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Jun 30, 2016

The American Revolution Was The Original Brexit! - video (w/ 1775 Horoscope)

Happy Independence Day 2016 to my fellow Americans!

Here's Thom Hartmann speaking about the American Revolution as 'the original Brexit'. Added just below is the horoscope of the American Revolution (based on first shot fired with my messy astro-notes upon it--please enlarge the image to read if you wish and note that the Mercury-Uranus midpoint conjoined the 29Aries Sun for an 'up to speed, able to create the surprising effect' tone to the early morning's events:


Horoscope: American Revolution: the Shot Heard Round the World; April 19, 1775 5:00 am LMT Lexington, Massachusetts; Rating: A (contemporary report):

Written in 2012, here's my original article (sans edits) concerning the Horoscope and Hidden Dynamic of the American Revolution. It wouldn't surprise me if the 'Brexit' Vote to leave the EU had quite a few 'hidden dynamics' of its own!

Dec 8, 2012

Horoscope and Hidden Dynamic of the American Revolution

The Horoscope and Hidden Dynamic of the American Revolution

by Jude Cowell

With its change in political authority in mind, for ages I've meant to publish to Stars Over Washington the natal horoscope of the American Revolution (aka, "the shot heard round the world") when a group of patriots at Lexington, Massachusetts stood up to His Majesty's occupying soldiers who represented the British Crown, and our Fight for Independence from monarchy and oppression officially began.

Having fought British monarchists back once again (on November 6, 2012 in the shape of Mitt Romney, royal plutocrat!) and with the 112th Congress barely breathing and their maufactured 'fiscal cliff' negotiations at an alleged standstill, it seems bloggily fitting that today is the day.

Shown here is the horoscope of the American Revolution, aka, the Battle of Lexington; Hour of Venus (23Tau52 in 1st house), chart-ruler Mars (ASC 21Ari49) squares Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus, a planetary trio which falls across the 2nd cusp of Earning Ability and Values.

As you see, 10th H Pluto @26Cap41, planet of power, manipulation, and control, is in the same degree (26) as battling Mars (the shooter) with Mars @26Leo13. Their inconjunct (150 degr) is nearly partile (exact) and applying (0A27.) A persecuting Mars-Pluto inconjunction (or, quincunx) describes a courageous challenger (Mars) who's grown weary of being someone else's 'workhorse' and Mars' bad temper results in explosive conditions which are made more burdensome by financial stress.

Plus, the square between testy, had-enough Mars and rebellious Uranus adds fuel to the flames of revolution and denotes fear of material loss, rash actions, and anxiety.

One obvious time link to our own era is shown by the position of Uranus @00Gem32 in a money house (2nd) because the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem21 'hit' this Uranus of the Revolution while conjoining the current position of Fixed Star Alcyone (key phrase: something to cry about.)

So when I watch radical politicians of the duplicitously-named "Tea Party" and others behind the scenes tying our Congress in knots to prevent the business of the people being accomplished and to undermine our nation, it gives me something to cry about every day...for my country, and for You and your loved ones, Dear Reader. And as with the American Revolution of 1775, the entire world's future hinges upon what happens here.

Yes, there are many members of certain organizations who act--or fail to act--as they do now because they believe that they want the total downfall of America. But I suspect the promised rewards for their treason will be few and far between for the majority of them--and they won't like her replacement nearly as much as they imagine they will.

Now if you're curious about the hidden (occult) dynamic of the American Revolution, I include the following information from Nicholas Hagger's book, The Secret History of the West:

"The early dynamic of the American Revolution can be stated as follows:

Heretical occult vision: Scottish Jacobite Templarism (via Gosnold)

Heretical occult interpreter: (Sir Francis) Bacon

Occult revolutionary originator: (Adam) Weishaupt (founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, May 1, 1776--see link below)

Thoughtful intellectual interpreter: (Benjamin) Franklin

Semi-political intellectual interpreter: (Thomas) Jefferson"

Related Reading: The American Revolutionary War; Francis Bacon, Uranus-Neptune, and Pluto; Illuminati Horoscope (has link to Pentagon's chart); and A Few Illuminating Quotes on Plutocracy in America.

Apr 21, 2012

Has America gone bad because of milquetoast preaching?

The American Revolution, Uranus, and the May 2012 Solar Eclipse

by Jude Cowell

The Shot Heard Round the World on April 19, 1775 marked the beginning of the American Revolution. Preachers played important parts in that time as Chuck Baldwin ably points out in his synopsis of events. But do they still?

Overhead on April 19, 1775, Uranus, planet of revolution, revolt, and sudden upsetting events was at 00Gemini33, the current position of Fixed Star Alcyone, mention of which has turned up in multiple posts here on SO'W of late. To add to the guns and violence of 1775, Mars (militia) and Uranus (rebels) were squaring one another, an explosive condition which visibly and loudly played out in Lexington on that day.

