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Jul 27, 2019

Planet Mars on Trump's Mind - and natal Ascendant

July 27, 2019: As the steamy month of August 2019 approaches and transit Mars in Leo nears a return to its position in the natal horoscope of Donald Trump (August 11 @26Leo46), the hazy focus of his nibs includes NASA's proposed Mars Mission which necessarily must include a stop-over on Earth's Moon. Yet Trump wants to go directly to Mars, no stop-overs and no safety measures. If this sounds to you like a brash, impatient dumblehead know-it-all with only a superficial understanding of space travel and the science behind it who was born with Mars Rising, then we're on the same page in the Trump department.

Now as you know, the Ascendant is considered by astrologers to be the most important point in a natal chart and represents the Physical Body and, in a word, The Self. So in the case of Trump, his Self is Mars, the planet of energy, action, motivation, and desire. (Please note that yours truly would be happy to contribute a modest amount to a Mars Mission Fund if it will help send his nibs directly into outer space, and as far as I'm concerned, Big T can claim ownership of the mineral, water, and any other lucrative rights the alluring red planet promises. After all, red ties, red planet here he comes!)

So what does Trump's Mars-Ascendant duo promise its owner and how does he express its combined energies in the external world? Let's see if we can recognize the combative, enemy-seeking Herr Spanky in any of the descriptions below:

In A Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin states that Mars-Ascendant denotes "a fighting spirit." Check! But there's more, both positive and negative, and I quote:

"Psychological Correspondence: + Tendency to force one's own will upon others, ability to lead or guide resolutely, active teamwork. - A fighting and aggressive spirit with regard to others. A quarrelsome person, inclination to become physically violent. C Advancement in life by the use force." Well, yes. No matter what it costs or how much cheating it takes.

Ebertin continues...

"Biological Correspondence: Prone to accidents. A surgical operation. Sociological Correspondence: Colleagues and coworkers. Bullies and ruffians." Peep-eye!

"Probable Manifestations: + Tendency to drive and push others to get on with their work, successful creative activity in teamwork, forceful attainment of success. - Quarrels conflicts, disputes." Constant quarreling and vicious insults! Yet as most people know, cheating isn't actually winning, it's stealing.

Then the fact that Trump was born with enraged star, screaming Algol, conjunct his Taurus Midheaven visibly adds fuel to his fiery Mars-ASC nature of a roaring lion made more vengeful and threatening by his negative, retaliatory use of royal star Regulus rising. Wonder if Big T ever carries a weapon (Mars) on his person (ASC)? No surprise, if so. If not, his mouth is probably lethal enough for most if not all opponents.

So naturally, being easily provoked to anger and having tendencies toward trouble-making and arsonist behavior can be parts of the Mars-Ascendant combination so now let's consider a few of Michael Munkasey's insights into the testosterone-driven pairing for further information:

"In Relationships: How you evaluate others for their ability to keep up with you physically; urge to show anger toward others; an impulsive shifting mental focus from event to event; scattered energies. With Body or Mind: Pressure or heat within the ocular fluids" (staring directly at the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse can't be good for this!); "elevated blood pressure caused by (the) environment." How could it not be elevated at his weight and with his hot temperament?

"Thesis: a well-trained military and an active armament industry; an ability to focus sharply on the business needs of industry" (always transactional!). "Antithesis: leaders who don't have the will or energy to mobilize their resources productively" (troops sent to the southern border? dreams of vanity-inspired military parades? diverted military funds to build a stupid non-effective if lucrative wall?); "a poorly prepared defense or war making capability" (cyber warfare and 2020 election hacking?); "focusing the efforts of an enterprise upon its energy or armament needs." Why, war profiteering is one of Herr Spanky the Martian's favorite cups o' tea!

Now in closing, here's a view of the natal chart of Donald Trump but please heed a small warning: penned on are the natal planets of Mike Pence sucking up around the outside with planetary contacts of the two men noted. Spy more links between them if you dare!

Previously on SO'W: Is There a Silver Lining for Trump in 2019? in which transit Nemesis comes to call upon Trump's natal Ascendant (29Leo) after aggravating natal Mars and goosing royal Regulus and the star's 'avoid taking revenge' caution with a nasty little karmic tickle.

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