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Feb 1, 2006

Dueling T-Shirts Over America

Just before the State of the Union Address began last evening, Cindy Sheehan was ejected in handcuffs--being the ruffian she is--from the gallery for wearing a T-shirt that read, "2245 Dead: How Many More?". Seems a fair question, but I guess not.

I'm sure the Bush Team wouldn't approve of having a camera light upon Ms Sheehan's bossomy question, ya think? But if only side-lined Tom DeLay had been wearing a T-shirt for the event (how about the formerly popular, "I'm With Stupid"?)... he might've garnered more limelight.

Here's her natal chart surrounded by the Address Chart...with Bush's actual start time of 9:12 pm--wonder if he held back to make sure Ms Sheehan, and Beverly Young
(wife of Rep C W Bill Young of FL--Repub!) who was also ejected, were out of his hair and sight range? I thought he was suspiciously late starting.

(Mrs Young was ejected as Bush was speaking about our troops, and her "offensive"
T-shirt said, "Support Our Troops Defending Our Freedom". Seems odd that the Bush Team is against ALL T-shirts, or perhaps just ALL bossoms that compete for our attention to George's message. Some folk think it would've been an improvement. We knew before last night that Bush can't compete unless the playing field is slanted his way...apparently he can't fight his way out of a T-shirt either.)

So here is Ms Sheehan's North Node (NN = a meeting or joining point) being contacted by Jupiter, the moneybags, judge, big guy of the zodiac. And her natal Jupiter is rising as the speech begins...Jupiter expands, of course, and Jup/Asc = desire to be of importance in the world. (Well, none of my state Reps gave Me a ticket, now did they?)

Mercury is just about to contact her wound, Chiron--wounded communications, or communcations about the wound. (Mercury's orbit is about one year, so this happens once a year to all of us as Mercury contacts all our planets.) Her right to speak out--even with a T-shirt message--was wounded, all right.

And at the top of the chart, in full sight of the world, is transit Saturn (control; restriction; loss) who is, and has been recently, visiting her Uranus, planet of freedom and rebellion. Saturn's orbit is about 28-30 years long, so we all get his visitations upon our planets/chart points at least a couple of times, if we last that long...three times if we live to a ripe old age. And this conj of Saturn to her Uranus is also Saturn's conjunction to Bush's natal Asc, previously posted upon...a low point in the life when past chickens--or in his case, chickenhawks--come home to roost. So Cindy's Uranus, also called, The Awakener, has been trying to wake up George's chickenhawks to their true responsibility for his past actions!

>>Saturn to natal Uranus = circumstances conspire to restrict personal independence and freedom. Unorthodox methods do not meet with enthusiasm, and may be rejected completely by those who insist on more structure and tradition. Group endeavors are apt to be bogged down by red tape and delays, but the key is not to give up--you may be given more responsibilities in group projects.

No brainer: Cindy won't be giving up, Mr Saturn, Mr Man!

As you know, Bush cleared outta Dodge this morning to continue the catapultin'. Hope Nashville holds his tootsies to the fire of truth just as Cindy Sheehan continues to do...probably fat chance.

And today's GAO report blames this administration for its miserable Katrina response, or the lack thereof. That'll give Bush something to stew over while kickin' back at the "ranch" this weekend. Wonder what T-shirt he'll be wearin'?
"I'm the Culprit"? "Hollow Legacy"? Or how about "Cindy Doesn't Speak for Me"?

jc Feb 1 2006 12:57 pm est

>>>GROUND HOG DAY>>>New Leadership Vote will be taken by the Republicans, one of the more ethically-challenged political parties of the of the two. Everyone has had time to rehearse his or her part, so here's the Feb 2 9:30 am est Opening Curtain for the Capitol Building Performance of Ground Hog Theater:

Stars Over Washington: Backlashes, Whips, and the Ground Hog

Jan 27, 2006

Happy 250th, Maestro!

Concerning Mozart's natal chart: the generally-accepted birth time is from a mention in a letter by his father, who ought to know.

2006: Saturn now at 7Leo+...opposite Mozart's natal Sun, therefore conjunct his natal Neptune. Saturn/Neptune--form to music, and music into form!

