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May 3, 2015

Max Igan Sets the Record Straight on CHEMTRAILS vs CON trails

#contamination #chemtrails #contrails #MaxIgan

Related is a previous SO'W post-with-video noting that the term "chemtrails" was first used in an Air Force manual in 1990 (though the word must have been previously known if it turned up in a publication. And here at SO'W, when we think of 1990, we must think of the Poppy Bush presidency.

#Toxic #ChemicalSoup #Barium #Strontium #HeavyMetals #HBP ... reflecting poisonous #Neptune now drifting through its favored sign of #Pisces ...kind of like chemtrails dissolving across the skies over toxic garden soil and marine life swimming in our rivers and seas--or turning up dead on beaches. See chemtrails' possible health effects such as high blood pressure and gastro-intestinal conditions.

Image: 'Neptune Ascends', a pencil illustration by Jude Cowell; tap or click to view more drawings which may be freely shared and used with attribution!

Feb 28, 2008

Eclipses of 2008 = 1990's Eclipses

2008's Solar Eclipse Series are repetitions of the ones from 1990. Check out the article with its list of events from 1990 because we may be dealing with same or similar issues this year.

We're now in the 10 North Series from Feb 6 which conjuncts the Unmasking degree, plus, the 10 South Eclipse is on the horizon for Aug 1 at "10Leo"--and this is the Prenatal Eclipse Series of John McCain which may be perfect timing for the November elections for Senator McCain.

So have any of your own masks been slipping lately? Perhaps it's a good thing!

Jan 1, 2008

that New World (Dis) Order

From Hyperpower To New World Disorder

By David Olive

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, America isn't alone on top. What's replacing the unipolar world of the 1990s? A gang of five superpowers: China, Russia, India, the Eurozone and the US.

Read article from Information Clearing House#

And when it comes to the worldwide crime syndicates shoving the rest of us around, the US is actually at the bottom of the pecking order! Which is one of the reasons US resources (booty? loot?) have been sent elswhere.

And where do 'hyperpower' or 'superpowers' fit into an astrology chart?

Mainly bwo of such midpoints as Sun/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto (and who can forget the so-recent meeting of Jup-Pluto Dec 11 in late Sag--at the "The pope blessing the faithful" degree?) ann-n-nd....wait for it...Pluto/Chiron, of course...the plutocrats, corporatism, The Family, crime syndicate, oppression, racism, class warfare, misogyny duo that fairminded, decent people would run away from if they could.

With the aid of the scientific community, they've tried to disappear saboteur and assassin Pluto from our view--and consciousness, but he still keeps turning up in all my charts--how about yours?

Sad note on the US diplomat's assassination: Mercury conj Icarus as mentioned below. There will be more.