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Aug 22, 2015

DC Horoscope: Autumn Equinox Sep 23, 2015 (Libra Ingress)

Autumn Equinox 2015: Venus and the Statue of Liberty

by Jude Cowell

With the equinox Sun @00Lib00:00 and Moon @24Cap29 (in 2nd and 5th houses, respectively) we find the moment of Autumn 2015 begins during an Hour of warrior Mars with Mars @28Leo54 rising, Ascendant 27Leo55, royal star Regulus @00Vir in tow. Plus, expansive Jupiter @9Vir15 in 1st house provides what we may hope is protection in what looks to be difficult circumstances this Fall season. For only 10 days earlier, a Solar Eclipse perfected @20Virgo and as most people know, Washington DC is heavily imprinted with the stars of constellation Virgo, the Virgin.

And of course, as the 6th sign, Virgo is naturally identified with the 6th house of Work (employment), Service (military, police, civil, domestic), Health, and our Daily Schedules. Autumn Equinox Sun, North Node (Future Direction), and communicating/trading Mercury @14Lib08 Rx spotlights for the country the National Treasury, owned as it is, by the Federal Reserve System of worldwide central banks. Saturn, in its retrograde process, has turned Direct and again reached 00Sag23--here, in 4th house of Domestic Scene across the Security axis of the 4/10. At "1Sag", Saturn (lawmakers, government, business) keys the "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" degree in the Sabian Symbols, and in the Angular 4th house, hints at Saturnian events or tasks during the first of Autumn 2015 but also at the end of the season as Winter approaches.

Horoscope set for the White House, Washington DC: September 23, 2015 4:20:55 am EDT

Some US natal planets from 1776 are listed around the outside of the chart; please enlarge to read my scribbled notes if you wish since all may not be mentioned in this text.

Sun Libra-Moon Capricorn is an Air-Earth blend of rationality and practical idealism, an androgynous combination of energies which hints on one level at transgender issues (Sun = male principle; Moon = feminine principle) and other relationship concerns. The 90-degree square between Libra and Capricorn denotes blockages or obstacles in the attainment of desires unless major adjustments are made in relation to the opposite sex (GOP's 'war on women'? age-ism haunting Hillary Clinton's bid for the presidency--if her campaign is viable by Autumn?) Actually, ego is perhaps the biggest obstacle to success with a Sun-Moon square!

So with Sun in Libra and Moon in Capricorn the cosmic atmosphere of Autumn 2015 into December contains political vibes of conflict, tactful diplomacy efforts surfacing, prominent executive talents emerging, and opportunities appearing as mentioned, below. Blatant self-interest will conflict with a sense of cooperation and sensitive types will take offense too easily as they often will.

One of the Sun Lib-Moon Cap's Images for Integration of the solar consciousness and lunar unconscious is descriptive in relation to the USA:

"The Statue of Liberty". Another Image is apt for the financial implications of the September 23, 2015 horoscope which are mentioned, below: "At the annual company Christmas party, the chairman dresses up as Father Christmas and hands out new gold-engraved stationery for everybody." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.) For 'everybody'? Really? Gosh, that'd be swell! And as you know, the Statue of Liberty is an Illuminati symbol of Venus (and goddesses by other names), is constructed of copper, the metal of planet Venus, and was shipped from overseas as a gift from French Freemasons to American Masons.

Chart-Related Astro-Notes Concerning Autumn Equinox 2015

A prime factor in our consideration of Autumn Equinox 2015 is chart-ruler Sun (ASC 27Leo55) (the focus of an equinox horoscope) in the 2nd house of the National Treasury and Values. The Sun applies to a sextile (60 degr; 0A23) with 4th house Saturn denoting that opportunities will be presented for maturity and good planning to pay off, productivity to increase, and those with expertise to garner new clients while others are invited to lecture or consult. Though some advantage may be given to careers in 4th-house/Saturnian fields such as mining, real estate, geographical re-location (immigration? deportation?), genealogy, ecology, psychology, history, government, law, and business management or leadership, these opportunities generally apply to all professions and are particularly useful for those who are well prepared to accept such offers as they arise. As you know, authoritative Saturn rewards hard work and perseverance!

America's Natal Horoscope Affected on the World Stage

As you see, activist Mars (the warrior) is rising @28Leo54 and conjoins the natal Mars and Ascendant of real estate mogul Donald Trump, a 2016 candidate. But this article isn't about Donald Trump so let's not discuss his campaign here! Except to say that his popularity may still be in effect for Autumn since the Libra Sun, Capricorn Moon (the public), and Leo Ascendant and Mars are in a beneficial Cardinal Grand Trine which affects Trump's natal Mars-Ascendant-Regulus! A caution for Mr. Trump may be that royal star Regulus @00Virgo has a limitation--a 'success if revenge is avoided' command but what are the chances when he verbally attacks his attackers on a regular basis?