He IS the best, the archetypal musician, a 5th harmonic kind of guy.

But his chart shows overpowering parental figures: Saturn conjunct Sun, and Pluto conjunct Moon...ouch and double ouch! Amazing how his music still radiates so brilliantly after such eclipsing of his spirit--or perhaps that's part of the reason why...the pain of creativity. Always a tear along with the smile, that Wolfgang.

And Jupiter(expansion) biquintile Uranus, planet of creative inspiration from On High--biquintile (144 degr) = talent, a gift. Made the mediocres jealous, I'd think. Doesn't true talent always cause jealousy?

Images for Sun AQ/Moon Sag: a distinguished sociology professor throws a fancy-dress party for her best friends...Alice in Wonderland.

And Mozart was a Freemason, too--but you knew that. The Magic Flute is all about it!
He disclosed their numbered secrets and was soon dipatched, some say. And yet, if his natal Ascendant was truly Virgo, health was always an issue, and infection easy to come by. Personally, I stay away from pork chops of all kinds!

jc Jan 27 2006 12:42 am est

UPDATE from the FUTURE: today is Dec 30, 2006 and I'm adding a post today for Mozart and the NY MET is broadcasting an English version of THE MAGIC FLUTE to all the world. The opera actually began at 1:38 pm est...the excellent Mozart! #

Jan 20, 2006

1933 Calling: Hello?

This post is inspired by today's NYSE drop--the largest in 3 years, and the headline of Dec 27, 2005: "Stocks Stumble", and by the rickety Japanese markets of late: On May 23, 1933, Congressman Louis T. McFadden brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank System, the Controller of the Currency, and the Secretary of the US Treasury, for numerous criminal acts, including, among others: Conspiracy, Fraud, Unlawful Conversion, and Treason. Noting that the Federal Reserve Banks are "private monopolies", he asserted that they were rich and predatory moneylenders who prey upon US citizens for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers, foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers. He called them, "financial pirates", and worse. Just prior to this filing of charges, FDR signed--at MIDNIGHT of his Inauguration Day, March 5, 1933--a proclamation to divorce US currency from the gold standard, thereby mooting an old debate in America, and seemingly helping the country. On April 5, 1933, FDR ordered the confiscation of gold coins, gold certificates, and gold bullion, Executive Order 6102. (You say there's gold in Fort Knox, do ya?) Officially, the US was taken off the gold standard, April 19, 1933. And on June 7, 1934, Congress passed the Corporate Bankruptcy Act allowing corporate reorganisation with the support of 2/3 of their creditors. Yuh. BTW--McFadden died in somewhat murky circumstances, and after other attempts had been made on his life. Last I heard, McFadden's case against the Fed is still pending. jc Jan 20 2006 8:40 pm est

Jan 16, 2006

False senator

To mark the tenor of the times, and because I couldn't resist, I'm putting a link to a new portrait--drawn today, posted tonight--of a False senator.

This is not to point a finger at Washington--I've only got ten of 'em--but to post a ha ha Dreamyfish alert. And while they may share the idealism of big dreams, only one has a love of ill-fitting toupees.

  • False senator
  • Jan 12, 2006

    Samuel Alito April 1, 1950

    May 3, 2022

    Due to yesterday's controversial leak of an Alito draft of a coming decision against Roe v Wade, I'm publishing this relic of a post that originally was written in 2006. At the time I could find no accurate birth time for the misogynist Rebublican justice but have since found it as 12:56 am est (April 1, 1950 Trenton, NJ with 3 Capricorn rising; RR: AA). You may notice that in my previous musings, below, sans edits, I added that I was going with a Virgo Moon - which, as it turns out, is correct:

    Here I will consider the chart of Samuel Alito set for sunrise on his day of birth.

    Not having his birth time, we must consider two Sun/Moon combos since before 7:40 pm, the Moon was in Virgo but after 7:40 pm, his combo would be Aries/Libra. The odds are, within the 24-hour period, he was born pre-7:40 pm, Moon in Virgo.