Also, Uranus rose on April 19, 1775 with Menkar from the constellation Cetus the Whale adding a 'victim of the unconscious' flavor of confusion to the proceedings--who fired first, the Americans or the British soldiers who'd come to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock?

A Mars/Jupiter square added impatience and carelessness to events of the day, and Pallas (not discovered in 1775, of course, so unconscious then, conscious now) conjoined Moon in freedom-loving Sagittarius which echoes US Moon in Aquarius (co-ruled by none other than Uranus) conjunct Pallas in our nation's July 4, 1776 horoscope. Mythologically, one of the faces of Pallas was as protector of the nation-state, as you know, and in Mundane Astrology, Moon = We the People. Our sovereign nation needs our protection once again in 2012, as it turns out, just as on April 19, 1775!

And curiously, 237 years later, 00Gem21 is the position of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse which creates a time link from 1775 to 2012 as described by their midpoint picture with these potentials:

Sun/Moon = Uranus: intensification of independence within relationships; the urge for freedom; sudden developments; possible break-up; application of ingenuity to complete goals or create new ways of revealing old ideas; unusual twists of fate; lack of adaptability; inner rebellion; shared upsets; sudden conflicts. (Tyl; Munkasey; Ebertin.)

Can you hear The Shot Heard Round the World echoing through the centuries?

Jun 28, 2009

America's Solar Return 2009: happy 233rd!

