Jul 12, 2012

Neptune in Pisces floats up mysterious drownings as Romney is booed in all the right places

Speaking of mystical Neptune now traversing its own oceanic sign of Pisces, on July 9, History Today published an article by *Christopher Winn on concerning Mysterious Drownings which spotlights the 190th anniversary of the drowning off the coast of Italy (July 8, 1822) of romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Shelley, born August 4, 1792 @10:00 pm in Horsham, England, died age 29 which to astrologers denotes his leaving the earthly plane at his Saturn Return. Some have thought he may have committed suicide or that his boat was a victim of a pirate attack yet it seems certain that a squall at sea did hit and upturned the boat. In any case, he'd left (temporarily) wife Mary after yet another loss of child which smacks of running away from responsibilities, something which taskmaster Saturn does not appreciate. Honestly addressing one's responsibilities is a basic theme during times when Saturn returns to 'his' natal position.

Interestingly, Shelley's Saturn Return of May 9, 1822 shows sea-ruler Neptune Rx @ 5Cap00..."Indians Rowing a Canoe and Dancing a War Dance." (Jones.) Were the "Indians" Shelley and friend rowing what would soon be a capsized boat, or pirates on the attack? Who can say yet it's a tantalyzing picture to consider. Plus, in his Return chart, Neptune conjoined the planet of sudden events, Uranus Rx @7Cap05. '8Cap' = "Birds in the House Singing Happily" which may indicate the rebel was in a good mood before Neptunian tragedy struck by whatever means. And Shelley's death (Pluto) was ultimately a World Event with Pluto @00Ari28 (Aries Point) and rising in his 1822 Saturn Return chart.

As you know, Mary Shelley authored Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus, as Uranian a title and story arc as you'll ever find in literature--'sky god' Uranus is often referred to as, The Awakener, perfect for the cobbled-together Monster and the catalyst for life, electricity, all provinces of Uranus.

Both Mary and Percy were born with Sun-Uranus conjunctions, his in dramatic Leo, hers in book-writing Virgo which relates to their unorthodox alliance which broke societal boundaries by an elopement against her father's wishes (yet William Godwin continued to borrow money from Percy!) And with their Jupiters (how one relates) placed in opposite signs--his in Libra, hers in Aries across the Relationship axis--theirs was a romance 'written in the stars' as they say. Perhaps with his Sun-Uranus conjunction near his natal Venus in Leo added to her natal Mars in bookish Virgo near her Sun-Uranus, their willfulness in love (Mars-Venus) simply would not be denied.

Now here are Mary's birth details in case you don't have her natal horoscope in your files: August 30, 1797 @11:20 pm London, England; Sun 7Vir58, Moon 27Sag57. I am happily indebted to Scottish astrologer Anne Whitaker, author of Jupiter Meets Uranus for sharing her excellent research on Mary and Percy Shelley and the dream (Neptune!) which inspired the writing and publishing of the classic Uranian novel, Frankenstein.


*Christopher Winn, not to be confused with Jonathan Winn, author of Martuk...the Holy!


Desperate Republicans and Wasteful Votes

Regular readers may note that up until now, this post contained no mention of Politics, arrogant politicians, or of the time and money wasting efforts yesterday of the Republican Party as they voted in the House of Representatives to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 which was upheld as constitutional by SCOTUS on June 28, 2012. The GOP's 31st performance of Capitol Hill Political Theater shows our tax dollars not at work on behalf of the American people and I refuse to type much more about their sham for the moment as the jackassian politicians of Washington--including turncoat Democrats--continue undermining our national government (and state governments, for that matter) while making idiotic fools of themselves for the sake of the dumbleheaded, anti-social, anti-American ideology by which they hope to re-take the White House.

Yes, I must agree that current GOP ploys defy all reason and the only plan they seem to me to have is to cheat in November 2012 and play dirty tricks (such as Mitt Romney speaking to the NAACP yesterday so he could be booed to impress his 'base'--how simplistic and transparent!) All very Neptunian of them with the Party's natal Neptune @15Pis53 Rx in n 3rd house of Communications, and Neptune sextiles Uranus in stubborn Taurus (15:48) which forms a YOD (crisis pattern) with US natal Saturn 14Lib48...Uranus-Neptune = Saturn has potentials for: a clash among ambitions and projects; need for recognition; changes of direction; staying put causes depression and loss of confidence (Tyl.)

