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May 3, 2015

Max Igan Sets the Record Straight on CHEMTRAILS vs CON trails

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Related is a previous SO'W post-with-video noting that the term "chemtrails" was first used in an Air Force manual in 1990 (though the word must have been previously known if it turned up in a publication. And here at SO'W, when we think of 1990, we must think of the Poppy Bush presidency.

#Toxic #ChemicalSoup #Barium #Strontium #HeavyMetals #HBP ... reflecting poisonous #Neptune now drifting through its favored sign of #Pisces ...kind of like chemtrails dissolving across the skies over toxic garden soil and marine life swimming in our rivers and seas--or turning up dead on beaches. See chemtrails' possible health effects such as high blood pressure and gastro-intestinal conditions.

Image: 'Neptune Ascends', a pencil illustration by Jude Cowell; tap or click to view more drawings which may be freely shared and used with attribution!

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