    And yet with Libra's Scales of Justice, it's tempting to assume his Moon would be in Libra, so I shall list both--see which you think applies more closely to the man they call Alito:

    Sun Aries/Moon Virgo: administrative skills; bossy yet diffident; practical perfectionist; straightforward and direct; impulsive yet orderly; outspoken but timid; a natural modesty, but impatient to be where the action is and take command of the show due to definite ideas about how things should be done...

    argumentative; judgmental; can be self-effacing, disciplined, and conventional; can flourish in senior management but finds the earlier rungs of the ladder frustrating; master/servant issues which can be resolved by becoming an expert in a specialized area; detail-oriented; good teacher.

    ...Greatest Weaknesses: intolerance of others' weaknesses; self-doubt; prone to feelings of guilt; may stand in the shadows and sabotage self-initiative with extreme self-criticism.

    Images: a remembrance that the perfect is the enemy of the good...a surgeon performs a daring operation...a metalworker forges an intricate masterpiece.

    Interesting to note that this is JP Morgan's natal Sun/Moon combo, so here's a quote from the dearly departed:

    I don't want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do, I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to do. (This seems to be the common order of the day, doesn't it? Describes Washington and the corporate system of America better than ever before.)

    Here's Sun Aries/Moon Libra:

    Ambitious but hates striving; sometimes lazy; forthright; charming; eager to please, so a natural diplomat; vivacious and outgoing; self-centered but kind-hearted; ingenious; chivalrous; amorous; intellectually precocious; harbors heroic inner picture of self; instinct for justice and cooperation; desperate to be accepted; idealistic and hopeful; charming, convivial host; artistic talents.

    ..Greatest Weaknesses: vacillation--to think great guns, then peter out; need for appreciation may fuel vanity; tendency to rest on laurels.

    Images: a conductor leads an orchestra with passionate conviction and a vibrant, pulsing oraganism of musical perfection is created to the ecstatice uplifting of the audience. (That should be easy to watch for, if so.)

    >Here are a couple of quotes now from two natives who had this combo once upon a time, and still do--transits continue to influence charts of those long gone--Mozart's chart and Ben Franklin's are being triggered and highlighted this year!

    William Hazlitt: The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.

    Arnold Toynbee: No annihilation without representation. (Argh.)

    Well, if I knew Sam better, I could make a better guess, but I have a feeling we'll be knowing him better for a long time.

    Wish I had more time this morning to continue with the day's grilling, etc...I don't, but one thing I want to mention as far as Alito's joining the S-Court--it is NOW his Nodal Return! Right now, and when the North Node of the Moon returns to its natal position, it is a joining time...a time of new associations and beginnings.

    Plus, his Solar Eclipse Series--the one he was born into--is 6 North which concerns one's relationship to authority, and the taking over of responsibilities and commitments which occur because of another's inability to carry on due to illness or unreliability. Sounds about right, si, Justice O'Connor?

    Interesting that the last Eclipse in the 6N Series actually occurred April 19, 2004, which is, I believe, the approximate time Alito would've been approached about the SC opening.

    Now I realize others may have been approached also, but I just can't seem to shake the notion that the Harriet Miers nomination was a red herring, and Sam Alito was the big fish all along. Which would make Miers a red herring who was shining us on along with the cheeky, canny Cancerian, George!

    Hope to post later this evening on the hearings today---esp since Pisces now rises at 9:30 am over the Capitol Building--no more of that humanitarian Aquarian...seems the big fish is in the House and the Grill's fired up!

    Yall have a great day...

    Jude Jan 12, 2006 11:13 am est

    Jan 17 Update: now that the hearings are over and I've heard more comments on this man they call Alito from those-in-the-know, I have to vote for Moon in Virgo--he's such a hard and diligent worker, as I'd assumed...not lazy enough for a Libra Moon!
    (All apologies to you Libra Moons out there--but you Do Have a lazy streak--you Know you do!) ;)

    jc 12:47 pm est

    Dec 30, 2005

    Chiron/Uranus Types in Government

    Our current system of government is being guided in the last few years by those who know better than the average bear, and don't mind telling us so.

    I refer to the restless, opinionated, passionate, other-worldly reformers who have Chiron/Uranus aspects or other signatures of these two planetary mavericks in their personalities and natal charts.

