, and died for, here is a link to both the Natal and Secondary Progressed New Moon (SP Moon) horoscopes of the US Constitution, posted here for either one of you curious readers.

Please share if you care!

And if you dare, check out Chris Hedges addressing The Fall of America.

Jan 26, 2017

Why Is A White Nationalist Writing Trump’s Executive Orders? - clip (w/ Astrology)

Perhaps you've been wondering, too...

Sorry this ugly mug is showing, dear readers...start the video and perhaps it will disappear...

And yet there are alternate views (not to say, alternate facts) such as this, from November 27, 2016 (which was Mr. Bannon's 63rd birthday): White Nationalism has not caught fire in the US. Yeah? Well, now that the White House is infested, this particular Anglo-Saxon must disagree about that, no matter how tragic it is.

For independent news, articles, and videos, step into The Ring of Fire. Why, here's an article now: Trump Sells Himself to the Highest Bidders, an election result that could not possibly have been a surprise to you, could it?

An Astro-Note: Mr. Trump's senior adviser Steve Bannon was born November 27, 1953 in Norfolk, Virginia when radical Uranus was retrograde in Cancer and conjoined the South Node of the Moon, aka, 'the dragon's tail'. This conjunction is a 'life disrupted' indicator and shows his determination to preserve traditional values. Actually, the January 12, 2017 Full Moon at 22Can27 fell precisely upon his natal Uranus (22Can43) and reflects in part his rise to a higher public profile in the White House yet the fact that it's the separative, Saturnian South Node refers to several things--one is that the past is at play here (those grand Anglo-Saxon privilege-y days) and that his popularity and style of radical politics are at low ebb and unlikely to rise. And if we consider the South Node's Saturn influence, here with his Uranus, we find Saturn-Uranus tendencies such as provocation, violence, isolationism, protectionism, and an 'out with the old order, in with the new' attitude from deep within the unconscious. A sudden indifference to traditional laws and ethics is to be expected (Mr. Obama's executive orders aren't laws, of course, but getting rid of them is only a start.)

The Republicans' 'repeal and replace' may have its merits but the chaos this creates cannot be managed as easily as some believe. But that probably doesn't concern those who want We the People in the streets with pitchforks. These reactionaries put on a strong act to hide the fact that they have great difficulty coping with ideas that are different from their own--which isn't strength, it's weakness.

So! Mr. Bannon is a questing Sagittarian (Sun) with natal Moon in either self-dramatizing Leo (Fire) or practical, judgmental Virgo (Earth). If only his birth time would turn up! But even without it, let's record here the Images for Integration for the volatile blend of Sun Sag-Moon Fire and the 'scorched earth' combo of Sun Sag-Moon Virgo, just in case:

Sun Sag-Moon Leo: "At an emotionally moving ceremony, the shaman of the gypsies is given an honorary university degree in herbal lore and ancient geography."

Sun Sag-Moon Virgo has three: "An athlete gives a fundraising performance for charity...A philosopher presents a perfect mathematical vision of the nature and meaning of the universe...The Ten Commandments." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Totally Related: Jake Tapper Gives One Word Response to Steve Bannon Telling the Media to Shut Up. Divide and Conquer Politics is in 'fine' form, I'd say.