Additionally, the Republican Party's current progressed Ascendant @29Gem50, a critical-crisis 29th degree, shows a sense of desperation, and the Party's progressed Mercury @29Sco39 (voting; ideas; plans) is @29Sco39..."30Sco" = "The Halloween Jester" which may indicate an October Surprise on the GOP menu which is meant to sway the American people away from President Obama and toward the GOP's daft austerity measures. After all, Inauguration 2009's Moon (The People; the masses) remains at @29Sco45 until Inauguration 2013 rolls around when The People's Inaugural Moon will be posited in the much lighter sign of Gemini at noon--almost four hours from Mr. Obama's Lunar Return (back to the White House?) which occurs at 3:54 pm est on Monday, January 21, 2013.

The natal chart I use for the Republican Party: July 6, 1854 @5:00 pm LMT Jackson, MI, which shows natal Sun conjunct US natal Sun; plus, the Democratic Party's Moon in Aquarius conjoins US natal Moon....our Papa and Momma? Arghh! No wonder the two parties can't get along and are able to constantly and easily divide and conquer the American people's loyalties with the strain between Sun inconjunct Moon which is an echo from America's natal chart and psyche of July 4, 1776!


Liber said...

Dear Jude,
Thank you so much for all you do and share with us.

I remember once...you said the Democrats are ruled by Saturn (shaking head). Do you have the Chart for The Democratic Party?
I believe the USA July 4th Chart has Saturn in Libra...exactly where it is right now.
Could this position give strength for up-coming Election to the Dem Party?
Thanks again,
p.s. A New Grandbaby yet?

jude cowell said...

Hi Liber, pardon my tardiness answering (yes, my grandson was born in April and keeps us on our toes so there's not as much blogging time now!) Thanks for your comment--yes, I have the Democratic Party chart that is typically set for noon LMT on May 13, 1792 Philadelphia, PA...

ASC 29Leo52; MC 24Tau29 w Sun 29Tau31 and Mercury 26Tau02. As you see, the date and chart are a few days different from the NYSE chart so they share the same PE @2Ari49 (conj SN), the 10 South Series which last occurred as "the Beijing Eclipse' of August 1, 2008 and times the "Rush Back to Washington" of then-candidate Obama and John McCain (who suspended his campaign) to "save" the economy (translation: how to spin Financial Collapse 2008 to best advantage.)

This date is based on a letter of that date and penned by Thomas Jefferson, party founder.

As w NYSE, the Dem Party has a speculator/wastrel/grand-schemer/idealist (Jefferson, the idealist) Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in late Libra (both Rx) where Saturn has been passing...potentials include:

Jup-Nep = tr Saturn: consequences issuing from false hopes; lack of confidence; losses; disadvantages; disappointments. (Ebertin.)

Naturally, both parties have Jupiter and Saturn in their charts, plus, the parties switch expansion v restriction roles from time to time as Thom Hartmann has described w the Santa Claus effect: when Rs are in the W-H, they spend like drunken sailors (ex: Bush had a surplus in 2001 but not for long), then hand off an empty piggybank to the Ds and criticize them sharply for excessive spending. How tiresome and predictable, right? (They're basically following the same script written by their globalist overlords who use America as their military arm and cash cow--though now, not so much bec they've depleted our economy. Break Up The Big Banks!!!)

Shall I stop now? :)

Hope your summer is going well and thanks a bunch for reading! Jude

jude cowell said...

Liber, forgot to add that by Nov 6 elections, Saturn will be in early Scorpio (3+) which is actually a US Secondfary Progressed Saturn Return. Yes, our natal Saturn did begin exalted in Libra (14:48) in 1776 but turned Rx by progression and is now, evolutionarily speaking, in the occult/corporate/regenerative sign of Scorpio (The Eagle.) I believe America can regenerate her financial sector if obstructionists who wish to see her fail would step out of the way (or be kicked out of office!) jc