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Jul 23, 2021

July 23, 2021 Full Moon 1AQ26 conjunct transit Icarus - and America's progressed Icarus!

Daedalus and Icarus; Anthony van Dyck, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

What We Have Is a Double Cosmic Emphasis on Icarus: Internal and External

by Jude Cowell

Friday July 23, 2021: This evening's Full Moon @1AQ26 which perfects at 10:36:45 pm edt does more than reflect US Inaugural Sun (leadership @00AQ+) but simultaneously conjuncts and spotlights transiting asteroid Icarus (the mythological figure who flew too high with tragic consequences - he should have listened to authoritative advice and can also represent ). On an internal level, tonight's Aquarian Full Moon also symbolically and simultaneously lights up America's Secondary Progressed ('SP') Moon (1AQ07) in our Balsamic Phase chart, the 'Dark of the Moon' phase that our nation entered on February 10, 2021, early in the Biden adminstration, although its effects were in force for some time prior to exactitude in February 2021. Now perhaps you recognize the Balsamic phase of the Moon as the "things go bump in the night" period which I think resonates with the increase of crime and gun violence in the US, plus, to me it suggests the dimming of America's reputation as global leader in the world. If you disagree, let me know by leaving your on-topic comment/s with this post for the phase also suggests prophetic talent!

Yet my suspicion is that most if not all Americans are 'feeling' this waning phase (even the bigots but for their own reasons) and the reason I feel compelled to mention the current cosmic synchronicity is that on February 10, 2021 America's SP Icarus = 1AQ29 which makes for an interesting, and possibly an instructive, alignment. It marks a double emphasis on an internal level in tandem with the external transit of tonight's Full Moon and also spotlights Icarus' escapist urge for freedom from difficult circumstances.

Jupiter-Saturn: Checks and Balances; Expansion vs Restriction (Ds vs Rs)

Additionally on February 10, 2021, transit Jupiter clocked in at around 12 Aquarius where transit Saturn has visited off and on during its current retrograde phase in 2021; karmic Saturn will reach that degree again in early January 2022 denoting an extended period of time and influence.

Now as you know, Saturn-to-Jupiter in general suggests a period when Jupiterian things grow slack, are delayed, or temporarily disappear, and resources are limited by restrictive Saturn. This may also indicate that it's time for 'the haves' to give back and I'm already seeing this concept expressing in North Carolina as 'overpayments' of pandemic-caused unemployment benefits are being "clawed back" by the state. And in general, the planetary contact suggests accepting smaller returns on investments which, of course, implicates stock market gains, and which can possibly affect other enterprises, projects, and investments. Even the acquisition of knowledge (Jupiter) can be affected and this may apply to the Select Committee hearing concerning the 1/6 "stop the steal" attacks on the US Congress. As you know, the first hearing is set to open on July 27th next week - especially since congressional Republicans have multiple reasons for attempting to limit and hide any and all knowledge, facts, and links of complicity, that Democrats are determined to uncover through the 1/6 investigation.

Apr 25, 2021

The Real Court-Packing Debate Disclosed (Thom vs John Vecchione); plus, Mars-Neptune

April 25, 2021: Here's a recent debate from the Thom Hartmann broadcast which may be of interest to Americans who believe in balancing the Scales of Justice in America so that fair decisions result:

A Smattering of SCOTUS Astrology

And on the topic of changes or reforms to the US Supreme Court, positive and negative, here's a previous post from October 2020 displaying the 1790 SCOTUS Horoscope (February 1, 1790 '1st Session' NYC; "9:00 am" LMT) surrounded by the DC Horoscope of the weakening Mars-Neptune Conjunction of June 13, 2020 @20Pis56 conjunct SCOTUS 1790's Saturn (20Pis55), the karmic planet representing law and the structure of the US court system.

As you know, US Saturn of 1776 is exalted in Libra (14:48), sign of The Scales of Justice, yet considering the court's current, overly abundant number of 'conservative' Justices and their bald-faced neglect of constitutional precedence (which is not always binding but when appropriate creates Saturnian stability in our legal system), Saturn as established or settled law can be seen under attack by weakening forces in 2020 (and before) but in 2021 going forward, another more inspirational application of Mars-Neptune's combined energies is 'on the table' thanks to efforts by the Biden administration:

help at the right time.


(For more Mars-Neptune details see The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.) #ad

Jan 22, 2021

2021: A New President, Healing, and A Game of Cricket

Biden Administration to Navigate Two Upcoming Cosmic Blinks

by Jude Cowell

Until the manifestation of the June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse @19Gem47 (or about two weeks prior), the world along with the Biden administration remains under the difficult influences of the 4 South Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020, a date significant to US Politics due to the Electoral College Vote for Joe Biden. This occurrence in late 2020 of a 4 South eclipse (23Sag08) also serves as the 'Prenatal' Solar Eclipse of the entire 4-year term of President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris so it's 'strong feelings' and emotional volatility all the way.

