May 5, 2010

Was the May 1 Times Square bomb attempt a 'drill'?

For those who feel that the investigation and quick arrest of a suspect in the May 1, 2010 Times Square car bomb attempt seems a little too 'easy' to accept at face value, you may wish to consider the possibility that the Times Square bomb attempt was actually a 'drill'. Eyewitnesses have that impression.

Hmmm...if so, this would give May 1 shades of 9/11 and Cheney's actions on that morning, but with different results. It would also give the Obama administration firm footing inside the exploitation-of-the-masses door of Politics.

This must be why I'm paying little attention to the GOP's 'May 1st is Obama's Katrina', I mean, propaganda. This undermining of a Dem president may be little more than political factions vying and lying to be top dog - and vice versa!
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