So as you see, Saturn @00Sag23 again triggers the "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" degree in Sabian Symbols but there is warrior Mars with *Regulus square Saturn (1A28) which denotes quite a trio of archetypal energies. Mars square Saturn indicates that lack of preparation and organization will cause delays or setbacks with someone's authority being challenged and links to the 6th house of the Military, Police, Civil Services, and Employment. And with 6th cusp having a critical-crisis 29th degree upon it in Washington DC, (same opposite with the karmic 12th cusp = 29Cancer), we may expect issues of bad timing to be part of a frustrating, stop-and-go Mars-Saturn picture.

Let's include symbols for the 6/12 axis of "30Can" = "A Daughter of the American Revolution" and "30Cap" = "A Secret Business Conference" (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones.)

Still, there is evidence of cheer and pleasant social events displayed in the horoscope with the Venus-Jupiter midpoint rising on the Ascendant--perhaps this echoes back to the two planets' lovely conjunction @22Leo on July 1, 2015!

But on a more karmic note of reaping what's been sown, transit North Node ('NN", the head of the dragon; future direction; fated encounters) @1Lib00 Rx is listed on the chart, bottom left, for it conjoins America's natal Midheaven ('MC' = Goals, Public Status; the most visible point) in the 5:09/10 pm LMT 'Sibly' chart, July 4, 1776), as is transit Sisyphus (determination to succeed), and political asteroid, Juno @2Lib16, also in transit. These degrees are near the US natal Saturn-Neptune midpoint (3 Libra) which highlights the Socialism-Communism-Capitalist debates ongoing in the public discourse along with the elderly, weak, ill population of this country and whether America intends to be compassionate toward her non-rich citizens, or takes more austere measures in order to weed them out of the herd. You know--the Ayn Rand/Darwin model of "survival of the fittest" where "useless eaters" need not apply. This may also be seen with the tail of the dragon (SN) at IC (endings; The Drain), which lends 'support' to current immigration-deportation debates. Perhaps it's obvious that the current political campaign season with its issues and talking points are depicted here. Be that as it may, NN to MC and SN to IC favors the career sector over the domestic scene where restrictive Saturn lends heaviness.

Pisces on 8th Cu$p (Jupiter-Neptune) with a Jupiter-Neptune Opposition

On the financial level, there's the MC with the May 28, 2000 Great Conjunction of societal planets Jupiter and Saturn (23Taurus) upon it and with their dynamic square phase occurring off and on (Jupiter and Saturn are not actually square in this chart.) However, expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn are intimately involved with Financial Cycles but also with Government concerns--the pair is our exalted 'checks and balances' planets even though the concept has been seriously undermined in recent decades. (I primarily time such dissolution by the Wilson's signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 but perhaps you time it otherwise for many other events have marked America's downward spiral via sabotage.)

Related: Shemitah Exposed: Financial Crisis Planned for September 2015.

It may be useful to note here that the combined forces of Jupiter and Saturn represent potentials for: changing fortunes, attainment of far-reaching goals, patience, dissatisfaction, changing of employment or residence, irritability, vexation, and/or angry upsets. As for professions, the Jupiter-Saturn combo describes civil servants of the administration, other government officials, bankers, philosophers, law professors, clergymen, fellow tenants, relatives, and politicians. (Ebertin.)

Then there's often shady, always mutable and changeable Pisces on the corporate 8th cusp with Jupiter its ruler, Neptune as co-ruler (or higher octave planet.) For me this triggers unpleasant memories of their three conjunctions all through 2009 at or around 27 Aquarius, the position of US natal Moon (We the People) when the public was ensnared with a glamorous rock star dream of Obamian 'hope' and 'change' we could 'believe in'. Much was fretted about this here on SO'W and elsewhere concerning the dreamy, unrealistic midpoint picture of Jupiter-Neptune = US natal Moon which, I alleged, imprinted its energies upon the entire presidency of Barack Obama with 'speculators, wastrels, spendthrift' vibes as the National Treasury was robbed for the sake of corporate bail outs (TARP, etc), the Fed printed more funny money, and years of Wall Street greed resulted in mortgage defaults, evictions, and pension thefts that beggared many of the American people and undermined the US economy.

Noting that by Winter Solstice 2015 transit Jupiter will conjoin US natal Neptune, a time of illusions, pretense, fanaticism, paranoia, and possible bankruptcies, I'll fret no more for now about the inflationary Jupiter-Neptune duo but if you're concerned about a financial crash many economists and others are predicting for September 2015 (see the link, above), I direct you to financial astrologer Bill Meridian and his article on the Horoscope of the Federal Reserve and the secretive central bank's history. Details include its natal Mars and Neptune rising opposite expansive Jupiter showing unreliability and inflationary Jupiterian-Neptunian tendencies which by natural law must be followed by Saturnian deflation for what goes up must come down.


*Regulus represents the Capitol Building and therefore, the US Congress. For more info see A Brief View of the Stars Over Washington.

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