As with every new president, much is being written and suggested about Biden's 'first 100 days' and what the Biden administration intends to accomplish by then. Let's see: from Inauguration Day 2021, 11 days in January plus 28 days in February plus 31 days in March = 70 days plus the 30 days of April which by my count takes us to May 1, 2021, aka, Beltane in paganism and more recently, as International Workers' Day. Anciently celebrated as the beginning of the Spring season, flowers decorated May Poles in a variety of cultures and dancing ensued as fertility peeked shyly from underneath its chaste petticoats.

Here's one of my botanical drawings as a small celebration: Tulipa Maytime:

And in case you missed it, on Joe Biden's first full day in office, Thom Hartmann's commentary concerned The Rule of Three that all writers use, in a segment called, Biden Needs To Take These Steps To Heal America. And of course, you know that astrologers are very familiar with such a Carter-esque rule! Even planetary retrograde cycles (Direct-Rx-Direct) suggest it via the stages of Denial-Acceptance-Solution.

Wild Cards and Cosmc Blink Eclipses: Revelations and Changes of Direction

Now a prominent feature which pops out at me concerning the May 26, 2021 Lunar Eclipse given the current political climate in the US is asteroid Nemesis, the archetype of 'divine retribution' conjunct the May 26, 2021 Lunar Eclipse degree of 5Sag35. Round up the degree to "6 Sagittarius" and we have ourselves "A Game of Cricket." "SPORTSMANSHIP; positive expression: exceptional competency in crisis; negative expression: false pretense to personal excellence" (Jones). Perhaps like me, you prefer the degree's positive expression for a majority of Americans are bone-weary from the last four years of false pretenses, "alternative facts," "fake news," and outright lies.

As for the start of a new season, nowadays we look to the annual Aries Ingress (Sun to 00Aries00:00) as the cosmic signal that the Spring Season has begun in our hemisphere so the Spring Equinox 2021 Horoscope is highly significant and may be used as a yearly chart until Spring Equinox 2022. Curiously if not unfortunately, the same political theme afflicting the Biden administration thanks to Republican opponents and others who undermine the Biden agenda is shown in the Equinox chart: look for Nemesis conjunct the Midheaven Point ('MC') with potentials of the May 26th Lunar Eclipse's "Game of Cricket" nearby.

Well, at least it isn't golf. Or is it?

Dec 31, 2020

When Pluto conjuncts Inauguration 2021 Midheaven

Transit Pluto "Takes Charge" of Inauguration 2021's Midheaven 26Cap16

by Jude Cowell

With Reinold Ebertin's famous assessment of Pluto in Capricorn as, "the dictator," and with the Midheaven ('MC') angle of a horoscope denoting The Goal or Objective, we may wish to consider a few factors about the five conjunctions of transit Pluto to the MC of the Inauguration 2021 Horoscope. Of course, other potentials for Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn are of interest as well: 'an untiring struggle for power and independence; the successful realization of new ideas, plans, and inventions; the acceptance of a dangerous position' (The Combination of Stellar Influences, R. Ebertin #ad).

Plus, astrological Pluto can play other roles as well such as transformative agent, regenerative energy, manipulator from afar, Underworld boss, politician, propagandist, suggestive orator, actor, psychologist, surgeon, wealth hoarder (the dragon guarding the riches), spy, thief, rapist, invisible force or power, Providence, the Pope - the list goes on.

And as you see below in the first Pluto-to-MC horoscope, lower left, set for March 11, 2021, Pluto @26Cap16 is unaspected, its energies isolated and hidden, and indicating someone overshadowed by shadows (B. Tierney). And that from the hidden 12th house of the Unconscious, Karma, and Secret Enemies. And while a weakened America is in the midst of a major downturn, this transit describes something transformative about the US presidency itself and our dire need for the administration to rebuild America's health, reputation, and fortunes, to whatever extent it can be done over the next few years. Biden promises rebuilding, Trump does not.

Meanwhhile, we should note that by the fifth of the Pluto-to-MC Conjunctions on November 3, 2022 (upper right), a Mars-Pluto inconjunction suggests that too much has had to be taken on resulting in an increase of financial stress, and a depletion of energy - adjustments are required and hopefully, the depletion won't relate negatively to nuclear energy concerns. Of course, the US military may be indicated with Mars-Pluto as well.

(Here I'm using powerful Pluto "taking charge" of the presidency to indicate a Biden-Harris administration with more of a status quo/CFR flavor rather than four more years of a Trump-as-Underworld-figurehead/racist-fascist fiasco. More will be known once the Biden-Trump stalemate is finally certified by Congress but even so there are radical, rebellious elements in society who consider themselves to have received a 'go-ahead' signal for upheaval and overthrow which can be seen in part by one societal factor listed, lower left, the Saturn-Uranus square with its 'lack of common sense', challenges to authority, and tendency toward violence. The planetary duo's old-vs-new square is part of the 45-year cycle of Saturn and Uranus which began with 3 conjunctions in 1988 @27-30Sag and won't end with a new conjunction @28Gem01 until year 2032.)

So! Here for your consideration are the first and last of the Pluto Conjunct Inauguration 2021 MC Horoscopes. Dates of numbers 2, 3, and 4 conjunctions are listed, right center:

As usual, your on-topic ponderings and Shares are much appreciated! As long as your name is attached. Jude