    See if any of the following sounds like US 'public servants' you know for I think we're suffering under a whole gaggle of them - and have been for decades:

    Thriving on change, the Chiron/Uranus type of personality has an inability to accept a higher authority than his personal choice, and posesses a strong belief in individualism--as long as it's his own.

    Existing social systems and any sort of restrictions upon him personally are things to rebel against and to reform, and although there is a belief in freedom, including freedom of speech, there is deep intolerance of others' ideas. Blithely unaware of this contradiction, he plows along, like an unstoppable bulldozer with utter belief that he (they, really) know what is best for all humankind.

    He feels an urgent need to improve the world according to his personal belief system, and frequently can be found in politics, law, or other social institutions. According to his agenda, institutions are little more than *systems which must be broken and remade--and the resulting chaos they cause is "temporary" and to them, "worth it."

    And while a love of humanity may exist, the love is detached and abstract--there's no love of people up-close or personal, for that would involve an exchange of feelings, and might result in the Chiron/Uranian person's authority being challenged. This gives a tendency to dehumanize others, and to keep them at a distance.

    "Energy follows thought" is an intrinsically-understood concept, and overthrowing the old system and challenging prevailing wisdom is assumed to be a worthy and necessary goal.

    This is the "speculator for great gain" personality, and if a few toes get crushed underfoot, so be it. One's Mark Must Be Made in History, preferably in an individualistic way.

    Here is an agent for change, either positively or negatively,
    yet an "escape hatch" must always be available, for this type hates being pinned, tied down, or inconveniently held accountable for the unfortunate consequences of his actions. (Unless it's furry handcuffs--there can be a kinkiness behind closed doors, but Let's Not Go There.)

    There is an ill-considered zeal and self-righteousness coupled with an indiscriminate willfulness which causes disaster rather than the creative change hoped for. Yet "outstanding in his field" is an apt description of this sort of rebel with his abundance of intense preoccupations that can widen horizons too far--his over-concern with the larger picture allows the devil to take over the details, and things can fall very flat.

    And while he may think freedom is to be had by overthrowing structures "out there", his personal freedom/authority issues are what is in need of reform and careful consideration.

    Rash, crusading, and hypocritical, he seldom feels the beams in his own eye, for the trouble is always seen as being outside himself--yet he would do well to address these issues stemming from his own unresolved adolescent conflicts with mummy and daddy.

    Above all, there is a conviction that anything can be changed--that traditions are minor restrictions to be dispensed with--and that nothing is really sacred, including boundaries, borders, inconvenient laws, treaties, or Constitutions. Laws are for commoners, he thinks..."we" are the "ruling class" who make up the rules for others...we don't follow them, we just make them.

    A numbing lack of connection to his own feelings makes it difficult for him to admit mistakes, especially when added to the above-mentioned "out there" tendency. The black-white, "for us or against us" method of polarization has worked well for him--exs: Bush after 9/11, and the illusory "con vs lib" arguments which have kept most Americans busy infighting for years and under the plutocrats' claws. (I can't say 'thumbs' here because this kind of primal reptilian behavior is way beneath most human beings' evolutionary level and shows a tendency to eat one's young, quite frankly.)

    W Style?

    Is the quickest way to unite all "evil-doers" against the "white-hats" simply to draw the line in the rhetorical sand and keep repeating your most calculated lies? 'Twould seem so. Especially in Washington, DC (my favorite former abode.)

    Yes, the Chiron/Uranus types of personalities have a strong and consuming urge to remake the world, a tendency shared by globalists who have the same arrogance and greed to make their marks upon the world, and who don't hesitate for a second to use Chiron/Uranian types as tools for their NWO purposes.

    Mr. Chiron/Uranus' focus on political and social issues is a plus for the global puppeteers who influence, control, and pay them so well. Wonder who performs their hypnosis sessions to achieve that dead-to-all-human-feelings look in their eyes?

    *July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse @ 29Can27: 'systems fail; new methods and ideas are needed to deal with events; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

    Chiron info: my own chart studies blended with Melanie Reinhart's book Chiron and the Healing Journey.