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Jun 13, 2011

6.15.11 Lunar Eclipse reflects threats to Luna, New Mexico

Evening of June 13, 2011: NPR News has a report on fires natural (and perhaps otherwise?) which began on the Colorado-New Mexico border in May 2011, and now are under unstable control when at all in June 2011. Feeds of NPR's related stories are included.

Earlier today I posted a certain point of view using Mundane Astrology concerning the Wednesday June 15, 2011 Lunar Eclipse which by namesake resonates with the frequency of the town with the Moon-esque vibe: Luna, NM (there are two, one in Cadron Co., the other in Lincoln Co.) Paradoxically, its moniker was consciously given (perhaps by committee?) which for me conjures images of a Full Moon that can lift arm hairs when the topic of Lunar Eclipses comes up due to their often-documented and 'magical' ability to uncover things hidden or unconscious (see my previous post on Wednesday's eclipse, if you wish) and, in catastrophic cases out West, to also bring troubles apace to our homes and homeland (home = Cancer, the sign ruled by the astrological Moon.)

My thought is that the human race retains its collective memories and an eclipse of the Moon is by design a perfect cosmic vehicle and a trigger or timer for taking that unknown, unconscious, and possibly dangerous path where only the silver rays from a Moon Lantern lights us upon our journey. (Image of Tarot card #18, The Moon.)

>Thunder rumbles as I type and power surges have been off-on for a while now so I must mosey quickly, get my pc off the electricity. Meant to provide you with a link to include an article about Hamburg Iowa reported today to be under flood threat due to oncoming tides from a levee breach. (Storm's over, Tuesday edit: Hamburg Iowa under flood threat.)

Please pray for Luna, the surrounding environs, and Iowa - actually, toss in all of America and the planet if you care to, for watery yet smokey Neptune is active in the world and dissolving moorings of all kinds. (See today's earlier post about this Wednesday's Lunar Eclipse @ 24Sag23.) Even the old "fog of war" from the Vietnam War era is in the news this week with release of unredacted Pentagon Papers! (Lunar Eclipse revelations - see previous post as advised - if you wish, of course!)

If the Vietnam War era were a mere moment in time it might be titled, Flower in Gun Barrel Moment of illusion and the sort of pretending that gets a large number of people killed. The cosmic identity of such a moment is similar to the wrongheaded Splitting of the Atom Moment and, on another level, resembles the truism that a Genie can never fit back into her bottle once released. (Genie = Uranus, bottle = Saturn, of course.

When the atom was split, a perfect form or model was broken by curious human beings who had no clue how to repair the effects of their misguided arrogance while the bossy ones who ordered the project done and possibly helped bankroll it to some smattering degree held no qualms about the unleashing of this abominable power. The power was, after all, to be directed wherever the lucky gened powers-that-be were not.)

Luna, New Mexico; Mystic Rectangle June 2011

So for focusing our positive thoughts and prayers on behalf of those of us facing trials much larger than we must ordinarily withstand, good news is that there's a perfect Mystic Rectangle pattern formed around us tomorrow by 9:32 am edt (between Saturn (Air) and Uranus (Fire) with Moon in fiery Sag and Venus in airy Gemini, Hour of Venus) when high waters may inundate parts of the region even as huge fires challenge fighters across wide swaths of burned property. (Some duplicity may be afoot with Neptune whose archetype now showers us with too grand a performance before re-entering colder Aquarius from oceanic Pisces. Yes, it's that mix of wounding yet shamanic Chiron and Neptune again.

(If only flood water could be piped over to fight wild fires, creating balance between the two elements that together tend to be steamy hot and whose catalytic action may well lead to much soul-searching after searing experiences.)

My hope for protection and safety is being sent cross-country to the good people of the Western US and for the firefighters who risk their all. I do believe that angels of mercy stand ready at your command.


On The Big Picture right now (on LINK TV for me) with Thom Hartmann, General Petraeus is apparently the latest Lunar Eclipse victim...peep-eye!

Seems Gen. Petraeus' reporting on Aghanistan has left much truth to be desired from within the neocon-Zionist-warhawk' stance of 'politics of the national security state' which now strangles our nation and commandeers the top rung of priorities (financial, political nd ideological) for corrupted Washington and the soulless, 5-pointed death star, the Pentagon.

Meanwhile the security state's hierarchy of knaves and thugs can never get enough citizens to send into hellish war ('war is peace')...the 'right' Casio watches notwithstanding. It's up to we-the-people to reign the brigands in, for as we know, "When governments fear the people, there is liberty; when the people fear the government, there is tyranny." Or words to that effect.

For more on such political topics you may wish, as tonight's Moon rushes to meet the Sun by Wednesday's Lunar Eclipse, to uncover and reveal The Digital Papers of Thomas Jefferson.


Blog Note: to generally answer an emailed Q about the current FaceBook 'facial recognition' controversy, it's my opinion that the top dogs at FB seems to consist of a bunch of sneaks. Yes, I left FB earlier this year and heard today that the number of FB deserters in the US is growing which is perfectly understandable, really. jc

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