With the US Solar Return 2009 marking America's 233rd birthday, I've been reading quite a bit of the history of those early times to get myself revved up for this US Solar Return 2009 post. One result of my delving? See this blog's sidebar for a new link to Revolutionary War Archives' info on the 'American Revolution: 1st shot fired.' Now this post is a bit on the complex side since I often consult the so-called 'Sibly' natal chart (5:10 pm lmt) as the US birth chart, and the 'Franklin' chart (2:21 pm lmt, or 2:22 pm if you prefer; I often use it for 'secret service/agencies' issues with spying Scorpio rising) which is based on the time shown on the Independence Hall clock behind Ben Franklin on our 100-dollar bill. (Sychronistically perhaps, flip the chart to 2:21 or 2:22 am and you get Uranus 8Gem55 rising precisely, but that only muddies the "which natal chart for the US?" issue even more.) The difference between the two natal charts - one a symbolic chart involving London and astrologer Ebenezer Sibly, the other a teasing clue from astrologer Ben Franklin (who was something of a prankster in life) with the aid of the designer/s of the 20-dollar bill - results in a Solar Return alteration for the moment the Sun returns to its natal degree and minute. (Sibly Sun 13Can19; Franklin Sun 13Can13.) Using the 5:10 pm Sibly chart results in a Solar Return on July 5, 2009 at 12:58:40 am (edt) when set for the White House; the 2:21 pm Franklin chart gives a Solar Return for July 4, 2009 a 10:09:41 pm (edt) which is also set for the White House as you see in the charts' images above. Obviously the planetary signs/degrees remain basically the same in both Return charts (Moon's degrees showing the most difference because Luna moves most quickly) but the Angles (Asc/Desc; Mc/Ic) and other house cusps are different thereby placing planets in various houses between the SR charts. Chart-ruler changes as well from Aquarius' Saturn (co-ruler Uranus) to Aries' Mars, so their applying aspects are notated on the charts (click to enlarge.) 2009's SR based on the Franklin chart (natal Asc 8Sco27) has 11AQ34 rising so we always check which natal house is rising in a SR chart to see what issues (departments of life) are on the immediate menu as the Return period begins. In this case, it's the natal 3rd house of Communications, Lower Mind, Siblings, and Neighborhoods. In the Franklin natal chart (see below) Pluto 27Cap33 Rx and South Node (SN) 6AQ36 are posited in 3rd house bringing up transformational issues, plutonian controls, and past (unconscious) behaviors (SN) we'd do well to move beyond since this qualifies as neuroses that no longer bring the results wanted in current circumstances. First natal planet to rise in the SR 2009 is the 4th house Moon 25AQ28 (the people; the public; 4th house = domestic and security concerns; real estate; mining; inheritance.) 2009's SR based on the Sibly chart (natal Asc 12Sag13) has 18Ari09 rising which brings up natal 4th house (same concerns and issues as mentioned in last bit) but with natal Chiron 20Ari08 which indicates our 'inherited wound' in the pioneering and me-first departments...maybe that's one reason why America has always been gung-ho about such things. Chiron represents the unhealable wound and the blindspot, but ultimately its location may become the strongest point in any chart. After Chiron, the next natal planet to rise is Uranus 8Gem55 in 6th house of the Sibly chart, but just below the Descendant (see below.) In the last couple of years transiting asteroid Midas has been triggering America's natal Uranus, planet of disruption, rebellion, and reform. This hook-up describes just one of the facets we're dealing with in the financial sector (although I often tend to yell at Midas as the greedy gold-hoarder he is - Midas now direct 8Gem28....or rather his archetypal representative is.) A "natal echo" worth mentioning is that both SR charts show a Mercury/Pluto opposition, an aspect of busy minds always trying to consolidate and crystallize the abundant ideas within the frame of reference; there's deep curiosity about other people's secrets and their ways of thinking; corruption undermines existing circumstances; complex, incisive minds have to constantly regenerate thought patterns to facilitate proper interactions with others. (Alan Oken's Complete Astrology.) Now on the Sibly SR chart, you see marked the US Secondary Mars Rx upon the Desc of this SR ruled by Mars in Taurus in 2nd house of Earning Ability, Self-Worth, and Values. Mars is the first SR planet to rise in the Sibly SR chart as Pres. Obama continues the perpetual wars begun by Bush-Cheney...the wars that are keeping the American people from affording their own health care reforms and other needs. My intuition told me a few years ago that high unemployment rates in the US are meant to stimulate sign-ups and recruitments for wars and more wars - what do you think? Tellingly, we see that the Franklin SR chart has '1Sag' at Mc, the Goal Point of the chart...'1Sag': "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire." That upheavals and concerns about 2/8 axis issues of Money, Credit, Corporate Profits, Insurance, Military Spending, Values, etc. will be on the US menu for the extent of the SR 2009 is obvious and we don't need a horoscope to tell us this, do we? Noted on both charts is a transiting midpoint of interest esp since the two planets - one of the past, one of the future - were in opposition on Nov 4, 2008 and will be continuing to affect US natal Mars off and on by forming a Mutable T-Square pattern with natal Mars as apex...this indicates an over-taxing of the nervous system and disruptive to the thought processes; a Mutable apex Mars shows a restless scattering of energies, diffusion, disorganization, and inconsistencies which must be directed by good planning. Finish a job before starting the next or nothing may get done! Here's the midpoint picture which the T-Square creates... Saturn/Uranus = natal Mars 21Gem+: challenges leading to a fight; upheavals through calamity or rebellion; an act of violence; accident or injury; a forced release from tensions; deprivation of freedom. Sun (the leader) is in the (Franklin) 5th house of Risk-Taking and Creativity, yet has just left the 6th house of Health, Work, and Service (and also of Servants, including military forces, police, etc.) The Sun in a Solar Return obviously highlights the issues and events of that house, and in the Sibly version of the SR, Sun is in 4th house conjunct Ic, indicating much activity at the start of the 2009 SR year...Independence Day will be a busy affair in more ways than one. The sextile (60 degr) of opportunity from Saturn 16Vir53/54 has been aiding the Sun in its work, but Saturn is moving ahead in Virgo and its sextiling rays will soon pass beyond the US natal Sun. Health care reform may pass with it (Virgo = health; Saturn = laws), for as the president has said, the reform must happen this year - or it won't. In both charts Solar Return Moon is in Sagittarius, sign of the seeker and the foreigner, so we may expect many changes (Mutable sign) in the areas of moving, relocating, long-distance travels, and re-education. The Sibly SR emphasizes the education/travel facet of this Moon since Sag is the natural sign of the 9th house. The Franklin chart has a 10th house SR Moon which emphasizes needs for recognition, opportunities for publicity, a greater need for emotional control as feelings are publicly on display; personal or family issues may come out into the open with this very public Moon; chances for career advancement tend to come from one's important associations, and errors tend to be more noticed with a 10th house SR Moon. Well, I hope you can click to enlarge the charts for readability, for this post is wumping me out (and Merlin is on TV now!) I'm fairly tuckered and must complete my remarks asap, if you will be so accommodating. Midpoint pictures should be discussed at the least, so stay tuned during the upcoming week. Here are dual images of the Sibly (upper on right) and Franklin (lower on left) natal charts for the USA so you may compare their differences and check them with the Solar Return 2009 chart/s which may be read separately as "natal chart for a year" yet ultimately should be read in tandem with the natal charts from which they are calculated. Expert astrologer Ed Kohout wrote an article which includes a list of all the known US natal charts, their creators, and more here if you'd like the list of possibilities. And check out his site when you have time to peruse at will...once there, click Mundane for political stuff including America's Masonic roots and the Fixed Star Grand Cross underpinning the US natal chart. ~:~
Update: You'll find the midpoint pictures for both US Solar Return 2009 charts posted at Jude's Threshold where you'll see that one of the SR charts has only one picture and the other has several! jc