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Apr 18, 2016

GOP Doing Everything Possible to Dismantle Democracy - video

Although I personally tend to blame both political parties for breach of the public trust in a multitude of ways these last decades, there does seem to be a particular leaning on the side of the Republican Party's anarchists and zealots wanting to "dismantle", shut down, obstruct, undermine, drown in a bath tub, destroy, and/or otherwise coup the US government as discussed here by Farron Cousins and Howard Nations:

Talk about a previous post! Here's one from December 2005 when Stars Over Washington was barely two months old concerning a similar anti-democracy topic: Chiron-Uranus Types in Government. Its points may sound familiar these 11 years later especially since transit Uranus in Aries (anarchists, Utopian zealots--Ebertin) is conjoining off and on America's natal Chiron @20Aries. Uranus in Aries describes, among others, the tea partisans who infiltrated the US Congress on the Koch Brothers' dime and would rather shut down the US government like cowardly traitors than actually govern our nation which imho puts them in breach of the public trust.

Jan 25, 2016

The Billionaires' Tea Party - Trailer (w/ Uranus in Aries 2010/2016)

When Uranus in transit entered Mars-ruled Aries in late May 2010 it timed many events related to revolt, protest, even riots. Disruption is one of planet Uranus' favorite past times and since 2010 the world has not been disappointed. And for America's 2010 Solar Return in July, Uranus performed a Station Retrograde precisely on the Aries Point (00:00) which, for those who use US natal charts set for a few minutes after 5:00 pm LMT on July 4, 1776 (Phildelphia, PA), announced Uranus in Aries entering America's 4th house of Home--but also the house of Endings and The Drain (IC).

The disruptive shift into US 4th house occurred around the time that the Tea Party rose to public awareness with Uranus in Aries denoting Utopian anarchists and blind zealots (Ebertin). Then as now, everyone continued to agree that America was following a wrong path and some accepted the propaganda that the 'grassroots' movement called the Tea Party could cure politically and socially what ailed us as a nation--and reform Washington Politics where the global criminal syndicate is centered. The last time period that Uranus traveled through Aries was from 1928 to 1934 which of course includes disruptive events and turbulent interventions such as World War I, the Market Crash of October 29, 1929, the rise of Hitler and FDR, fascism taking over Italy--while transit Neptune's continuing path through Virgo, sign of The Worker, helped to undermine employment and social conditions for millions of people--especially since America's natal Neptune is in Virgo (22+).

Of course in 1929, Uranus squared Pluto but Pluto was in Cancer then (transformation of family values), opposite Pluto's current sojourn through the governmental, legal, and business-oriented sign of Capricorn, ruled by tough Saturn. Social upheaval has reappeared under the New Millennium's Uranus-Pluto Cardinal square as extreme measures are being pushed through Congress (many of them hidden within legislation to be discovered and despised later on), fanaticism is prevalent from many directions, and war and weaponry are lifted high as Nationalism and Patriotism are again used by the power elite as shields for hiding an agenda of global conquest. Meanwhile, Pluto in Capricorn = the dictator, according to Ebertin, and from Washington and across the nation we've heard accusations of such behavior by Obama opponents yet my suspicion is that we ain't seen nuthin' yet in that department--wait till Donald Trump (or whoever) takes the Oath of Office on January 20, 2017! Only Senator Bernie Sanders seems genuine to me but we'll see how that goes with primaries about to begin.

Be all of that as it may or may not be, check out the following trailer for The Billionaires' Tea Party and marvel at the political chicanery of the plutocrats:


Related posts include: Horoscope: Solar Eclipse of the Roaring Twenties and Horoscope: the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933 which includes 2011 conditions such as anarchists like Ted Cruz play acting our nation into a credit downgrade. But that's a hammy 'President' Green Eggs for ya--'burning down the world' like a true Uranus-in-Aries zealot with ideological Utopian leanings of theocratic proportions.